Incogni Review: Is It the Best Tool For Data-Deletion

In this thorough examination of Incogni by Surfshark, you’ll delve into its function as a data removal service geared toward safeguarding your online privacy by eradicating your personal data from data brokers. These brokers often accumulate significant volumes of your information, potentially jeopardizing your privacy and security. As you explore, you’ll confidently discover that Incogni is an effective and user-friendly tool for data removal, and you’ll be pleased with its affordability compared to its competitors. 

The added allure of a 30-day money-back guarantee enhances its appeal. However, it’s essential to note that Incogni requests more personal information than what you typically encounter with VPN services. It also lacks security-focused features, and it’s worth mentioning that it doesn’t offer 24/7 chat support. Overall, prioritize data privacy and seek to minimize your online data exposure. In that case, Incogni emerges as a valuable option that you should consider trying out.

How To Make Incogni Work?

Are you curious about how Incogni works to protect your data privacy? Here’s a comprehensive overview that will shed light on its operation.

To get started with Incogni, you provide essential personal details, allowing its algorithm to identify potential data holders and contact them for data removal. It enforces data protection laws like CCPA, PIPEDA, and GDPR, ensuring compliance.

Once initiated, Incogni sends data removal requests to brokers, waiting for written confirmations to finalize the process. You’ll be pleased to know that it impressively executed 23 removals in just one week during our testing despite the typically slow response from data brokers.

It’s worth noting that brokers may contact you directly, but this is standard procedure. You can reply, mentioning Surfshark’s oversight, and CC the Surfshark email for resolution.

Furthermore, Incogni provides a clear overview of the data collected by brokers, categorized by sensitivity and intended use. It operates within the UK, US, Canada, and the EU, focusing on jurisdictions covered by data protection regulations. Remember that most brokers take 30-45 days to respond to removal requests. Ready to give it a try?

What Is The Setup Process Of Incogni?

Setting up Incogni is a straightforward process, and there’s no need to download any apps. Everything is conveniently done on Incogni’s website. Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started:
  1. Sign Up
  Begin by signing up with your email and creating a password. Make sure to verify your email for account activation.
  1. Provide Information
Fill in the necessary fields with additional information that aids in identifying your records. This step is essential for Incogni’s algorithm to function effectively.
  1. Broker Identification
Once you’ve completed these steps, you’ll encounter a screen displaying the potential number of data brokers that may have your data. The intriguing part is that you won’t need to provide extra information to initiate the data removal process. Create your account using your email and password, and the removal process will automatically kick off. If you fall within Incogni’s jurisdiction, you may need to input more detail, but rest assured, the process remains user-friendly. Give it a try, and you’ll find it hassle-free. Incogni: Dashboard Accessing   Navigating Incogni’s dashboard is a breeze, thanks to its intuitive and minimalistic interface. On the account pages, you’ll find two primary options at the top: “Detailed View” and “Help.” Detailed View: When you select “Detailed View,” you’ll access a comprehensive list of specific data brokers. This list provides essential information about the brokers and categorizes the sensitivity of their data. This feature is incredibly useful as it helps identify which companies warrant your concern. Moreover, you can track the progress of your data removal requests. Incogni employs distinct statuses to indicate the status of your requests:
  1. Completed: If the company has either removed your information or never possessed it in the first place, the status will be marked as “Completed.”
  2. In Progress: If the data removal process is ongoing, you’ll see “In Progress” as the status.
  3. Not Started: In cases where the data removal process has not yet commenced, the status will read “Not started.”
Furthermore, if a data broker refuses to delete your data, it will be marked as “Rejected.” Fortunately, during your experience, you won’t encounter any rejected requests, which is a positive outcome. This transparent dashboard lets you easily monitor and manage your data removal progress. Give it a try, and you’ll find it user-friendly. Incogni: Account Option   Within the account dropdown menu of Incogni, you’ll find a concise yet comprehensive set of options. These include “Profile,” “Settings,” “Privacy Policy,” and “Terms of Service.” While the menu may seem limited, it covers everything you’ll require. Profile: The most notable option is the “Profile” page, where you can update your personal information and address. Additionally, you can conveniently access the authorization form you previously signed in PDF format. This page also provides insight into your subscription status, accessible through the “Subscription” button.  The user-friendly design ensures there’s no steep learning curve, streamlining a process that can often become cumbersome due to excessive details. This simplicity is something to appreciate as it enhances your overall experience. Give it a try, and you’ll find it straightforward and effective.

Incogni: Security Drawback

Incogni doesn’t offer much in terms of security. However, I don’t think this is an issue since this tool isn’t designed to provide any security. Incogni assists you in reclaiming your personal information from data brokers to regain your online privacy. By reducing how much of your data is scattered around, Incogni helps shield you from hackers and prying eyes. In its own way, this is a method to keep you safe online. However, I recommend you use it in combination with a premium VPN.

Incogni: Privacy Supremacy

Incogni requests certain sensitive information from you. However, this data is essential to verify if any data brokers have your data and to confirm its removal. I can understand why this could make some people uncomfortable, especially if they’re concerned about cybersecurity. But, it’s a necessary evil for this type of process. It also collects other basic information using cookies on its website. And also it has a detailed privacy policy explaining what data it collects and what to expect. It also claims in its privacy policy that it doesn’t sell your information and may not find any information to make me question this. This is especially true because of Surfshark review strong history as a privacy-friendly service. What Is The Proportion Of Information Incogni Stores? When using Incogni, you must provide specific information like your full name, address, and date of birth. To ensure effective data removal requests, it’s crucial to be precise with these details. This precision minimizes the risk of data brokers rejecting your requests. So, ensure you’re thorough when entering this information for the best results. You might notice a requirement to sign an authorization form that grants Incogni a “limited power of attorney.” This form is legally necessary to empower Surfshark to act on your behalf for official data removal requests. Upon closely examining the document, you’ll find it straightforward and directly related to the service provided. However, if you’ve had experience with Best VPN before, this requirement might raise some questions. Rest assured that it’s vital to Incogni’s operation to ensure your data removal requests are handled effectively. Give it a try, and you’ll see how it simplifies the process of safeguarding your online privacy.

How Does Incogni Protect Privacy?

Incogni Protect Privacy

Incogni strongly emphasizes safeguarding your privacy, even though the initial signup process might seem data-intensive. However, this information collection is vital for Incogni’s algorithm to identify relevant data brokers with your information.

When you sign up, Incogni takes a targeted approach, reaching out only to brokers likely to have your data. This precision ensures an efficient process without unnecessary contact. After you provide some basic details, Incogni will identify approximately 76 suspected data brokers with your data, though specifics may remain uncertain.

Companies typically have specific time frames to comply with data removal requests, such as 30 days under GDPR or 45 days under CCPA. While many companies adhere to these deadlines, Incogni commits to addressing non-compliance. However, it may take a few weeks or months to resolve.

While a completely foolproof method for erasing your online data may not exist, Incogni is a valuable solution, especially given data-selling companies’ reluctance. With numerous data brokers in existence, Incogni utilizes the best available methods and continuously expands its broker list.

In summary, Incogni efficiently protects your privacy while saving you time. It takes charge of companies collecting your data and ensures its removal. It’s like having a user-friendly, convenient button to eliminate your personal information while upholding data privacy laws – all without needing to reach out personally. Give it a try and experience the ease for yourself.

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