Best VPNs for Windows in 2024

7 Best VPNs for Windows in 2024 — Laptops and Desktop PCs

For a Windows user, finding the best VPN is still hard. Then, it would help if you changed your mind as a wide variety of VPNs are available in this online & software world. Moreover, as we all know, Windows devices have the relevant OS, making getting a VPN even more important to prevent hackers. As per Microsoft’s privacy policy, devices automatically collect your data.

Rather than following the time-consuming exploring process of finding the best VPN for Windows, you should stay tuned with the information below. It can help you find some top-rated VPN service from a number of perspectives, such as safety & privacy, speeds, server networks, and unblocking capabilities. So, without any further delay, let’s start with the top VPN below that can smoothly work with your Windows device from 7 – 11 versions. However, choosing ExpressVPN is highly recommended if you want to escape this search process.

Furthermore, what makes it special is its inbuilt robust security features, fast & furious speeds, a guaranteed no-logging policy, and its ability to unblock popular streaming sites. And these include iPlayer, Netflix, BBC Hulu, etc. Adding on, you don’t need to worry about data loss or malware infection while installing the ExpressVPN on your Windows PC/laptop. Plus, it is a true example of worth, providing a 30-day money-back guarantee that never lets you feel wasted.

Short on Time? Here Are the Best VPNs for Windows in March 2024

  1. ExpressVPN — It is a top-notched VPN service that comes with solid security features. That helps in protecting your system from cyberattacks via its shield. Plus, its verified no-logging policy helps in protecting your privacy.
  2. CyberGhost — Another one we have on the list is a CyberGhost VPN service. Which is a user-friendly Windows app that has inbuilt streaming-optimized servers. Plus, it comes with top-notch inbuilt security features.
  3. Private Internet Access — Our third one is Private Internet access that enables blocking ads. Plus, improve the loading time on your Windows device and make it much more frequently than ever before.
  4. NordVPNThe NordVPN has dedicated P2P servers that let you download files, or you can say torrents faster on your Windows device. But the downside is that its app is not as intuitive as others. Plus, it is a US-based brand.
  5. Surfshark — It applies NoBorder feature to accessing the VPN on restricted networks. Furthermore, it is a Netherlands-based VPN service that is out of the 14 Eyes alliance. 
And 2 more VPNs for Windows

Best VPNs for Windows — Full Analysis (Updated in March 2024)

1. ExpressVPN — VPN Service Best for Security, Speed, and Streaming

It is not a lesser-known VPN service; you might already know ExpressVPN as it is popular among pupils due to its working efficiency. Furthermore, it has proven to be very beneficial to pick ExpressVPN if you desire to enhance your experience on your Windows device. Moreover, besides providing excellent VPN services, it will also prevent your system and data from hackers and malware infection. Besides, its efficient servers and unblocking abilities let you stream videos over all the top streaming platforms. And along with its great speed, it declutters buffering timings whether you are streaming, browsing games, and torrenting or downloading files.

No wonder, after everything, ExpressVPN also has world-class security features that help in protecting your system. Recently, it has a military-grade 256-bit encryption that scrambles your online activity and doesn’t let the third party read and make interference with it. It also has kill switch, or you can say “Network Lock,” which is considered to act as your last line of defense. If your VPN disconnects unexpectedly, it automatically reduces the chances of a data leak. Plus, it even lets you choose the traffic that moves through the VPN tunnel by splitting it. So that you can access local news while the rest of your other activities will remain encrypted.

ExpressVPN passed all of my leak tests on 18 different servers

It will keep you upright, as it offers DNS, IP, and WebRTC leak protection. Consequently, it helps in running its own private DNS servers that deny any data leaks. It has four different security protocols with its Windows app, in which you have a choice to choose one for you. And these are named IKEv2, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, and Lightway. It is proven reliable for protecting your data as it has strong privacy features and a no-logs policy. Another factor that makes it a safer choice to opt for is its automatically wiped-out quality whenever the server is rebooted. It denies recording data as it is based in a privacy-friendly country. 

And the reason behind this is that ExpressVPN’s headquarters are in the British Virgin Islands, which has no data retention laws. Moreover, the ExpressVPN service has superfast connection speeds, which let you play with different functions such as streaming, gaming, and video chatting on your Windows device simultaneously without any delays. One more thing is that it has a huge server network that enables easily getting past geo-blocks. This helps unblock more than 9 Netflix libraries, including the UK, US, and Canada. And that also enables accessing Disney+, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and HBO Max on your Windows computer. Plus, its outstanding servers are suitable for bypassing network restrictions and firewalls, even in countries like China and the UAE.

The best thing you can expect from ExpressVPN is that it allows torrenting, or you can download files on all its 3,000 servers. Consequently, you can save time by looking here and there for a P2P-compatible server. And when it comes to port forwarding, routers only offer a feature that lets some VPNs download faster. It also offers unlimited data to download torrent files or anything endlessly. The other thing about it is its easy-to-use Windows app, displaying the recent connected locations or ability to save favorite servers. And this all collectively results in reconnecting easily.

Even it lets you effortlessly secure your connection within one click. It also has a Smart Location feature that automatically picks the best server for its users on the basis of speed, latency, and location. Furthermore, its price range of $6.67/month makes it a little overpriced for its users. But you can opt for its annual plan as it offers 49% off your subscription along with three months of extra service for free. Most importantly, what makes ExpressVPN the best VPN for Windows is its 30-day money-back guarantee, only if the user is unsatisfied. If you need help, you can ask for contact support using its 24/7 live chat feature.

2. CyberGhost — User-Friendly VPN with Streaming-Optimized Servers

Another best VPN for Windows is the CyberGhost VPN, a user-friendly Windows app that helps unblock streaming sites. Besides, the servers can become extremely helpful in finding a specialized server, majorly based on the accessible platform that you want and the country. It smoothly works on a number of streaming platforms, such as Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, and Disney+. Slowdowns or connectivity issues will be the least you will face while using the CyberGhost VPN service. Moreover, using the CyberGhost VPN’s other specialized servers, you can easily & quickly play games and torrent or download files.

There are specialized servers for more than 25 different platforms

Moreover, the gaming server performs well, even though it easily chooses a low-ping server. Do you want your ping to be lower than 100 when gaming? Then, don’t worry, as CyberGhost VPN services organize these gaming servers based on ping. Along with accessibility, it also provides impressive speeds to enjoy a smooth streaming experience. It probably only requires 5 Mbps for HD streaming and 25 Mbps for 4K streaming. So you can enjoy streaming and other things on Netflix or any other streaming platform without any delays. From the security perspective, it offers its users strong security, and privacy features to protect the data on their Windows PC. Along with it, the CyberGhost VPN also offers leak protection, AES 256-bit military-grade encryption, and a kill switch to keep and maintain your data privacy.

It is also advised to use built-in ad & malware blockers to stop ad breaks and corrupted data from damaging your Windows computer. If you don’t know, CyberGhost is a Romania-based VPN service that has a solid no-logs policy, but at the same time, it is not a part of 5/9/14-Eyes. Furthermore, its “NoSpy” servers are entirely on the location and operate for added security. But the downside is that it doesn’t work in highly censored countries such as China or the UAE. Plus, the short-term plans that CyberGhost owns are slightly more expensive than others. That’s why it is suggested to opt for a long-term plan, as it offers the best value along with a 45-day money-back guarantee. If you have any issues, then you can contact customer support via the 24/7 live chat. 

3. Private Internet Access — MACE Ad-Blocker for Windows and Removes Malware

Primarily, the Private Internet Access has a PIA MACE that prevents ads and malicious content from loading on your Windows device. Along with blocking ads, it even improves loading times for loading content. Which makes it highly recommended for a smoother browsing experience, as it also has added protection against malware features. Moreover, this Private Internet Access(PIA) VPN service also offers strong security features. This security feature helps in guarding your entire online privacy on your Windows devices. 

If the VPN connection drops out, it effortlessly automatically removes the user data using the kill switch feature and blocks all your internet traffic. In addition to that, AES 256-bit encryption helps in protecting your data from hackers. You will find it reliable when it comes to data leaks so that the users can browse safely without any worries. It comes with an inbuilt large server network that lets you watch geo-restricted streaming content. Plus, it also enables you to unblock several streaming platforms on your Windows devices, such as Disney+, Netflix libraries, and BBC iPlayer. Regarding its speed, you will find it fast enough for streaming, gaming, and torrenting on your Windows device.

I added MACE to the Quick Settings, so I can turn it on without accessing any menus

Furthermore, this Private Internet Access is a US-based VPN service that comes under the 14 Eyes Alliance. But at the same time, it follows a strict legal no-logs policy. Until or unless your data is recorded, you won’t be able to share it as it has not been recorded. When it comes to prices, opting for Private Internet access takes you around $2.19 on a monthly basis if taken a longer plan. Thus, buying an annual plan is a better option as it is cheaper than the monthly plans that come with the same features.

The best thing about PIA is that it comes with a reliable money-back guarantee; it even lets its users test PIA on their Windows devices for free. However, if you are unsatisfied, it gives you only 30 days to ask for a refund. And remember, it is important to reach out to its customer support service to claim a refund. It might be possible to provide you with your money after five days or even more.

4. NordVPN — Dedicated P2P Servers for Fast Downloads on Windows

NordVPN is another good option for Windows VPN and it comes with specialized P2P servers. Those servers helps in torrenting or downloading files on your Windows devices. If you don’t know, these servers are speed driven and possess the ability to transfer large data, so you can quickly download these files within a while without any glitches or interruption. Moreover, it has a built-in Windows app that comes with strong security features to protect your data from malware. It also includes leak protection, 256-bit encryption, a kill switch, and a Double VPN feature. Consequently, using these features helps in routing your traffic through 2 servers, or you can say it enables data encryption twice. 

That creates the impossibility of virtually deciphering your data from cybercriminals and attacks. Furthermore, NordVPN uses RAM-only servers and has a strict no-logs policy that helps in protecting your data. So that your online activity will remain protected and private. And it’s based in privacy-friendly Panama, which has no data retention laws. The best part you will like the most is that it enables NordVPN to honor its no-logs policy freely without third-party interference. Besides, an in-built Threat Protection” feature makes it a solid choice to opt for as it has ad-blocking capabilities. Using this feature not even blocks ads but also prevents malicious sites from loading.

For optimal speeds, connect to a P2P server that’s close to your physical location

It also improves your browsing experience along with privacy boosting. The streaming lovers won’t ever be disappointed after using it, as NordVPN has a reliable service network. This helps unblock all streaming platforms such as Hulu, Netflix US, Disney+, and HBO Max. The only downside you will find in it is that its Windows app doesn’t come out as the most intuitive. For instance, its World Map interface is a bit awkward when it comes to usage. Another disappointment is that it lags a bit, especially if you zoom in and out on the map. But connecting to a location from the drop-down server list in the sidebar might help you in dealing with the issue. 

When it comes to price range, you can easily get this NordVPN at the cost of $3.49/month only if you sign up for its long-term plan. Opting for a long-term or an annual plan is highly recommended as it is more value for money than the monthly one. Don’t forget each plan comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. So you can claim a refund once you find yourself unsatisfied after using it for the first time. The option to contact customer service is always open for you as it is available through 24/7 live chat. Plus, you will get your money transferred into your account within four days once the agent approves your request for a refund back.

5. Surfshark — Highly-Secure VPN Service To Protect Data At An Affordable Cost

With an affordable pricing, along with high & advanced security features, Surfshark is another good option running in the competition of best VPNs for Windows. It has features like Perfect Forward Secrecy, a kill switch, AES 256-bit encryption, and DNS/IP leak protection. Moreover, its strong security features help in protecting your online data from external threats. Besides the essential leak protection and a kill switch, the Windows app also offers a Rotating IP feature. This feature helps automatically change your IP address within 10 minutes without even changing your VPN location. Consequently, it finishes the privacy tensions around having the same IP address for a long time. 

Apart from it, Surfshark VPN service is known for its fast and reliable server network, making it a flexible option for streaming. Thus, you can enjoy 4K streaming in HD video quality on Netflix and on other streaming platforms, such as Disney+, Hulu, etc., without any buffering. It even lets you unblock the above and other streaming services as well. Furthermore, don’t worry if you are a beginner, as the Windows app is easy to set up and use. That enables torrent or downloading and installing on your device within a few minutes.

Just keep in mind obfuscation tech can slow down your connection speeds

If you don’t know, its quick-connect feature lets you automatically pick the fastest available server. That declutters or denies the guesswork of choosing the ideal server. The Surfshark VPN service even lets you add a server location to “favorites,” so you can access it quickly. However, Surfshark is a Netherlands-based VPN service with privacy-friendly data retention laws. Plus, it is still a part of the 14 Eyes alliance that permits the government to ask companies to share user data. As per the information, its server infrastructure has been audited, and no data has ever been found stored. 

The best thing that represents it is its affordability and reasonability. It offers subscriptions at $2.30/month, along with its long-term plan. After paying a small amount of additional fee, you can get Surfshark One, which has a bundle of cybersecurity tools such as antivirus software and a private search engine. If the Surfshark VPN service couldn’t satisfy you, then you can even ask for your money back as it comes with a 30 days money-back guarantee. It is said that claiming a refund via its 24/7 live chat even lets you get your money back within five days or even more.

6. IPVanish — Unlimited Simultaneous Connections for All Your Windows Devices

On the sixth rank, the best VPN for Windows devices is IPVanish, which offers unlimited back-to-back device connections. Thus, you can simultaneously connect your Windows laptop, Android phone, and tablet to the same location server. And don’t worry, as it has the ability to create connections on every single device within a few seconds. Consequently, you can enjoy watching videos, downloading, and doing other work simultaneously on different devices. Your performance will rarely slow down or leave it to buffering, even after your multiple devices are connected. Moreover, the IPVanish VPN service is a great option to opt for if you want to share a VPN with a large number of people.

Besides, the IPVanish VPN service has good speed that lets you easily and quickly stream. And even browse, and torrent or download files without any slowdowns. While using it, you will find its speed fast enough for HD and even 4K streaming. The users can consider it good for unblocking most of the popular streaming services on their Windows device, such as Netflix and Disney+.

I saved its Cincinnati server to “favorites” for easier access in the future

From the security perspective, you will find the IPVanish at the top of the game. It protects your connection with AES 256-bit encryption, which is known to be inaccessible. That reduces the chances of being caught by hackers and snoopers whenever you use the internet. You would like to show your gratitude towards its built-in kill switch. That lets you easily switch between servers without worrying about disclosing your identity. It completely denies any middleman indulgence in accessing your data, as it owns all of its servers. Furthermore, its physical headquarters is in a US country with a strict no-logging policy.

Additionally, the five VPN protocols that it currently follows are SSTP, PPTP, L2TP, WireGuard, and IKEv2. In which the WireGuard is the preferable one as it performs quickly and efficiently for devices while operating. Plus, it’s also considered to be extremely secure as it provides a better way to get around geo-restrictions occasionally by using OpenVPN.

But the downside is that it doesn’t accept any cryptocurrency payments for added privacy. However, the positive side is that it does accept all major credit cards and PayPal. It is easy to get a subscription as it only costs you $2.49/month. It is highly recommended to opt for an annual plan because the monthly plan is overly priced in the way it doesn’t offer any additional features. 

Last but not least, IPVanish comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee offer. The thing you will like about it is that it denies all the need from scratch to contact support to cancel your subscription. All you need to do is log in to your account and select the subscription tab. And last, click on the “I wish to cancel my subscription” option to request a refund. 

7. PrivateVPN — A User-Friendly Windows App That Lets You Optimize Your Connection

Last but not the least on this list of best VPN for Windows devices is “PrivateVPN.” It provides a user-friendly Windows app with two interface settings. And these two interference settings are Simple and Advanced. Using the “Simple View” functionality, the VPN helps you choose the best security protocol; thus, you can effortlessly connect to a server with a single click. On the other hand, using the “Advanced View” lets you tweak your VPN settings. For instance, switching to protocols and changing the encryption level on an OpenVPN. As a result, you can enjoy fast downloading speeds.

With this service you can optimize your connection on Windows devices whenever you require. If you are facing internet restrictions and tough firewall issues, then PrivateVPN’s Stealth Mode can help you in bypassing these issues. 

Advanced View also lets you track how much data you consume

Similarly to Surfshark, PrivateVPN also uses obfuscation to hide VPN use, you can enable this in countries like China. Moreover, the Windows app has an exceptional range of features, using these features helps enhance and improve your online transactions’ security. Besides, it has strong encryption and an automatic kill switch option. Another amazing function it has is its leak protection function of the app, which is known to be extremely effective. Its speeds will likely be good enough for HD streaming and torrenting or downloading files. So the users can enjoy glitch-free 4K streaming on a number of streaming platforms such as Netflix, HBO, Hulu, etc. You can even download large files on their Windows 10 PC within a few minutes via its dedicated IP/torrenting servers.

Furthermore, except for the BBC iPlayer, you can easily access Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Hulu via its network’s extensive server. Its price range is slightly affordable as it provides subscriptions at $2/month. Rather than the short-term plans, the long-term plans it offers are much more beneficial and worth it. You don’t need to worry about money loss as PrivateVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all its plans. So you will always have the option to test it out with your Windows PC free of cost. If you are unsatisfied, you can contact its customer support via the 24/7 live chat. And claim your money back even after weeks or two weeks of use. 

How to Choose the Best VPN for Windows

A quality VPN for Windows must offer a strong suite of functions, including security, fast speeds, and reliability. Based on the following criteria, you’ll know what to look for:

  • Strong security — Military-grade encryption, kill switches, cutting-edge protocols, and leak prevention for DNS, IP, and WebRTC are some essential security measures to take into account when surfing or streaming online. Thus, check to ensure that your VPN has those features to always be able to safeguard private information.
  • Windows versions compatibility — Stay up with the most recent Windows updates by getting a VPN that updates its software frequently for OS compatibility. Each VPN on the list is user-friendly and suitable for version 7 to 11.
  • Fast speeds — The top VPNs should also offer a network with unlimited capacity and reliable, fast speeds. High-speed servers assist in preventing pauses and slowdowns during downloads. Furthermore, you can increase your download speeds by using features designed specifically for your OS, such as a SOCKS5 proxy and port forwarding.0
  • Large server network — A VPN generally operates faster the more servers it has. Furthermore, you’ll be able to access more geo-restricted content the more servers that are available. The majority of the VPNs on our list have big global server networks, making them excellent for unblocking streaming websites and having more than sufficient speeds for HD streaming.
  • Streaming support — The top VPN services consistently provides access to streaming services like Netflix. This is an advantage to all those who travel frequently and love to watch content wherever they are. Netflix, Disney+, APV, and BBC iPlayer are just a few of the platforms that all of the VPNs on this list can unblock.
  • Multiple device connections — The majority of operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS-based devices, should be compatible with a good VPN. Furthermore, the VPN should provide a native app for all such operating systems and devices. Also, it enables simultaneous usage of several devices. 
  • Reliable support — The VPN service should have reliable and professional customer assistance for you to contact if you have any queries or issues. This might be done by email assistance, a phone number, or a FAQ or help page. Additionally, a live chat feature that is available around the clock would be the greatest support option.
  • Trustworthy money-back guarantee — With a money-back assurance, you can evaluate the VPN’s speeds, security, and other features risk-freely.

FAQs on the Best VPNs for Windows

Does Windows 10 have any built-in VPN?

It does have a VPN client, but it is not the same thing as a typical VPN. You can independently connect to a third-party VPN network using a VPN service. To utilize it, you’ll require a subscription to a VPN provider. However, configuring the VPN on a Windows client can be complicated for many. Therefore, we recommend using fully functional, tried-and-true VPN programs. They are simpler to set up and include many essential features, such as extensive server networks, unblocking capabilities, a kill switch, and many more.

Is a Windows VPN good for torrenting?

Yes, absolutely! P2P networks are never completely safe, even if torrenting is legal where you are. But a VPN can curb that hassle by allowing you to torrent easily and safely. Torrenting is permitted with the VPNs on this list, some of which even feature P2P-specific servers. Furthermore, with a VPN you can torrent from sites that have geo-restrictions or are blocked by network firewalls. 

For quicker download speeds, a VPN can also assist in limiting attempts by your ISP. Make sure you only download files that aren’t copyright protected because we don’t support any unlawful behavior.

What happens if Netflix doesn’t function while using my Windows VPN?

If your Windows VPN stops functioning with Netflix or another streaming service, there are a few straightforward things you can do. To reliably unblock the platform, make sure you are utilizing a VPN that has been tried and tested. In addition to that, you can change servers. Even with the finest VPNs, some OTT platforms may detect and restrict an IP address. Therefore, try disabling and enabling because many VPNs rotate IPs when you select a location. If it still isn’t functioning, then try using other browsers like Microsoft Edge, try Firefox or Chrome instead.

Will a Windows VPN slow down my speeds?

Actually, all VPNs will somewhat slow down your internet connection. This is because before being delivered through a server situated somewhere else in the world, your data is encrypted and decrypted. Given that all of those operations take time, it makes sense that VPN connections are slower than regular ones.

Yet, the best VPN for Windows like ExpressVPN can reduce this speed loss. The fastest VPNs are probably so quick that you won’t even notice a difference from a regular connection. So, you won’t encounter lag, buffering, or drawn-out loading times when utilizing the VPN.

Can I utilize a free VPN for Windows?

You most certainly can, however we advise not to. There are hundreds of dangerous free VPNs. It’s always preferable to use a VPN that is secure, dependable, and offers a money-back guarantee. This way, you’ll be able to avoid incurring any debt during the guarantee term and risking the security of your Windows device.

Additionally, numerous free VPN services have been exposed for selling customers’ data to outside companies (Betternet and Hola VPN for example). Moreover, free plans are always bound with performance caps such as bandwidth limitations and minimal server capacity. Windows is more commonly used than others, and they frequently have inferior security safeguards. Thus, making them the most popular target of prying eyes.

How safe is Windows 10?

Windows 10 is more secure than the predecessor versions, but it is still not entirely secure. Furthermore, its basic security features are insufficient to keep you safe. With lack of standard protocols, Windows devices are a popular and easy target for malware and hackers. Moreover, Microsoft explicitly states in its own privacy policy that it logs user data, making it an unsafe OS in terms of privacy.

Therefore, getting a VPN service with robust security features is the best way to ensure your Windows 10 devices are secure. This stops third parties, advertisers, governments, and even your own ISP from tracking your online activities. In addition, it will prevent hackers from accessing your data.

Get the Best VPN for Windows Today

With so many untrustworthy services out there, it’s difficult to determine which VPNs will actually keep your Windows device safe. These Windows VPNs offer strong security and privacy features that will protect your data. On top of that, they’re all user-friendly and come with extra perks like the ability to access geo-blocked streaming sites, WiFi protection, and more.

Our top recommendation for Windows is ExpressVPN. It uses powerful security protocols and privacy features to ensure no one can spy on your activity. Plus, it’s one of the fastest VPNs I’ve tested, so you can enjoy streaming, torrenting, and gaming without interruption. You can even try ExpressVPN out on your Android completely risk-free since it gives you the assurance of a 30-day money-back guarantee. If it’s not for you, you can easily claim a refund.

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