FastestVPN Review

When you tried FastestVPN’s first iteration, you weren’t impressed. It could have been better for streaming, and its security features needed to be improved. So, can its latest overhaul change your mind? Yes. FastestVPN has undoubtedly improved, including security options, better unblocking capabilities, and increased protocol support. However, the VPN still has some issues that need attention. It’s a good service, but better and more reliable VPNs are at a similar price. And is FastestVPN the fastest VPN? You’ll find everything you need to know in your full review.

Short on time? Here are the key findings:


  • Unblocks popular streaming platforms. You can access various Netflix libraries (including India, the US, and Japan) as well as Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+ and BBC iPlayer.
  • Strong security measures and a good privacy policy. FastestVPN has upgraded its apps with the help of kill switches. And it has an inbuilt, trustworthy no-logs policy.
  • Torrent support on most servers. Only servers in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, India and South Korea. And are unsuitable or inappropriate for P2P traffic.
  • Simple, user-friendly apps with great compatibility. The VPN supports almost every device & platform.
  • Works in China. However, you need to configure the VPN — which can be tricky manually.
  • 24/7 Live Chat support. The customer service team was prompt & helpful but couldn’t answer all your questions.


  • Speeds can be inconsistent across the network. Some servers gave you an incredibly fast connection, but others made your internet almost unusable.
  • 500+ servers in 39 countries. That’s a fairly small server network, but a server exists in Russia (although it didn’t work for you).
  • Frustrating connection issues. Several servers you tried wouldn’t connect, and you had to restart the app a few times.

2024 Update Features Of FastestVPN

💸 Price1.66 USD/month
📆 Money Back Guarantee15 Days
📝 Does VPN keep logs?No
🖥 Number of servers500+
💻 Number of devices per license10
🛡 Kill switchYes
🗺 Based in countryCayman Islands
🛠 Support24/7 Live Chat Support
📥 Supports torrentingYes

Streaming: Unblocks Mostly Famous Platforms

Unblocked: 9 Different Netflix libraries, HBO Max, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, Hulu and more

When you try FastestVPN for streaming, you’ll find it unblocks all popular platforms. You can access 9 different Netflix libraries: Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, and more.


FastestVPN provides 10 streaming servers to unblock content from the US, the UK, India, Japan, Italy, and Canada. Each server lets you unblock full Netflix libraries, not just Netflix Originals. This means you can easily access a wide variety of content from different regions.

It only took a few seconds to load movies and shows

In addition to the major streaming platforms, FastestVPN unblocks Netflix libraries in South Korea, Portugal, and Switzerland. Whether you want to watch Ash vs. Evil Dead on a US server or Terrace House on a Japan server, you’ll find region-specific programs easily.

Every video I tested streamed in the highest quality available

While most of the servers perform well, you may encounter some issues with a few. For example, there might be minimal buffering with Netflix US, and you might experience a poor connection on the Streaming India 1 server. On rare occasions, like the Zurich 1 server from Switzerland, you may have to wait longer for content to load.

I recommend using the US streaming server for the best video quality

Disney+ is generally accessible with no problems on FastestVPN. HBO Max may require a short 20-second wait before your show starts, but the streaming quality is good once it does.

I only had to wait a few seconds to load an HD video that played back without buffering

Overall, FastestVPN excels at unblocking streaming platforms, passing all tests. It even reliably unblocks sites like Hulu and Amazon Prime Video, known for their anti-VPN technologies.

I watched for over 30 minutes, and the quality was bad the whole time

However, it’s important to note that FastestVPN’s slow speeds occasionally affect your streaming experience. For example, Hulu videos may need to be of better quality, and there may be delays in loading content and browsing menus. So, while it helps you access all the top platforms, be prepared for inconsistent connections and variable streaming quality.

Speeds: Inconsistent Speeds That Become Worse Over Long Distances

FastestVPN is not the fastest VPN, after all. When you try it, you’ll see that its speeds may vary. You can speed-test servers in 5 countries at varying distances from your location to gauge how the VPN’s speeds hold up across its network. Your results may show that while some servers are okay, FastestVPN’s speeds could be more consistent. This might surprise you, considering it has upgraded to 10 Gbps servers.

Start by testing your base connection to see how the VPN affects your speeds.


Without a VPN (Austin, Texas):

  • Ping: 18

  • Download Speed: 294.98 Mbps

  • Upload Speed: 251.56 Mbps


In your case, Ping refers to the time (in milliseconds) it enables getting a response from accessing one website or server. It might be affected by physical far away distances. The smaller the number, the less distance your traffic has to travel. Consequently, the faster your speeds will be. This is especially important for online gaming.

Download and upload speed, in your context, are measured in megabits per second and refer to how quickly (or slowly) data travels to or from your device. The higher the download speed results in faster browsing, streaming, and torrenting. Fast upload speeds are important for activities like posting on social media, video calls, and uploading videos to YouTube.

When you try them out, let’s look at the outcomes from 2 US servers, Streaming USA and St. Louis 1.


Streaming USA:

  • Ping: 69

  • Download Speeds: 123.84 Mbps

  • Upload Speeds: 66.25 Mbps


US Server (St. Louis):

  • Ping: 108

  • Download Speeds: 24.66 Mbps

  • Upload Speeds: 53.65 Mbps


The US streaming server reduced your speeds by 58%. When you try it, you’ll notice it’s located in New York, about 2,800 km away. Most top-rated VPNs will only lower your speeds by 10-15% at that distance. However, download rates of 123 Mbps are still sufficiently fast enough for all online activities. Whether it’s about torrenting or streaming ( it only requires 25 Mbps to enjoy watching Netflix in HD(Ultra One).


Suppose the St. Louis server is only 1,400 km away, but it dropped your speeds by 92%. This is a significant drop, which explains why you experienced streaming issues. With FastestVPN, it’s tough to predict how servers will perform, as most VPNs tend to get slower as servers get farther away. Overcrowding might be a factor contributing to some servers needing to be faster. Unfortunately, FastestVPN doesn’t provide a way to see how crowded servers are.

I expected the Double VPN feature to give me the worst speeds, but the server in Japan was the slowest

Misawa, Japan, is around 10,000 km away, and this server gave you the worst results when you tried it.


Streaming Japan (Misawa):

  • Ping: 231

  • Download Speeds: 6.73 Mbps

  • Upload Speeds: 10.85 Mbps


After keeping Japan on the other side of the world from you, you’d expect the distance to slow you down somewhat — but when you try it, you’ll find that 6.73 Mbps is barely fast enough to stream. And even for browsing the internet and torrenting.

Are FastestVPN’s Speeds Fast Enough for Gaming? No

FastestVPN needs to be faster for you to play Rogue Legacy 2. It’s not the fastest game around, but when you try it, you’ll experience relevant lag even on the Dallas server, which is close to where you live. Ideally, you want a ping below 100 ms at the minimum to play online games, ensuring that the character that quickly reacts to your inputs is enough for you to enjoy the game. In your case, your ping was below 100 ms. But there was still more than enough lag to make progress in the game.


When you changed the VPN location to Australia, the game server wouldn’t even load. While you expected a slower connection since Australia is on the other side of the world from you. You may have noticed that you’ve tried other VPNs and Australian servers that aren’t this slow.

Server Network: Small And Unreliable Network Connections

FastestVPN has 500 servers in 39 countries, making it one of the smallest VPNs you’ve tried. Having so few servers means overcrowding is a big risk, leading to congestion and slowing connection speeds.


What may disappoint you is that the VPN’s website claims to have more servers in many countries. When you counted the servers available to you in the FastestVPN app, did you realize the numbers or digits on their website were wrong? Many VPNs claim to have more servers than they actually provide, but it makes you trust a service less when you feel it’s misleading. Coverage is quite good across Europe and Asia. Still, South America is almost entirely left out (only 3 servers in Brazil). There are no such existing locations in Africa.


The best coverage is in the USA, with 14 server locations varying from the West to the East Coast. You can even tap and hold any server to add it to your favorites list. Overall, you appreciated how easy it was to move between the three server types (regular, streaming, and double VPN).

Once you pick your server type, you choose a city by clicking the little orange arrow

There’s also a server available in Russia. This is hard to find; many VPNs shut down their Russian servers after Roskomnadzor, which is Russia’s censorship agency. It usually starts to demand access to all VPN servers that come within Russian borders. In this case, FastestVPN is small enough to slip under the radar.


Sadly, you were never able to connect to FastestVPN’s Russian server. You tried several times but couldn’t get the server to work for you — so you couldn’t test whether it worked with Russian geo-blocked sites.


Indeed, connection issues dogged most of your testing process. Many times, you waited over a minute for servers to load. Eventually, you’d have to exit the app and reopen it to connect to a server. This happened with servers located worldwide. That’s the worst because, when it’s working, servers connect super fast (within 5 sec.).


FastestVPN’s customer support team recommends switching security protocols if you have connection issues (which suggests this is a common complaint). A live support agent told you to log out and connect to either UDP or TCP rather than setting the protocol to automatic. It seemed to work temporarily, but the problem usually came back.

Security: Impressive Safety Measures Protect You Online

When you try FastestVPN, you’ll discover a wide range of sophisticated security features that leave a strong impression. You’ll be particularly impressed with the ad blocker and the added layer of protection from the NAT firewall. FastestVPN offers three double VPN servers for you to connect to, enhancing your security with extra encryption. The best part? These servers won’t noticeably slow down your internet speed compared to the regular locations. However, as you delve deeper into the service, you’ll find that not all features are available on every device. Keep in mind that FastestVPN doesn’t work with the Tor network either.


When you use FastestVPN, you’ll experience AES 256-bit encryption across all its apps. This is the highest encryption level available, often called “military-grade encryption.” With 256-bit encryption, your internet traffic becomes virtually impossible to decipher while connected to the VPN. No one can try to monitor or track your online activity.

Security Protocols

FastestVPN operates with a relatively small network of 500 servers across 39 countries. This limited server count raises concerns about overcrowding, which can lead to slower connection speeds. Interestingly, the VPN’s website claims to have more servers than actually available in its app, which can be misleading.


The server coverage is reasonably good in Europe and Asia. Still, South America is notably underserved, with only three servers in Brazil. Unfortunately, there are currently no server locations in Africa. The US boasts the most extensive coverage, with 14 server locations spanning the West to East Coast.


FastestVPN offers three server types: streaming, regular, and double VPN, and switching between them is straightforward. Notably, a server is listed in Russia, although you needed help connecting to it during testing.


Connection issues were a persistent problem during testing, with prolonged server loading times, often requiring app restarts for successful connections. FastestVPN’s support recommends changing security protocols or logging out and connecting via UDP or TCP to address these issues, suggesting it’s a common concern.

FastestVPN’s server network and connectivity experiences during testing raise some reliability and performance concerns.

Leak Protection

You won’t experience any leaks when you try FastestVPN. Your IP address will be successfully masked on all 6 servers you test.

It also comes with IPv6 and WebRTC leak protection

FastestVPN enhances security by utilizing private DNS servers. This crucial feature guarantees the concealment of your real IP address, instilling greater confidence in protecting your online privacy.

Kill Switch

FastestVPN’s apps come with a crucial feature known as a kill switch. What this does is, if your VPN connection happens to disconnect unexpectedly, the kill switch immediately blocks your internet access. This is a vital privacy measure because it ensures that none of your sensitive information or online activities are accidentally revealed to your internet service provider during such disconnections. So, it acts as a fail-safe, keeping your data secure even if your VPN momentarily drops.


Moreover, FastestVPN enables the kill switch on your macOS app automatically. There is no option to turn it off — but you wouldn’t want to anyway.


On FastestVPN’s Android app, enabling the kill switch might show a notification that it’s incompatible with IKEv2. You’ll need to switch to TCP or UDP protocols to use the kill switch on Android. Remember that this may impact speed and security compared to IKEv2 or OpenVPN.

NAT Firewall

FastestVPN’s servers are equipped with a NAT firewall, which serves as a protective barrier for your device. This firewall actively blocks any unwanted or potentially harmful internet traffic from reaching your device, providing an additional advanced security layer for your online activities.


Only a handful of VPNs offer a NAT firewall, a bonus for safeguarding your device against hackers and cyber threats. When you try FastestVPN, you’ll benefit from this added layer of security.

Ad Blocker and Malware Protection

FastestVPN has a built-in blocker for ads. When you try it, you’ll find that the ad blocker works effectively on several social media sites and YouTube, successfully removing ads frequently.

This impressed me because most VPN adblockers are useless against YouTube's ads

FastestVPN includes an ad blocker, which is excellent for stopping annoying pop-ups and safeguarding your device from potentially harmful links often found in ads.

Regarding malicious links, FastestVPN also claims to include built-in malware protection in the VPN. However, its customer support team needed to be more specific about how this feature works.


FastestVPN’s “malware blocker” is a protective tool that identifies potentially harmful websites or links. Instead of actively removing malware, it operates by alerting or blocking access to sites known to contain malware, enhancing your online security by adding an additional or advanced layer of protection against digital threats.


Suppose you don’t receive any alerts or click on any suspicious links during your tests. In that case, the malware blocker may never activate for you.

Smart Tunneling

FastestVPN supports Smart Tunneling (split tunneling), but it’s available only on Android. Moreover, split tunneling is a useful feature that lets you choose which internet traffic goes through your VPN. For example, you can use your VPN to access a different Netflix region while keeping your local Google results unaffected by excluding Google from the VPN.


Rather than selecting websites to allowlist, your FastestVPN Android app lets you choose which apps you want to run through the VPN and which you don’t. You’ll find this useful for browsing privately on your Brave browser while accessing your online banking app via your ISP as normal. Using a VPN with your banking app can trigger security alerts. Unfortunately, this feature isn’t available on the other VPN apps or applications.

Privacy: A Strict No-Logs Policy & Privacy-Friendly HQ

Who Owns FastestVPN and Is It Safe?

You might be wondering who owns FastestVPN and whether it’s safe to use. FastestVPN is owned by Fast Technology Ltd., founded by Pakistani businessman Azneem Bilwani. FastestVPN is headquartered in the Cayman Islands, known for its privacy-friendly environment. This location shields it from the surveillance network of the 5/9/14-Eyes Alliance and eliminates the burden of mandatory data retention laws. Additionally, the company’s founder, Mr. Bilwani, brings valuable expertise with a background in IT and digital marketing, adding credibility to the service. When you try FastestVPN, you can have confidence in its privacy-friendly jurisdiction.

Logging Policy

FastestVPN maintains a strict no-logs policy, and when you delve into its full Privacy Policy to make sure no red flags are hiding in the small print, you’ll be happy with what you see:

The privacy policy shows that FastestVPN doesn’t log your data

FastestVPN’s Privacy Policy states they only retain your email address, and it’s deleted when you deactivate your account.


FastestVPN confirmed that tools like Google Analytics, Hotjar, and Livechat are used solely for the VPN’s website and don’t affect the VPN’s actual functionality. Therefore, you can trust that these tools do not compromise the no-logs policy.

The representative confirmed that Google Analytics, Hotjar, and Livechat were used only to gather information on how you use the website — not the VPN itself.

In January 2024, an independent audit found that FastestVPN sticks to its privacy claims. Altis, a reputable third-party auditing firm, investigated the VPN’s logging policies and infrastructure. FastestVPN assured that it doesn’t store any personally identifiable information or track your online activities. You’ll appreciate the company’s extra step to prove its policy is legit when you try FastestVPN.

Torrenting: P2P-Optimized Servers but Unreliable Speeds

FastestVPN offers P2P-optimized servers on nearly all of its 500 servers. However, it advises against torrenting on servers in specific regions. It includes Australia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, and India.


FastestVPN’s dedication to privacy, with its strict no-logs policy and robust encryption, provides an added layer of anonymity when torrenting. The benefit of unlimited bandwidth ensures you can maintain fast speeds for torrenting. However, it’s essential to note that the actual speed you experience may fluctuate on the network. You can torrent easily while connected to the US server in LA. Still, another server in Australia may slow you down so much that torrenting becomes impossible.

Does FastestVPN Work in China? Unclear

FastestVPN claims to work in China, but you should know that it requires manual OpenVPN, OpenConnect, or AnyConnect configuration to do so.

You need to manually configure FastestVPN to get it to work with China’s Great Firewall

Finding VPNs that function effectively in China can be challenging, but it’s a noteworthy advantage for FastestVPN. However, avoid configuring the VPN manually in such cases, as it can lead to complexity and pose difficulties, especially if you’re a new VPN user. It would help if you attempted the TCP protocol initially to maximize the proportion of successfully using FastestVPN in China.


Remember that other VPNs work in China quickly, reliably, and without complicated configuration, so you should try those options if you find manual setup challenging.

Installation & Apps

Simultaneous Device Connections: Generous Connection Allowance

You’ll get a generous offer of 10 simultaneous connections with your FastestVPN subscription. It’s enough to cover all your WiFi-enabled devices in your household.


FastestVPN allows you to add up to 10 back-to-back connections at only $6 each. So, it will be easy for you to use the VPN on up to 20 different devices. However, it’s not worth that price, as 10 connections are more than enough for most people. When you try FastestVPN, you’ll likely find that the standard 10 connections suffice for your needs.

Device Compatibility: Compatible With Significant Devices & Platforms

You will find FastestVPN compatible with all major devices:

FirestickChromebookSmart TVsApple TV
KodiChromecastQNAPVU+ Enigma 2
SynologyRokupfSenseBrowsers: Chrome + Firefox

Extensions in FastestVPN are a simplified version of the app, and they only encrypt your traffic within the browsers themselves. They also enable WebRTC blocking, providing extra protection against IP leaks while browsing. You’ll appreciate that they include the ad blocker feature as well.

Considering it’s a small VPN, it offers impressive features. You’ll be pleased to find that FastestVPN’s website offers a thorough list of step-by-step installations. It even has configuration guides for the different types of devices it supports, which is great if you’re new to VPNs and need help getting started. However, remember that many devices are only supported by installing FastestVPN on your router. When you try it, you’ll have access to these helpful resources.

Set-Up & Installation: Easy to set up and Simple, User-Friendly Apps

FastestVPN is very easy for you to install and set up. All in all, it will take you just a few minutes from downloading the app to getting started.


You might encounter one issue with your macOS network setup that triggers pop-ups during installation. However, you’ll be pleased to know that FastestVPN’s customer support team can quickly provide you with a helpful solution.


Once it is installed, the FastestVPN app requires little to no setup. The security protocols are the only settings you can change in the macOS app. All other available features are usually enabled automatically. The Android app has an exceptional additional feature named “split tunneling feature,” but that’s easy to set up.


Suppose you prefer having a few more configuration options. In that case, you might want to try other VPNs, but FastestVPN should suit you well if you’re looking for a simple VPN with very little setup time.


FastestVPN offers you several payment options, including credit card and PayPal payments. If you prefer to pay anonymously, you can use cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, or Bitcoin Cash.


Regarding pricing, you’ll find that the VPN’s monthly plan falls in the mid-range. Still, it becomes significantly more affordable when you opt for a long-term subscription. For example, its 3-year plan costs just $1.66 per month.


FastestVPN provides a 15-day money-back guarantee to try the VPN risk-free first. Keep in mind that this is shorter than the average 30-day guarantee offered by most VPNs. However, you’ll appreciate that every tier comes with 2TB of internet cloud storage and a password manager at no extra charge. Mostly, VPNs only offer these features on their long-term subscriptions.


If you decide to cancel and request for a refund, you might not find a cancellation option in your account settings. You may need to ask via live chat instead. While the FastestVPN representative may try to convince you to stay, they should agree to process your request if you decline. Be prepared for a slower refund process; it took 16 days in this case, which was longer than expected.


Overall, better VPNs are available with longer money-back guarantees that you might consider over FastestVPN.

Reliability & Support

FastestVPN provides you with 24/7 live chat support, which you can turn to for help with mixed results. You’ll find that the team is always quick to reply to your questions and can give you a helpful solution for an installation issue. You’ll also appreciate that the support staff always answers your questions patiently without constantly trying to log you out, unlike some other VPN live chats where support agents disconnect quickly.


However, when you start questioning the VPN’s security features and privacy policy, you might notice that the answers take longer and become short and vague. This can leave you feeling like the support team doesn’t have VPN experts, which isn’t reassuring when you need help.

The customer service representative was vague about some of FastestVPN’s features

You can easily find the live chat in the FastestVPN website’s lower-right-hand corner. Or you can access it from the settings tab, which you can see in the app. In addition to the 24/7 live chat feature, FastestVPN offers an FAQ page with common questions and email support if you need further assistance. It’s worth trying the live chat for quick help, but remember, complex technical questions might receive less detailed responses.

The Bottom Line

FastestVPN is an affordable and straightforward VPN option. Still, it’s essential to understand that it may be a different service than the fastest or most reliable one. It could be a suitable choice if you’re searching for a straightforward VPN that can effectively access various Netflix libraries and other popular streaming services. It also offers decent security and privacy features, showing a commitment to your online safety.


However, it’s crucial to remember that its inconsistent speeds and occasional connection issues can be frustrating when you use it. Numerous other VPNs offer fast and dependable connections at a similar price, so it might be worth trying those alternatives. While FastestVPN has its advantages, you may find more reliable options elsewhere.

Frequently Asked Questions (FastestVPN)-

What steps should I take if FastestVPN refuses to establish a connection?

If FastestVPN experiences connection problems, here’s what you can do:

  1. Pause and retry the connection with a different server.

  2. Sometimes, a more effective solution might be to close and restart the VPN application fully.


FastestVPN’s support FAQs also recommend experimenting with different security protocols to address connection issues. However, this may necessitate temporarily using a less secure protocol, which can be inconvenient.

Is FastestVPN a safe choice for protecting your online privacy?

FastestVPN is a secure option with robust security measures and a stringent no-logs policy to safeguard your privacy. It operates from the privacy-friendly jurisdiction of the Cayman Islands. After examining the VPN’s privacy policy, I found nothing concerning logs or data-sharing practices. The customer support team at FastestVPN also confirmed that this privacy commitment extends to their Russian servers.

Can FastestVPN successfully bypass Netflix region restrictions?

Indeed, FastestVPN can effectively unblock all the Netflix libraries I tested. This achievement is noteworthy, especially considering its relatively small server network. However, other VPNs are available at a similar price point that may provide smoother streaming experiences without buffering issues for the specific Netflix region you wish to access.

Does FastestVPN live up to its name as the fastest VPN?

No, FastestVPN falls short of its name as the fastest VPN. While I did experience quite fast speeds on certain servers during my tests, other servers significantly slowed down my connection. This inconsistency in speed performance means that FastestVPN cannot claim the title of the fastest VPN.

Is FastestVPN compatible with a wide range of devices?

Absolutely, FastestVPN offers an impressive level of compatibility with various devices, especially for a VPN of its size. It can be used on nearly all major devices and platforms, including routers, gaming consoles, and NAS devices like Synology. Additionally, FastestVPN provides comprehensive, step-by-step setup and configuration guides for each supported device, making it user-friendly and accessible across various platforms.

What's the installation process for FastestVPN like?

Installing FastestVPN is a straightforward process. You can start by purchasing FastestVPN directly from its website. After completing the payment, click on the “Install” button. It’s as simple as that.


In my experience, I was redirected to the App Store, from where I could download the FastestVPN macOS app, which only took a few seconds. Once downloaded, the VPN app opened promptly and was immediately ready.

Does FastestVPN provide a lifetime subscription option?

Yes, FastestVPN does offer a lifetime subscription plan. However, I recommend against opting for this plan. The lifetime subscription is not prominently featured on the website, and its price can fluctuate depending on ongoing promotions and offers.


It’s essential to exercise caution with lifetime VPN subscriptions in general. These plans often lack clarity regarding the term “lifetime.” If the VPN service ceases to operate during your lifetime, you may pay more than you would with a monthly or yearly plan. Additionally, many VPNs with lifetime plans may not prioritize improving their services over time, as they already have your commitment.

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