BTGuard VPN Review

A VPN and BitTorrent proxy service is offered by BitTorrentGuard, also known as BTGuard. It was created primarily for P2P enthusiasts at a time when most avoided talking about torrenting. It’s fantastic for file sharing since you can use it on as many computers as you want without worrying about bandwidth. The VPN’s constant speeds are another important feature. You might believe it, but it’s true, but at the same time, it has some drawbacks as well.

Now, you must be thinking about safely downloading torrents or engaging in any other activity without taking any assistance from a kill switch. If not now, then surely there’s another thing you might be thinking right now. This might be about its streaming capabilities; those aren’t strong enough to compete with other products available in the market. Besides knowing about the fact that there aren’t many servers. Therefore, pursuing or accessing reliable VPNs is advised as they appear trustworthy.

Main Key Points to Remember: At a Glance

  1. Not the best choice for streaming. Its low server count makes it accessible for Netflix Canada & Netflix Netherlands.
  2. Only has 1,000 servers in 3 countries. Due to the fact of having servers in Canada, Singapore, & Netherlands. Using this VPN can’t unblock US content. 
  3. Reasonably fast and consistent, but more is needed for gaming. After having the ability to boast unlimited bandwidth. Its speeds need to be improved for gaming.
  4. No special security features. You may find this VPN incompatible with OpenVPN, as it doesn’t benefit from its advanced security. 
  5. Problematic installation. As per the information, people have faced some issues configuring OpenVPN. And they even had problems while connecting to PPTP, so think before you opt. 
  6. Unclear privacy policy. From a security perspective, it is known as a 5 Eyes Alliance-based VPN. But when it comes to outcomes that don’t perform well, it doesn’t explain the circumstances under which it’d share your data. 
  7. Expensive. It may be expensive if you see the VPN’s limited features. However, to bring flexibility in prices, it offers different plans to users.
  8. BTGuard is designed for torrenting with P2P-friendly servers. Free BTGuard VPN also has the ability to torrent or download files.
  9. It allows unlimited device connections from one location at a time. Don’t forget to apply this feature practically before you get it. 
  10. Poor customer support. Lastly, BTGuard has no live chat, and its ticketing system doesn’t work properly.

BTGuard VPN Features — Updated in July 2023

💸 Price7.5 USD/month
📝 Does VPN keep logs?No
🖥 Number of servers1000+
💻 Number of devices per license1
🛡 Kill switchNo
🗺 Based in countryCanada
🛠 SupportKnowledgebase
📥 Supports torrentingYes

Streaming: Unblocks Very Few Platforms

The free BTGuard VPN has limitations when it comes to accessing popular streaming platforms. With its servers located exclusively in Canada, the Netherlands, and Singapore, the VPN only allows you to watch content available in these countries. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to access the wide range of content offered by the most popular streaming platforms.

Watching Workin’ Moms on BTGuard VPN’s Canada server

Unblocked: Netflix Canada and Netflix Netherlands

Netflix’s rigorous geoblocking technology for Netflix Canada and Netflix Netherlands was successfully circumvented by the VPN, allowing me to watch and stream shows from both services.

Without any technical difficulties, you may like watching Workin’ Moms on Netflix Canada.

Similarly, you watched the Dutch comedy Toon on the Netherlands server.

I enjoyed an episode of Toon on Netflix Netherlands while using BTGuard VPN

Blocked By: Based on the information provided, the user has encountered difficulties accessing certain streaming services through various VPNs. Specifically, without servers located in the US and UK, the user was unable to stream content on Netflix US/UK, HBOMax, Hulu, or BBC iPlayer.

Amazon Prime Video, Kodi, and Disney+ also did not work, even though these services have libraries available in the VPN’s server countries. This suggests that the VPNs may need to bypass the restrictions these platforms impose more effectively.

Furthermore, the user mentioned using free BTGuard VPN, which offers servers in Singapore. However, when attempting to unblock Netflix Singapore, the user’s IP address was shown to be located in the Netherlands instead. This raised concerns about the reliability and accuracy of the BTGuard VPN’s claims regarding its server locations, as it appeared to default to a Netherlands server regardless of the selected server.

In summary, the user faced challenges accessing streaming services through various VPNs, indicating limitations in bypassing regional restrictions and potential issues with the accuracy of server locations provided by the VPNs.

Speeds: Consistent Speeds Worldwide

The VPN provider claims to offer fast and consistent speeds on all its servers, with unlimited bandwidth. This means users should be able to surf, download, and stream without any slowdown due to data usage limits.

To test the VPN’s speed, being a user, you have the option to conduct a speed test without the VPN and then compare it to the results obtained from different servers with the VPN enabled. There is expected to be some speed loss when using a VPN due to the geographical distance to the servers.

However, the user experienced minimal speed loss compared to their normal connection. The download speed results on the VPN’s long-distance servers ranged from 10.09 Mbps on the Netherlands server. And when it comes to the Singapore server, it acquires 11.91 Mbps of normal speed being. The percentage of speed loss varied from 2.5% to 15%, which falls within the normal range. On average, the download speed across servers was 11.18 Mbps, and the upload speed averaged 0.7 Mbps.

However, the non-optimized New York server was actually a little faster

Are BTGuard VPN’s Speeds Fast Enough for Gamers for Gaming? No

As per the information, more than the speed the VPN provides is required for gaming. More precisely, the average ping is 159 milliseconds, which is considerably higher than 50-100 milliseconds(ideal range) for gamers. Before you get confused, let us remind you that Ping refers to the time here. That it takes for data to travel from the user to the server and back. Moreover, the higher ping you have, the greater likelihood of experiencing lag. Remember, it can result in negatively impacting your gaming experience. Specifically, while playing The Sims 3, the user encountered high ping, which resulted in a poor gaming experience.

The US optimized server was the only one that could unblock Prime Video

Server Network: Robust but Tiny Server Network

Under this free BTGuard VPN review, it helps boost a small yet high-speed network equipped with 10 GBIT servers, ensuring excellent upload and download speeds. However, it needs more server quantity, with only 1,000 servers available across three locations: Singapore, Canada, and the Netherlands. This limitation can result in slower traffic if you are still looking for a server nearby. Moreover, the servers can become overcrowded, leading to a potential impact on speed.

Compared to other providers that offer a larger number of server locations at more affordable prices, the limited server network of BTGuard may be disappointing for some users. Accessing streaming content from different countries is a complex process with this VPN, as discussed in the Streaming section.

A concerning issue arises when attempting to connect to the Singapore server, as it consistently returns an IP address from the Netherlands. This inconsistency raises doubts about BTGuard VPN’s server network’s reliability, accuracy, and claimed server locations.

Another tip is to fully exit out of CyberGhost and reload an optimized server if you're having trouble

Security: Average Features and Failed Leak Tests

BTGuard’s security measures are average, lacking some essential features, as it failed the user’s leak tests.

The VPN employs the industry-standard symmetric encryption of 256-bit AES, which is considered robust. Surprisingly, BTGuard combines this with asymmetric RSA-1028 encryption, a technique known as hybrid cryptography. This approach enhances both speed and security by using one key for encryption and another for decryption.

With some simple troubleshooting, I got past HBO Max's geoblocks

When it comes to BTGuard VPN review, it offers two protocols: OpenVPN and PPTP. While OpenVPN is renowned for its military-grade security and continuous improvements, PPTP provides weaker protection due to outdated encryption standards.

One disappointment with BTGuard is the absence of a kill switch. A kill switch is crucial because it ensures that if the VPN connection drops, your data does not become exposed without your knowledge.

Before installation, the user scanned the OpenVPN file on VirusTotal and found no indications of malicious software.

However, when conducting tests for IP and DNS leaks, the user experienced issues. DNS leaks can pose a serious privacy concern, allowing the ISP to view online activities despite using a VPN. An IP leak occurs when the real IP address is revealed instead of being hidden by the VPN service. In this case, the user found that their VPN was leaking as the DNS and IP addresses pointed to their country of origin instead of the VPN server location. The user also noted that these results persisted across different browsers, as browser settings can contribute to leak vulnerabilities.

Privacy: Not Privacy-Centered

Another factor about the BTGuard review is that it has a concise privacy policy based in Canada, raising concerns about privacy protection. Canada’s membership in the 5 Eyes Alliance, a data-sharing alliance, and its privacy-invasive laws are reasons for worry.

Although BTGuard claims not to store, trade, or rent data, including logs or IP addresses, it lacks clarity on the specific data it collects and shares. If any data is collected, BTGuard states that it will specify the purposes for which it is collected. The VPN also mentions the possibility of sharing personal information with third parties. Still, the policy needs to provide clear information on the nature of the data that may be shared.

Live chat confirmed CyberGhost doesn't work with Sky TV or DAZN
In summary, BTGuard’s short privacy policy and location in a country known for data sharing may undermine user confidence in the VPN’s commitment to privacy. The need for clarity regarding data collection and sharing practices raises questions about the information types that could be disclosed.

Torrenting: Unlimited Torrenting

As per the BTGuard review, it is known for allowing unlimited torrenting, and the user expressed satisfaction with the download speeds when using uTorrent to download a movie in the public domain. However, it is important to note that using a free BTGuard VPN for torrenting is not advisable based on IP and DNS leak tests. These leaks could expose the true location of users within the torrenting swarm, compromising their safety and privacy during torrenting activities.

The VPN gained popularity after receiving an endorsement from TorrentFreak and is transparent about its support for torrenting. It is essential to emphasize that illegal torrenting is not condoned, and users should always adhere to their country’s regulations to ensure legal compliance.

I tested 30+ server locations and never had download speeds below 38 Mbps.

Speeds dropped on long-distance servers

You might be aware of a positive aspect of BTGuard, which includes a pre-configured version of uTorrent. Owning it saves you from dealing with complex configurations and streamlines the torrenting process. Which is considerable for saving the time and effort of yours. And when it comes to making choices, don’t worry, as more than enough VPN service providers are available in the market. Those can amaze you by providing P2P-friendly servers at affordable prices. Exploring alternative options would be advisable for users looking for VPNs specifically designed to work well with torrents.

My colleague also got the best speeds using Best Server Location

Does BTGuard VPN Work in China? No

Choosing a VPN with stronger security features is important to bypass China’s strict internet censorship. As per the BTGuard VPN review, it does not work in China because it uses OpenVPN, which the country blocks. It’s advisable to research China’s current laws and regulations regarding VPN usage, as they are subject to change. It’s also worth noting that customer service inquiries about BTGuard VPN’s compatibility with China still need to be answered.

Nearby servers gave me speeds above 94 Mbps

Simultaneous Device Connections: Unlimited From 1 Location At a Time

While BTGuard VPN allows users to connect multiple devices, sharing the account with friends and family is prohibited. If BTGuard detects simultaneous connections from different locations, it may result in the account being shut down. However, while testing, you may find no issues connecting both Windows 10 and Mac laptops simultaneously. This is especially beneficial for those who enjoy torrenting, as many VPNs usually limit simultaneous connections to around five devices.

Speeds dropped down to 38 Mbps when the servers were far away

Device Compatibility: Support via OpenVPN

As per the BTGuard review, it does not have its own app, but you can use it on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS by manually downloading the OpenVPN app for your device. The compatibility features of BTGuard VPN rely on OpenVPN. However, it’s important to note that OpenVPN can be challenging for beginners to use, based on research.

Switching to an optimized server can increase speeds by 20 Mbps+

Set-Up & Installation: Problematic Installation

It would help if you rethought it, as the setting-up process is more complex. Primarily, you may face the problem; if you are a Windows 10 user. Also, it might result in having difficulty connecting via PPTP and failing to install OpenVPN.

Try both PPTP and OpenVPN to see which one works best for you, the provider suggests.

I could not install OpenVPN 2.4.1 on Windows 10, as the downloaded configuration files would not open. Windows 10 and Mac were also unable to launch the older version of OpenVPN. That could be a problem with the system rather than the software, but you still need to wait to hear back from OpenVPN support, even if you tried PPTP again.

I experienced a small amount of lag when the screen started filling up

Although the BTGuard PPTP connection instructions were straightforward, you may receive the error message “A connection to a remote computer could not be established” after installation. You have an option to email customer support without success after searching the VPN’s support guides for an answer. You may be eventually able to locate an answer on another online page.

Pro tip: Go to Device Manager and uninstall all adapters starting with WAN Miniport under Network Adapters, to resolve this issue. Select “Scan for Hardware Changes” after uninstalling all of them, and the adapters will reinstall themselves without restarting. That will enable your VPN to function.

Here is how to install the VPN step-by-step on Windows and Android:

For Android Users:

Set-up Instructions Method 1

You don’t need to go anywhere until or unless here you have instructions leading towards the set-up process:

  • The very first step is to download & install “OpenVPN for Android.” You can do it via Arne Schwabe, which you can do from the Google Play Store on your Android device.

  • Open a browser using your Android device and download the BTGuard VPN configuration files. Don’t forget to unzip the files before you proceed further.

  • Next, you need to open the “OpenVPN for Android” app.

  • Don’t forget to tap on the bottom-right icon within the app. So you can import the configuration files.

  • Now, browse to the folder where the unzipped BTGuard configuration files are saved.

  • Now, you need to select the server and tap the “Select” icon. Remember, the server should be the one that you want to connect to.  

  • Further, click the “Save” icon, which you can see in the bottom-right corner of the screen. And then, you need to click the Settings icon; before heading toward the “Basic” section.

  • Enter your BTGuard VPN username and password.

  • Tap on “Select…” next to the CA certificate option.

  • Afterward, the user has to browse the folder. Where you have saved all your configuration files.

  • Tap on “” and then hit the “Select.”

  • Use the back button until you’re back on the main page.


Now you should be ready to connect to BTGuard VPN using OpenVPN for Android.

Setup Instructions Method 2

If you find Method 1 unfamiliar and hard to implement, Then here you have an alternate option called Method 2 with instructions:

  • Firstly, you need to download & install “OpenVPN Connect.” And to do so, visit the Google Play Store first and then use your Android device for processing.

  • Open a browser on your Android device and download the BTGuard VPN configuration files. Don’t forget to unzip the files before proceeding afterward.

  • Open the “OpenVPN Connect” app.

  • Tap on the top-right icon within the app to import the configuration files.

  • Tap on “Import Profile from SD card.”

  • Next, you must browse the folder to find the unzipped BTGuard configuration files. Ensure to search for the folder where you have saved the unzipped BTGuard configuration files.

  • Further, you must select the server you want to connect to and click the “Select” icon. 

  • Enter your BTGuard VPN username and password.

  • Tap on “Connect” or the appropriate option to establish a connection.


Now you should be able to connect to BTGuard VPN using OpenVPN Connect on your Android device.

For Windows Users:

To simplify the instructions:

  • Download the OpenVPN installation program from the official OpenVPN website.

  • Locate the downloaded file, such as openvpn-install-2.4.0-I602.exe, and double-click on it to run the installer.

  • Follow the on-screen prompts by clicking “Next” or “Continue,” and confirm any necessary permissions or prompts during installation.

  • Download the OpenVPN BTGuard configuration executable file from the appropriate source.

  • Open the openvpn_auto_config.exe file that you downloaded.

  • Click “OK” to proceed with the configuration setup.

  • Navigate to the C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\Config folder on your computer.

  • You can find and modify the OpenVPN configuration files at this location as needed.

Remember to follow any additional instructions or settings provided by BTGuard or OpenVPN to complete the configuration setup correctly.


According to the BTGuard review, it is comparatively expensive, even for just the Bittorrent Proxy, at $6.95/month. They do not offer a money-back guarantee, refund, or free trial, making it challenging to assess the value before committing to the expensive plan. Payment options include PayPal, credit card, or Bitcoin, with Bitcoin being suitable for those concerned about privacy.

Reliability & Support

BTGuard’s customer support could be better compared to other premium VPN providers. They do not offer 24/7 live chat support, and users are required to submit a ticket for assistance. While the ticketing process is straightforward, the problem lies in customer support’s need for more response, which is unacceptable. On the positive side, the ‘Knowledge Base’ section on their support page is decent, providing information on subscriptions, technical issues, and recently updated articles.

Using live chat, I always got a response in less than 30 seconds

The Bottom Line

Final Verdict

BTGuard VPN needs to meet the requirements of a decent VPN and is not worth the price. While its speeds are satisfactory, more is necessary. The security measures could be better, privacy needs to be better, and the setup process could be more problematic. Although BTGuard targets torrent enthusiasts, it lacks essential features for safe downloading.

Fortunately, there are numerous other VPN providers available that offer superior services at a lower cost. These providers typically offer P2P-friendly servers, pre-configured versions of uTorrent, decent speeds, and the option for unlimited connections. Exploring these alternatives for a more reliable and feature-rich VPN experience is advisable.

BTGuard VPN Service(FAQs)-

  • Is BTGuard VPN reliable enough to use?

BTGuard VPN lacks special security features and failed DNS leak tests, compromising its overall safety.

  • Is there a possibility of slowing down speed after using BTGuard VPN?  

BTGuard VPN maintains consistent speeds across all its servers and does not cause significant slowdowns.

  • Does BTGuard VPN have the ability to unblock Netflix?

BTGuard VPN cannot unblock Netflix due to the US servers’ absence.

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