You’ll find NordPass a straightforward and secure password manager with many basic yet useful features. Alongside offering unlimited storage and employing the latest encryption technology, Nord VPN Coupon allows you to share passwords securely, monitors data breaches, checks password health, supports multi-factor authentication, offers biometric logins, and provides emergency access.

However, NordPass’s features are somewhat more basic than other top password managers. While it covers essential functions, the form-filling process could be improved, and some issues have been reported with its iOS app.

On the positive side, NordPass’s Free plan is more generous than many password managers. Also, the fact that all its paid plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee gives you the confidence to try without any risk.

NordPass: Security Features

NordPass employs modern XChaCha20 encryption, known as “future-proof.” While its security advantage is not certain, its use of cutting-edge technology is reassuring. The zero-knowledge architecture ensures local data encryption, impervious even to NordPass staff.

NordPass is unique with its Recovery Code for account retrieval, a feature lacking in many managers. Its security offerings also encompass the following:

  1. Multi-factor authentication (MFA).
  2. Biometric logins.
  3. Secure password sharing.
  4. Data breach monitoring.
  5. Password health checks.
  6. Emergency access.

In 2023, NordPass excels as a top password manager, prioritizing core security. It might lack some 1Password and Dashlane features. Still, its user-friendly interface and added functionalities make it a premier choice for secure password and data management.

NordPass: Password Vault

NordPass offers easy access to your password vault across devices, ensuring consistent features. Adding entries is simple—choose a category, click “Add,” input details, and save. You can store passwords, secure notes, cards, and personal info.

Customizable Folders aid organization. While IDs need Secure Notes, Premium/Family users can attach files (up to 50 MB) with 3 GB cloud storage, unlike rivals offering 1 GB. Custom fields enhance flexibility in password entries on desktop and Android.

NordPass blends basic and advanced features in a user-friendly design, great for beginners. While lacking ID-saving options, it’s worth trying to see if it suits your needs.

NordPass: Browser Extensions

NordPass browser extensions provide essential features for password management, though with some limitations in handling personal information like addresses and credit card details on certain websites. The auto-fill feature is convenient, and clicking the NordPass logo simplifies accessing and copying data from the extension. Overall, it offers an impressive range of secure personal information management tools. Try it to see if it fits your needs.

NordPass: Password Generator

NordPass’s user-friendly password generator allows you to create passwords and passphrases with various options. It supports customization with capital letters, digits, symbols, and length preferences (8-60 characters or 3-10 words). While 1Password offers longer passwords and Dashlane has a lower limit, NordPass’s generator is competitive. The range of 60 characters is usually sufficient.

A highlight is the password history feature, enabling you to access up to 10 previous passwords for an account. Although less extensive than Dashlane’s tool, it’s still valuable for tracking changes. Overall, NordPass’s password generator is effective, accessible across devices and extensions, and offers the perk of password history. Trying it out will help you experience its benefits firsthand.

NordPass: Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is an added layer of security to consider for your account. NordPass offers diverse MFA options like authenticator apps, security keys, and biometrics. Not all password managers support security keys, giving NordPass an edge. However, competitors like Dashlane offer advanced choices like SMS codes and smartwatch compatibility.

Enabling MFA in NordPass is simple: Go to Settings, click Enable, and follow the instructions on the web dashboard. NordPass also provides backup codes for emergencies, like when you can’t access your authenticator app.

While NordPass offers strong MFA options, it’s worth noting that the temporary one-time password (TOTP) authenticator is limited to business accounts. Others like 1Password and Dashlane provide this feature for all users, simplifying online security.

In summary, NordPass provides solid MFA choices for your primary account. Expanding options and introducing TOTP support for personal plans would enhance its offering. Try it out to assess if its MFA aligns with your security needs.

NordPass: Passkeys

Passkeys in NordPass enable passwordless account access on supported websites. It simplifies setup by requiring only an email or username. This feature is new and has limited website compatibility. Generating passkeys is browser-exclusive despite availability in the desktop app.

Creating passkeys can be complex on certain sites like PayPal, potentially not saving much time. Practical benefits, like in DocuSign, might take time as the NordPass icon click is still needed for auto-fill.

Passkeys are accessible to all NordPass users, but import/export lacks compared to Dashlane. Storing passkeys separately aids organization and sharing within NordPass. While promising, passkeys in NordPass need improvements. Current use is restricted, with modest time-saving. Yet, growing security adoption is noteworthy. Try it to follow its evolution.

NordPass: Shared Items

With NordPass, you can securely share stored items such as login details, credit cards, and secure notes. While sharing is for Premium users, Free users can receive shared items. Unlike Dashlane’s free offering, there’s no limit to sharing items.

You can share without item restrictions and with multiple users. While folders can’t be shared, entries within folders can be. Unlike NordPass, Dashlane enables sharing entire categories, and 1Password offers unlimited vault sharing.

Sharing in NordPass is simple—pick an entry, click Share, and add recipients’ emails. You can revoke access and set recipient rights. This is a common feature among top password managers.

NordPass’s Shared Items is a seamless way to share sensitive data. It’s user-friendly, efficient, and without item limits. Considering options like shared folders in 1Password, try NordPass and assess its fit for your needs.

NordPass: Data Breach Scanner (Premium Only)

NordPass’s Data Breach Scanner is a valuable tool that checks the internet for compromised data, delivering real-time notifications if any of your email addresses have been breached. While some password managers lack this instant alert feature, NordPass excels. This scanner examines your vault accounts and credit cards, offering comprehensive breach details and relevant links to update your passwords. 

It promptly alerts you to email breaches. NordPass monitors your account’s email and allows you to add more for further notifications. Using the Data Breach Scanner is straightforward—access it from the menu for automatic scanning. Detected breaches are presented, and adding extra email addresses is a breeze. 

While using it, it promptly alerted you to four breached accounts, providing detailed breach information. NordPass’s Data Breach Scanner is user-friendly and offers vital real-time breach notifications. It’s a standout feature, particularly with the option to monitor additional email addresses—an uncommon trait among password managers. Give it a try to bolster your security. 

NordPass: Password Health (Premium Only)

With NordPass’s Password Health tool, you can assess your password strength and security across weak, reused, and old passwords. In your trial, it identified 61 weak passwords and 109 instances of password reuse. Despite your efforts to update passwords, it pointed out lingering vulnerabilities. Conveniently, the tool offers website links for effortless password changes.

Overall, NordPass’s Password Health is a practical tool that prompts updates for vulnerable accounts. Remember that, unlike some competitors, it doesn’t provide an overall password health score. Give it a try to enhance your security.

NordPass: Emergency Access (Premium Only)

NordPass provides emergency access for sharing passwords during critical situations. Premium users can set up contacts, and Free users can receive access. The setup is similar to RoboForm’s premium plans.

Setting up contacts is easy: go to Emergency Access, select Give Access, and add the recipient’s email. After confirmation, they can request access anytime. You have 7 days to approve their request via email. If there is no response, NordPass grants access. Contacts are easy to manage.

However, it’s more basic than other managers, with a fixed 7-day waiting period and limited access to passwords and secure notes.

In short, NordPass’s emergency access is valuable and available on desktop and Android apps but not iOS.

Hence, try it to discover its benefits.

NordPass: Plans & Pricing

NordPass offers four plans:

  1. NordPass Free
  2. NordPass Premium
  3. NordPass Family
  4. NordPass Business

For the paid options, Premium and Family have the same features, differing in user capacity. Regardless of the plan, unlimited device connections are included. All plans have a 30-day money-back guarantee, and you can try NordVPN Review Premium for 30 days and NordPass Business for 14 days free of charge. Try them to find your ideal fit.

NordPass: Setup & Ease of Use

NordPass: Setup & Ease of Use

NordPass provides an intuitive interface suitable for all tech levels. Setup is quick—download the app, set your master password, and create an account.

The “Getting Started” tab guides you through adding passwords, installing extensions, securing recovery codes, setting up MFA, and exploring Premium options.

NordPass streamlines setup, ensuring a smooth process. Password importing is supported by various managers and browsers, with some needing CSV files. Despite minor CSV format attention, overall importing is seamless.

Furthermore, NordPass is user-friendly for setup and usage, featuring a clean, lightweight design. Try it to experience its ease firsthand.

NordPass: Verdict 

NordPass offers a straightforward, secure solution for managing passwords and sensitive information. While its features are somewhat basic compared to top password managers, it effectively covers essential functions. The Free plan is generous, and the 30-day money-back guarantee gives you the confidence to explore it risk-free. The user-friendly interface, security measures, and added functionalities make NordPass a premier choice for secure password and data management.

To make an informed decision, consider your specific needs and preferences. If the features and usability align with your requirements, give NordPass a try to experience its benefits firsthand.

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