Best VPN for FireStick

Best VPN for FireStick

Finding the best VPN that works well with Amazon Fire TV Stick takes work. And even the one that fits your needs and requirements. Therefore, here we have a proper guide filled with information based on the top five recommended VPNs list. You can enjoy the all-in-one abilities covering most of the daily work goals using these VPNs. Whether it’s about accessing streaming platforms such as Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, etc. As per the people review, a few VPNs do not allow P2P connections. Those are considered as the need for Kodi add-ons and IPTV apps. It has been seen that even if they work, they usually come with data caps. 

Consequently, you can only stream for a couple of hours. Therefore, we have a list of five shortlisted VPNs that come with inbuilt apps. People can use these apps on other Amazon devices, such as Fire TV Cube. However, ExpressVPN, a low-cost premium service, is the one everyone should opt for. The fact is that it is filled with user-friendly features such as unblocking streaming services. Most importantly, it’s fast, secure, and has no data caps. Plus, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee refund back offer. Besides ExpressVPN, there are four more VPN services that you can use with your Fire TV Stick.

Quick Read - A quick brief on 5 best VPNs for FireStick

  1. ExpressVPN: Best known for its reliability, whether it’s about unblocking streaming services. Another important thing is that its servers are P2P-friendly, which makes it work great for streaming with IPTV apps and Kodi add-ons. 
  2. CyberGhost: Most relevantly, it offers a special server to stream on FireStick devices. Another important thing is that it comes with a most extended 45-day money-back guarantee offer.
  3. Proton VPN: The best “Proton VPN” provides is a free app with unlimited data. Plus, fast speeds to enjoy endless streaming and torrenting. But it is incompatible with P2P file-sharing; you can only consider it good for Kodi add-ons.
  4. Using the data will not leave you empty-handed, as it allows P2P traffic. Plus, it has a free app and a generous 10GB monthly data limit. However, it has no ability to unblock most major streaming platforms.
Plus, 4 more great VPNs for Firestick!

Best VPNs for Fire TV Stick

1. ExpressVPN: Has an Easy-to-Use App and Great Streaming Ability

It is easy to download, install and access the FireStick app via the ExpressVPN service. The users can easily download the FireStick app directly via the Amazon Appstore. Once you download it, pick a server and then click that on/off button to turn it “on.” Using it also saves your most recent server locations from accessing the next time easily. Moreover, it only takes a few seconds to load multiple geo-blocked streaming sites. Plus, the common thing is that the Express VPN doesn’t get blocked within one go. The fact behind this is that the ExpressVPN service randomly updates its IP addresses. Consequently, it helps them make it hard to detect.


When I used the Tampa server, my real IP address was completely hidden.
Brazil and Mexico weren’t much slower than this — I didn’t notice any effect on my connection

It provides the ability to unblock streaming platforms such as Disney+, Netflix, APV, HBO Max, and Hulu, plus 30 more regional services. As ExpressVPN supports P2P, that lets you use all 3,000 of ExpressVPN’s servers to stream with IPTV and Kodi. As a result, you can enjoy watching different shows and movies without any buffering. We already know that streaming over public P2P networks can be dangerous. But using ExpressVPN provides protection to your online activity and personal data. Along with top encryption and a proven no-logs policy.        

I also found it easy to save and organize my favorite servers

Remember to be careful while streaming anything illegal. The reason is a few Kodi add-ons, and IPTV apps host copyrighted materials. Furthermore, the ExpressVPN service can be beneficial as it is the fastest VPN. Besides the fastest speed, it also offers unlimited data. Consequently, this fast speed enables you to stream in the highest quality on your FireStick as long as you want to. Buying this best VPN for Firestick can be worth it as it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee offer. You can test it in the meantime and check whether it suits your needs or not. If you are unsatisfied, you can claim your money back. And even if you have other issues, you can contact its customer support via its 24/7 live chat option.

2. CyberGhost — Has an in-built Streaming-Optimized Servers.

Another one is the CyberGhost VPN which offers the FireStick app along with more than 80 servers. Those prove to be extremely helpful even if you want to unblock dozens of streaming services. And these are Disney+, HBO Max, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime Video. Besides, using CyberGhost, you can even unblock multiple Netflix libraries and Hulu on FireSticks. Remember, you don’t need to search the tabs as they are organized in a separate tab in its FireStick app. So you can easily connect them without even going through the whole server list.

I found out you can tap the star icon to save your favorite server for quick access in the future

Moreover, all of its servers smoothly work with P2P connections. But it provides torrenting servers service across 60 countries that helps in boosting your speeds. Keep in mind that you will not find them labeled in its Windows app. But you might find a list of them on CyberGhost’s VPN website. The CyberGhost VPN service lets you load the movie faster than a regular server. Hence, it is advised to use the CyberGhost VPN if you have a connection with Kodi or IPTV. Furthermore, via CyberGhost VPN, you can enjoy the fast speed that lets you stream in HD quality.

If you don’t know, using it from the native places provides you with an average speed of 44.3 Mbps. Another plus point is that it offers unlimited data, so you can enjoy watching videos of the highest quality. Adding on, owning this ExpressVPN service isn’t free at all. But it comes along with a 45-day money-back guarantee offer. So the user can get enough time to test its service and check whether it stands out on your needs or not. In order to claim a refund back or complain anything about its service, you can approach its 24/7 live chat customer support.

3. Proton VPN — Provides Unlimited Data to Stream on Your FireStick

The next considerably best VPN for Firestick is the Proton VPN service, which is available as a free version. The best part is that you can enjoy unlimited streaming with any slowdowns, as it offers unlimited data to its users. Besides, Proton VPN provides an average speed of 43.8 Mbps, even in faraway places. So you can enjoy videos on streaming platforms such as Netflix without interruptions or choppy picture quality. Moreover, Proton VPN has a user-friendly and dedicated app for FireStick. In order to automatically connect to the best server. It is advised to choose your preferred country first. And then, you need to click the “Connect” option. It also enables you to see the server load for each server. 

For a faster connection, I looked for a server with a low load percentage (below 75)

Which makes it easy to select the fastest one manually. Remember, the lower the load %, the faster you will get while processing. The downside is that it only unblocks Netflix from all the major streaming services. As a result, it has the ability to successfully unblock its US and Netherlands libraries, except the Japan one. Besides finding a workable server, it also provides stability in connection when it comes to access. Adding on to that, you will feel disappointed as it only offers 3 locations to choose from. If any of these three locations is close to your one, you can connect to a server to get better speed. Another downside is that there’s the availability of P2P on its free version. Hence, streamlining this Proton VPN on Kodi or IPTV might be impossible. 

4. — Permits P2P Traffic to Stream on FireStick With Kodi

Unlike Proton VPN, the VPN service provides P2P connections on its free FireStick app. Which makes it a top choice for Kodi add-ons and IPTV apps. But its speed is as fast as other VPNs, which is 37% lower than the average. Plus, the longevity of streaming in HD depends upon the fast speed of your base connection. Moreover, the VPN service lets you download any freely available apps directly from the Amazon Appstore. However, along with easy usage, it doesn’t let you choose a specific server. Surprisingly, it comes with one called “Unlimited Free” that automatically enables you to connect even with the least crowded location of the 5 available.

You can easily find NordVPN’s specialty servers on its Android app from the main screen

As per the information, although it provides great speed, it doesn’t allow control over streaming libraries. Furthermore, you can take advantage of the free VPN services. Only if you reside in the countries like Germany, Canada, the Netherlands, US East, and US West. Opposite ProtonVPN, it has the tendency to unblock all major streaming platforms via FireStick. Even by using, you can access Netflix on both the US and Canadian servers, except the German and Dutch servers.

5. Speedify:— Free-of-cost Large Selection of Servers on FireStick

The last best VPN for Firestick in the picture is Speedify VPN service which offers 57 free servers to its users. Plus, this Speedify VPN comes with a FireStick app, which is considered great compared to other VPNs. In order to get better speed, either you manually select one or automatically connect to the nearest server. Otherwise, it is also known to be a good option for Kodi or IPTV as it lets you select its torrent-friendly server option. Moreover, the Speedify VPN lets you stream videos without buffering and slowing down issues. But it got you cut off after 40 minutes while streaming. Therefore, Speedify minimizes its data limit to 2GB monthly. Which is not considered to be good in itself. 

Right below the regular VPN kill switch, in the Settings menu, you can also see the Android native kill switch

Another disappointment that you will face is that it doesn’t let you download it directly from the Amazon Appstore. Furthermore, you can easily find its APK files on its website. Download the “Downloader” app on your FireStick and follow the on-screen instructions to carry onwards. It is easy to make a setup as doing so only takes a few minutes. Even you will find its speed extremely inconsistent while using it. Another disappointment is it doesn’t unblock mostly streaming services, along with 40-80% of ranging drop on nearby servers. However, it works well with Netflix streaming services and the ability to watch originals only.      

Best VPNs for FireStick(FAQs)-

How can I install a VPN on my FireStick?

Among a number of ways to install a VPN service on Fire devices. Here, you have the easiest one, according to which users have to choose a VPN with a native app for FireStick. Moreover, the user can easily find the app available on the Amazon Appstore. More precisely, all you have to do is to search for the app by its name and then download it. If you cannot find the VPN on the App Store, then you can install its Android app by sideloading the APK file. 

Therefore, it is advised to choose a VPN that offers this file on its website. The reason is that third-party sources aren’t as trustworthy as you think. Switching to them can risk infecting your device with a malware infection. To bring more clarity, you have a piece of step-by-step information for sideloading a VPN app on your FireStick device:

  • First, you need to allow third-party apps on your Fire TV device. And to do so, visit Settings > Device > Developer Options simultaneously. And then, tap on the USB Debugging option and then on the Apps one from Unknown Sources.

  • Next, you need to install the “Downloader” app on your FireStick. Doing so will let you download files directly via URL links.

  • Remember, you need to find the URL link for the Android app of your VPN. Once you find it, paste it into the downloader app on your FireStick.

  • Lastly, before turning it on, install the VPN on your FireStick. Once you install it, open its app and then connect it to any server. That’s how you can connect by using a VPN.


Remember, the first-generation FireStick devices don’t support VPN apps. In case you have one and want to install a VPN on them. Then, you need to either configure it directly on your router or get a pre-configured VPN router. Look at the back of your FireTVStick model number to determine whether it belongs to a first-generation Fire TV Stick. Suppose it’s W87CUN, then without any further delay, install a VPN directly on it.

Is there any availability of a VPN for FireStick that doesn't require a credit card?

Definitely, it is possible if you own a, Proton VPN, and Speedify VPN service. The reason is that accessing them doesn’t require a credit card to use. These are great options for safely using Kodi or IPTV on FireStick. However, these VPNs need to work better to unblock streaming platforms. So it will be worth it if you choose a low-cost premium VPN such as CyberGhost or ExpressVPN.

Is a VPN required for a jailbroken FireStick?

Using a VPN for Kodi add-ons and IPTV apps is highly recommended. Especially if you’re using unverified third-party apps on your FireStick device. Moreover, the term “jailbroken” is considered to be misused while using it in combination with FireStick. Besides, it also says that you must have changed the settings on your Fire TV device. So it can even allow the installation of third-party apps. Remember, there are always some risks to installing third-party apps. So it’s best advised to have some protection. 


Also, your VPN must have a separate feature in order to protect you from viruses. Moreover, having a security feature helps hide your real IP and browsing activities. Therefore, it’s important to hide your IP while using P2P-based software. And these are Kodi add-ons and IPTV apps. So the other users won’t see sensitive information about you and target you individually. Furthermore, a few third-party apps come with hidden trackers. So whenever you use a VPN, it will improve your privacy. Using a VPN also encrypts and hides your information. That means the trackers and hackers won’t link any browsing data back to you anymore.