Best VPN 2024

10 Best VPN Services in 2024

It may be challenging to find the best all-around VPN. Some VPNs have good streaming capabilities but weak security measures. Some are quite secure, but they significantly slow down your connection, making even browsing difficult. Apart from that, there are numerous shady VPNs that monitor your online activities or improperly encrypt your network.

Therefore, if you’re looking for one, then look no further. BestVPN.Reviews will save you time and hassle by recommending the ultimate VPN. Furthermore, here you can find VPNs that are all excellent for unblocking geo-restricted content, safeguarding your connection without compromising speed, and protecting the privacy of your online behavior. Some of them are even strong enough to operate in nations that impose severe internet censorship.

Short on Time? Here Are the Best VPN Services in March 2024

  1. ExpressVPN — Safe, fast, and reliable for everything you do online, including browsing, streaming, and torrenting.
  2. CyberGhost — Good server coverage so you can easily get around geoblocks and enjoy the internet free from restrictions.
  3. Private Internet Access — Lots of built-in security and privacy customization options.
  4. NordVPN — Unique security features, including its proprietary Nordlynx protocol that gives you top speeds, but its desktop apps are clunky.
  5. Surfshark — Top-notch security features safeguard your data for an affordable price, but based in a 9/14 Eyes Alliance country.
Plus 5 more of the best VPN services

The Best VPN Services — Full Analysis (Updated March 2024)

Many VPN companies have entered the market in recent years, which has both advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, a variety of reasonably priced VPN solutions are now available. However, it is difficult to differentiate them based on how urgent or minimal your privacy demands are. To curb that tedious task for you, we have gathered all you need to know to get the best VPN in 2024.

1. ExpressVPN — Best Overall VPN for Speed, Security, and Reliability


Your online data is secured with the use of ExpressVPN. It uses Perfect Forward Secrecy and military-grade (AES 256-bit) encryption. Therefore, it is nearly impossible to decipher your data because the encryption key is always changing. Moreover, it provides IP, DNS, and WebRTC leak protection. Hence, your actual IP address won’t be revealed.

The native app for ExpressVPN offers a variety of security methods, including Lightway – UDP, Lightway – TCP, and IKEv2. Furthermore, there is an “automatic” option in the app where ExpressVPN chooses the protocol most suited for your network. 

On your smart device, it also protects your online privacy. Several security firms independently audited and confirmed ExpressVPN’s stringent no-logs policy. Its headquarters are outside the 5/9/14 Eyes Alliance in the privacy-friendly British Virgin Islands, thus it is not required by law to log or share your data. Nevertheless, as ExpressVPN makes use of TrustedServer technology, this would already be impossible. All servers are therefore RAM-based, which means that each time they reboot, all of your data is lost.
ExpressVPN Features

Perfect for Streaming on All Devices

Using its neighboring servers you can get high connection speeds of upto 60 Mbps, excellent enough to stream on premium resolutions and downloading. You won’t have annoyance lags whether streaming or playing games on your smartphone. 

Moreover, ExpressVPN has 3,000 servers in 94 nations, all of them are P2P optimized. Thus, you can torrent and stream easily from various nations’ content libraries. You can always find a steady connection to browse, watch, or even pirate on your device because there are so many trustworthy servers available. Also, ExpressVPN has servers that function in nations with tight censorship, such as China and other middle-eastern countries. However, don’t be reckless and do any unlawful conduct, we advise you to always check the local laws before using a VPN in a country where such use is restricted.

The user-friendly iPhone and iPad app supports 17 different languages. Hence, choose a nation from the drop-down menu and press the connect button to get started. It even includes a “Smart Location” feature that connects you to the quickest server in the area automatically.  Moreover, the app offers special capabilities like a “Password Generator” and “Threat Management” despite not having a kill switch or split tunneling capability like the Mac version. With the latter, you can choose to block harmful websites and trackers. 

Affordable Plans and a Reliable Guarantee

ExpressVPN’s most affordable package is $6.67 per month, which is a little more than other VPNs. However, it frequently provides deals or cost-free service months. Therefore, consider getting an annual plan because it has the same features as the monthly one but costs less each month. For example, if you purchase a 1-year plan, you can get discounts and additional three months free. To sign up anonymously, the VPN even lets you pay using cryptocurrency.

Also available from ExpressVPN is a 30-day money-back guarantee. This implies that you can receive a full refund if you’re dissatisfied. It’s simple to request a refund utilizing the policy’s live chat support, which is available around-the-clock.

2. CyberGhost — Specialized Servers and Strong Privacy Protection

CyberGhost VPN

With over 9,000 servers across 91 nations, including streaming-optimized networks, CyberGhost has a sizable server network. Furthermore, you’ll be amazed to know that the app has dedicated servers for a ton of regional streaming services like Netflix, BBC, and more. This eliminates the need for you to waste time looking for a trustworthy streaming server on your smartphone or PC.

With cutting-edge security tools like AES 256-bit encryption, Perfect Forward Secrecy, and a kill switch, is completely safeguards all your devices. Furthermore, it has a WiFi Auto-Protect feature, which immediately activates when it detects that your device is linked to a public WiFi network for enhanced security. While connected to the VPN, it also contains an ad and malware filter that is constantly on. Therefore, your device will be further secured.

CyberGhost VPN Features

Industry-Leading Privacy and Security

Moreover, CyberGhost provides several security modes. You get the option to choose between IKEv2 and WireGuard in the native app. WireGuard is a very secure protocol, use it when you want to download something or surf the web. Moreover, WireGuard is faster and optimizes less battery power than the other protocol.

The VPN strictly adheres to the zero-logs policy. Furthermore, it provides unique NoSpy servers. Only employees of CyberGhost have access to these servers, which are housed at the company’s headquarters. Thus, CyberGhost will keep you well-protected if you’re concerned about privacy as all information stays with.

There’s one downside: even if it has several servers, its speed can’t match up to ExpressVPN. However, they are still quick enough for high-quality viewing of your favorite shows. This entails that your device can stream and browse without buffering.

Affordable Plans and Extra-Long Guarantee

CyberGhost comes with an intuitive app, so you don’t need to be a tech whiz to utilize it. Also, it uses only 54 Megabytes of storage, which is a small amount. Even better, it has a “Best Location” feature so you don’t have to actively look for the quickest server. There is a special Apple Watch app for the VPN, which most users will find interesting. The software is compatible with multiple operating system and devices.

In terms of plans and pricing, it’s affordable as the long-term subscription for CyberGhost costs just $2.19 per month. There is a monthly plan as well, but it costs approximately ten times as much. Additionally, CyberGhost has a 45-day money-back guarantee. You can always ask for a refund if you’re unhappy.

3. Private Internet Access — Customizable Settings to Balance You Secure Choices


With over 29,000 servers spread over 84 countries, Private Internet Access (PIA) has a humongous network (all P2P-friendly). Furthermore, the server network span helps you find a server close by, which leads to speedier speeds. The app’s ability to display a server’s latency and accessibility for the quickest server will amaze you. You won’t have any trouble using PIA to locate a dependable server for streaming on any connected device.

Fully Customizable Security Features

It provides strong security features to safeguard all your connected devices. Furthermore, it has two encryption choices available to you, the strongest one is  AES 256-bit encryption. Moreover, it contains a kill switch, IP/DNS leak protection, and a specific “Content Blocker” for Safari that disables all viruses, trackers, and advertisements. Using a simple toggle button in the app, you can enable and disable each of these functions.

Additionally, it has several security protocols, including IKEv2, WireGuard, and OpenVPN. If you’re looking to maximize your security, use the OpenVPN protocol. Although it is open-source and hence always being upgraded, it does consume a lot of battery life. The WireGuard protocol, however, is better than OpenVPN for speed optimization because it is lighter and faster.

Best VPN for iOS

Lightning Speeds for Smooth Download and Stream

PIA ensures some swift speeds as you can get average speeds of 50 MBPS for downloading and streaming in UHD. As a result, you won’t experience any annoying slowdowns whether browsing, streaming, or downloading.

The VPN functions with various operating systems and devices, including iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and more. Furthermore, newest OSs, it features a widget that allows you to connect right from your home screen. Additionally, the download, and setup is straightforward.

Private Internet Access is headquartered in the US, which has some serious privacy laws, making it a small drawback. However, PIA does not log any personal information if you check their stringent zero-logging policy (only your email address and payment info when you sign up). Furthermore, PIA’s logging practices have been demonstrated in two court cases when the VPN was required to attend and present data records but did not.

A long-term plan from PIA costs just $2.19 per month. There are also short-term options, although they are more expensive due to the shorter subscription period. Thus, an annual plan is the better option. Moreover, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee included. Therefore, you can always get the refund after testing it by yourself.

4. NordVPN — NordLynx Protocol for Enhanced Connection Speeds on Short and Long Distances


NordVPN offers a unique and its own NordLynx protocol, a lightning-fast replacement for WireGuard. Using this, no matter which server you connect to, you can enjoy uninterrupted streaming or browsing on your paired devices.

To safely change your IP, it offers a network of 5,524 servers spread over 60 nations. This further ensures that you can find a strong server nearby. Additionally, they are all RAM-only servers; thus, your data is completely erased after each reboot, safeguarding your privacy. Also, you receive specialized P2P file-sharing servers, Double VPN (for additional encryption), and Onion Over VPN (for Tor).

NordVPN Features

Top-of-the-line Features

NordVPN has addtional feature by the name of “Dark Web Monitor.” You can use it in conjunction with the Onion Over VPN servers. It notifies you if it discovers any sensitive information connected to your email address, passwords, or other personal data. You can immediately secure your accounts in this manner.

The native application for NordVPN is user-friendly, and the main screen’s “Specialty Servers” section makes it simple to locate the many optimal locations. You may see the complete list of nearby server countries, underneath them. Alternatively, you can utilize the search bar to look for a particular one. Also, you can mark “favorite” your most often used servers, which are then saved in a separate tab for convenience.

Moreover, it offers you CyberSec, a built-in ad filter. When activated, the formerly slow-loading page with a large number of adverts became swift and ad-free. Plus, Threat Protection works in sync with CyberSec to stop malware from trespassing your device—even when the VPN is turned off. Also, if your email address—which is connected to your VPN account—is disclosed on the dark web, its Dark Web Monitor tool will notify you.

Encryption Protocol

The VPN’s operations center is in Panama, a nation outside of the 14 Eyes Alliance.  Thus, it has no legal boundation to share any of its users’ data. In addition to that, it follows an audited no-logs policy in which it ensures that the company doesn’t store its user information. This further strengthens your data security since it doesn’t gather or store your identifiable information.

With the highest industry-standard encryption of the AES 256-bit, it works all around for your security. Apart from the NordLynx protocol, it offers OpenVPN (UDP and TCP) and IKEv2; other fast and secure protocols. Furthermore, there is a “Threat Protection” feature that every user would appreciate. The feature ensures that a user stays safe online while browsing the web by blocking access to malicious websites and adverts.

It has a kill switch, which is a great feature when it comes to VPN standards. However, it’s a downside for the Best VPN as it works automatically. Thus, you can’t enable/disable, or test it yourself.

Easy to Use

The cheapest package is the annual plan that starts at $3.49 per month. The best value for your money is provided by a long-term subscription. Payment options include credit card, PayPal, cryptocurrencies, and more. Additionally, you can get a NordVPN subscription from some of the nearby retail establishments if you reside in the US, UK, Canada, or Germany. Moreover, with a 30-day money-back guarantee included with all short- and long-term plans, you can risk-free test NordVPN on any compatible device.

5. Surfshark — A Highly-Secure VPN with Unlimited Simultaneous Device Connections

Surfshark VPN

You can safeguard all of your devices simultaneously with Surfshark thanks to its unlimited simultaneous connections feature. As you can use the VPN on as many devices as you like with only one subscription, you get excellent value for your money. Furthermore, you can connect it with your Windows PC, iPhone, and iPad. 

If you’ve never used a VPN before, its app is simple to use. Additionally, you’ll get an adaptable “Quick-connect” feature that you’ll enjoy. You can select any of its server locations to automatically connect to whenever you use it. Alternatively, you can choose the Closest nation or Fastest location options.

Surfshark offers RAM-only servers that wipes off your data after each reboot to protect your privacy. Also, it strictly adheres to the no-logs policy, which prohibits it from storing, gathering, or disclosing any of the user information.

Together with the military-grade AES 256-bit encryption, it has many other capabilities to protect your device and data. They include the CleanWeb ad/tracker/malware blocker and a kill button to prevent the leakage of your IP in the event of an unfortunate disconnect. Moreover, you have a choice of three quick protocols: IKEv2, UDP and TCP versions of OpenVPN, and WireGuard. However, using the WireGuard is the best option as it offers you a better blend of speed and security.

Surfshark Features

Strong but Could be Better

There is another feature called “NoBorders” function that you can access from the settings menu. It works both manually and automatically if you join a limiting network. It provides you with a list of the ideal servers to use in these situations. Also, while utilizing the OpenVPN protocol, it activates Camouflage mode that makes your VPN connection appear to be ordinary traffic.

The absence of its Bypasser (split tunneling) in the app for a few operating system is a minor downside. It’s a nice tool to have if you wish to use your regular connection instead of the VPN for some apps. If you use your banking apps frequently, this is typically advantageous and safer. But, you can either pause your VPN connection for a while or disconnect and reconnect when you’re done if you only want to use your real IP for banking.

It offers identically featured monthly and yearly subscription plans. Longer subscriptions are more cost-effective; the annual Surfshark package costs $2.30 per month. On top of that, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee that allows you to test it out on your device and decide if it’s right for you. In that case, requesting a refund is simple.

6. IPVanish — Unlimited Simultaneous Connections to Protect Every Device

With the blazing-fast speeds of IPVanish, stream in UHD or browse the web smoothly on unlimited devices. Therefore, stream my favorite shows in HD as you just need 5 MBPS for that.

Features like AES 256-bit encryption, Perfect Forward Secrecy, and a rigorous no-logs policy, safeguards your online data. Additionally, it has IP/DNS leak protection to shield your identifiable information. Also, you have the ability to select from a number of security protocols, including IPSec, IKEv2, and WireGuard. As said before, WireGuard is safe and quick; thus, utilize it for maximum output.

Find the Servers and Premium Features

Best VPN for iOS

Another amazing aspect is the “WiFi security” that IPVanish offers. Every time you are connected with an unsecured WiFi network, the VPN will activate automatically to shield from any unwarranted cyber attacks. As a result, you have an additional layer of security and don’t have to worry about turning on your VPN when you’re out and about.

An intuitive app from IPVanish is available for iOS (13.0 or later), Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, and routers. One tap can establish a connection to a server. Additionally, the app displays the ping and load of each server; thus, you can select manually a fast server. Furthermore, the IPVanish app also displays the number of servers that are accessible in each nation. On top of that, you get a built-in knowledge base and excellent customer assistance to find troubleshooting measures.

IPVanish Functions

Plans and Pricing

Moreover, with IPVanish’s network span of 2,200 servers across 75 nations, you’ll be able to access your preferred streaming services in HD. 

A long-term plan of IPVanish costs just $2.49 per month. Remember that the price of the plan will decrease the longer you subscribe. Hence, it’s not the most affordable choice if you simply want to sign up for one month. The VPN offers a 30-day free trial period with a money-back guarantee. You can ask for a refund if you’re not satisfied.

7. PrivateVPN — Solid VPN With a Small Server Network

An intuitive app with a simple user interface makes PrivateVPN excellent for beginners. Furthermore, you can quickly connect to a server with a single tap of a button. Also, you can “star” the servers that you frequently use as favorites to access them easily for next use. Like CyberGhost, PrivateVPN has a list of servers suited for streaming as well, so selecting the perfect one is easy. 

Decent Security Standards

High-level security safeguards are present to protect the traffic on all your devices. Additionally, there are four distinct encryption options available, including the most powerful AES 256-bit. Perfect Forward Secrecy and IP/DNS leak protection features are also available for added protection.

PrivateVPN’s app uses multiple security protocols to keep your personal information safe. Those protocols include OpenVPN, IKEv2, and IPSec. The VPN also has a strict no-logs policy to safeguard your online privacy. However, there is a small downside that the app doesn’t offer a kill switch.

PrivateVPN Features

Subscription and Guarantee

Private VPN is packed with amazing features and one of them is StealthVPN. It masks your VPN connection by simulating normal traffic. You can use PrivateVPN in this manner to get around robust firewalls and restricted networks.

Its smaller server network led to some servers becoming overcrowded, which is a minor drawback. However, both nearby and distant servers are perfect for HD streaming. A PrivateVPN subscription is available for as little as $2 per month if you take an annual subscription. Moreover, the short-term subscriptions are also competitively priced with competing VPNs. If you’re not happy, you can return PrivateVPN for a refund within 30 days.

8. Proton VPN — Basic Features but Reliable and Secure

Best VPN for iOS

Using Proton VPN you get a number of alternatives to safeguard your all your iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac devices. The iOS app supports a number of security protocols, such as IKEv2, OpenVPN, and WireGuard. Furthermore, there is a “Smart” option to automatically connect to the optimum protocol for any network at all times. Moreover, the app has NetShield which is an excellent ad blocker and a kill switch.

Strong Privacy and Standard Measures

It has a rigorous no-logs policy and is open-sourced. You can get the same information by reading its policy that is supported by impartial audits. Also, Proton VPN’s headquarters are located outside of the 14-Eyes Alliance in privacy-friendly Switzerland. Therefore, you don’t need to be concerned about your privacy on your iPhone because they are not legally compelled to log your info.

The VPN provides a fast network with more than 2,300 servers spread across 67 nations. With the Quick Connect option, you’ll be able to connect to a server fast and effortlessly. Turning on the VPN is easy with the Proton VPN iOS widget.

However, the ProtonVPN website does not offer a live chat option which is a small downside. Although, their vast knowledge base does contain solutions to all your queries.

Free and Paid Subscription

Proton VPN offers a free subscription, but it has restrictions such as a small server network, sluggish connections, and only allowing for one device connection Furthermore, it does not support any streaming websites. Thus, we recommend registering for its Plus plan, which starts at just $4.99 a month. With a paid subscription, you can utilize the complete service package, including the robust server network and 10 concurrent device connections.

Additionally, you get a 30-day trial period to test the subscription if you sign up for Proton VPN through its website (it has a money-back guarantee). However, the VPN will refund you by deducting the charges for the service used during the subscription period.

9. ZenMate — Specialty Servers and Unlimited Connections

With ZenMate surf the web more quickly and securely with its specialized servers. This shields your real IP and keeps it private to prevent prying eyes and possible threats from tracing your online activity. Furthermore, these servers are labeled based on their user load and distance to you. With a tag, it’s easy to find the best connection for rapid downloads. Although ZenMate doesn’t have many torrenting-optimized server locations, you’ll still find a fast connection nearby.

You can stream, download, and play games without any interruption as the VPN provides unlimited capacity and robust speeds. For an average movie file of 800MB it take around 3 minutes to download.

best VPN features

With 4,700 servers spread across more than 81 nations, ZenMate allows you to access content globally. Also, it provides dedicated servers for torrenting and some streaming websites. The program will display a list of servers for the most common platforms when you select “For Streaming.” Thus, you’ll be able to connect with a smooth server efficient for streaming.

Standard Features and Pricing

Additionally, this one also has a strict no-logs policy. Thus, it protects both your identity and web activity while torrenting. ZenMate is situated in Germany, a country who’s a member of 14 Eyes Alliance. However, it’s no-logs policy eases the raised privacy concerns of a governing body. 

Zenmate has limited options when it comes to plans; the Pro plan and the Ultimate are two of its offerings. Additionally, the P2P-sharing is only available in Ultimate plan, starting from $1.99/month.

To further ensure that you are subscribing to the best one, you can take ZenMate’s 30-day money-back guarantee to completely try it for free.

10. Hotspot Shield — Strong Security Without Compromising Speed

Hotspot Shield

With 256-bit encryption, Hotspot Shield provides Catapult Hydra protocol that assists users in simultaneously maximizing speeds and security. This is an unique element of Hotspot Shield that can generate speeds faster than OpenVPN. Furthermore, it helps in increasing the bandwidth over long-distance connections. Hence, you may instantly and securely download large torrent files without any hassle.

The apps also provide you with malware and virus protection when you are online. Hotspot Shield draws from a database including millions of websites that have been flagged for malicious activity. If it detects a shady site, it will warn you and ask if you’d like to continue to the domain. In addition, Windows users get access to a feature called Real Time Threat Protection. This scans new files as they’re added to your device to ensure they are malware free.

best free VPN

Hotspot Shield uses strong security features to protect your personal data. These include DNS/IP leak protection and a kill switch to help keep your information hidden under any circumstances. Keep in mind that you have to manually enable the kill switch in the app’s security settings, but this is super easy to do. Plus, it comes with built-in malware and phishing protection.

Hotspot Shield also has perfect forward secrecy. This prevents even your past and future data from being decrypted, in the extremely rare event that your current session key is compromised.

Access to Everything Major

Its total network span is of 1,800+ servers in 80 countries, all of them are P2P enabled. Since there’s plenty of P2P support, you’ll easily get a partially free connection for lightning fast downloads.

Hotspot Shield’s privacy policy clearly states that your user logs are not stored by the company; making it uncomplicated and reliable service. But they do store the username and email address. Moreover, in terms of plans and pricing, you can get the best deal by getting the long-term plan starting at $2.99/month. It’s the most economical out of all available options. The short-term plans will cost you more.

If you’re still dicey on whether to buy it or not, then you can test Hotspot Shield for free by utilizing its generous 45-day money-back guarantee.

Best VPN Services — Quick Comparison Table

 Lowest Monthly Price# of Servers# of Device ConnectionsBiggest ProBiggest Con
🥇ExpressVPN$6.67/month3,0005Fastest speedsHighest price
🥈CyberGhost$2.11/month9,1707Optimized servers for different activitiesDoesn’t work in countries with strict censorship
🥉Private Internet Access$2.11/month29,65010Largest server networkBased in the US, which is part of a data-sharing alliance
NordVPN$3.49/month5,5526Specialty servers designed to work on restrictive networksPrices increase after first subscription term
Surfshark$2.30/month3,200UnlimitedGood value for priceHeadquartered in the 14 Eyes Alliance
IPVanish$2.49/month2,200UnlimitedUnlimited simultaneous connectionsLimited customization options
PrivateVPN$2/month20010Strong commitment to privacySmall server network
Proton VPN$4.99/month2,73310Based in privacy-friendly SwitzerlandCan’t unblock all streaming sites
ZenMate$1.99/month4,700UnlimitedSpecialized servers for streaming and torrentingNo 24/7 live chat support
Hotspot Shield$2.99/month1,8005Speedy Catapult Hydra protocolCan’t unblock Hulu

Why You Need a VPN

Online safety is something that no one should take for granted in today’s technologically advanced world. Every time you use the internet, you get the danger of jeopardizing your privacy and opening yourself up to malicious cyber threats or prying eyes. Also, you might be allowing your ISP and the government to ban or throttle your access to certain websites to further their own agendas.

Now that the internet has become an inseparable part of billions of lives, it isn’t practical to quit using it altogether. Hence, the only solution is to reduce or block such hazards. A VPN is useful in this situation. Furthermore, a virtual private network can assist you with a variety of different tasks, from watching online TV shows and movies to sharing files over P2P networks, in addition to enhancing your online security and protecting your privacy. The following are a few crucial reason to use a VPN:

  • Data encryption helps to avoid cybercrime. Your traffic is scrambled by VPNs using encryption to prevent interception and breaches. The most secure VPNs offer a reliable security protocol with AES 256-bit encryption, the same standard employed by armies, banks, and governments to shield their online activities.
  • To maintain your privacy, hide your IP address. Your IP address is concealed with a different one when you connect to a VPN server. It makes it impossible for anyone to find out who or where you are and use it against you. This can assist you to avoid paying more for goods and services that are specific to your location. Furthermore, it defends you against cyberattacks that aim to target your home network. Therefore, utilizing a privacy-focused VPN with a safe Tor browser is ideal if maintaining your online anonymity is important.
  • Global Connectivity and Accessibility. Use global content at your disposal. Another advantage of hiding your IP address is that you can select the location with which it is disguised. This enables you to access content that is unavailable in your area due to geoblocks. For instance, a good VPN for streaming enables you to access all of the shows and films available on different OTT platforms in all regional libraries around the globe instead of just the one on your own. No matter where you are, a VPN can fetch you to access live sporting events as well.
  • No security hazards with torrent files. P2P sharing or peer-to-peer, also known as torrenting, enables online users to exchange files directly. Torrenting is not considered safe and legal in some countries. This is due to the fact that it poses malware and cyber threats. During torrenting, a VPN will keep you safe so that you don’t take any unneeded risks.
  • Play safely online games. Some players will go above and beyond to win, even if it means planning a DDoS assault on your home network to take you offline. Any attempted DDoS attacks will, however, be countered by the VPN servers if you are connected to one. Low-latency servers are available from the finest VPNs, making them ideal for competitive online games.
  • Hides the bandwidth fluctuations from your ISP. If you frequently engage in data-intensive activities like streaming and torrenting, your internet service provider may intentionally reduce your connection speeds to manage capacity. Your ISP cannot reduce your speeds as a result of not being able to see what you are doing because a VPN makes your activities anonymous.

Note: At present, there are more than 300 VPNs available. Several of them are capable of carrying out all of the aforementioned tasks, while many others make empty promises in this regard. Only the top VPNs capable of completing all tasks are mentioned above.

How to Choose Your Ideal VPN

Here in the is section you can find all the information necessary to select an ideal VPN service. However, it all depends on your decision and how you evaluate the services based on your understanding. Even if some are definitely superior to others, each person’s needs and preferences will determine which VPN is ideal for them.

Here are some suggestions to assist you in selecting a service who will provide you with all you need:

  • Set your top priorities straight. Here, reach a perspective, if the security of your data and the privacy of your online activity matters most? Or do you want a VPN that would enable you to access geographically restricted streaming services? While some VPNs are more concerned with security than with entertainment access, our recommendations combine the best of both worlds.
  • Establish your goal. How often and for what purposes will you use the VPN? Is it for personal use or do you wish to secure all devices at your home? You can concentrate on the aspects that are directly related to this goal once you have determined your precise reasons for getting a VPN and how you intend to utilize it.
  • Fix a budget. The competitive pricing can be perplexing leading you to be undecided. Thus, decide whether you are willing to invest a little more or are you attempting to save as much money as you can. Plus, determine the longevity of your optimization. To find VPNs in this pricing range, you must first decide how much you are willing to spend. The best VPNs have excellent offers available, so keep in mind that a more expensive alternative doesn’t always equal greater quality.

FAQs About the Best VPN Services

Which is the best VPN to use?

ExpressVPN is the one that takes home the Best VPN title. Although this VPN seems to be the greatest option in terms of all the necessary VPN features, you can still test out the other choices in our list to see if you can find one that suits you better. Furthermore, it has the least lag and ping and the quickest upload and download speeds. This implies that you may use it to play online games without being hampered by sluggish connections, download torrents quickly, and stream in UHD without any buffering.

Is it legal to use a VPN?

Using a VPN is entirely legal in most nations of this globe. VPNs themselves are respectable tools that advance internet freedom, security, and privacy. The majority of legal systems completely accept their fundamental purposes, which include protecting privacy, circumventing prohibitions, and encrypting data.

There are a few nations, including China, Iraq, Iran, Russia, Belarus, Turkey, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates, where VPNs are either illegal or fall under a legal grey area. If you are in a nation that imposes internet censorship, you should know about the regulations in your area regarding VPNs.

We under no circumstances support or advise the use of VPNs for illicit activities. Keep in mind that anything illegal with a VPN is still illegal without one, and should never be done.

Is it easy to use a VPN?

Yes, it’s absolutely easy to use one. The best VPNs are really simple to use and all you have to do is download the appropriate software. Then, install it on your smartphone, open it, and click “connect.” All of the aforementioned VPN services come with intuitive user interfaces that are simple enough for even complete beginners to understand.

Furthermore, a quick-connect button is also included on many of them, enabling you to easily connect to a nearby server. Simply select the correct nation from the list of server locations if you want to watch content online from a certain region.

Does using a VPN impacts the internet speed?

In actuality all VPNs will slow down your internet connection to an extent. This is due to the fact that your data is encrypted and decrypted before being sent through a server located somewhere else in the world. It seems to make sense that VPN connections are slower than ordinary ones because all of those processes takes time.

The finest suppliers, though, minimize this speed loss. You most likely won’t even notice a difference between the fastest VPNs and your ordinary connection. So, when using the VPN, you won’t experience lag, buffering, or lengthy loading times.

Can a VPN track you online?

Some VPNs technically can track and log your policy, but the best ones won’t. When you use a VPN, it shields your data and personal information from outsiders like hackers, advertisers, the government, and your ISP. But the service also has access to everything that you use. Because of this, VPNs have no-logs rules, which guarantee that no data will ever be recorded or stored.

Additionally, to reduce the possibility that your data will be leaked or would end up in the wrong hands, certain VPNs also employ technology like RAM-based servers. Every time these servers reboot, all of your information is automatically deleted.

How much does a VPN cost?

Different providers offer a competitive price range for their service. These are reasonably priced according to industry standards. Even some of them only cost $2 a month! Long-term subscriptions typically cost less overall than short-term ones; longer the length of your membership, the less you’ll pay each month.

The top VPNs also have money-back guarantees, enabling you to request a refund if you decide against continuing with the service after signing up for it (usually 30 days). This doesn’t affect the cost, but it does provide you a little more assurance if you’re concerned about the cost.

Are there free VPNs?

There are several free VPNs accessible, but we highly recommend avoiding them at all costs. Of course, it sounds alluring to receive anything for free. Even though there is no cost up front, there may be a cost down the road in disguise of incredibly sluggish connection speeds, malware attacks, or even identity theft.

However, not all free VPN services are hoaxes. There are a few safe options to use if you truly need them, but they all have restrictions, such data caps or limited access to particular functions.

Should I use a VPN on my phone?

Any device you own that can connect to the internet, which includes your phone, should ideally have a VPN installed on it. Instead, you run the risk of being tracked, watched, and hacked every time you connect to the internet. Furthermore, several VPNs provide native apps for a range of devices, including smartphones.

Can I use a VPN for online banking?

VPNs are safe for online banking. However, depending on the situation, this may indicate different things. You can use a VPN to connect to a server in your country first if you need to access your bank account while travelling outside of your home country. Your attempt to log in won’t be marked as potentially fraudulent in this way.

As an alternative, you can be in your own country and access international sites via a VPN. Use a VPN with a split tunneling function if you want to access your local bank account without disconnecting from the VPN or setting off any alarms. This will enable you to access your bank through your local network without turning off the VPN for other traffic.

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