Best Free VPN

in 2023 — Simple Interface and Decent Peformance

Virtual private networks (VPNs) are a terrific method to browse anonymously, secure your identity, and stay safe online. Furthermore, you can easily access content or watch TV and movies from foreign countries using a VPN. There are free and  paid versions of the service available. In general, paid providers offer significantly more than their free counterparts; however, this isn’t always the case with VPNs.

Even though there are practically hundreds of free VPNs available, most aren’t that good. Moreover, you’ll be subjected to intrusive advertising from some dubious free VPN app and extensions, and your data may even be sold.

Therefore, if you want the best free VPN that is risk free and isn’t associated with performance caps, then follow this guide by BestVPN.Reviews. With incomplete information, using free VPNs can push you towards the edge of severe cyber threats. Hence, to ensure that you stay away from any potentially shady ones, we have collected some that are genuinely good. Additionally, the best free VPNs can work well enough if your primary motivation for using one is just some more security on your smart device. Also, they will shield your devices when you occasionally use public Wi-Fi.

Quick Read - The Best Free VPN Services in 2023

  1. Hotspot Shield — With a 500 MB daily data cap, you can browse the web without charge. From a single account for Hotspot Shield, you can utilize five different devices.
  2. Surfshark — Split tunnelling is available on Windows and Android. Still, it allows you to torrent safely and utilize your IP address, but the VPN is based in the Netherlands, a nation part of the 9 Eyes Alliance.
  3. Atlas VPN — Active malware and tracker blocker. It provides access to the streaming sites as well. Furthermore, its free plan doesn’t require any account creation; thus, you can use it on multiple devices.
  4. Privado VPN — It provides standard VPN protocols like OpenVPN, Wireguard, and IKEv2 to use. Plus, it uses top-notch encryption in 256-bit AES and has a kill switch to preserve users’ anonymity in the event of an unexpected network outage.
  5. TunnelBearProvides an intuitive interface to add some fun in user experience. However, it is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, and Canada is a part of 14 eyes alliance. But it has a strong policy to support user data.
Plus, 1 more great free VPNs!

The Best Free VPNs – Full Analysis (Updated March)

1. Hotspot Shield — Catapult Hydra Protocol and No-Log Policy

Hotspot Shield VPN

With 256-bit encryption, Hotspot Shield provides Catapult Hydra protocol that assists users in simultaneously maximizing speeds and security. This unique element makes is one of the best free VPN. The protocol is under the proprietary ship of Hotspot Shield, it can generate speeds faster than OpenVPN. Furthermore, it helps in increasing the bandwidth over long-distance connections. Hence, you may instantly and securely download large torrent files without any hassle.

The apps also provide you with malware and virus protection whenever you go online. Hotspot Shield draws from a database including millions of websites that have been flagged for malicious activity. If it detects a shady site, it will warn you and ask if you’d like to continue to the domain. In addition, Windows users get access to a feature called Real Time Threat Protection. This scans new files as they’re added to your device to ensure they are malware free.

best free VPN

Its total network span is of 1,800+ servers in 80 countries, all of them support P2P interface. Since there’s plenty of P2P support, you’ll easily get a partially free connection for lightning fast downloads.

Hotspot Shield’s privacy policy clearly states that your user logs are not stored by the company; making it an uncomplicated and reliable service. But they do store the username and email address. Moreover, in terms of plans and pricing, you can get the best deal by getting the long-term plan starting at $2.99/month. It’s the most economical out of all available options. But before committing to a membership, you can experience some parts of the service with its free variant.   

2. Surfshark — Uses Split Tunneling and RAM Only Servers

Surfshark VPN

To encrypt and send data from your torrent client over the VPN server, you can utilize Surfshark’s Bypasser tool. As a result, you won’t need to constantly remember to activate the VPN and may torrent safely. Additionally, if the VPN is set up with a particular channel or platform, it launches quickly. This feature can be helpful if you want to access your bank account while other services are protected by your VPN using your actual IP address.

The WireGuard protocol is what we advise utilizing if you want to share files as quickly as possible. Also, you can safely send data without being slowed down by it. The VPN is performance-focused, safeguards your privacy, and uses 100% RAM-only infrastructure and a strict no-logs policy. Your personal information won’t be gathered or shared because it is deleted with each server shutdown.

Surfshark Features

What else? Surfshark also offers an ad- and malware filter for seamless streaming, downloading, and gaming. CleanWeb is another feature of Surfshark that prevents advertisements and keeps an eye on your torrent downloads for any suspicious activity. If found, it will immediately notify you of any links that pose a risk to your data. It can be optimized for use on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. 

The Bypasser feature, unfortunately, is only available on Windows and Android. However, it’ll soon be available for other operating systems soon as per Surfshark.

Surfshark is another very pocket-friendly VPN, with long-term plans starting at $2.30/month. Additionally, you can opt for a 24-month option that gives you hefty discount off and 2 months of additional service for free.

Moreover, the VPN is covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee; thus, you can take chances of torrenting without worrying. But if you use the free version, you don’t have to worry about all of that.

3. Atlas VPN — Tracker blocker and data breach monitor

Best Free VPN Services

Another very best free VPN in 2023 is Atlas VPN. The premium edition of this VPN offers over 750 servers spread across more than 30 nations. Although the free edition has limitations in certain ways, it is extremely quick and secure to use. Furthermore, this freemium VPN has gained popularity for streaming, gaming, torrenting, and anonymous web browsing due to its amazing capabilities. Additionally, if you are a sports fanatic, you should utilize this VPN service because it grants you unrestricted access to sports websites that might not otherwise be available to you.

Moreover, Atlas VPN values user security highly. The VPN safeguards its users’ privacy by employing dual tunneling interface and military-grade encryption. Split tunneling technology allows you to choose the traffic you want to route through the VPN. In other words, you can disregard the VPN’s security for a certain online activity.

Atlas VPN is another excellent option for Reddit users as well. It supports so many different gadgets and operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS, Android, Linux, iOS, and routers. Also, you might be able to check in with the same account on five different devices at once. Together with all of these features, Atlas VPN offers outstanding torrenting performance, round-the-clock customer support, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Also, the monthly cost of the long-term subscription begins at just $1.82. This is bargain deal that you can 

4. PrivadoVPN - Unlimited Speeds and Standard Security Protocols

In terms of speeds most free VPNs are underperforming, although they are excellent for security. Many of them really place speed restrictions on you when you connect to their servers. That’s not ideal, which is why PrivadoVPN is the service we recommend highly for speedy connections. Great security and privacy features are offered, and this free VPN also delivers unlimited speeds.

The PrivadoVPN application is simple to use on both desktops and mobile devices. The most crucial VPN capabilities are arranged conveniently under one page, and connecting won’t require you to pass through any hoops. Additionally, it has the ability to switch between OpenVPN, Wireguard, and IKEv2, which is unusual for free VPNs. Plus, it makes it even better for a no-charge VPN. Finally, the application’s main screen displays how much of your monthly data allotment is still available, allowing you to plan your 10 GB monthly allowance.

Moreover, PrivadoVPN’s operations center is in  Switzerland, a nation with excellent privacy regulations. There are no stringent data retention requirements, so PrivadoVPN is not required to store usage information. On top of that, Privado’s no-logs policy prohibits the storage of any user data. Plus, Privado incorporates a kill switch and top-notch 256-bit AES encryption to preserve the anonymity of its users in the event of an unexpected network outage.

5. TunnelBear — Strict No-Logs Policy to Protect Your Privacy

TunnelBear VPN

As TunnelBear upholds a strict zero-logs policy, you can feel confident that your online activities won’t be monitored or disclosed. You can read its privacy statement to find out more about this policy. Also, it has undergone independent assessment by a few security companies. Additionally, it publishes an annual transparency report that includes information on the quantity of data requests made. Therefore, you can take the clarity of what is happening with your data.

The AES 256-bit encryption, automatic WiFi connection, and IP/DNS leak protection on your desktop and mobile device safeguard your data. The consumers will be disappointed by the app’s lack of a kill switch, though.

Best VPN for iOS

You’ll be able to progress using the neighboring servers quite quickly with the help of TunnelBear. Also, its local servers will make it simple for you to obtain your favorite content from other countries. Furthermore, torrenting works fine on the distant servers. You may access content from anywhere in the world with TunnelBear, which has 2,600 servers spread across 47 countries. You can access HBO Max, Hulu, Netflix, and other services thanks to the network range.

The specialized app offers user-friendly functions like one-tap connect, auto-connect, and even 3D touch capabilities. Also, the app has a map with honey jars designating the locations of the servers, and bear noises play each time you connect. This is a playful element that many people will like. The app also offers user-friendly features like one-tap connect, auto-connect, and even 3D touch support. 

One setback of the TunnelBear is the lack of a money-back guarantee. This is bothersome if you get a subscription. However, the free version is there if you want to try it out first. But the free edition has restrictions, such as a very low 500 MB monthly data cap. Apart from that, the VPN has inexpensive plans. Its long-term plan costs just $3.33 a month to sign up.

Tips on How to Choose the Best Free VPN

A quality VPN must offer a strong suite of functions, including security, fast speeds, and reliability. Based on the following criteria, you’ll know what to look for:

  • Fast speeds — The top P2P VPNs should also offer a network with unlimited capacity and reliable, fast speeds. High-speed servers assist in preventing pauses and slowdowns during downloads.
  • Robust security features — Military-grade encryption, kill switches, cutting-edge protocols, and leak prevention for DNS, IP, and WebRTC are some essential security measures to take into account when surfing or streaming online. Thus, check to ensure that your VPN has those features to always be able to safeguard private information.
  • No-logs policy — This guarantees that your VPN will never collect or keep any user information, including your web activities and your IP addresses. Another advantage is having the no-logs policy independently certified by a third party.
  • Vast device compatibility — The majority of operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS-based devices, should be compatible with a good VPN. Furthermore, the VPN should provide a native app for all such operating systems and devices. Also, it enables simultaneous usage of several devices.
  • Reliable customer support — The VPN service should have reliable and professional customer assistance for you to contact if you have any queries or issues. This might be done by email assistance, a phone number, or a FAQ or help page. Additionally, a live chat feature that is available around the clock would be the greatest support option.

Quick Guide: How to Set Up a VPN in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Install a VPN first. Our top recommendation for a free VPN is Hotspot Shield since it has the quickest speeds, the best security, and is extremely dependable.
  2. Next, activate the app. Installing the app requires downloading it from the Play or App Store. Additionally, APK files are available directly from the websites of VPN providers.
  3. Connect up with a server. You may now use your Android device to safely stream content, browse the web, play games, and more after selecting a location from the server list and clicking Connect.

Free VPNs You Should Avoid

VPNs are good, but not all VPNs can be relied upon. To ensure that the privacy policy will adequately secure your smartphone, you should always read it carefully. Here are some instances of dubious regulations you must know  before using them:

  • Betternet — This service uses cookies to monitor how you use your device and slams you with advertising. You are never fully anonymous because it also records a ton of information about individual users, including your location (IP address).
  • CloudVPN — To catch your interest, it promises unlimited bandwidth, but it also works with outside parties to promote adverts. Additionally, it specifies in its policy that it logs users’ IP addresses, device data, and personal information in addition to storing cookies.
  • Opera — This one is a browser-only VPN; thus, it won’t encrypt any traffic coming from your torrent client. Additionally, it logs your activity, conceals its true connection protocols, and omits to disclose the precise locations of its servers, all of which are warning signs.
  • Hola — The free VPN from Hola connects over a P2P network and blocks P2P traffic as well. That implies that you must divulge your individual IP address to strangers. However, only the premium version offers encryption, and its privacy policy acknowledges the collection of user data.

FAQs on Free VPNs

Which free VPNs are the best in 2023?

PrivadoVPN, Hotspot Shield, Atlas VPN, Surfshark, TunnelBear, and Windscribe are the top free VPNs for 2023. Hotspot Shield is at the top of our ranking because it is quick (free users aren’t subject to speed caps) and offers free access to servers in 80 countries around the world.

Therefore, if you want the best free VPN that is risk free and isn’t associated with performance caps, then using Hotspot Shield would be effective. Furthermore, it has a unique security protocol called Catapult Hydra.

What’s the best free VPN for torrenting?

PrivadoVPN is the finest free VPN for torrenting. The VPN uses secure protocols and AES-256 encryption for quick and secure P2P file sharing on all its free servers. Because of the VPN’s solid kill switch and built-in IP leak protection, our true IP address has never been disclosed.

PrivadoVPN is the top free VPN for torrenting. It features an easy-to-use app that you can download and install in a matter of seconds. You get access to all of its P2P-compatible servers as well. Moreover, it offers incredibly quick downloads and is quite light, so your battery won’t be depleted as quickly.

Can I get a free VPN for Android?

Yes, but only by checking it’s functioning completely and learning its policies. Otherwise, we advise against it. It’s simply not worth saving an extra few bucks a month. There are plenty of reputable VPNs. But the free VPNs like the ones on this list, that offer standard security features, protocols, and decent data are good too.

However, the issue is that some of the free “VPNs” on several downloading platforms are fake. They’re created for the sole purpose of hacking your devices or infecting it with malware. Secondly, even legitimate free VPNs compromise on speeds, reliability, and security.

Are free VPNs able to get around geographical limitations?

The majority of free VPNs can circumvent geographic restrictions, but for optimal performance, we advise using a free VPN with more than 10 servers.

So from the aforementioned list, you may use the first 5 services to access the geoblock to watch content of your favorite sites from different regions. But this is only possible if the VPN you are using provides a network in more than 30 countries.

Are there any restrictions to free VPNs?

Yes there are. Nobody gets everything for free. Free VPNs frequently have data use restrictions, speed caps, and a cap on the number of simultaneous connections. Furthermore, the number of server locations you may access may also be restricted by some VPNs. Additionally, acquiring the free version of a reliable commercial VPN rather than downloading one that is advertised as being completely free is a secure means.

Try the Top Free VPN Today!

The free VPN provider Hotspot Shield has a huge advantage. It will be expanding the service to provide limitless data across all devices. Being able to use the service as much as you’d like is a great advantage in a world where the majority of free VPNs limit you to 10 GB per month or even less. However, the only drawback is that it only permits connecting to one US location. In comparison to TunnelBear, PrivadoVPN and Windscribe only serve about ten different nations.

Among the usability problems and annoyances are mobile apps that frequently show video adverts when you connect. When you connect and disengage from the Mac program, pages on the Hotspot Shield website are opened.