AVG Secure

If you’re considering whether a company that has had past data selling scandals, like Avast, can suddenly become a privacy-first VPN provider, it’s a valid concern. Surprisingly, both Avast and AVG Technologies are related, as Avast acquires AVG Technologies in 2016.

You might be interested to know that Avast, which is known for its antivirus software, was involved in a data leak scandal where it was selling sensitive browsing data. This history raises questions about how safe your identity is with AVG Secure VPN.

As you explore AVG Secure VPN, you may notice that it lacks some privacy and obfuscation tools, and its pricing plans seem unreasonable to you. You can only subscribe to annual plans, which might be a bit too committing, especially for a VPN that falls behind others in this category.

You might also be frustrated by the need for back-and-forth interactions with their support for something that should be straightforward. It’s natural to prefer a VPN that         works immediately without all the hassle.

To get a superior comprehension, you choose to check AVG Secure VPN out. You’re presently spending time investigating each part of AVG Secure VPN, from security and protection to streaming, speed, backing, and arrangement.

Short on Time? Here Are My Key Findings


It may be challenging to bypass geo-blocking with this VPN. Unfortunately, unblocking streaming services like Netflix US, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, or BBC iPlayer might not work, as even customer support confirms that geo-blocking is a strong barrier.

This VPN might not be your top choice for privacy enthusiasts due to its invasive logging practices, history of past data-selling scandals, and the potential for unstable connections. On the positive side, it does offer a kill switch, and it’s located outside the 14 Eyes alliance.

The VPN offers robust encryption without detected IP, DNS, or WebRTC leaks. The 256-AES encryption should be more than sufficient to keep you safe, and your tests might confirm that there are no leaks.

Remember that the server network with only 700 servers is relatively sparse, which could lead to streaming difficulties. Regardless, torrenting should be smooth by virtue of its P2P-progressed servers, and you likely won’t encounter any issues with BitTorrent.

Expecting client help, now there’s only part of the day of live talk available. You can search for extra assistance through email and remote assistance. Still, it might be demoralizing that you can contact an expert to request structure on the site. It could require approximately 24 hours to get a response.

One sure perspective is that you can interface up to 10 devices simultaneously, which is phenomenal compared with some other VPNs. This VPN is viable with Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. Nonetheless, it needs Linux support and isn’t viable with the Fire operating system, so you will not have the option to introduce it on an Amazon Fire Stick.

Setting up and introducing the VPN should be clear. Yet, it could require some additional work, assuming you really want help.

Regarding pricing, it’s reasonable, yet there’s a trick. You can only choose yearly plans. However, there’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 7-day free trial, although you might need a different solution.

2023 Update Features Of AVG Secure VPN

💸 Price4.39 USD/month
📆 Money Back Guarantee30 Days
📝 Does VPN keep logs?Partially
🖥 Number of servers700+
💻 Number of devices per license10
🛡 Kill switchYes
🗺 Based in countryCzech Republic
📥 Supports torrentingYes

Streaming — Didn’t Work at All

During your tests, you’ll find that AVG Secure VPN can’t unblock any of the streaming destinations. You will not have the option to stream BBC iPlayer, Netflix US, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, or Disney+. Despite the information available on their website suggesting that streaming is a breeze, you’ll soon realize that AVG’s streaming servers need to be stronger to bypass geographical restrictions.

Based on the info I found online and on its website, its streaming capabilities should be solid

Suppose you try all 15 servers in the US, including the 4 dedicated streaming servers. You will not have the option to get to the Netflix US library content on any of them. The geo-impeding will demonstrate major areas of strength for AVG’s servers. Assume your essential justification behind getting a VPN is to stay away from geo-separating, which limits your admittance to an online substance in view of your geographic area. In that case, consider using other VPNs that excel in this area.

AVG Secure VPN has specialized streaming and torrenting servers

Here’s the current list of dedicated streaming servers they offer:

  • Germany, Frankfurt
  • UK, Wonderland
  • US, Gotham City
  • US, Miami
  • US, New York
  • US, Seattle

Unblocked: None of the Streaming Sites

You won’t be able to unblock any of the streaming sites you try using AVG Secure VPN. Even their support will confirm this.

Blocks By: Netflix US, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, and Disney+

You should track down that all famous streaming destinations, including Netflix US, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+, recognize and impede AVG Secure VPN.

As a colossal enthusiast of Netflix, you may be eager to watch Radium Young Ladies from your area in Vienna. After reading tech reviews and discovering that AVG Secure has dedicated streaming servers for unblocking US and UK Netflix, you decide to try it out.

Indeed, even on its site, AVG Secure values having devoted streaming servers, guaranteeing that it “makes streaming a breeze.”

AVG Secure VPN has specialized streaming and torrenting servers

However, to your disappointment, you won’t be able to access US exclusives like The Radium Girls, The Borgias, Weeds, and Jericho, even when using the Gotham City server.

Even AVG’s special streaming servers wouldn’t let me watch Netflix US
Jericho is another US-only series which means AVG Secure VPN didn’t unblock Netflix US
I tested all of the US servers; none let me watch Netflix US

You also try Disney+ but can’t even log in; all you get is a black screen due to Disney+ heavy geo-blocking. When you turn the VPN off, the sign-up screen appears again. Similar situations happen with Hulu and Amazon Prime Video.

You decide to reach out to its customer care to see if they can solve the problem. This takes quite a bit of your time and doesn’t solve your streaming problem.

The customer agent offered further assistance in the form of remote control from their tech support team

You need to download the LogMeIn Rescue remote support software to troubleshoot so their support agent can access your computer. At the point when you have a go at introducing the record, a discourse window springs up, saying: ” You don’t have authorization to open the application. Contact your PC or organization director for help.

I couldn’t run the app because of the problems with permissions on Mac Big Sur

 Here is a speedy way to solve consent issues on Macintosh Huge Sur: At any rate, go to Framework Inclinations > Security and Protection > General and afterwards click “Open.”

If you get permission problems, as I did, you need to allow the app installation manually

Once you get the permission issue sorted, you connect to its remote support.

In my case, it didn’t take them longer than 15 minutes

However, you will need more than remote support to solve your issue. Instead, the support tells you that it’s normal to be blocked by streaming sites.

The connection with its remote tech support was breaking all the time even though my connection was stable

After this, AVG sends you an email by and by saying ‘sorry’ for the bother and making sense of why it couldn’t help you.

AVG support told me it is not up to them but up to the streaming sites

Additionally, for those of you who appreciate spilling with Firestick gadgets, note that AVG Secure VPN has no application support for Firestick streaming gadgets. For streaming, it suggests a more dependable VPN.

Considering AVG Secure has committed streaming servers in the US and the UK, you can effortlessly get to Netflix US, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and BBC iPlayer.

Instead, you’ll receive a welcome message like the one you got while trying to watch Radium Girls from a US server in Jacksonville.

Netflix blocked my connection when I used a server in Jacksonville

The situation is the same for BBC iPlayer — not even the special UK Wonderland server lets you stream.

Not even AVG’s dedicated streaming server Wonderland let me stream on BBC iPlayer

You may be disheartened that you can’t observe any of the shows on Hulu, Netflix US, or BBC iPlayer. You contact their client care with this objection.

The customer support suggests running the players in Incognito, which you do, but you need help solving your problem. Next, they suggest reinstalling the app, but more is needed.

Streaming in Incognito mode didn’t help me access BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Disney+, or Netflix

Ultimately, you download LogMeIn Rescue remote support software so their support agent can access your computer. It takes them around 10-15 minutes to let you know that there is no way around this since this isn’t because of the VPN execution but instead the streaming site limitations. Yet, isn’t that the thing you’d anticipate from a VPN supplier in any case?

Speeds — At First Terrible, Then Solid

When you tried the first 7-day free trial, you experienced slow speeds. However, once you switched to a 60-day free trial, you noticed that the speeds improved significantly. You measured your speed test results using Ookla. AVG also offers you the possibility of using the OpenVPN protocol, which can help improve your speeds if you need a faster connection.

You should be able to get the same service

7-Day Free Trial Speed Test

On your 7-day free trial, you’re experiencing extremely slow speeds. Connect automatically to the nearest server, which is in Vienna. However, you can’t perform the test when you attempt to measure your speed. Interestingly, when you disconnect, the speed test completes without any issues.

Latency test error I kept receiving while connected to a server in Australia

To your surprise, you can’t measure the speed even when connected to servers in Europe or Australia. An error message suggests it could be due to a firewall or server issue. Since your firewall is off at the time, it is a fault on their part.

Next, try connecting to a server in Brussels. However, this one is slow, and every tab freezes. No page would open. Even with the optimal server feature turned on, which is supposed to connect you to the nearest server for the best speed, you still need help to perform the speed test.

At first, it might be a temporary glitch. The next day, you try again with the Optimal server, still with no luck (using an Austrian server this time). Then, you connect to servers in Brussels, Amsterdam, and London. After waiting for a minute or two to load, you get the same latency error message:

Same error message the next day while using a server in Brussels

You can’t measure your speed while connected to any of the servers, and you’re disappointed with the overall speeds. So, you decide to contact their customer support and ask them why your connection is extremely slow.

But my connection was slow regardless of the server I chose

Support tells you that this is due to your distance from the server. However, you need more convincing. You figure that if it were solely due to server distance, the speed would vary – some servers might be better, and others worse. In your case, it isn’t good across all servers.

60-Day Free Trial Speed Test

You choose to evaluate its 60-day preliminary, which is vastly improved concerning speed.

The improvement happened because you chose to do a genuinely necessary plate cleanup and refreshed your iOS before completing the tests. Accordingly, you erased the VPN documents also. This prompted you to reinstall the AVG VPN application you downloaded a couple of days prior as a component of the 7-day free preliminary. Notwithstanding, when you attempt to download the application once more, you continue to get the mistake: ” AVG Secure VPN is now introduced; please uninstall the last variant first,” despite the fact that you had uninstalled it.

For Macintosh clients confronting a comparative issue, here’s a useful hint: Assuming this happens to you, find and erase the AVG Secure VPN organizer physically by composing/Library/Application Backing/in Locater’s menu bar under Go/Go to Envelope. After doing this, you should have the option to reinstall AVG Secure VPN.

When you get that arranged and reinstall the application, you’ll see that you can’t buy into the 7-day preliminary any longer, presumably because you can begin your free preliminary once, which checks out.

You get a marginally unique deal this time, despite being on day 3 of a 7-day free preliminary.

The proposition is to begin a 30-day preliminary (which you can drop whenever). However, if you really want to buy into a 1-year plan and add your installment data, either charge card data or PayPal.

Thus, you end up with a 60-day preliminary, and simultaneously, you can check whether there is any distinction. This time, the transfer and download speeds are greatly improved. It turns out a decent “no installment subtleties joined” free preliminary, basically regarding AVG Secure VPN, can’t possibly exist. Nonetheless, there ought not to be any distinction because, in any case, how are you expected to check, assuming it works? You see this as a critical issue since you get no help review, as guaranteed.

It seems like an alternate VPN this time. Utilizing the Ideal area includes you consequently interface with a server close to you, and it’s a lot quicker.

My optimal location server was the same as my physical location but with a different IP address

Your baseline speed in Vienna is as follows:

  • Download speed: 153.08 Mbps

  • Upload speed: 15.62 Mbps

My baseline speed in Vienna

On your 60-day trial, you’re enjoying consistently solid server speeds. Here are the speed results of some of the servers you’ve tried in Europe, North America, and Asia:

Prague, Czech Republic
Download speed: 141.67 Mbps (7.45% decrease)
Upload speed: 13.33 Mbps (14.66% decrease)

Considering the distance, it makes sense the speeds in Prague were the best

Amsterdam, Netherlands P2P
Download speed: 140.04 Mbps (8.51% decrease)
Upload speed: 11.25 Mbps (27.977% decrease)

Excellent speed test result using a server in Amsterdam

Brussels, Belgium
Download speed: 125.70 Mbps (17.88% decrease)
Upload speed: 13.29 Mbps (14.9168% decrease)

Great speed in Belgium as well

UK, Glasgow
Download speed: 97.66 Mbps (36.20% decrease)
Upload speed: 13.44 Mbps (13.95% decrease)

Good speed in Glasgow considering the distance

US, Gotham City (streaming server)
Download speed: 142.06 Mbps (7.19% decrease)
Upload speed: 12.69 Mbps (18.75% decrease)

Gotham’s server speed was astonishingly good (too bad it wouldn’t let me stream Netflix US)

Japan, Tokyo
Download speed: 31.21 Mbps (79.61% decrease)
Upload speed: 7.77 Mbps (50.25% decrease)

Tokyo’s server speed was significantly slower

Melbourne, Australia
Download speed: 10.94 Mbps (92.85% decrease)
Upload speed: 4.17 Mbps (73.30% decrease)

The speed in Melbourne was significantly slower than my baseline speed in Vienna

Singapore, Republic of Singapore
Download speed: 38.43 Mbps (74.89% decrease)
Upload speed: 6.93 Mbps (55.63% decrease)

Singapore speed was acceptable considering the server distance

You also tried servers in Spain (Madrid) and Germany (Berlin), which provided you with solid speeds for a smooth browsing experience.

Are AVG Secure VPNs Fast Enough for Gaming? Fast Yes, but Still Not Playable

Depending on your trial, your speeds can range from zero to solid. However, you still can’t play League of Legends online.

On your 7-day trial, the speed could be better, making it unplayable and even un-downloadable. You attempt to download and play Class of Legends while associated with a server in Montreal, Canada. The establishment is clear, with a couple of hiccups to a great extent. However, the download speed could be better.

Couldn’t even download the game on my 7-day trial version of AVG Secure VPN

To be sure, you want to see if there’s some scheduled maintenance going on. But everything seems to be as usual at the time, so the slow speeds must be due to the VPN.

Riot game status showed no issues or events to report

When you change to the 60-day preliminary, your download speed is much quicker. By the way, you couldn’t enter the game for reasons unknown.

Server Network — Sparse but Solid Speeds for Surfing

AVG VPN has a small and also unstable server network.

Next on your list is Studio Pigeon. They have headquarters in Warsaw, Krakow (Poland), and Riyadh (Saudi Arabia). They specialize in various animation services, including explainer videos, cartoon series, commercials, motion design, motion graphics, 2D + 3D animation, marketing, advertising, infographics, visually attractive content, and post-production.

You’ll like their animation style because it’s notably distinguishable. Their animated commercials and explainers impress with their conciseness, quality, and simplicity. They manage to be memorable and are likely very helpful in terms of brand awareness. The company was founded in 2013, and since then, they have already delivered videos for advertising agencies and brands from over 50 countries.

A screenshot of Avast's blog announcing Avast and AVG became one company

Proceeding with your bird-themed investigation, Studio Pigeon is up straightaway. They utilize an animation style for their work, and it’s phenomenal. How they recount stories with their characters is first class, making them one more office worth investigating, assuming your financial plan permits.

Server locations by regions and purpose

Server Locations

You’ll find that server locations are divided into 6 geographical regions. Here’s a table of all the available servers, their locations, and types:

Africa1 in total
South Africa1
Asia Pacific8 in total
New Zealand1
South Korea1
Europe27 in total
Czech Republic1 (P2P)
Germany2 (1 P2P)
Netherlands1 (P2P)
the UK3 (1 streaming; 1 P2P)
Middle East2 in total
North America20 in total
the US16 (3 both P2P and streaming; 1 streaming)
South America1

You can generally utilize the default highlight called Ideal VPN server area, where the VPN picks the best server in view of your area.

AVG Secure likewise offers an organization of devoted streaming and P2P servers, which should improve your association for every action. It sounds perfect in principle; however, they don’t work when you attempt them.

Aside from geolocation, you likewise have servers separated, relying upon the movement you want them for:

  • For streaming, there are 6 through and through: 4 in the US (Miami, New York, and Seattle, notwithstanding 1 of which is proposed for streaming, called the USA, Gotham City), 1 one of a kind streaming server in the UK called the Wonderland, UK, and 1 in Germany.
  • For P2P traffic, there are 8 through and through: Yet again 1 in France, 1 in the Czech Republic, 1 in Germany, 1 in the Netherlands, 3 in the US (New York, Miami and Seattle — these 3 are both for streaming and P2P) and 1 in the UK.

You’ll probably find it really simple to change the server area – just open AVG Secure VPN and hit the “Change area” button.

Security — Theoretically Solid

It is not recommended to use AVG VPN if your primary concern is privacy. Speculatively, it may be ideal to accept that you were more than secure thanks to the military-grade AES 256-cycle encryption, which is unnecessarily challenging to break, making your affiliation immune.

If your association drops – which could occur – to safeguard yourself, you can empower the off button highlight. This will stop your internet connection until your VPN reconnects, preventing your data from leaking.

The off button is a generally new component of AVG Secure VPN, accessible for Windows and macOS. You’ll have to turn the off button on physically; it’s not on naturally. To do this, go to the Organization Security tab and imprint the “Initiate Off button,” your information will be protected regardless of whether the association with a VPN server breaks.

Would it be advisable for you to utilize this VPN with public WiFi to remain erring on the side of caution? It’s not something you can trust 100 per cent. Public WiFi is one of the most troublesome kinds of association. In this way, it seems OK to be wary.

Activate the kill switch feature to protect yourself from accidental VPN dropouts

If you like redoing your association relying upon what you’re doing, you’ll find a strong decision regarding security conventions. AVG VPN utilizes each of the three significant conventions: IKEv2/IPSec, L2TP/IPSec, and OpenVPN. To change the convention, go to the settings of your VPN application.

There is no WireGuard support. WireGuard could work on your speed for this situation since it is a less complex VPN convention, which generally has fewer bugs and uses fewer computer chips. Nonetheless, the favored decision is OpenVPN because it adds an additional layer of well-being from man-in-the-center assaults. It can protect you even while utilizing public WiFi, which you really want to utilize AVG Secure VPN consistently.

There is no Multihop included, which numerous other VPNs have. Multihop gets your information through at least two VPN servers, expanding your security and making your actions significantly more diligent to follow. This would be a welcome expansion to AVG’s security, particularly if staying safeguarded is high on your need list.

Likewise, considering the 2019 information reaping and selling embarrassment with Avast, you ought to be wary. All things considered, Avast Antivirus offered information of north of 435 million clients to research, Microsoft, and so on. You can’t resist the urge to contemplate whether it happened once; could it at any point reoccur? It’s something you can only brush aside slowly, in any case.

But as far as DNS leaks go – it should pass the test. Based on DNS leak tests, AVG shouldn’t leak data or show security issues.

I detected no leaks while connected to a server in Frankfurt

A speedy tip: while evolving areas, ensure you have the off button included because the association could break for a couple of moments, possibly releasing your information.

Privacy — Not a Prior Choice VPN if Privacy Is Your Main Concern

In spite of this large number of highlights, it isn’t prescribed to utilize this VPN, assuming that keeping your information hidden is your first concern. Meddlesome logging rehearses, past information gathering outrages, and complex security approaches with many ‘uncertainties and buts’.

The events surrounding the company itself need to instill more trust.

You’ll find AVG Secure VPN has 4 privacy policies on its website:

  1. General Privacy
  2. Products Policy
  3. VPN Policy
  4. Cookies Policy

Concerning the VPN Strategy, the information it gathers and cycles is fundamental for working on its items and administrations and for legitimate purposes. It’s attempting to be exceptionally straightforward about how it handles data. It meticulously describes the situation under which conditions it uncovers your information.

You should track down connections to the protection strategies of its installment processors.

Links to the privacy policies of its payment processors

As found on its site, the information it processes is mostly utilized for item usefulness, charging, installment, outsider instruments, and different purposes.

It is consoling to determine that your IP address, DNS inquiries, perusing history, email, and any joined documents would be protected.

They are quite explicit about the data they hand to others

Even though you ought to be hypothetically really safeguarded, considering its set of experiences of handling individual information, you could feel somewhat risky. The reality you’re offering your data to outsider sellers isn’t something you fundamentally care about.

According to its security strategy, it has the commitment and the option to reveal your information to inconsequential outsiders under particular conditions.

The option to unveil your data fundamentally incorporates legitimate commitments, for example, bookkeeping, against tax evasion, lawful orders, endorse checks, or “different commitments”.

I can’t say this is a security-accommodating VPN, generally due to its solid logging strategy: it logs association timestamps and a specific measure of information.

In its extensive protection strategy, some VPN administrations examine its logging practices and how it affects you. Actually, AVG VPN gathers the following data:

  • Hints of your unique location
  • The IP address of the particular server you utilized
  • At the point when you associated/disengaged
  • How much information was gathered

Something else you won’t like is how AVG VPN keeps association logs and stores the server’s administration information for a specific period. That alone might make you uneasy, not to mention Avast’s data-selling scandal in 2019.

Your takeaway: even though it is transparent in how it discloses your personal data, the very fact that it discloses it might bother you.

Torrenting — Solid Torrenting Speeds

Uplifting news: AVG VPN has extraordinary P2P servers. Terrible news: it actually doesn’t prescribe it for torrenting because of its intrusive logging strategy.

Even though it doesn’t log the information you move, it stores association logs, term, and data transmission utilization.

AVG stores a lot of data so I would not recommend heavy torrenting

Hypothetically, torrenting is permitted and is dared to be trustworthy, particularly since AVG offers P2P servers explicitly intended for quick and safe torrenting. It gladly includes 8 P2P servers spread over more than 6 novel nations.

AVG VPN has dedicated P2P servers

Your download could go without a hitch — the speed may be incredible. However, assume you are getting a VPN essentially for torrenting. Your protection may be compromised occasionally, contingent upon your volume and recurrence. Guarantee you’re not torrenting when you need to change server area because your association will be momentarily upset.

Switching to a new server while downloading will interrupt your connection

Does AVG Secure VPN Work in China? No

If this is the primary explanation, you’re getting a VPN, but it doesn’t suggest utilizing AVG. High-oversight nations like China, UAE, and Turkey have incredibly prohibitive firewalls, and you really want a VPN with jumbling devices and covertness conventions to sidestep the block.

This is the very thing that you might find client assistance says on their local area gathering in regards to the Chinese limitations:

“You should try a different VPN that offers obfuscation tools and stealth protocols to bypass the restrictions in high-censorship countries like China.”

A reply from its support representative on a question whether AVG Secure can work in China

Connect to up to 10 Devices simultaneously at Once

You can interface up to 10 gadgets simultaneously, which contrasts greatly with other VPNs.

It used to be 5; however, as of April 2021, you can utilize it with up to 10 gadgets, which is a strong change. Tragically, the people who took out their membership before can associate up to 5 gadgets until it reestablishes.

Subscriptions purchased after April 2021 allow for 10 simultaneous devices

You can take a stab at associating 5 gadgets on the double and see a slight contrast in speed, yet entirely nothing major.

Even so, you may need help to figure out that during the 7-day free preliminary, AVG Secure VPN must be utilized on one gadget. Thus, it would be a setback if you wanted to give it a shot on both your PC and another gadget like a tablet or telephone since it doesn’t uphold simultaneous associations during testing.

Device Compatibility — Supports Mainstream Devices and OSs

It’s not the most adaptable VPN available concerning gadget similarity. AVG supports Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. However, there’s no Linux support.

Additionally, you might need more support if you were expecting to utilize it with your Firestick gadget. AVG Secure VPN isn’t viable with the Fire operating system, so you can’t introduce it on Amazon Fire Stick.

There is no shrewd DNS instrument either, implying you can’t set it up on your home switch. Brilliant DNS is an extraordinary instrument that can permit you to utilize content-unblocking highlights from the VPN utilizing gadgets that don’t have local VPN support, similar to home switches.

It’s not the ideal decision for gaming either because it is contrary to game control centers and television streaming gadgets. If you have a PS4, you won’t have the option to play it utilizing this VPN.

Installation & Apps

Set-Up & Installation — Relatively Simple and Fast

Idearocket, a champion decision for IT organizations looking to improve on complex items, is an unmistakable player in the US liveliness market.

I quickly downloaded and installed AVG free 7-day trial for iOS

They have practical experience in making 2D, 3D vivified, and surprisingly realistic recordings custom-made for HR divisions, IT firms, and medical care offices.

No credit card is required to start your 7-day free trial

What separates Idea Rocket is its wonderful capacity to distill complex thoughts and ideas into effectively reasonable stories, whether it’s state-of-the-art innovation, perplexing business ideas, or logical disclosures.

Their methodology frequently includes utilizing analogies and charming activity to convey these complicated thoughts successfully. Suppose you’re a tech organization or have a provoking item to showcase.

AVG Secure VPN's subscriptions are continuous

In that case, Idearocket remains a reliable choice, succeeding in making complex data more open through their skill in improvement and figurative narrating.

2023 Updated Prices Of AVG Secure VPN

The costs are reasonable yet accompanied by a catch. The month-to-month cost might sound alluring. However, know that its arrangement isn’t month to month — it’s just accessible yearly.

At the point when you first see the month-to-month value, it might seem to be an incredible arrangement, yet you need to follow through on the yearly cost forthright. Even though the cost is generally reasonable, focusing on a base 1-year plan could feel like a ton. However, at that point once more — it accompanies a 30-day unconditional promise, which can help in this situation.

AVG Secure VPN offers only yearly subscriptions

Reliability & Support

Envision you want assistance desperately with a security issue or the like. With no live visit included and such a sluggish reaction time, you could ponder — how you might tackle the issue.

This could be a major issue for you, so if you focus on a drawn-out plan, you could require dependable help.

For those prepared to put away more cash, you can get AVG Security Premium Technical support as paid help. This additional component can assist you with diving into the most and set your psyche straight in regard to security issues.

What matters is that AVG Premium Technical support assists you with all AVG items and all working frameworks available to you all day, every day, by telephone. You have 3 plans accessible:

  • Straightforward Fix for essential assistance, 1-time call for $79
  • Complex Fix for cutting-edge help, $119 per call
  • Absolute Consideration for $199 each year, limitless calls

Yet, regardless of whether you have more AVG items, you could find paying this much extra for help outlandish. You would see the value in it more on the off chance that its normal help answered somewhat quicker as opposed to paying for every minute of everyday proficient technical support, which you ought to have as a matter of course.

AVG offers Premium Tech support as a paid service

For normal inquiries, you can likewise look at its AVG Backing People group page, where you can clarify pressing issues and offer tips and arrangements. The page is very dynamic, and its agents often answer — not to each request.

Depending on the level of assistance you might need, you have 3 ways of getting help:

#1 Self-Help

You should find the solution using one of the online resources on its support/FAQs page. While they are quite comprehensive, the online resource pages could be more intuitive and easier to navigate.

The page offers connections to a wide range of instructive or informative substance on its blog. The assets are useful, provided that you really want fundamental assistance introducing and enacting your VPN. All assets are ordered in light of the operating system you’re utilizing.

AVG’s resource page is divided based on the OS you’re using

You can leave an inquiry on its local area discussion or read about others’ issues, yet its help could be more dynamic.

#2 Enquiry Per Email

You can only contact a real person by filling out an inquiry on its tech support page. A 24/7 live chat feature is sorely missed here. You get your web ticket number, and you get a reply per email, usually in a day.

You have to mark you have a paid/trial going on to get help

You could connect with its client care on a few events, the initial time being regarding the velocities on your 7-day preliminary. They might tell you it’s because of the server distance.

The second time might be because of the streaming problems. If you have issues with streaming like me, you will need more time to solve these.

Its customer support usually replies the next day. It might take them 24 hours — more or less. You might have reached out 4 times so far for different issues. Each time, you might get a reply the next day at approximately the same time.

I complained I couldn’t unblock Netflix US and other sites

#3 Remote Assistance

Your experience with its remote assistance might be better. Its tip to stream in Incognito mode might not solve your streaming problem, so that you may turn for more help. Remote control could be the last possible way to get help when you’ve exhausted all other means.

The support suggested I re-install the VPN first, then turn for more help if needed

You could try uninstalling and activating the VPN, but it might not solve your problems. Next, you can get the remote help they offer. However, installing the support file might go less smoothly on your Mac.

I encountered permission problems with Mac Sur while trying to install remote support software
To solve the permission issue on Big Sur, go to System Preferences/Security & Privacy/General

When you finally connect to its remote customer care, you might get a reply telling you it’s not up to the VPN but the streaming services.

The Bottom Line

Final Verdict

AVG Secure VPN might not be a good choice for streaming and privacy-oriented users. Even though it may very well be really simple to introduce and utilize, this probably won’t be a VPN you’d need to buy into — not in any event, for a month, not to mention at least 1 year.

While you might be satisfied with its speeds overall, bypassing geo-blocks could be impossible. Customer support might exist, but you could find much better options. However, what might concern you is that the connection could be unstable. In your case, it could break very often.

While you might value its transparency, you might still need to change the fact that it harvests a lot of personal data, which could make you uneasy.

Frequently Asked Questions (AVG Secure VPN)-

Is AVG Secure VPN secure?

AVG Secure VPN falls into a somewhat uncertain middle ground regarding safety. It may not be considered unsafe, but it’s far from a top choice for privacy enthusiasts. The VPN’s previous data-selling scandal (involving its parent company, Avast), invasive logging practices, and extensive privacy policy raise reliability concerns.

Does AVG Secure VPN have the ability to unblock Netflix?

No, AVG Secure VPN cannot reliably unblock Netflix. Despite attempting to access various streaming and regular servers, it could not bypass geo-blocking for Netflix US. This limitation applies to popular streaming platforms like Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and BBC iPlayer. If you’re seeking a VPN for streaming Netflix US, AVG Secure may not be the best option.

Does AVG Secure VPN slow down the speeds?

On my 60-day trial, I encountered no significant issues with speed. Test results indicated that speeds are faster on nearby servers, but even distant servers performed well. Your speed should remain decent, depending on the server’s proximity.

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