BulletVPN Review

You’re considering BulletVPN, a service making bold claims in a competitive market. Their website boasts unblocking all top streaming platforms and high-speed performance for buffer-free streaming. However, the price is relatively high, making you wonder if it’s worth it. You want to see if BulletVPN lives up to its promises. So, you’re trying out its speeds, streaming capabilities, security features, server network, device compatibility, and customer support. It’s important to assess its privacy policy to ensure responsible data handling.

In your experience, BulletVPN does unblock major streaming platforms, but the server performance is inconsistent. Moreover, you’ve found their customer support needs improvement. You wouldn’t recommend it; instead, consider comparing it with other options. You should check out top premium VPNs for a more comprehensive comparison.

Short on Time? Here Are My Key Findings


  • Strong no-logs policy: You benefit from a strong no-logs policy with BulletVPN. It won’t retain crucial information about your activities.
  • Super easy installation: The installation is super easy. You’ll be all set up in no time.
  • Strong encryption and security features: BulletVPN offers robust encryption and security features. With a kill switch and multiple VPN protocols, your security is well-covered.
  • Decent speeds: You’ll experience decent speeds with BulletVPN. Speed drops typically don’t exceed 16%, although you might encounter slower loading times and occasional buffering.


  • Okay streaming capabilities: You’ll find BulletVPN has okay streaming capabilities. While it grants access to several streaming services, the playback quality can vary.
  • Not suitable for gaming: It’s not suitable for gaming. The ping is often too high to play most online games.
  • Small server network: BulletVPN has a relatively small server network. Many servers might pose problems for you.
  • Customer support can be slow: The only available option to reach out to the support team is through email.

2023 Update Features Of BulletVPN

💸 Price2.49 USD/month
📆 Money Back Guarantee30 Days
📝 Does VPN keep logs?No
🖥 Number of servers115+
💻 Number of devices per license6
🛡 Kill switchYes
🗺 Based in countryEstonia
🛠 SupportEmail support
📥 Supports torrentingYes

Streaming — Great Unblocking Ability With Decent Playback

BulletVPN unblocks every major streaming platform, but you might encounter some issues with Netflix. Some servers will grant you access to Netflix originals, while others unlock the full library. It can be time-consuming to try out various servers to determine which ones provide complete library access. On the positive side, the playback quality is mostly good, although some sites might have slightly longer load times. Look for UltraHD servers if you’re aiming for 4K streaming. Still, you might be disappointed not to notice a significant difference between these specialized servers and the regular ones. Along with the platforms below, you can try unblocking ESPN+ and BBC iPlayer.

Unblocked: Netflix, Disney+, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu

You can successfully unblock Netflix’s US library after trying a few servers. The site stacks rapidly, and you’ll have the option to watch motion pictures in HD with practically no buffering. Sadly, you’ll need to play out an experimentation to find servers that unblock everything, which can baffle you.

Try out various server locations, including Chicago UltraHD, Miami UltraHD, Los Angeles, Colorado Springs, and New York. You might be disappointed not to find any significant difference between the “UltraHD” servers and the regular ones. In terms of buffering and loading times, they perform identically.

Next, test BulletVPN’s European and US servers with Disney+. You can unblock Disney+, but be prepared for long and annoying load times in all regions. Thankfully, once videos load, you can stream in full HD resolution without interruptions.

BulletVPN also allows you to access YouTube. To test the streaming performance, connect to servers in Europe, the US, and the Middle East. Distant servers on VPNs typically tend to be slower. Still, you won’t notice any reduction in BulletVPN’s performance, even in faraway locations.

US servers also successfully unblock Amazon Prime Video, and you can watch movies in full HD quality. At the same time, all BulletVPN servers unblock Hulu so that the streaming experience might be underwhelming. During these trials, try multiple servers in the US, including New York, Chicago, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. It might take around 30 seconds on average for the titles to load. For a better streaming experience on Hulu, consider checking the list of the best VPNs for Hulu.

Speeds — Good Speeds That Hold Up On Long-Distance Servers

While BulletVPN may not match the speed of premium VPNs like ExpressVPN, its speeds are great, and there’s minimal drop-off, even at long distances. To begin it, you can conduct 10 tests on your base speed and calculate an average download speed. BulletVPN might reduce your speeds by up to 16%, but this drop won’t significantly impact most users. For example, the average speed in the US is 43 Mbps, and even with a 16% reduction, you’d still have more than enough to stream in 4K, which only requires 25 Mbps.

After recording your baseline, try your speeds on different BulletVPN servers. Select servers closer to your home country and some farther away for comparison.

You’ll find that even some of BulletVPN’s servers that are farther away can be surprisingly fast. You might be surprised to see that a German server is slower than one in Australia, despite Germany being much closer to your location (5,297 km away) compared to Australia (9,230 km away). Similarly, the distance between Pakistan and the US is roughly 12,346 km. Still, your speed on the US servers might be faster than in Germany. So, distance is less of a factor with BulletVPN.

Based on the data you obtain, you can calculate the drop-off in speeds and compile the results in a table for reference.

 Ping (ms)Download (Mbps)Upload (Mbps)Drop-off percentage

You might be impressed that BulletVPN won’t reduce your speeds by more than 16%. VPNs often decrease your connection speed by a larger margin, particularly on servers that are far away. However, in all your trials, you can observe that your internet speed stays well above 15 Mbps, regardless of the server’s location.

Are BulletVPN’s Speeds Fast Enough for Gaming? No

Unlike ExpressVPN and CyberGhost, BulletVPN’s ping (latency) may be too high for fast-paced games. Typically, ping is the main factor used to determine network performance during gaming. A higher ping means it takes longer for the game to recognize your inputs. For competitive games like first-person shooters, low ping is preferable as even slight lag can significantly impact your gameplay experience.

When aiming for low ping in games like Rocket League, connecting to servers closer to your physical location may improve your experience. However, be cautious with BulletVPN since, when you connect to Germany, your ping might get too high to enjoy a match in Rocket League. In competitive scenarios where opponents have a low ping, a high ping can put you at a disadvantage. If maintaining a low ping and enjoying competitive gaming experiences is a priority, consider checking out the list of the best VPNs for gaming.

Server Network — Limited Network With Some Faulty Servers

Several servers had prolonged connection times, with some failing to connect at all during your attempts with servers in the UK and the US. Despite waiting for up to 10 minutes, certain servers could not establish a connection.

BulletVPN’s server network is notably smaller compared to its competitors. The limited number of servers can increase network congestion, potentially reducing speeds. Additionally, a small server network might need help accessing online accounts while traveling. With only 115 servers, encountering multiple broken locations is unacceptable. To find VPNs with more reliable server coverage, check out the list of VPNs with a larger server base.

Security — Decent Security Features with Strong Encryption

Overall, you might be impressed with BulletVPN’s security features, as it successfully passed various checks.

BulletVPN utilizes military-grade AES encryption to safeguard your data, ensuring it passes through secure VPN tunnels. Additionally, it offers a kill switch feature to prevent your IP address from being exposed in case of disconnections.

You can try out the kill switch feature on the Windows client by changing servers while a browser window is open. Once the VPN disconnects, the network traffic should come to a halt, confirming the functionality of the kill switch.

There’s a Bullet Shield feature that blocks network connections when the VPN is disconnected. You can activate it and then turn off your VPN to test it. It should restrict your internet access until the VPN is turned on again, adding an extra layer of security in case of accidental disconnections.

You can check the BulletVPN Windows installer for viruses by running it through VirusTotal. This website scans installer files for known viruses, malware, or trackers.

Perform leak tests to understand what websites can see while you’re connected to BulletVPN. Look for IP leaks and ensure your actual physical location remains hidden. In contrast, the IP address associated with your VPN connection is displayed.

BulletVPN also offers three VPN protocols for customization: WireGuard, OpenVPN, IKEv2, PPTP, and L2TP. OpenVPN is highly secure, being open-source, while L2TP is faster but less secure due to its age. WireGuard presents a balance between safety and speed as a newer protocol.

Privacy — BulletVPN Keeps No Logs

Overall, you’ll find BulletVPN to be a very privacy-friendly VPN because it doesn’t keep logs. It operates from Estonia, a country outside of the 5/9/14 Eyes Alliances, which is an intelligence-sharing agreement between several nations. Estonia also lacks data retention laws, meaning BulletVPN won’t be compelled to store or share your data, a requirement in some countries like the US.

However, BulletVPN does require your email address during sign-up for various purposes, such as sending payment notifications, updates, and responses to customer support inquiries. Suppose you’re uncomfortable with them storing your regular email address. In that case, you can use a throwaway email not linked to your other accounts.

Torrenting — Slow and Does Not Offer Port Forwarding

BulletVPN may provide you with slower speeds while torrenting, and it lacks port forwarding, which is a method some VPNs use to help boost download speeds. If you decide to try it, you can connect to Bullet VPNs New York server for torrenting.

However, you might experience maximum download speeds of around 45 kB/s. The upload speed should stay at about 108 KB/s, and there will be a total of 28 peers. It could take hours to download a file that you typically finish in 20 minutes.

In general, BulletVPN’s torrenting performance is disappointing. For faster torrenting speeds, it’s a good idea to explore the top VPNs recommended for P2P file sharing. Nonetheless, it recommends that you exercise extra caution to avoid accessing copyrighted files. It’s important to note that VPNMentor does not endorse or support piracy through torrenting or the downloading and sharing of pirated or illegal content.

Does BulletVPN Work in China? Not Guaranteed

Suppose you’re considering using BulletVPN in China. In that case, it’s important to note that its effectiveness in the country is still being determined. You should contact BulletVPN’s customer support to inquire about the usability of its Hong Kong servers within China. The support agents might need to be certain about this. Still, they could suggest connecting to Chinese servers using the Wireguard protocol.

It’s worth remembering that VPNs not approved by the Chinese government are typically banned in the country. Nonetheless, generally, the VPN administrations themselves are designated by Chinese authorities instead of individual users. To find a VPN that dependably works in China, you can investigate the rundown of the best VPNs suggested for use in the country.

Simultaneous Device Connections — Up to 6 Devices

You can use up to 6 devices simultaneously with BulletVPN without encountering any performance issues. Try connecting BulletVPN on various devices – such as a Windows PC, Android smartphone and tablet, iPad, iPhone, and Mac – and simultaneously stream Netflix on each one. You should not notice any drop in playback quality or experience any buffering.

If you wish to expand the device limit, you can install BulletVPN on your router. Upon setting it up on the router, you can extend the device count to about 10 devices. However, do note that this might lead to a notable decrease in your internet speed.

Installation & Apps

Device Compatibility — Native Support for Limited Devices

BulletVPN’s compatibility is somewhat limited. It provides native apps for Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS, and 2nd Generation Amazon Fire devices (1st generation tech isn’t supported).

Consider utilizing the Smart DNS feature, which enables location changes on numerous WiFi-enabled devices. You can adjust the location on first-generation Amazon Fire TVs, Apple TVs, PS4s, Xbox One(s), Rokus, Smart TVs, Fire Stick, Kodi, and more using an assigned IP address in your device settings. Remember, this feature doesn’t offer full encryption like the VPN; it’s more of a proxy that simulates a different location. For comprehensive security, set up BulletVPN on a VPN-compatible router to connect devices without native apps.

BulletVPN doesn’t have native Linux support. However, you can manually configure it on a Raspberry Pi desktop by following the guides on BulletVPN’s website. Alternatively, you can explore top VPNs specifically designed for Linux.

Setup & Installation — Quick and Easy

Installing BulletVPN was quick and simple, it took you less than 20 seconds to set it up on your PC. The process on iOS and Android was similarly easy. For Android, clicking the download button redirected you to the Google Play Store, where you must install the app within 2 minutes.

The website provides helpful setup tutorials, including a detailed guide for using BulletVPN on devices without dedicated apps by setting it up on a router. Despite these setups being a bit complex, the step-by-step instructions enabled you to configure it on your router in just 20 minutes. This might allow you to secure the connection on your PS4, enhancing its safety.



6 Month

$ 9.16

per month

1 + 2 Years Free

$ 2.49

per month

1 Month

$ 10.98

per month

2023 Updated Prices Of BulletVPN

The monthly and annual plans offered by BulletVPN are fairly pricey. However, the long-term choice is far less expensive. All of the plans have the same features. Thus, the 3-year subscription is the most economical option.

One noteworthy perk BulletVPN provides is that it accepts Bitcoin payments, giving customers a significant edge. While the customer service team assures you that payment information is never kept on file, using cryptocurrency strengthens security. Additionally, BulletVPN accepts a number of payment options, such as PayPal, major credit cards like Visa and Mastercard, and Bitcoin.

A limited-time free trial version of BulletVPN is available, but obtaining it requires contacting customer support. Notwithstanding, it suggests utilizing its 30-day money-back guarantee offer, which ought to give you sufficient opportunity to give it out. It suggests that you drop a couple of days ahead of time to ensure that your solicitation is handled on time.

Reliability & Support

BulletVPN’s customer support is generally helpful but be ready for longer response times due to the absence of live chat or phone support. The sole communication channel is through email. When you reached out to their support team on various occasions for different queries, it took them nearly 24 hours to reply to each email.

Many top VPN providers offer 24/7 live chat support, so it’s disappointing that BulletVPN does not. This becomes particularly frustrating when dealing with cancellations. While you can cancel through the account menu, you’ll need confirmation from the support staff. Given the potential day-long wait for responses, this delay could impact whether you receive a full refund or end up charged for an additional month. If robust customer support is a priority for you, consider exploring VPNs with excellent service.

Compare BulletVPN With The Top VPN Alternative

The Bottom Line

Final Verdict

BulletVPN offers ease of use, a robust privacy policy, and adequate security features. It boasts strong streaming capabilities and fast speeds across most platforms. However, drawbacks include:

  • Elevated ping times that hinder competitive gaming.

  • Server connection issues.

  • Limitations on torrenting and accessing the complete Netflix catalog.


Overall, while BulletVPN has its merits, it falls short in several crucial areas. If you’re looking for a VPN in this price range, consider exploring other options that excel in streaming, gaming, and torrenting, with reliable servers available at a more affordable price. It’s worth trying alternatives that better align with your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (BulletVPN)-

Is BulletVPN a secure choice?

BulletVPN is a safe option. It has successfully passed all of my leak tests, providing solid evidence of its ability to conceal your actual location. Moreover, BulletVPN boasts a kill switch and a range of other security features designed to safeguard your sensitive data.

Can BulletVPN effectively unblock Netflix?

Indeed, BulletVPN can unblock Netflix, though there are a few nuances. While it grants access to Netflix originals without issues, accessing the entire library can be tricky. This might entail additional exploration to find the optimal server location that allows unrestricted access.

Will BulletVPN have a noticeable impact on my connection speeds?

BulletVPN may cause a slight reduction in your speeds, which is common for most VPNs due to traffic rerouting. Nevertheless, I was pleasantly surprised by how well BulletVPN maintained my connection speeds, especially when connecting to distant servers.

📆 Money Back Guarantee (Days): 30

🖥 Mobile app: Yes

📝 Number of devices per license: 6

💻 VPN Plans: www.bulletvpn.com

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