ExpressVPN 2024 Review: Unmatched Speed and Security – But Is It Worth Your Money

ExpressVPN is one of the leading and trusted names in the VPN industry, renowned for its safety and speed. Although other options are available, frequent discounts can enhance its value for money. Other VPNs offer similar security features at lower prices, so investing more in a VPN capable of ExpressVPN is necessary.

To find the answer, you can try extensive checks on desktop and mobile devices across Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS platforms. You can also test its speeds while gaming, streaming, and torrenting. You can also examine its security features, device compatibility, and proprietary Lightway protocol. You might delve into its privacy policy, independent audits, and company history to verify its trustworthiness.

Your conclusion could be that ExpressVPN is tough to beat in almost every aspect. It’s definitely worth the price. It is one of the fastest VPNs you could ever try. It is straightforward to use and equipped with robust security features. Moreover, it’s excellent for streaming securely and offers the best VPN router app you might try. There’s also a money-back guarantee, allowing you to try all of ExpressVPN’s features risk-free. You have 30 days to claim a refund if it doesn’t meet your expectations.

Need more time? Here Are The Key Findings


    • Works seamlessly with top streaming platforms. You and your global team can stream in HD without any buffering.
    • ExpressVPN is one of the fastest VPNs available. When it comes to high-bandwidth activities. And these include gaming or torrenting, no other VPNs come close to ExpressVPN’s speeds.
    • Vast server network. With over 3,000 servers in 105 countries, you’ll always find one nearby to ensure the fastest speeds possible.
    • Military-grade encryption with excellent security features. ExpressVPN has top-notch encryption technology and advanced security features that keep your connection hidden from anyone looking to spy on your data.
    • A proven no-logs policy backed up by independent audits. A leading auditing firm has confirmed its strict no-logs policy in court.
    • Native apps for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, and routers. You’ll get a user-friendly, feature-packed app on every major operating system. However, there’s one that might lack a few features.
    • Works in China. ExpressVPN is one of the few VPNs that still perform reliably in China.
    Long-term subscriptions offer great value. With its long-term plan, you get three extra months of service. Plus, a year of unlimited cloud storage for free. A trusted 30-day money-back guarantee also backs it.


  • Limited customization. ExpressVPN’s app is made for ease of use, so you might find it lacks a few of the more technical tweaks that some of its competitors offer.

ExpressVPN Features — 2024 Update

💸 Price3.49 USD/month
📆 Money Back Guarantee30 Days
📝 Does VPN keep logs?No
🖥 Number of servers5552+
💻 Number of devices per license6
🛡 Kill switchYes
🗺 Based in countryPanama
🛠 SupportLive Chat Support
📥 Supports torrentingYes

Streaming — Excellent Playback Without Loading & Buffering Times

ExpressVPN works great with streaming services. These include Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and BBC iPlayer. For these evaluations, an international team ensured the VPN functioned with all the popular streaming platforms. ExpressVPN constantly updates its servers, so you’ll rarely encounter problems or hurdles.

It even lists all the streaming platforms it currently supports on its website. You and your team can try every platform listed, even some that aren’t, without experiencing difficulties. The only minor drawback is that ExpressVPN doesn’t work with specific Netflix localities or regions. At the same time, you could theoretically use ExpressVPN to access streaming platforms. Especially those who aren’t present in your region. Therefore, be aware that this likely goes against their terms of service. And also may violate copyright laws. In the evaluations detailed here, you and your colleagues would only connect to servers within your countries. You’ll be able to watch the following platforms:

NetflixHuluDisney+BBC iPlayer(HBO) MaxCrunchyroll
Amazon Prime VideoPeacockESPN+Paramount+Rai PlayGloboplay
DStvProSieben6playORFCBC GemVudu
Pluto TVDiscovery+LocastRakuten VikiIPTVAT&T TV
NOW TVITVHotstarCrackleZattooChannel 4
Sky TVbeIN SportsDAZNfuboTVSling TVKodi
ShowtimeApple TVYouTubeSpotifyUKTVCrave

Pro Tip: However, if you’re having trouble watching one of your services, consider the benefits of switching browsers. For instance, if you’re experiencing issues streaming your Max and Hulu libraries on Chrome, try using Microsoft Edge. You might find that your libraries load in just a few seconds. Additionally, clearing your browser’s cache and cookies can also help resolve streaming issues. And if all else fails, don’t forget to try another server in your country.

Important: It’s crucial to understand that this guide promotes responsible VPN usage. We do not support or condone the breaking of copyright laws. As you already know, ExpressVPN promises never to record any of your online activities. However, it’s your responsibility to use the VPN in a responsible manner. This includes adhering to the terms of administration of any site, application, or service you use.

Aligns With: 20+ Netflix libraries, including US, UK, and Japan

You and your international team can watch Netflix securely from your respective countries and stream without interruptions. In these preliminaries, everybody can scramble their association while still having the option to watch their area’s Netflix library.

Since you’re located in the UK, you might start your trials with the London server and log into your Netflix account with no issues.

Your teammates in 20 different countries can also watch their Netflix accounts. In large countries, there might be slightly longer load times utilizing servers on the other side of the country. However, the longest anyone would have to wait is about 5 seconds for videos to start (which is still quite fast).

In addition to the US, you can watch Netflix with ExpressVPN from the following locations:
United KingdomCanadaUnited StatesAustraliaFrance
SwedenNew ZealandHong KongNetherlandsSwitzerland

Tragically, if ExpressVPN only has virtual servers in your country, your library might be restricted to Netflix Firsts. This site form only incorporates the motion pictures and shows that Netflix has, so you pass up district explicit substance. ExpressVPN offers virtual areas in select nations like Argentina, Taiwan, Egypt, and Pakistan.

Works With: Disney+

In several countries where Disney+ is available, you and your team can watch shows like “Not Dead Yet” on Disney+ without buffering.

With zero buffering, you can watch Disney Plus in certain countries, including the US, Canada, Australia, Italy, and the UK. The main issue may be that recordings require around three additional seconds to stack for you or a partner in Australia.


Works With: Amazon Prime Video

One of your team members might encounter a small issue watching Amazon Prime Video, but it should work great overall. You and your team can watch Prime Video in the UK, the US, and Canada.

Your tester in the US might run into an issue with the US servers. Initially, it may not work even when they go through the basic troubleshooting procedures (switching servers, browsers, and protocols). In such a case, contacting support could be a good step.

ExpressVPN backing could propose that it could work better to utilize the program than the application when you’re associated with the VPN in the US. This technique should work for your US journalist, who is fine

Amazon Prime Video

Applicable With: Hulu

Hulu is fundamentally accessible in the US, and your US associate can watch shows and films on the stage in HD with short burden times while associated with ExpressVPN’s US servers.
You can watch your library with seven different ExpressVPN locations in the US.

Works With: Max

Your teammates in the US can also watch the former HBO Max without any problems. “Succession” plays back perfectly with no issues.

Max works great; you can start all your videos immediately in HD, and there is never any buffering


ExpressVPN works with every other platform you try. And these include BBC iPlayer, Peacock, Crunchyroll, ESPN+, and many more. You can even stream the public domain movie “The Wasp Woman” on Kodi.

Since you’re located in the UK, you can try ExpressVPN with BBC iPlayer and experience seamless streams with all 5 UK locations. Your US partner could report that it requires around 10 seconds for recordings to stack on Peacock. Streams start fluffy yet move up to HD in only 2 seconds. Your US team can also try ESPN+, where their live football game loads instantly and plays back without errors. Additionally, they can stream perfectly on Crunchyroll using ExpressVPN US-based servers.

In general, ExpressVPN is a superb VPN for streaming. It additionally works with many well-known virtual entertainment destinations and applications. For example, when trying streaming platforms, you use an international team to access different apps. These include Facebook, Instagram, Google & Google services(like Gmail). Plus, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Tinder, and more.

Speed — Lightning-Fast on Local and Distant Servers

Besides, ExpressVPN provides the fastest speeds of any VPN you’ve tried. You’ll be impressed by ExpressVPN’s consistently quick speeds on both local and long-distance servers. Here are the three aspects you should focus on while analyzing speed results:

Ping is the time it takes information to travel, which is urgent while gaming. The lower the ping, the quicker your bits of feedback are gotten. It’s deliberate in milliseconds (ms).

Download speed is the means by which you rapidly get information, influencing your PC’s presentation while streaming web-based recordings, stacking site pages, downloading, and so on. It’s measured in megabits per second (Mbps).

Upload speed is about how fast you send data, indicating how quickly you can upload videos, post to social media, share files, etc. It’s also measured in Mbps.

You have a dedicated VPN speed tester who tries ExpressVPN servers weekly from the same UK location. This chart displays the average speeds from 10 evaluations done on each server, using the Lightway UDP protocol since it gives the best speeds.

ExpressVPN is inconceivably quick—you haven’t recorded speeds under 75 Mbps. At the end of the day, speeds never dropped by over 38%. To put that into perspective, it’s normal for even the best VPNs to drop your velocities significantly more. For example, a 30% drop on neighborhood servers and up to 85% on significant distance ones are normal outcomes even with quick VPNs. And these are CyberGhost and Private Internet Access.

In June 2022, ExpressVPN started overhauling its servers to diminish stuffing. Transmission capacity on a few famous servers went from 1Gbps to 10Gbps. More than 20 areas, including each US and UK area, have been refreshed.

ExpressVPN’s speed-trying instrument is presently only accessible on the macOS application, which is awful because it used to be on the Windows application, too. It shows the overall distinction in ping (dormancy), download, and transfer speeds between servers to assist you with picking the best VPN server for your requirements.

Local and Distant Servers
VPN's Local Speeds

ExpressVPN’s local servers are the fastest of any other VPN you’ve tried. I don’t remember you experiencing more than a 7% drop in speed. Below, you can see your speed tester’s full base speed with no VPN connection to compare the results.

No VPN (London, UK):
Ping (ms)6
Download (Mbps)121.26
Upload (Mbps)17.03

These trials are performed using a Windows 11 laptop. The first trial uses the “Smart Location” feature, automatically finding an optimal server based on latency, speed, and distance. It connects to a server in London, UK, and the rates barely drop.

London, UK:
Ping (ms)8
Download (Mbps)115.78 (5% drop)
Upload (Mbps)16.37 (7% drop)
Connecting a little farther away to Paris, France, results in very similar outcomes.
Ping (ms)22
Download (Mbps)113.43 (6% drop)
Upload (Mbps)16.27 (7% drop)

Connecting to servers in Germany and Ukraine doesn’t result in noticeable speed drops. The speeds only fall by 5% when connected to a Ukrainian server, which is impressive since it’s over 2,500 km from the UK.

You perform trials on the same servers, and there are no noticeable changes in performance when you browse or stream on any of the European servers from your location in the UK. You can always stream in Ultra HD since you only need 25 Mbps.

Germany and Ukraine
Long-Distance Speeds
Over long distances, you may experience a slight drop in speeds, but the results are still impressive. The Tokyo 2 server, for instance, shows the most significant drop at 38%. However, these results are quite good, considering it’s a staggering 9,294 km from your location. You’ve personally tried VPNs that drop your speeds by a whopping 90% at that distance.
Trying servers on both US coasts gives you the following results:
New York, United States:
Ping (ms)94
Download (Mbps)95.21 (21% drop)
Upload (Mbps)16.21 (6% drop)
Los Angeles, United States:
Ping (ms)160
Download (Mbps)84.96 (30% drop)
Upload (Mbps)14.54 (25% drop)

You try super faraway servers in Australia, India, Brazil, and Japan.

During your attempts, speeds on significant distance servers are still quick enough for high-data transmission exercises. In general, ExpressVPN’s significant distance speeds are perfect, and you can find a quick association regardless of where you are.

United States

Speeds — Exceptionally Fast Speeds on All Servers

I was really impressed by NordVPN’s consistently fast speeds. Every VPN will slow you down a little bit as it sends your traffic to different servers (and the further away a server is, the slower your speeds will be). But while testing different NordVPN servers across the world, I didn’t notice the speed drops at all as there was no difference in my browsing, streaming, or even gaming experience.

I examined 3 main components during the speed tests:

  • Download speed shows how fast the data is downloaded from a server. You need about 5 Mbps for HD streaming and 25 Mbps for 4k streaming.
  • Upload speed shows how fast the data is sent to a server. You need around 2 Mbps for high-quality video calls, and around 5 Mbps to send files quickly.
  • Ping (measured in ms) shows how long it takes for data to travel to and from your device. This is important for gaming, and you need less than 100 ms to play online games without lag.
With NordVPN’s servers, you’ll get fast speeds no matter how far the server is from your location

NordVPN’s fast download speeds allowed me to stream shows for hours without lag or buffering, while the low ping made it easy for me to play games. I even managed to have high-quality video calls thanks to its upload speeds.

While NordVPN’s speeds are impressive once connected to its servers, it took a long time to establish that connection sometimes (especially on US and Canadian ones). Sometimes it took so long (more than 5 minutes) that I had to force-quit the app and reopen it. However, usually after I did this it would connect much faster.

Protocol Speed Tests

Lightway UDP is the fastest protocol during your trials, but there isn’t a huge difference between that and IKEv2. You measure both local (green) and long-distance (yellow) speeds with all protocols. Although OpenVPN is the slowest, your speed never drops below 70 Mbps.

Protocol Speed Tests

Gaming — Seamless, Lag-free Gaming on Nearby Servers

ExpressVPN is a brilliant VPN for gaming as long as you stick to neighborhood servers. You may need help stacking a match on significant distance servers because the ping is excessively high. But this is to be expected — you’ve never found a VPN that lets you game on long-distance servers.

While you’re playing serious internet games, your feedback is vital. For this reason, you need a ping rate under 85 ms. If it takes excessively long for the game to enlist your orders, it quits being entertaining. Indeed, even a brief moment slack puts you in a difficult spot, particularly in games requiring moment responses.

You perform your tries with the fast-paced shooter Team Fortress 2. You start on the London location with a low ping of 8 ms. You find a match in no time at all. You don’t even notice you’re using a VPN during the game.

However, using an FPS on a long-distance server might be impossible. You get the best download speeds from the Chicago location, 6,349 km away. So, you decide to try it with gaming. The quick download rate doesn’t matter because your ping is over 13 times higher than London at 110 ms. You wait 5 minutes for a game to load. After that, you decide to exit out and reconnect. The same thing happens again, so you can’t see how it plays.

Unfortunately, the same issue happens when you try a New York server. It’s only 5,567 km away from you, but you still can’t find a game even after multiple attempts. Because of this, you can only recommend ExpressVPN for game lovers if you know there’s a server nearby.


Server Network — A Wide Collection of Servers Distributed Worldwide

ExpressVPN operates an expansive network of over 3,000 servers distributed across 105 countries. This broad coverage makes it significantly easier for you to secure a swift and reliable connection.

Notwithstanding, utilizing swarming or distant servers could result in diminished speeds. While specific suppliers, such as Private Internet Access, boast much bigger organizations (29,650 servers), ExpressVPN’s determination is sufficiently significant to assist you with carving out neighboring servers at each opportunity.

Server Network

ExpressVPN additionally includes extraordinary inclusion inside nations. For instance, seeing servers on both Australian coasts is great. Servers are likewise in a few nations that other VPNs frequently disregard, including Hong Kong, Venezuela, and Turkey. Just remember that these are virtual locations, which might affect speeds.

City-level servers make it easier for you to optimize your speeds. That’s because they let you know which city a server is in, making it easier to find one nearby.

ExpressVPN doesn’t offer committed/static IP addresses. Some VPNs let you pay extra to utilize one of these, which can be useful if you run a site. Even so, they’re significantly less protected. ExpressVPN blends your IP with other clients’ traffic, making it much harder to follow your data and movement. You’ll connect to a different rotating IP each time you sign in.

While ExpressVPN undeniably claims the IP addresses, they take care of business with outsider server farms. Their responsibility is to keep up with the servers; however, they have yet to admit to the data on them. Upon reaching ExpressVPN, you were informed their accomplices could see traffic coming all through the server. Be that as it may, they don’t have the appropriate accreditations to attach any web-based action to individual clients.

Smart Location

Smart Location is convenient, but you might find faster servers. For example, Smart Location connects you to the Midlands server. Still, when you try the East London location, your speeds are 5 Mbps faster than usual.

Smart Location

TrustedServer Technology

ExpressVPN builds your security and protection by running RAM-just (diskless) servers. They call this TrustedServer Innovation. Slam can’t store any information, so any information from your meeting is erased whenever it’s restarted. Everything, including the working framework, is stacked new with each reboot from a protected read-just picture put away on the hard drive. This builds the well-being of the innovation in the following ways:

  • All of your information is put away in a hard drive.
  • Information is put away for more limited periods.
  • The product is reinstalled each time the server reboots, so they’re refreshed with the most recent security patches.
  • It guarantees the product’s reliability across all servers. With some VPN administrations, the product can fluctuate across servers, leaving some powerless.

Most VPNs store their data on hard drives. This is less secure because hard drives store information until it’s physically erased. ExpressVPN’s servers are rebooted every 14 days. Since these servers won’t store your delicate data, you’d be protected regardless of how frequently they reboot. Notwithstanding, it’s great that they are consistently restarted to ensure they’re continuously running the most refreshed innovation.

ExpressVPN even offers a bug bounty of $100,000 to anyone who can find server flaws. This is one of the highest sums companies offer on Bugcrowd (the website hosting its bug bounties). ExpressVPN doesn’t anticipate that anybody should acquire unapproved server access or track down spills. Thus, this shows you it’s exceptionally certain about the security of its servers.

Obfuscated Servers

Each ExpressVPN server needs to be clearer. Some VPNs allow you to use various servers or unique conventions to access a VPN on networks that block them. You’re happy you don’t need to stress over this with ExpressVPN since each server “jumbles” (stows away) your VPN use. This makes it almost certain that you will interface with ExpressVPN at work or school

Does ExpressVPN Utilize Virtual Destinations? Yes

Under 5% of ExpressVPN’s servers are virtual areas, meaning the actual server is elsewhere. Your new IP address is inside the objective nation. However, the server is in another.

Virtual servers let ExpressVPN offer IPs in nations with prohibitive web approaches. Tracking down safe areas to put a server farm in nations that boycott or confine VPNs can be troublesome. Having no servers in nations like China, Saudi Arabia, and Russia also keeps ExpressVPN outside their purview.

ExpressVPN eliminated actual servers from India in 2022, for instance. The country’s administration passed new regulations requiring VPNs to record clients’ data, such as telephone numbers and addresses. Eliminating actual servers implies ExpressVPN doesn’t need to comply with these regulations despite everything having virtual Indian areas.


Virtual servers can also provide better speeds and more reliable connections. Because some countries don’t have fast or stable internet connections, placing the VPN server in a country with better infrastructure improves the VPN’s performance.

The disadvantage is that these can occasionally bring down your velocities, assuming the server’s genuine Area is farther away than the virtual one. In general, these servers permit ExpressVPN to offer a much more extensive worldwide inclusion than most other top VPNs. For instance, NordVPN only offers servers in 105 nations.

Security — Adaptable Choices to Alter Your Wellbeing Elements

ExpressVPN’s wide assortment of safety elements and military-grade encryption will guard your information. You can try ExpressVPN’s kill switch, split tunneling, and Tor compatibility. Plus, you can compare its protocols and deeply dive into its exclusive Lightway technology. Ultimately, you can investigate the consequences of its outsider reviews to perceive how its framework and practices hold up under a microscope.

Encryption — Military-Grade Protection

ExpressVPN’s encryption technology protects your private information by using 256-bit AES encryption. This combines an AES 256-bit cipher with a 4096-bit RSA key and SHA-512 HMAC authentication. In straightforward terms, your information is uncrackable. Militaria, banks, and states utilize a similar degree of encryption.

The quantity of pieces in a key decides the amount of potential mixes. For instance, 1-bit prompts 2-blends, while eight pieces bring about 256 mixes. However, with 256 pieces, you get a gigantic 78-digit number worth of mixes, making it very hard to decode even a little piece of your information. Indeed, even the most impressive PC would require billions of years to do as such.

ExpressVPN guarantees high security for information moves, such as P2P record sharing, through SHA-512 HMAC verification. It utilizes a common mystery key that permits you, the shipper, and the beneficiary to confirm a record’s legitimacy. Any adjustment in the mystery key would show altering, empowering brief discovery so that any break would be immediately recognized and managed.

ExpressVPN, in a similar manner, uses brilliant forward secrecy. This part changes your encryption key with each logon meeting, ensuring that whether or not one key is compromised, your past and future VPN gatherings stay far apart as they utilize different keys.

Security Conventions — Various Choices for All Gadgets

Security Protocols

ExpressVPN offers various security conventions that allow you to modify the VPN in any circumstance. Conventions are decided that advise the VPN on how to encode your data. You can switch between them in the Windows, Macintosh, Android, and iOS conventions tab. On Linux, you use orders in the terminal.

Besides, every one of the conventions is somewhat unique:

  • Lightway: This convention was created by ExpressVPN, and no other VPN offers it. It depletes less battery and changes between networks consistently, pursuing a decent decision for your telephone. It has both UDP and TCP choices. You can find UDP quicker when you attempt it, yet it’s more blunder-inclined than TCP.
  • OpenVPN: This is the most solid show. It’s open source, and individuals continually explore the code to support it. This show likewise offers UDP and TCP choices.
  • IKEv2: It is generally considered faster than OpenVPN; it might be 1% faster when you try it. You could utilize this show if the others need to be fixed since it’s not as secure. There’s no TCP choice, so several firewalls could discourage it.

Your device offers various protocol options, including an automatic setting that automatically selects the best protocol based on your current connection.

Overall, Lightway UDP is recommended since it offers an optimal balance of speed & security.

NordVPN protocol supportNoNoYes (but only for macOS)YesYes
SecurityNot safe. Easy to hack (NSA monitors traffic that runs through it)Not safe. NSA helped develop this protocol — questionable securitySafe — it was developed by Microsoft and there’s an open-source versionSafe, it uses OpenSSL which is similar to HTTPS encryption (usually uses AES-256 bit encryption)Safe — even though WireGuard on it’s own isn’t that secure, NordVPN combined it with double NAT which made it much safer to use
SpeedsGood, but doesn’t beat NordLynxGood, but doesn’t beat NordLynxGood, but doesn’t beat NordLynxVery good, but doesn’t beat NordLynxVery fast (the fastest protocol available on NordVPN)


Lightway is ExpressVPN’s restrictive convention. It is really lightweight and offers a few benefits, including quick velocities—you could see speeds around 12% quicker than OpenVPN. For gadgets like cell phones, changing to ChaCha20 encryption can additionally improve speed. It utilizes wolfSSL, a cutting-edge cryptographic library known for its military-grade 256-bit encryption, completely explored by outsiders.

Lightway similarly switches networks quickly. Instead of finishing the VPN affiliation, it sits when the sign drops, allowing rapid reconnection when you switch between WiFi and flexible associations. Moreover, Lightway often spreads out relationships in less than a second. With only 2,000 lines of code, Lightway has one of the humblest VPN show code bases, making it more direct to audit and achieving lower battery use.

ExpressVPN has additionally refreshed Lightway to DTLS 1.3, working on the convention in more ways than one. The main VPN uses DTLS (Information Transport Layer Security) variant 1.3. This redesign makes the convention safer, further develops idleness for exercises like gaming, and brings down information utilization.

You also currently get post-quantum insurance with Lightway. While most PCs can’t break standard encryption levels in a reasonable period, cybercriminals with quantum innovation could do it in a few days. Realizing ExpressVPN has refreshed its elite convention with quantum assurance is consoling. You’ll be protected if these assaults become boundless later on.

Even though it doesn’t offer Wireguard, this selective choice is a tantamount substitution that is likewise quick and safe. ExpressVPN’s Lightway convention makes it one of the most mind-blowing VPNs for cell phones. Cure53 has additionally autonomously evaluated the convention, and its center library is open-source (accessible on GitHub).

Leak Test Results

Leak Test Results — Passed

ExpressVPN passed all of your leak tests on Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone apps. In your first set of trials, you might use with 10 different servers.

The picture above shows that every one of your preliminaries just uncovered the Montreal IP address and DNS server you were associated with the application. IPv4, IPv6, WebRTC, and DNS spills are various ways your information can be accessed. Regardless of whether a VPN does extraordinary work safeguarding you from every other angle, releases like these can happen. That is why it’s extraordinary that ExpressVPN has underlying hole security to disguise your information from each technique programmers use to get to it.

Private DNS on All Servers

One reason ExpressVPN might pass your leak tests is its private DNS servers. To move between websites, you need to access a network called the Domain Name Server. A Private DNS server eliminates this middle person, killing another district where your information could be spilled.

You can use your DNS, yet it is recommended that you stay with ExpressVPN’s private DNS servers as often as possible.

Independently Audited

Independent audits by several reputable security firms prove that ExpressVPN is as secure as it claims. These reports have never found any major issues, and each minor vulnerability was quickly fixed.

Out of every VPN you might try, ExpressVPN has undergone the most frequent audits by the largest variety of firms. A-list specialists continually further develop it, and you may be especially intrigued to discover that it has had reviews done by different organizations that check its security strategy.


This firm has evaluated its Lightway convention in 2021, TrustedServer innovation in 2022, and the Chrome and Firefox extensions in 2018. The program expansions are open-source, so anybody with the specialized capacity can perform a comparative check. Its most recent reviews were on the Linux and macOS applications in 2022.

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)

PwC, one of the industry’s leading auditing firms, spent an entire month in 2019 reviewing ExpressVPN’s privacy policy and TrustedServer technology. During this review, they examined the code and interviewed team members.


KPMG, a prestigious audit firm known for servicing various sectors, including insurance and governmental agencies, thoroughly audited ExpressVPN’s TrustedServer technology and its privacy policy in 2022


In 2022, this team, renowned for scrutinizing the security protocols of some of the world’s premier banks, conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the Windows v.12 apps from ExpressVPN. Their rigorous examination revealed no vulnerabilities.

ioXt Alliance

In 2021, ExpressVPN’s Android app earned the ioXt Alliance certification, affirming its robust security standards. The evaluation focused on various aspects to ensure the app’s structural integrity and operational security. This included scrutinizing network security, the storage locations for encryption keys, and the security measures surrounding the app’s software design and update processes.


Following a 2024 incident in which a tech journalist reported potential leaks, ExpressVPN engaged a company renowned for its high-caliber penetration testing to scrutinize its Windows app. The examination uncovered a medium-level risk, which the VPN promptly addressed. The insights gained from these tests inspired ExpressVPN to author a paper published in the engrXiv Engineering Archive. This document details advanced DNS leak testing techniques, setting a new standard ExpressVPN hopes will adopt across the VPN industry

Kill Switch

ExpressVPN’s kill switch, known as “Network Lock,” ensures your internet traffic is halted if your VPN connection drops, maintaining your security at all times. This crucial VPN feature is automatically activated on Windows, Linux, and Mac. Additionally, it allows exceptions for devices on your LAN, such as a WiFi-connected printer, so that VPN issues won’t disrupt your print jobs.

You can physically flip the off button on work areas and versatile stages like Android and iOS. However, this choice isn’t accessible on switch applications. On Android and iOS gadgets, the component is named “Network Protection”. It requires an additional step toward empowerment—set the VPN to “Always On” in your Android settings to enact it.

Kill Switch

Split Tunneling

Part burrowing permits you to bar specific traffic from the VPN burrow, which is valuable for keeping a neighborhood association for exercises like banking. Simultaneously, you’re associated with a worldwide server. This component can likewise be utilized for printing and monitoring data transmission during record downloads by encoding just the torrenting application.

Adding or disposing of utilizations from the overview of special cases is relatively easy. However, you’ll need to disconnect from the VPN momentarily.

Split Tunneling

You could remove your web-based banking application from the passage and attempt this element. After interfacing with a UK server, you ought to be able to utilize your UK banking application without issues, affirming that it functions as promoted.

This component is accessible for Linux, Windows, Android, and switch applications. Sadly, split burrowing isn’t accessible in the iOS application or on macOS gadgets utilizing operating systems 11 and up.

ExpressVPN temporarily removed split tunneling from its Windows app when a reviewer from a well-known tech publication observed DNS request issues while using this feature. It was impressive how quickly they addressed the problem. Their engineers fixed the feature and restored it in just over a week. Due to this incident, they also commissioned an independent audit from Nettitude, which you read about above.

Tor Compatibility

ExpressVPN can be used with Tor (The Onion Router) through the Tor over VPN technique. Peak is a different program that scrambles all information inside its organization, meaning it anonymizes your web-based activities. While regularly connected to the dull web, where a few illegal activities happen, Peak is likewise fundamental for activists and informants to namelessly share vital data.

To use ExpressVPN with Tor, you must first connect to the VPN. This allows you to access Tor even if it’s blocked on your network. You won’t have to worry about being flagged for using Tor, and you’ll gain extra protection against any vulnerabilities in the browser.

Since Tor is highly encrypted, it tends to be slower than traditional browsers. Connecting to the Los Angeles 1 server and then loading up a Tor browser. It might take about 4 seconds, equivalent to your speeds with no VPN connected, allowing you to use Tor without any extra delays.

Advanced Protection

ExpressVPN enhances its security offerings with a suite of Advanced Protection features. These include Threat Manager, an Ad blocker, and Parental controls, each designed to provide a more secure and controlled browsing experience.

Threat Manager

Danger Administrator forestalls sites and applications from speaking with outsiders known to follow your actions or behave in a malevolent way. There’s nothing more irritating than seeing a lot of designated promotions after perusing a site or application. Yet, with ExpressVPN, you don’t have to stress over this.

Danger Chief is accessible on all of ExpressVPN’s applications, including Windows, Macintosh, Android, iOS, and Linux. It’s likewise remembered for the Aircove switch, significantly improving your organization’s security.

VPN's Ad-Blocker

Furthermore, ExpressVPN incorporates a promotion blocker, which you can find to perform emphatically. It blocks around 72% of promotions. While it could be impeccable, it’s superior to most promotion blockers (finding one that blocks everything is difficult).

This feature is currently accessible on Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS apps, and compatibility for Linux is expected to be available soon.

Parental controls

ExpressVPN improves online well-being with unmistakable parental control choices, including a grown-up website blocker. This element empowers you to restrict admittance to unseemly substances across any gadget, making it particularly helpful for overseeing what your kid can see. Like the ad blocker, this functionality is presently available on Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS apps, with a Linux version under development.


ExpressVPN’s work area applications have a programmed update, which guarantees you generally have the most recent functionalities and security enhancements without the issue of manual updates. This consistent, self-refreshing instrument saves you time and exertion.

This feature proves particularly beneficial for users in regions with stringent internet restrictions, like China or the UAE, where manually accessing updates from the ExpressVPN website can be challenging. The automatic updates provide a straightforward solution, keeping your software current without navigating restricted web access.

Privacy — A Trustworthy Company That Won’t Store Your Data

ExpressVPN upholds a strict zero-logs policy and operates independently of the 14 Eyes Surveillance Alliance. The VPN service is a subsidiary of Kape Technologies, which owns several other VPN brands, including CyberGhost and Private Internet Access.

Does ExpressVPN Keep Logs? No

ExpressVPN Keep Logs

ExpressVPN maintains a firm no-logs policy, ensuring your personal information is never recorded, shared, or sold. According to ExpressVPN, the only data collected includes:

  • Details you provide during registration, such as billing information and email address
  • The number and versions of apps you have activated
  • The date of connection (specific times are not logged)
  • The server location to which you connect (without logging the specific IP address assigned to you)
  • The total data transferred each day

You’ll be dazzled by how little data is stored; finding another VPN that gathers less is hard. This is the negligible amount of data expected to keep up with the VPN and keep in touch with clients. It just uncovers that you’ve utilized a VPN eventually—that’s it.

You can pay with digital currency to safeguard your protection and send another email for your records. Try reaching out to ExpressVPN support through the live chat. Moreover, your data, payment, and email information can be deleted, but only after you cancel your subscription.

email for your account

ExpressVPN refrains from gathering the following information:

  • Your IP address or the IP address assigned by the VPN
  • Details of your browsing activities, such as the websites you visit
  • Metadata associated with your Internet usage
  • DNS queries, including the websites you attempt to access

In other words, there’s no record of where you’ve used ExpressVPN or what you’ve done while connected. You can share diagnostic information with ExpressVPN voluntarily. When you download the application, pick “Forget about it” on the “Assist with further developing ExpressVPN” page if you don’t really want to partake.

ExpressVPN started distributing half-yearly straightforward reports in 2024 to reveal any time its lawful office demands client information. Since it stores no recognizable data, it has nothing to share. This transparency is another reason to appreciate its commitment to privacy practices.

Additionally, ExpressVPN’s policy of not keeping logs was tested in 2017. The Turkish government clutched one of ExpressVPN’s servers during an assessment concerning a passing. In any case, they found no information as no data had been taken care of, which supported the believability of the no-logs procedure.

ExpressVPN Global Restricted, the parent organization behind the application, depends exclusively on ExpressVPN for its income. The organization has also teamed up with the Middle for a majority-rule government and Innovation to develop protection freedoms further worldwide. This and its proven track record demonstrate ExpressVPN’s dedication to online anonymity.

Diagnostic information

Based in the Privacy-Friendly British Virgin Islands

ExpressVPN is situated in the English Virgin Islands and doesn’t have information maintenance regulations. This is essential because a VPN organization’s ward guidelines direct its tasks. The British Virgin Islands, known for their stringent privacy laws, make it extremely difficult for prosecutors to obtain a warrant. There is no mass surveillance program there, and they are not part of the 14 Eyes Alliance (or SIGINT Seniors Europe), an agreement among countries to share data about their citizens.

Despite being a British overseas territory, the British Virgin Islands govern themselves independently, which is beneficial since Britain is part of the 14 Eyes Alliance. Although other countries can request data from the BVI high court, the BVI government cannot be forced to disclose information about its citizens or businesses.

Even in the unlikely scenario where another country might try to influence them, you must know that ExpressVPN does not retain customer data. Being situated in such a privacy-friendly jurisdiction provides additional protection for your information, which you might find reassuring.

Does ExpressVPN Work in China? Indeed

You can use ExpressVPN in China; however, it’s ideal to download it before you show up. While only government-supported VPNs are legitimate in China, the public authority principally battles non-endorsed VPNs by obstructing them rather than focusing on people who use them. However, you must read up as much as possible about VPN use in China to be fully aware of the risks involved.

The Chinese government heavily censors internet usage through what is known as the Great Firewall of China. Despite a crackdown on VPNs a few years ago, ExpressVPN was one of the few that continued to function effectively (and still does).

ExpressVPN also has servers in Hong Kong. Although the ping is high (229ms), the Hong Kong 2 server only reduced my speed by 14%. You could utilize this server to get to Chinese streaming stages outside the country. In any case, doing so is probably going to penetrate their terms of administration and intellectual property regulations, so it is suggested that you do as such.

It works the other way around, too: people inside China could hypothetically use servers in foreign locations to access digitally censored sites. 

While ExpressVPN utilizes confusion innovation, it keeps a refreshed rundown of servers that are ensured to work in China. To remain safe, you should investigate because the regulations and guidelines continuously evolve.

The help group affirmed that it works in prohibitive nations like Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE. Explicitly for China, the organization has a site with investigating guidance and suggested servers. These suggestions continually change, so check the rundown each time you interface.


Torrenting — P2P Backing on Each Server for Fast Downloads

ExpressVPN supports P2P file sharing with unlimited bandwidth on every server, making it ideal for torrenting. Unlike many VPNs that restrict P2P to specific servers, with ExpressVPN, you can select the best location near you for optimal speeds. ExpressVPN is compatible with qBitTorrent, Transmission, Vuze, Deluge, uTorrent, and all other major P2P applications. It also works with Kodi, where you can access P2P streaming destinations.

To execute ExpressVPN’s torrenting, you could use uTorrent to download the public space film “A Kid and His Canine.” On a New York server, you can at 2.1 MB/s with 0.44, allowing you to complete a 700 MB record in under 6 minutes.

ExpressVPN allows port sending through its switch application and doesn’t offer a SOCKS5 middleperson. While these functions are primarily used for faster seeding, speedy downloading can still be achieved without them.

It’s critical to note that it doesn’t underwrite unlawful torrenting or streaming activities. It encourages you to download records that are free from copyright limitations to guarantee compliance with the law.


Installation & Apps

ExpressVPN’s work area and versatile applications are alluring, stable, and easy to use. They include a smooth, current plan with a conspicuous power button in the middle. One feature is that the app displays the recent locations you’ve connected to. Additionally, the Windows and Mac apps are identical.

Navigating the app to find your settings is straightforward: click on the hamburger menu. From that point, you can change security conventions, access the split burrowing element, and use switches to turn different highlights on and off, for example, the Organization Lock (or Organization Assurance).

You really want to get to a couple of settings and elements through your ExpressVPN dashboard on its site. When you go to “My Account” and sign in, you’ll approach your enactment code and membership subtleties, and you can change your installment subtleties or view past solicitations. You can likewise change your DNS settings and access your MediaStreamer IPs. You’ll likewise find the arrangement page where all the ExpressVPN applications can be downloaded, joined by a convenient arrangement guide that tells you the best way to introduce it on every gadget.

Installation & Apps

VPN's Setup & Installation

Fast Aide: The most effective method to Introduce ExpressVPN in 3 Simple tasks

Here’s a step-by-step comprehensive guide to install your ExpressVPN quickly:

Windows, Mac, Linux, and Mobile Apps

  • Start by choosing an arrangement. Visit ExpressVPN’s site to start the sign-up process. Pick the membership that meets your requirements and provide your data. ExpressVPN likewise offers a liberal 30-day unconditional promise, permitting you to investigate its administrations with practically no monetary risk.
  • Then, introduce the application. ExpressVPN makes it easy to understand local applications at different stages, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. Download the application onto your picked gadget and inform your initiation code.
  • At long last, interface with a server. ExpressVPN guarantees a solid association for streaming, perusing, gaming, and torrenting.

This technique works for Windows, Macintosh, iOS, and Android gadgets. If you’re using Linux, you’ll have to utilize the order line. It’s almost as fast as introducing the renditions for different stages. ExpressVPN provides detailed arrangement guides on its site.

Setup & Installation

Gadget Similarity — Accessible on a Lot of Equipment

ExpressVPN upholds all major working frameworks across different gadgets. It gives local Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux applications, including a full application for Android television gadgets.

Similarly, You can find neighborhood applications for Apple TVs, Fire Sticks, Amazon Fire TVs, and Chromecast with Google TV. These applications are open through the specific stores of each device. Additionally, ExpressVPN is pre-installed on every TCL smart TV available after 1 February 2024, and these come with a 30-day trial subscription.

You can also encrypt your connection on almost any device with native apps available for many routers.

One great aspect of ExpressVPN is the intuitive nature of the apps across every device. Each app functions similarly, except for the Linux app, which doesn’t have a graphical interface. You would have to interface with it utilizing text orders. Yet, in any case, you could find it very simple to switch servers and access each component utilizing the order line.

While the applications seem comparable, you could see slight contrasts in the highlights accessible with each.

Even with these working frameworks, MediaStreamer permits you to effortlessly associate gadgets that don’t ordinarily uphold VPNs, such as gaming control centers and shrewd televisions. ExpressVPN likewise offers program expansions for Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge.

Personal computers — Applications for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux

The interfaces of ExpressVPN’s Windows and Mac apps are nearly identical, though some features differ. Both platforms support the OpenVPN and Lightway protocols, but IKEv2 is only available on macOS. Additionally, if you’re using macOS 11 or newer, you won’t have access to the split tunneling feature.

You’ll need Windows 7 or newer or macOS 10.11 or older. ExpressVPN has also developed native apps. And these are Apple’s Silicon Mac devices, sometimes called M1 and M2. Many apps require translation to work on these devices, which can lead to issues, but this isn’t a problem with ExpressVPN. Just make sure to update to the latest Mac app for full compatibility with your Apple Silicon technology.

You might find the app straightforward to use on all three desktop versions, although learning the commands for Linux could take some time. Technically, the Linux version doesn’t have a graphical user interface (GUI). While few VPNs offer a GUI for Linux, Private Internet Access provides one you control similarly to the PC or Mac app.

However, ExpressVPN’s unique browser extensions for Firefox & Google Chrome allow you to use the VPN with a GUI. These extensions act as remote controls for the app rather than mere proxies, protecting your entire device rather than just browser activities. The main limitation is that you can’t change settings through the extensions; you can only connect, disconnect, and switch servers.

You’ll need to use command-line instructions to install ExpressVPN and access settings on Linux. For instance, typing “expressvpn connect” in the terminal will reconnect you to the location you last used. The command “expressvpn list all” displays all available servers for you to choose from. While the browser extension is easier to use, you might find yourself accessing the terminal mainly when changing protocols.

Besides split tunneling, the Linux version includes all other essential features found in the desktop apps. Another difference is that it only supports Lightway and OpenVPN protocols and lacks the app shortcuts feature available on Windows and Mac. This feature provides one-click access to websites directly from the app, which you may find rarely useful. ExpressVPN offers apps for Linux users on Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch, and Raspbian systems.

Regardless of your operating system, you’ll receive a feature-rich version of ExpressVPN for your desktop environment.

iOS and Android

The Android and iOS apps are generally similar to the desktop versions.

The Android app version also includes all the same features as the desktop apps, such as split tunneling, kill switch, auto-connect, and a few extras. You’ll notice a crawl at the bottom of the home screen offering tips and linking to ExpressVPN’s blog. An extraordinary element of the Android application permits you to switch off in-application screen captures, forestalling any applications or sneaking around from reviewing delicate data on your ExpressVPN application screen. You should join ExpressVPN’s site before downloading the application through the Google Play Store and guarantee your gadget runs on Android rendition 5.0 or newer.

ExpressVPN Keys, the exclusive secret word supervisor accessible on Android and iOS applications, offers limitless capacity and encryption for all your web-based passwords, working on account access. It likewise includes a secret phrase generator to assist you with making secure, special passwords for each help. Its program extension might utilize Keys on Windows, macOS, and Linux. After a report from IIIT-H detailing vulnerabilities in several Android password managers, ExpressVPN updated this feature for Android, demonstrating its proactive approach to security.

The Android application allows you to choose Lightway UDP or OpenVPN UDP conventions. It incorporates application and site alternate routes (up to 5) that can be added. The Android variant proceeds as well as the workspace rendition, permitting you to stream shows in HD and quickly switch between versatile information and WiFi utilizing Lightway.

Unfortunately, the iPhone app, available through the App Store for iOS version 12 or newer, lacks the split tunneling feature. However, you gain two extra features that are not available on Android: Threat Manager and Parallel Connections. These features protect you from malware and help you connect to the VPN faster on restricted networks. Parallel Connections allows you to connect to a server faster by trying several connection methods simultaneously. For instance, if a school blocks UDP connections, the VPN will also attempt to connect using TCP, saving you time from having to try different protocols manually. ExpressVPN’s iOS application additionally holds the site and application in alternate ways that are accessible on different variants of the application. It offers the Lightway convention (TCP and UDP) and IKEv2.

Web Browser Extensions for Brave, Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Vivaldi

ExpressVPN’s browser extensions offer additional security options but are available only for desktop use. You can find dedicated extensions for Chrome and Firefox. To add it to Microsoft Edge, download it from the Chrome Web Store and allow extensions from other stores in Edge’s settings. This method also applies to browsers like Brave and Vivaldi.

These extensions act more like a remote control for your app than mere proxies, which is beneficial because it grants you all the app’s features. You’ll need ExpressVPN downloaded on your desktop, and connecting via the browser will simultaneously connect the app.

Using the browser extension can help you access platforms like Hulu that require geolocation matching in the browser. Since Hulu can detect your actual location through geo-tracking technology in your device, toggling “Spoof your location” in the extension makes it appear as though you are in the same location as the VPN server, thereby unblocking the platform.

The extension also allows you to block WebRTC leaks. WebRTC is communication software enabled in many browsers that could expose your IP address. When you try this out during your leak checks, you should find that no WebRTC leaks occur.

You can enhance your browsing security further by activating “HTTPS Everywhere.” When a website is available in HTTPS—a more secure version with encryption—ExpressVPN will automatically direct you to it. If you visit different websites with this option enabled, it should consistently provide you with the HTTPS version.

While browser extensions are beneficial, unfortunately, they aren’t available for mobile devices. Furthermore, switching between apps and browsers on a desktop is straightforward, but it becomes cumbersome on a touchscreen. Although there are extensions for Chromebooks (which run ChromeOS), syncing issues might occur, so they are not recommended. Additionally, the lack of a Safari extension is a notable drawback.

Dedicated Router Applet

ExpressVPN offers a browser-based app for routers and manual configuration options for selected devices, which sets it apart for its ease of use. Few VPNs out there provide such a sleek app for routers.

By introducing the application along these lines, you gain a few benefits. You’ll approach ExpressVPN’s whole server organization, getting all gadgets associated with your home organization, including those that typically do not support VPN software. This is especially useful if you want to use ExpressVPN with your Roku.

Besides, it allows you to scramble your association and sidestep, choking on game control centers, brilliant televisions, and different streaming gadgets, including more seasoned Chromecast models. Notwithstanding, the greatest aspect of introducing a switch is the capacity to safeguard a limitless number of gadgets.

The router app includes features like a kill switch and split tunneling. Plus, the setup guide is easy to follow, and you can be up and running in under 10 minutes. The ExpressVPN app is compatible with numerous Asus, Linksys, and Netgear router models.

It’s critical that introducing ExpressVPN’s firmware on your switch will supplant the first firmware. If done mistakenly, this might discredit your guarantee and harm your innovation. Simply follow the instructions on ExpressVPN’s site cautiously and look for help from their day-in and day-out help on the off chance that you want it.

This is the way to set up ExpressVPN on your switch:

  • First, perform the initial internet setup for your router. Then, navigate to the ExpressVPN download page and search for your router model to download the appropriate firmware.
  • Log in to your router’s admin panel through your browser. The default address is usually
  • Once logged in, go to the “Administration” section within the “Advanced” tab. Then, click “Browse.”
  • Navigate to the folder containing the downloaded firmware. Select the file and click “Update.” After the installation, you may need to reconnect your router using the factory settings.
  • Visit and follow the step-by-step instructions provided to complete the setup.
  • Select a VPN server. You can now manage your ExpressVPN router app via the dashboard.

Note: The setup guide offers detailed instructions specific to your router model. The methods above were used to set it up on a Netgear Nighthawk R6400v2, so the methods for your switch differ slightly.

ExpressVPN has recently refreshed its switch programming, including an auto-update highlight (for renditions v2.7.0 and up) so you never again need to reinstall when overhauls and updates are offered physically. For further developed security, it presently uses OpenSSL rendition 1.1.1k. Furthermore, new Linksys WiFi drivers have been executed to add dependability.

You can likewise make particular gatherings that each associate with various servers. This component, called Gadget Gatherings, is exceptionally direct to utilize; you can easily migrate your gadgets to the connection point.

This feature makes ExpressVPN stand out, as nearly every other router setup requires you to connect everything to one server.

You can likewise physically introduce ExpressVPN on switch models from Asus, D-Connection, DD-WRT, Netduma, Sabai, Tomato, TP-Connection, and Xiaomi. However, manual setup is additional tedious, and you’ll simply have the option to switch IPs.

The most straightforward method for getting set up is to purchase a switch with ExpressVPN pre-introduced. Even so, this is the most costly technique. The ExpressVPN website offers several routers with firmware that is already configured for you.

ExpressVPN has additionally introduced Aircove 6, its WiFi switch. ExpressVPN’s pre-introduced switch application gives you partition your gadgets access to five specific gatherings, each associated with isolated servers.

Its WiFi 6 innovation provides quick rates, and there’s even a convenient form called Aircove Go, which doesn’t need an ethernet link to interface. Since you can travel completely wirelessly, it’s great if you use a lot of tech. Cure53 has also verified the security of every version of Aircove in an independent audit.

MediaStreamer Works with Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, Apple televisions, and brilliant televisions, and that's just the beginning.

MediaStreamer (SmartDNS intermediary) permits you to interface ExpressVPN to gadgets that regularly don’t work with VPNs, like gaming control centers and shrewd televisions. These gadgets don’t uphold VPN use; however, you can adjust your default DNS servers. This includes supplanting the DNS server address in the gadget’s web settings with the MediaStreamer’s IPs.

Remember that MediaStreamer is just meant for streaming and isn’t equivalent to a VPN—you can’t switch between different areas. When you associate with the MediaStreamer DNS, you will be exposed to US and UK areas. That implies it very well might be hypothetically conceivable to access streaming content beyond your area, yet recollect that this will presumably be viewed as copyright encroachment and conflict with their terms of administration.

Designing a gadget with MediaStreamer will go through one of your eight synchronous gadget associations. It additionally doesn’t encode your traffic or conceal your IP address, so you will not get the same protection as utilizing the full VPN application. However, you probably won’t record any speed contrast while utilizing it.

It can take you less than 5 minutes to set up MediaStreamer on your LG smart TV. All you have to do is register your IP in your ExpressVPN account. You will be given new MediaStreamer IPs; entering the new address into your TV’s network settings only takes a few seconds.

If you live in the UK and have a colleague in the United States, they can try streaming with the US MediaStreamer IP. They might be happy to find they can stream on platforms like Hulu, Max, Amazon Prime Video, and US Netflix without a VPN.

During your preliminaries in the UK, you could watch neighborhood content like Channel 4 and BBC iPlayer on MediaStreamer’s UK IP. For applications with various substance libraries. These are Netflix and Amazon Prime Video), MediaStreamer defaults to the US renditions, so kindly know about this if you’re in an alternate country. Since we’re against all types of copyright infringement, we encourage you to only get to locales like this with MediaStreamer if you’re in the US.

MediaStreamer helps you watch your #1 stages on gadgets that don’t typically support VPNs. If you require the full usefulness and wellness features of a VPN, utilizing ExpressVPN’s dedicated switch application is ideal.

Simultaneous Device Connections — Connect 8 Devices

With all its plans, you can simultaneously use ExpressVPN on eight devices. Impressively, they bumped this up from the previous offer of 5 devices without raising prices. This is more than most VPNs allow, but a few, such as Surfshark, Private Internet Access, and IPVanish, offer unlimited connections.

You can get limitless associations if you set up ExpressVPN on your switch. Due to the local switch application and firmware, it’s simpler to set up and use than most other VPNs. After you set up your switch, you’ll likewise have limitless gadget associations.

To try this feature, you can set up ExpressVPN on your laptop, PC, iPhone, Android tablet, and through MediaStreamer on your LG smart TV. You can access different streaming platforms while playing multiplayer online games like Doom Eternal. The recordings will generally stay in quality or cradle, and the game will stay strong. In this way, you will not need to stress over concurrent associations influencing ExpressVPN’s exhibition.

Great Value, Especially on Long-Term Plans

Remember, you can choose from three different membership plans, with the longest contribution being the best value. The one-month plan is perfect if you’re uncertain whether you’ll require a VPN in the long haul; however, at nearly $13/month, it’s really costly compared with other VPNs.

While both the 6- and year plans require upfront installment, you save impressively. For a year, it’s just $6.67/month, which is 49% less expensive than the 1-month plan, and you get three free months.

For many, ExpressVPN is worth the price because it ranks as one of the best VPNs they’ve tried. While solid VPNs are available for less, ExpressVPN stands out in speed, reliability, customer service, privacy, and security. ExpressVPN’s year plan offers the best worth, a couple of dollars more each month than its least expensive rivals. Additionally, unlike other VPNs (for instance, Surfshark) that offer extraordinary introductory arrangements and afterward increment costs emphatically on reestablishment, ExpressVPN’s evaluation is clear. What you see is what you get.

You can buy ExpressVPN with Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Qiwi Wallet, Maestro, Bitcoin, and many more choices. If you pay with digital currency and utilize another email, you can join namelessly.

You likewise have as long as 30 days to request a discount if you’re dissatisfied with it. To try this money-back guarantee, you can contact live chat support to request a refund. They will inquire why you are leaving and should quickly approve the cancellation.

The main exemption is iPhone clients requesting ExpressVPN through the Apple Application Store. Here, you get a 7-day preliminary and need to demand a discount from Apple if you choose not to go on after those seven days are up. They will not be committed to maintaining the 30-day unconditional promise. Therefore it’s suggested that you generally join ExpressVPN’s site. You can download it on your telephone and sign in later.

One more cash-saving tip is to allude to a companion. When you do this, you get 30 days of assistance with the expectation of a compliment. Under your record settings, you’ll see a little gift bundle symbol where you can enter their email.

Reliability & Support

Friendly, Knowledgeable, and Quick to Respond

Getting to ExpressVPN’s live visit every minute of every day is really simple. When you interface, you’re quickly associated with a genuine human, not an irritating bot like numerous other VPNs. Its support team is well-informed and knowledgeable—it typically takes only a few minutes for the team to answer your questions.

You could end up reaching support on different occasions; for example, if you reach them north of 20 times while looking into their administration, you can anticipate a reaction from a specialist in no less than 10 seconds without fail. They generally have the solutions to your inquiries, albeit, at times, it could take them 2 or 3 minutes to explore intense questions. You can likewise demand a record of your discussion or request that the specialist send replies over email.

Finding information about browser extensions on tablets or Chromebooks on the website might be challenging. However, a support team member will respond after a few minutes with everything you need to know about these devices.

ExpressVPN’s site has an enormous library of FAQs, arrangement guides, and video instructional exercises. If you want to avoid conversing with a live specialist, you’ll likely track down your responses there. The site additionally permits you to utilize its tagging framework or send direct messages.

The ExpressVPN site is relatively easy to explore and has accommodating assets. It’s likewise accessible in 17 dialects, including English, Spanish, French, and Dutch.

The Bottom Line

Conclusion — Unwavering quality, Maximum velocities, and Brilliant Security Make it Worth the Cost.

ExpressVPN is the quickest and most solid VPN you’ll ever utilize. It’s also perfect for streaming, and you can enjoy support for free HD streams. Every recording you watch will load very quickly without issues.

Concerning security, ExpressVPN is defended. Its military-grade encryption and confidential DNS servers will assist it with passing the absolute of your break attempts. It also has a super no-logs method and is settled in the security-inviting English Virgin Islands. The system has also been evaluated, so you can trust its consistency.

The fundamental negative is that it’s more absurd than other VPNs. Considering its presentation and overflow of components, it merits the work. Likewise, you can ceaselessly use the unrestricted commitment, accepting for a moment that you’re unsatisfied with it. Overall, ExpressVPN is recommended to anyone interested in using a VPN. It’s worth it for the price.

FAQs on ExpressVPN

Can you trust ExpressVPN's security measures?

ExpressVPN ranks highly in terms of security and trustworthiness. It employs AES-256-bit encryption, which secures your data behind a formidable 78-digit key that no existing computer can decipher. Moreover, its automatic kill switch feature ensures your IP address remains shielded, even in the event of a VPN server disconnection. Crucially, ExpressVPN adheres to a strict no-logs policy, meaning it does not store any information about your location or online activities. This policy was robustly validated in 2017 when Turkish authorities confiscated ExpressVPN servers and could not find exploitable data.

Additionally, ExpressVPN benefits from being headquartered in the British Virgin Islands, a locale free from mandatory data retention laws and outside the reach of the 14 Eyes surveillance alliance. This jurisdiction means that ExpressVPN is not compelled to disclose user data to any government. Despite its connections to Britain, it operates autonomously with its own laws.

Does NordVPN work with Fire TV Stick?

Yes, NordVPN has a native app for Fire TV Stick (version 2 or later) that you can download from the Amazon App Store. Once you download the client and log in, you can find the server in the country you need and connect.

Thanks to its large server network, you can easily unblock Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max and dozens more. Plus, you can watch live TV streaming platforms.

What types of devices are compatible with ExpressVPN?

NordVPN has a CyberSec feature and the more advanced Threat Protection feature that blocks ads, malware, and trackers. I tested it out and it blocked ads on BuzzFeed, Forbes, DailyMail, and other ad-heavy websites. It even stopped me from accessing a few websites with malware which is great since only a small number of VPNs offer an ad-blocking feature.

This feature is really easy to set up. All you have to do is go to the settings page and press a button. As soon as you connect to a server, NordVPN will block ads and you’ll be able to browse without interruptions. This can even boost your loading times without that extra content.

Will NordVPN allow me to watch TV?

ExpressVPN is versatile and can be used on virtually any internet-connected device. Here’s how you can utilize ExpressVPN across various platforms:

Where is NordVPN based?

Supported Devices with Native Apps:

  • Windows PCs (Windows 7 and later)
  • Macs (macOS 10.10 and above)
  • Linux systems (Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch, Raspbian)
  • iPhones and iPads (iOS 12+)
  • Android phones and tablets (Android 5.0+)
  • Select routers from Asus, Linksys, and Netgear
  • Android TV
  • Amazon Fire Devices (including Fire TV, Fire Tablets, and Fire Stick)
  • Nvidia Shield
  • Apple TV
  • Chromecast with Google TV
  • TCL smart TVs (on models sold from 1 February 2024 onwards)

By setting up ExpressVPN on your router, you extend VPN protection to any WiFi-enabled device, including earlier generations of Chromecast, various smart home systems, and any smart TV model.

For devices without native app support, use the MediaStreamer feature:

  • Gaming consoles like Xbox (all models), PlayStation 4 and 5, Wii U, and Nintendo Switch
  • Smart TVs from brands like Samsung, Vizio, Sony, LG, and others
  • Streaming gadgets such as Roku
  • Routers not compatible with ExpressVPN’s dedicated app

This setup ensures comprehensive coverage, enhancing your internet privacy and unlocking global content across all your devices..

How does ExpressVPN compare to NordVPN in terms of performance and features?

I’d suggest you pick ExpressVPN over NordVPN. Both are extraordinary VPNs, and NordVPN certainly offers incredible incentives for the cash. ExpressVPN is the quickest VPN you’ll attempt. It additionally gives more steady associations, limiting interferences or drops in the VPN association — an issue you could have previously encountered with NordVPN.

Yes, ExpressVPN works with Netflix. You and your international testers can watch Netflix securely from 20 countries. Testers in the UK can also watch Disney+ and BBC iPlayer. At the same time, your US team should have no problem streaming Hulu and Amazon Prime Video. It works with each web-based feature you take a stab at, furnishing HD video with zero slack.

While you can hypothetically use it to access Netflix libraries or streaming stages that are inaccessible in your area, this may conflict with intellectual property regulations. You and your group excuse no criminal behavior and suggest following the guidelines of any site, application, or administration you use.

There’s no free plan available, but some devices still offer a free trial. However, I recommend utilizing ExpressVPN’s money-back guarantee instead of a free trial.

The free trial for desktop users was discontinued, but a 7-day trial is still available on an iPhone or Android. I don’t recommend it because it prevents you from taking advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee. You also need to cancel at least 24 hours before the trial ends. Lastly, these free trials are managed through the Apple and Google Play stores, meaning you can’t contact ExpressVPN’s 24/7 live chat to request a refund.

First and foremost, you can get plans for as low as $6.67/month. Large, momentary plans are more costly than long-haul ones. By buying into a drawn-out plan, you save 49%, which contrasts month-to-month designs. Select the yearly arrangement, particularly since you’ll, in any case, have 30 days to demand a discount on the off chance that you could do without it.

No, dropping your membership with ExpressVPN is exceptionally direct. If the help fails to address your issues, you have 30 days to demand a total discount. You can try the unconditional promise yourself and see that it’s reliable. Moreover, it just requires a couple of moments to make your solicitation via its live talk, and your cash will be returned in three days or less.

Indeed, you can use ExpressVPN in China. ExpressVPN has servers in Hong Kong and is known as one of the most mind-blowing VPNs in China. Notwithstanding, ExpressVPN is restricted in China, and my group and I suggest you research the standards and guidelines before utilizing it. Generally, fighting non-approved VPNs involves blocking the technology rather than tracking down individuals who use it. It’s also a good idea to download the VPN before you enter the country if you plan to travel there.

Indeed, ExpressVPN is an incredible decision for Canada. Its huge server organization and strong security highlights offer you a dependable and secure VPN experience as a Canadian client.

ExpressVPN displays an expansive overall server association, remembering regions for various Canadian metropolitan networks. This helps you achieve speedy and trustworthy affiliations. Whether you’re conducting Canadian undertakings, using financial organizations, or essentially examining the web, ExpressVPN provides dependable servers to ensure a reliable experience while you’re in Canada.

Indeed, the thing that matters is so little you’ll scarcely see it. Any VPN will dial back your association because encoding and directing traffic through its servers requires investment. In any case, utilizing ExpressVPN’s nearby servers could decrease your download speed by 7%. This is significantly less than many other VPNs typically cause, making it an impressive stat. It also provides the fastest long-distance speeds you might ever experience.

Money Back Guarantee (Days): 30Number of devices per license: 8
Mobile app: YesVPN Plans:

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Our Score: 9.7

Our Score: 9.7

Our Score: 9.7

Our Score: 9.7

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