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Suppose you’re considering AirVPN as a budget-friendly option. In that case, it claims robust protection against online threats and boasts high-performance servers. However, can it truly compete with the top VPNs, or does its lower price reflect inferior quality?

After trying all its features, you may find that AirVPN is secure but needs to measure up to the best VPNs. It offers many excellent security features, decent speeds, and functions well for gaming and torrenting. Nevertheless, it has a limited network size, average streaming capabilities, and lacks 24/7 live chat support.

Short on Time? Here Are My Key Findings



  • Good speeds. You’ll experience good speeds with AirVPN and nearby and distant servers.
  • Robust security features. Benefit from robust security features, including a kill switch and strong leak protection.
  • Works in China. AirVPN allows you to access services like YouTube and Facebook if you’re in China.
  • Lag-free online gaming. Enjoy lag-free online gaming; You can play several games without delays.
  • Reliable money-back guarantee. Rest assured with a reliable money-back guarantee; AirVPN honors refund requests even on its 3-day plan.


    • Poor unblocking capabilities. You might need better unblocking capabilities; it only allows streaming videos on a few platforms.
    • Small server network. Note that the small server network is missing servers in some major regions.

2023 Update Features Of AirVPN

💸 Price1.95 USD/month
📆 Money Back Guarantee30 Days
📝 Does VPN keep logs?No
🖥 Number of servers246+
💻 Number of devices per license5
🛡 Kill switchYes
🗺 Based in countryItaly
🛠 SupportVia email
📥 Supports torrentingYes

Streaming — Unreliable for Unblocking Streaming Services

AirVPN might not be the ideal choice for streaming. While you’ll manage to access a few services, you might need to put in extra effort to view content on sites like Peacock. Your experience could improve if the VPN offered specialized servers for streaming.

Unblocked: Max, Disney+, Netflix, and Peacock

You can easily access HBO Max with AirVPN. However, you might notice some buffering when skipping to different sections of the videos.

I was able to watch the video in great quality after a few seconds

Enjoying titles on Disney+ is possible, but they may load slowly.

I was also able to watch videos on Disney+ with AirVPN’s servers in the UK

When you try unblocking Netflix on various servers like Germany, the US, and Japan, you’ll find that you can only access Netflix Originals. For example, the UK server may not let you stream shows exclusive to the UK library, like “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”

Astrill unblocked Netflix with the OpenWeb protocol.

The experience with Peacock can be inconsistent. You may need to switch through multiple servers before finding a well-performing handful.

Blocked By: ITVX, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and ESPN+

You may find that AirVPN doesn’t work with ITVX.

It also failed to work with BBC iPlayer, even after switching servers

When you try using Hulu and Amazon Prime Video, they detect your VPN usage and block all your attempts to stream any title. Even though you attempt to access ESPN+, you may notice that none of the videos you try to watch actually load.

Speed — Fast on Most Servers

AirVPN gives you good speeds on most servers, and you notice that the distant ones are sometimes faster. All the results below are recorded using WireGuard because it tends to outperform OpenVPN.

Speed tests are recorded from a single location using the same internet connection to ensure fair comparisons. Our dedicated expert in the UK does this, who tests every VPN we review. A minimum of 10 tests were done on each server.

Our speeds dropped 5% on average with nearby servers, and 35% on distant ones

You may experience a 1% speed decrease with the local UK server. In comparison, nearby servers in Europe could cause reductions of less than 7%. Typically, most VPNs result in a drop of 20%+ even on short distances (under 5,000 km), so this is impressive.

It could be surprising when the distant New Zealand server outperforms the closer ones in Canada and Brazil. This trend might also be consistent for servers located in Europe and Asia. Much of this can be attributed to varying server loads, and the VPN displays this information for each server.

After multiple tests, it never dropped our speeds by more than 9%

Overall, when it comes to speed, AirVPN is a good option. It might not be as fast as the absolute best, like ExpressVPN, but it’s impressive nonetheless.

Gaming — A Good Pick for Online Gamers

When you play World of Tanks with AirVPN, you can enjoy zero lag while connected to servers across the UK and Netherlands—some of the closest servers to your location. If you try more distant ones in Canada and the US, you may notice a few instances of lag, primarily due to high ping rates of around 250 ms.

With faraway servers, my tanks didn’t fire as soon as I pressed the mouse

For a consistent gaming experience, holding back nothing rate beneath 100ms is prescribed, so consistently select a close-by server to guarantee negligible idleness. Sadly, the VPN doesn’t have a server in Kenya or any place in Africa, so it isn’t workable for you to test its exhibition in nearness. In any case, its quick velocities go with it, a strong decision as long as you can track down a server around 10,000km away or less.

Server Network — Limited and Not Well Distributed

When you explore AirVPN, you’ll find a small server network of 246 servers across 23 countries, primarily concentrated in Europe, with some rarer locations like Bulgaria and Estonia. North America has a fair share, while Asia, Oceania, and South America have fewer servers. Unfortunately, there are no servers in the Middle East or Africa.

You’ll discover city-level servers in most countries, a rare feature in many VPNs. Impressive, right? The US alone offers 10 cities.

AirVPN boasts RAM-based servers, erasing your browsing history with each reboot and enhancing your privacy. Additionally, it operates Private DNS servers, enhancing online safety.

Use the button below the ✓ and X to clear servers from the allowlist and blocklist

It owns some servers and leases others. This may impact your privacy preferences, as owning all servers eliminates intermediaries. All servers are physical, ensuring their actual location matches the stated one.

You might encounter a few connection issues, but there are workarounds. Switching protocols or setting it to “Automatic” often works best. Customer support helps resolve such issues, providing updated app versions if needed. The “recommended server” feature is handy, analyzing factors like ping, load, and failed connections to suggest the best server for you.

However, identifying servers might need clarification as they are named after celestial objects. The app tries to mitigate this by adding the server’s country and flag, although this can clutter the server menu.

AirVPN doesn’t offer dedicated IPs, which might lead to frequent CAPTCHAs associated with shared VPN IPs. Overall, this is an area where AirVPN falls short.

Security — Wide Range of Excellent Features

With AirVPN, you’ll find standard features among top VPNs, but some might seem a bit peculiar, like its kill switch. The kill switch cuts off all active connections outside its tunnel. Be sure to deactivate it when you’re not using the VPN if you want to access and navigate the web freely. Despite these nuances, all its features do the job, and it’s compatible with Tor. Give it a try!

Security Encryption

AirVPN employs robust encryption standards, utilizing military-grade AES 256-bit or CHACHA20-POLY1305 encryption. The widely acclaimed AES 256-bit encryption is a gold standard in the VPN industry, known for its near-impenetrable security. For WireGuard connections, AirVPN opts for CHACHA20-POLY1305, a choice that balances speed and security, though it may be less widespread.

Adding an extra layer of security, AirVPN implements Perfect Forward Secrecy, ensuring your encryption keys are frequently rotated. This means that even in the unlikely scenario of an old key being compromised, your data remains secure with a newly generated key.

Security Protocols

AirVPN provides a dual arsenal of security protocols – OpenVPN and WireGuard. OpenVPN stands out for its robust security, benefiting from its open-source nature and constant expert scrutiny for vulnerabilities. On the other hand, WireGuard takes the spotlight for its optimized blend of speed and security, potentially boosting your streaming experience.

Adding to its security repertoire, AirVPN enables using OpenVPN over Secure Shell (SSH) or OpenVPN over Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). This feature proves advantageous, particularly in scenarios where ISPs or Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) systems, prevalent in countries like China, attempt to interfere with or block OpenVPN connections upon detection. In essence, this serves as AirVPN’s stealth or obfuscation feature.

DNS, IP, and WebRTC Leaks

In your trials, you won’t detect any leaks on all 10 servers you try.

I tested each server for leaks multiple times and consistently found none

This ensures that the VPN protects your sensitive information from leaking while you’re using its servers. It also offers IPv6 protection as this technology becomes more popular. Give it a try!

Private DNS Servers

AirVPN strengthens your security by ensuring that every time you establish a connection, all your requests pass through its proprietary DNS servers. This proactive measure effectively guards against the interception of your DNS queries and responses by third parties, mitigating vulnerabilities commonly linked to public DNS servers.

Kill Switch (Network Lock)

This feature ensures you maintain a secure connection by promptly stopping internet access if the VPN ceases to work, thereby preventing your IP address from being exposed. For any VPN, having this well-being choice is fundamental to safeguard your data, and utilizing a help that needs it isn’t suggested. Check it out!

Split Tunneling

Utilize this functionality to seamlessly manage your local and international subscriptions concurrently, deciding which websites or apps utilize the VPN and which stick to your regular internet connection.

I had to ask support where to find this feature on Android

AirVPN aptly terms this feature as “routes” on Mac and Windows, providing a straightforward interface — a contrast to its Android version. On desktop platforms, you can select the websites (based on IP address, host, or range) that should utilize the VPN.

DNS Block List

With this feature, you can easily avoid sites you don’t want to visit, like those related to adult content and dating services. Additionally, it keeps your system from connecting to domains associated with malware, cryptojacking, and more.

The DNS blocklist is active by default, but AirVPN allows you to modify these settings

You might appreciate how it blocks ads during your trials, leading to a better experience on sites like, which often showcases annoying ads. Give it a try!

Privacy — Transparent Policy but Still Unproven

As someone concerned about privacy, you might find AirVPN generally friendly, but there could be a few small worries. Hopefully, its privacy policy will be proven someday through an independent audit with easily accessible reports. It would likewise be great if it weren’t settled inside the 14-Eyes Collusion. However, the no-logging strategy makes this less of an issue. Check it out!

Does AirVPN Keep Logs? No

AirVPN is committed to not logging sensitive information such as your IP address and browsing history. Your privacy is a priority, reflected in features like allowing account setup with a temporary email and offering cryptocurrency as a payment option.

It further enhances your privacy by not storing payment notifications it receives from payment processors

For the technical details necessary to maintain your VPN connections, AirVPN ensures anonymization and temporary storage within its automated RAM-based systems. This data is retained only for the duration needed to provide the service, ensuring that no information can be stored in a manner traceable back to you.

Was AirVPN Audited? No

There must be evidence that independent audits have been conducted on AirVPN’s policies or apps. Top-tier VPNs often engage reputable external specialists to validate their commitment to privacy. While this can be a substantial investment, you might acknowledge the importance of this assurance. Hopefully, AirVPN will explore avenues to undertake such audits in the future.

Based in Italy

Operating from Italy, a member of the 14 Eyes Alliance, AirVPN may have to share user data as part of the collective agreement among these countries. This alliance is designed for the mutual sharing of citizens’ online information. While this poses a potential risk, it’s crucial to note that AirVPN’s stringent logging policies mean that, even if compelled, the VPN has no user information to disclose.

Does AirVPN Work in China? Yes

With AirVPN’s backing of OpenVPN over SSH or SSL, you can employ it in China to access services such as Gmail, BBC, or Instagram. This attribute also proves beneficial in navigating internet restrictions in other countries like Iran, UAE, and Turkey.

From my experience, only a few VPNs provide unfettered internet access in China

In China, where the government enforces bans on numerous VPNs, the focus is typically on something other than individual users. However, it’s crucial to emphasize that you should neither endorse nor engage in any illegal activities during usage. It is highly advisable to acquaint yourself with the country’s specific laws before using a VPN there. Stay informed, exercise discretion, and explore the possibilities cautiously.

Torrenting — Great Choice, and Supports P2P on All Servers

You might find swift download speeds when trying out distant servers. However, the lack of servers in Kenya or across Africa might pique your curiosity about its performance on nearby servers.

In the process of downloading an 821 MB file, it took 11 minutes and 36 seconds with the VPN, compared to 11 minutes and 4 seconds without it. This was particularly impressive, given the connection to a server in the Netherlands, spanning over 6,000 km.

Upon enabling port forwarding, you might observe a reduction in time to about 10 minutes and 14 seconds. With its unlimited bandwidth and robust security features, you can confidently employ AirVPN with programs like BitTorrent.

A quick reminder: while torrenting is generally legal in most countries, downloading pirated content isn’t. Therefore, it’s advisable to torrent only files within the public domain to stay within legal boundaries.

Installation & Apps

Installation & Apps — Multi-Platform Support

AirVPN’s applications, known as Eddie, offer straightforward setups. Still, their extensive customization options make them particularly well-suited for advanced users. While the main screen may not be immediately intuitive, a helpful overview button provides access to the sign-in section, a kill switch, and a quick-connect tab leading to a recommended server. Additional features like speed, stats, logs, and preferences are also available on the main screen.

To quickly see the number of servers available in each country, select the "Countries" button

The desktop apps’ interface closely aligns with the design of the Android version, ensuring consistency across platforms. Regardless of the version, all apps provide valuable information like download and upload speeds upon establishing a connection.

Setup & Installation

Within five minutes of installing the VPN and connecting to a server, the setup process smoothly integrates with a third-party client called Eddie, seamlessly adding to the experience. Despite this additional element, the setup remains swift and comparable to other popular VPNs.

AirVPN provides detailed guides on how to configure these clients

You can easily obtain the Windows, Mac, and Linux apps directly from the website. In contrast, the Android app is conveniently accessible on the Play Store. This availability ensures a straightforward download process across different platforms.

Device Compatibility

AirVPN seamlessly integrates with various popular operating systems, ensuring broad compatibility. However, it’s worth noting that no browser extensions are available, and iOS devices require a manual connection. While the website provides reasons for not developing iOS software, it may still be slightly disappointing. If you prefer a VPN with full apps for iOS, consider exploring alternatives in the recommended list.

On a positive note, including the smart DNS feature is a standout feature. This functionality allows you to change locations on devices that typically do not support VPNs, such as gaming consoles and smart TVs. Additionally, you can configure AirVPN on a compatible router, extending encryption to all connections within your household.

Desktop — Apps for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS

AirVPN provides native applications designed for Mac, Windows, and Linux, each offering a set of features tailored to the respective operating systems. The Mac and Windows apps share comparable features and functionalities, ensuring a consistent experience.

For Linux clients, the choices extend with both Order Line Connection point (CLI) and Graphical UI (GUI) applications accessible. These applications take special care of different Linux dispersions, including the Raspberry Pi operating system, Fedora, and Curve.

If you’re using Chrome OS, the OpenVPN or WireGuard configuration files can be easily accessed in the client area on AirVPN’s website, allowing for seamless configuration on this platform


AirVPN offers a dedicated Android app, and you can directly download the APK file from its website, bypassing the need for the Play Store on your smartphone.

While most desktop features are available on the Android app, you might encounter variations in the terminology used for certain features. It’s possible that the VPN uses different feature names on the mobile platform. There’s hope for future standardization of these terms, enhancing the overall user experience for greater consistency across devices.

Apps for Amazon Fire TV and Android TV

AirVPN extends its support to devices within Amazon’s ecosystem, covering FireStick and Fire HD tablets. For those with Android TV or Fire OS devices, the option to sideload AirVPN is available directly from the VPN’s website, leveraging the Downloader app.

Sideloading, essentially the installation of apps from sources outside official stores, becomes a seamless process with the recommended use of Downloader. This app is officially present in the Google Play and Amazon App Store, ensuring ease of use and accessibility at no additional cost.

Router Compatibility

Currently, AirVPN offers similarity with explicit switches, specifically DD-WRT, Tomato, AsusWRT, and pfSense, joined by nitty gritty arrangement guides for each. Be that as it may, practicing alert while interfacing the VPN to your switch is essential, as there is a gamble of likely harm. Some VPN suppliers address this worry by offering pre-designed switches as a helpful arrangement.

Simultaneous Device Connections

Utilizing AirVPN simultaneously on up to 5 devices poses no challenges. During trials, you can seamlessly stream high-quality videos on a Fire HD tablet, two Android phones, and a laptop, all connected to the same US server.

However, suppose you aim to cover every device within your household. In that case, AirVPN suggests exploring alternatives like Private Internet Access and Surfshark, which offer the convenience of unlimited connections.

Pricing — Affordable Long-Term Plans

AirVPN is an affordable service. Still, other VPNs in the market offer better overall value. Factors like its limited unblocking capabilities, smaller network, apps tailored for advanced users, and the absence of 24/7 live chat might make it less appealing despite its lower pricing.

All plans offered by AirVPN encompass the same set of features, differing only in the subscription duration, ranging from 1 month to 3 years. Picking the more extended-term plan might offer the best benefit for your cash, even though it requires a significant responsibility.

While there is certainly no free variant, you can demand a three-day preliminary from the help group. Typically, they respond within 3 hours to activate this trial period. Additionally, all subscriptions come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to explore the service risk-free. This claim was validated when you opted for the short-term plan, finding the VPN to be reliable.

It took 6 days to have all the money returned to my account

AirVPN upholds various installment choices, including Paypal, Stripe, Amazon Pay, and digital currency. Choices for digital money installments like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Doge, Bitcoin Money, and others can assist with keeping up with obscurity. These stages additionally award admittance to installment techniques, for example, Google Pay, Apple Pay, iDeal, Bancontact, and Mastercard.

Reliability & Support

Reliability and Support — Helpful, but Not Available 24/7

AirVPN offers reliable support through email, but the absence of a 24/7 live chat feature may be a drawback. While you can submit requests via your client area on the VPN’s website, responses eventually come through email. Consequently, you may find it more convenient to email directly whenever you have inquiries or require additional details.

The support team is friendly, well-informed, and took the time to understand my concerns

Improving response time could be an area for enhancement. Typically, replies come within 2 hours, but occasionally, they extend to over 10 hours.

AirVPN provides an extensive FAQ section, maintains an active forum for user interaction, and offers informative guides on its website. These resources cater to those seeking self-help. Apart from occasional wait times, experiences with AirVPN’s support have been excellent.

The Bottom Line

Final Verdict — Fast, Safe, and Cheap but There Are Flaws

AirVPN boasts several impressive attributes. It offers speed and robust security features and provides a gaming experience without lag. Additionally, it stands out as an excellent choice for torrenting, supported by a dependable money-back guarantee.

Nevertheless, certain drawbacks limit its universal appeal. The network of servers is relatively limited, and the responsiveness of customer support might be a concern for some users. Moreover, its apps could prove intricate for those new to VPNs.

Frequently Asked Questions (AirVPN)-

Is AirVPN a secure choice?

Absolutely. AirVPN is built on robust security features, including military-grade encryption and a kill switch. Moreover, it upholds a strict no-logging policy, ensuring your sensitive information remains anonymous and untraceable.

Can AirVPN access Netflix?

Yes, although its capabilities are limited to Netflix Originals. These are shows and movies owned by Netflix, available on a specific site version. While the content access is restricted, the streaming quality remains high with quick loading times.

How does AirVPN compare to other VPNs?

Compared to leading VPNs like ExpressVPN and CyberGhost, AirVPN falls short due to its smaller server network, limited protocol options, and a more technical interface. While its speeds are commendable, premium VPNs excel more in streaming capabilities.

Is AirVPN free?

AirVPN offers a 3-day trial period. Additionally, all plans have a reliable money-back guarantee, ensuring a refund if the service doesn’t meet your expectations.

Is AirVPN suitable for torrenting?

Absolutely. AirVPN supports P2P activities across all servers and even offers port forwarding to expedite downloads. Coupled with its strong security measures, AirVPN provides a secure environment for torrenting.

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