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Best VPNs for Gamming

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It doesn’t matter how well you play online; everything starts with having a good, fast, consistent, low-ping gaming VPN. Having so can help you prevent DDoS attacks and easily access region-locked games. In this order, we need to find the best VPN for gaming and the one that stands out on our needs. However, we have yet to see several VPNs in which many remain inactive, and others lack servers in the locations. No doubt, we have more than 50 VPNs available in the market, but here you have a list of the top 7 VPNs that perform best for gaming.

Moreover, these seven selected VPNs are best because of the server networks, average speeds, and security features. The best part is they are very easy and smooth when it comes to installing on your devices, whether you are connecting via console, PC, or router. Furthermore, to find the best VPN that uplifts the gaming accessing productivity and lets you play smoothly without any lags, you must try ExpressVPN. This is because it offers fast speeds and an extensive server network to access content from worldwide. And don’t worry if you are not satisfied with its ability as it guarantees a 30-day money-back return.

A quick overview of the shortlisted Best VPN for Gaming in April 2024

  • ExpressVPN: As recommended earlier, Express VPN is known for its low ping servers and excellent gaming speeds. And it is compatible with most gaming devices available in the market. Moreover, the user can easily set it up on their router to get the ability to host games and port-forwarding. 
  • CyberGhost: Another one is the CyberGhost VPN service which works best for all Gaming-optimized servers. So the user can get or enjoy smooth gameplay, fast speeds, and low latency.
  • Private Internet Access: The next we have on the list is the Private Internet Access VPN service. That comes along with a customizable setting option to optimize your connection and give access to a massive server network.
  • NordVPN: The fourth one is the NordVPN service which is popular for providing good speeds. Plus, hard-to-break protection for gaming, but you might find it tricky while setting it up on routers.
  • Surfshark: It is not a lesser-known VPN service; Surfshark is reliable as it offers NoBorders. It is relevant for playing games safely in countries because of its availability. But remember, a few servers might take a little longer to connect.
Plus, 4 more great VPNs for Android!

Best VPNs for Gaming in 2023

1. ExpressVPN: Provides Excellent Speeds to Inactivity & Lag-Free Gaming

Switching to ExpressVPN and accessing it while gameplay will give you exceptional results and improvement. Along with the strongest security features, it has the fastest VPN service. Moreover, the average download speed you can expect from Expressvpn is around 58.8 Mbps. Even if you connect to long-distance Australian and US locations, the average speed you will get is around 56 Mbps. ExpressVPN’s fast speeds can be assigned partly to its copyrighted protocol, possibly in a Lightway. This exceptional protocol is made in order to provide stable connections and keep speed consistently fast as per the requirement you want for gaming.  

When I used the Tampa server, my real IP address was completely hidden.
Brazil and Mexico weren’t much slower than this — I didn’t notice any effect on my connection

Additionally, MediaStreamer lets you use ExpressVPN on devices such as gaming consoles and smart TVs that do not support VPN services. For instance, connecting it to the devices such as PS5 will hardly take a few minutes by directly entering the DNS address into the console’s network settings. You can easily download ExpressVPN to your router if your device doesn’t let you modify DNS settings. Moreover, installing it on a router gives you port forwarding support along with permission to host games. And to do so, all you have to do is set up a particular port to accept traffic from additional devices. Furthermore, its 30-day money-back guarantee makes it even more trustworthy to give it a try. Via this policy, you can get a full money-back refund within 3-4 days after claiming.

I also found it easy to save and organize my favorite servers

Features of ExpressVPN:  

ExpressVPN is popular in the same way it has a number of exceptional features. The primary one is the “strong security” features in which the users get DNS leak protection, military-grade encryption, and more. Using these security features collectively helps in preventing DDoS attacks and ISP throttling. Another specification is a “built-in speed checker tool” that helps in sorting servers based on download speed, speed index, and latency. Using it helps in finding the best possible connection for gaming. The other considerable one is “split-tunneling,” which lets you route the traffic of your choice through the encrypted VPN tunnel. The final one is the “worldwide server network,” under which ExpressVPN provides its 3,000+ servers across 94 countries. Moreover, it even lets its users’ access region-locked games from anywhere worldwide. It might be possible that a few or certain games and in-game items are available cheaper in specific locations.

2. CyberGhost: Provide Smooth Connections for Optimizing Gaming Servers

You want to include this “CyberGhost” VPN in your longtime favorites list. It offers specialized servers, fast speeds, and low latency for gaming. Even if you connect to its gaming-optimized servers from countries like London and Paris. Hardly; you will get a ping rate of 33 ms and an average download speed of 54 Mbps. That’s how it becomes an ideal choice for online gaming with the least delays, even if you are a big fan of the competitive game “PUBG.” Moreover, it has a user-friendly interface, making it extremely convenient to access. It also has a “Best server location” feature that lets you automatically connect to the fastest server within a single click. It even lets you easily find one of its dedicated gaming servers listed under the category named “For Gaming.”

I found out you can tap the star icon to save your favorite server for quick access in the future

As a user, you can easily set the “CyberGhost” VPN on a router compared to ExpressVPN. And to do so, you can even follow a tutorial or manual guide on CyberGhost’s website. Furthermore, if you are an Xbox Series S, install it directly on it only by changing the console’s DNS settings. Consequently, it helps you to connect your console without making any changes to your router’s settings. Which makes it easy to use and super convenient when it comes to using it. The only lack CyberGhost has is the inability to provide as fast speed as ExpressVPN while connecting from a long distance. But already having a decent baseline connection would resolve these types of issues. Adding on to that, it comes along with a 45-day money-back guarantee, so you claim your money back; whenever you feel dissatisfied.

Features of CyberGhost: 

CyberGhost VPN has a bunch of user-friendly features that make it a preferable choice to opt for. The primary one is the Strong encryption and leak protection quality feature. In which you get an AES 256-bit military-grade encryption and IP/DNS leak protection. Another one is the “WireGuard support” feature which belongs to the protocol of choice for most gamers. Plus, accessing this feature lets you strike the right balance of speed and security. The last one is the “Large server network” that lets you access more worldwide content. And also it lets you play games with your friends, even if they belong to different regions or locations.

3. Private Internet Access: Provides Access to Several Customization Options

Are you looking for many customization options in a VPN service? Then the “Private Internet Access” called “PIA” is the one you must go for. Having this VPN lets you configure your VPN connection to get optimal gaming performance. Plus, using Private Internet Access also lets you choose the inscription type for your connection, whether it’s 128-bit or 256-bit. If you choose AES-128 bit, you might get faster and much stronger security for gaming. If you are looking for speed rather than privacy, you must use the SOCKS5 proxy to improve gaming speed. But don’t worry; choosing speed over privacy won’t put you in trouble, as it still helps prevent DDoS attacks. And the way there’s no encryption in place, your connection will remain faster but not as secure as before. 

The one thing you will enjoy about the Private Internet Access VPN is that it offers native apps. Those you can use in several devices that come with a bunch of Smart DNS features. Remember, using these features can change your virtual location on gaming consoles. And after the installation, you can view each server’s ping and even save your favorites. Consequently, you can have quick access to the fastest gaming connection. As a new user, you may find the Private Internet Access little trick while navigating as it has many customization options. The PIA VPN service escapes you from customizing its settings; unless you want, as it comes pre-configured. So you don’t necessarily have to tweak its setting unless you want to. If you are dissatisfied after using it, then you can opt for the 30-day money-back option. 

For a faster connection, I looked for a server with a low load percentage (below 75)

Features of Private Internet Access:  

The “Private Internet Access” or PIA has several beneficial features that give a boost to its speed and security. In this order, we first have a Robust security feature in which all of PIA’s apps come with leak protection, strong encryption, and an automatic kill switch option. Another one we have is the “Massive server network” feature that enables accessing geo-restricted games worldwide. Plus, it declutters all the worries about overcrowded servers. The last feature is all about the “Good speeds” that provide an average speed loss of 21%. Plus, using this feature also takes care of your ping rate and does not let it cross 55 ms. At the end of the day, it might be possible you will not find it as fast as ExpressVPN. But you will definitely find it capable enough to complete your work smoothly.

4. NordVPN: Provide Lag-Free and Secure Gaming under NordLynx

Opting for a NordVPN can be beneficial if you are looking for the right balance of speed and security while gaming. Besides, it is known to be the second fastest VPN after ExpressVPN in the list of VPNs. NordVPN can be considered even from the perspective of getting consistent low ping without compromising security. Moreover, its average download speed makes it one of the best VPNs for gaming, which is 56.4Mbps. It has a ping rate of 36ms, making it ideal for multiplayer online gaming. As per the information, it will let you experience the least lag issues while playing Apex Legends.

Apart from this, the NordLynx policy has a relevant role in providing splendid performance by NordVPN. The best part is that it’s built around WireGuard, which makes it fast, lightweight, and secure. However, switching to an OpenVPN service is completely your choice. Furthermore, the most useful thing about NordVPN is its Threat Protection feature. Using this feature not only helps in blocking ads and malicious sites but also allows you to scan the downloaded files for malware. Which results in reducing the risk of malicious gaming files that infect your device. Plus, it even helps to block all in-game ads on your Android device.

You can easily find NordVPN’s specialty servers on its Android app from the main screen

Installing the NordVPN service on your router is necessary to cover your gaming consoles. Unfortunately, NordVPN doesn’t have a dedicated router app which makes it slightly tricky when it comes to setup, unlike ExpressVPN. But it provides users an installation setup guide, which applies to several router models available on its website to make things easier. If you want to test its services before switching to it, you can opt for a 30-day money-back guarantee option. If you find yourself dissatisfied after usage, you can claim your money back. 

Features of NordVPN: 

NordVPN has a number of wholesome features that enhances the usage of its every distinctive ability. Therefore, the first comes to the “strong security features,” in which using NordVPN prevents you from DDoS attacks. It also provides protection with military-grade encryption, kill switch, and leak protection. Another considerable feature is a dedicated IP address, which you must buy for a small additional fee. That means you don’t have to face the issue of getting kicked out of the lobby when things are not working out due to server overcrowding. The final one is the “Global server network” that makes NordVPN a global brand with an excellent server network. Moreover, after this, you will always have an open opportunity to find a nearby speedy server with a reasonable price range.

5. Surfshark: Provides NoBorders for Gaming on Restricted Networks

The only exceptional thing that makes it special is its NoBorders feature. If you don’t know about the NoBorders feature, then it is the one that uses obfuscation. So it can disguise your VPN connection as normal internet traffic. Along with the permission to bypass firewalls and VPN blocks. It even works in restrictive countries like China so that you can enjoy secure gaming sessions from anywhere. Another best thing you will love about it is its ability to activate automatically, even on restrictive networks. And this will escape you from entering the app settings to turn it on

Remember, you can enable it manually even if you want to hide your VPN usage. Moreover, it comes with a user-friendly interface, which is easy to use and access on your device. Plus, the Surfshark VPN app has an in-built speed test tool showing the download speed, upload speed, and latency on every server. Consequently, it becomes easy to find a low-latency server for gaming. Furthermore, its “Quick-Connect” feature helps declutter every type of glitch or hassle while accessing something via this VPN. So it can automatically find the fastest available server, depending on your location type.

Right below the regular VPN kill switch, in the Settings menu, you can also see the Android native kill switch

But the downside you will face while using this Surfshark is its time-taking connectivity to connect servers, which is annoying in itself. But it has been seen that after connecting, it will give you a stable connection for gaming rather than disconnecting issues. Last but not least, it truly values money as it offers unlimited device connections. And let you sign up for the lowest $2.30 monthly price range. Suppose you have changed your mind and want to discontinue using it. In that case, you can claim your money back via its 30-day money-back guarantee policy.

Features of Surfshark VPN:

As a new user, you must be aware of its user-friendly features. In this order, the primary one is the “Good speeds and low ping,” in which it provides an average speed of 53.4Mbps along with remaining below 50ms latency. Another feature is “Robust security,” under which all the essential security features come, which a user can expect from a good gaming VPN. And these include a kill switch and leak protection. The final one is the “Auto-connect” feature that takes care of your security while enjoying gaming sessions. Once you enable this feature, it will automatically connect your device to the VPN when it detects an internet connection.

6. IPVanish: Unlimited Device Connections for Uninterrupted Gameplay

In a precise manner, the IPVanish VPN service is known for offering unlimited simultaneous connections. This makes it a perfect choice even for a large number of tech devices. That indicates that you don’t have to disconnect one device to use the VPN with another. It has been seen that even after connecting with so many active devices, your connection will remain stable. In order to let you find the right balance between security and speed, IPVanish lets its users change protocols. If you switch from WireGuard to PPTP via the app settings? Then, it will automatically boost your speed from 39 to 42 Mbps using a connection around you.

Port options allow you to maximize speeds, which I found very helpful for torrenting.

However, the PPTP is known to be an older protocol, which is also not considered secure. From the perspective of security, it is advised to use the WireGuard as it is very secure and fast when it comes to usage. Moreover, to add more protection, this IPVanish VPN service uses a set of strong security features. In which you can get AES-256 bit encryption, DNS/IP leak protection, and a kill switch. Furthermore, you can try this IPVanish VPN service for 30 days via its money-back guarantee option. So you can see whether it matches your satisfaction level or not. And if you don’t like it, you can cancel the subscription by visiting your account dashboard.

7. PrivateVPN: An Accessible Gaming VPN With Low Ping

The most primary thing the user must know about PrivateVPN is that it is a user-friendly gaming VPN. That comes with two interface settings: first, Simple, and second, Advanced View. When it comes to the “Simple View,” so basically, it is suitable for novice users. As the only thing you have to do is to choose a server, the VPN can choose the best settings for you. As an experienced user, you can opt for an “Advanced View” and customize your connection how you want. Another thing you will like is that the servers are sorted based on the ping rate. And this eases finding the suitable connection best for your gaming. 

All I had to do was go into the app’s settings to find this option

If you don’t know, its solid security features keep your online gaming sessions well-protected. And these are DNS/IP leak protection, 256-bit encryption, and a kill switch. Using them ensures your information security and doesn’t let it leak, even if you lose your VPN connection. Furthermore, its inbuilt “Stealth Mode” helps secure your gaming sessions even on restrictive networks. But, it doesn’t activate automatically like other VPN services. Remember, switching to its “Advanced View” lets you easily enable it. But the downside is that the PrivateVPN’s server network is smaller; if you see other VPNs. Keep in mind that it can show its consequences to overcrowding. Apart from this, it has been seen that it least gives you any congestion or slowdowns with the servers. Last but not least, its 30-day money-back guarantee makes a good example of true value for money. 

FAQs on Android VPNs

Which VPN should I get for my Android TV?

The best option for an Android TV is ExpressVPN because it has a native app for it. This makes downloading, installing, and configuring quite simple. Furthermore, it also works with other devices like Chromecast and Nvidia Shield. Additionally, ExpressVPN provides outstanding router compatibility, so you can connect with any device even if there isn’t a TV app accessible.

What’s the best torrenting VPN for Android?

ExpressVPN is the top Android VPN for torrenting. It features an easy-to-use Android app that you can download and install in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, it provides strong security measures, including 256-bit encryption, a kill switch, and DNS/IP protection to safeguard your device. You get access to all of its P2P-compatible servers as well. Moreover, ExpressVPN’s patented Lightway protocol is included with the Android app. This offers incredibly quick downloads and is quite light, so your battery won’t be depleted as quickly.

Which Android VPN is most suitable for Netflix?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Netflix because it has a huge server network and is superfast. Furthermore, it has thousands of servers with global coverage, allowing you to access the most content. Plus, its ultra-fast servers are fast enough to let you stream in UltraHD without any buffering.

Can I get a free VPN for Android?

Yes, but I advise against it. It’s simply not worth saving an extra few bucks a month. There are plenty of reputable VPNs, like the ones on this list, that offer a money-back guarantee or a free trial for you to test them out.

The first issue is that some of the free “VPNs” on Google Play are fake. They’re created for the sole purpose of hacking your Android or infecting it with malware. Secondly, even legitimate free VPNs compromise on speeds, reliability, and security.

Can I use my Android VPN on my PC?

Yes, you can! All of the VPNs in this list are compatible with all major operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux. Plus, they allow for more than one simultaneous device connection. So, if you download a VPN for your Android phone, you can also download its app for your PC to keep all your devices protected.

Can I share my Android VPN connection over a WiFi hotspot?

Unfortunately, you can’t. This is because Android devices don’t allow other devices to share a VPN tunnel. When you share your hotspot, your device will default to using your actual IP address.

However, it does make a big difference in speeds when you use a superfast VPN and share your connection. Usually, sharing a hotspot slows you down a lot. This is because it has to travel through another device rather than directly to the device you want to be connected. So it’s best to use a VPN with really fast speeds (like ExpressVPN).

What is the best VPN for Android tablets?

The best VPN for Android tablets is ExpressVPN — it’s highly secure, ultra-fast, and works reliably for streaming, torrenting, gaming, and more. Plus, its native app is quick and easy to set up on an Android tablet. The app is available on Google Play for Android versions 5.0 and newer. For older Androids (4.0 and up), an APK file is available.

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