You’re considering Generous VPN, a freemium project established in 2016. It offers security and online freedom, which is particularly beneficial for those in restrictive countries. This VPN doesn’t aim for profits and strives for maximum openness by being open-source.

Operating servers in the Netherlands allows unlimited simultaneous connections. With a strict no-logs policy, Generous VPN secures your data using AES-128 CBC encryption, and premium users have the option for military-grade 256-bit encryption. However, while it seems generous, it might not fully meet your needs. Save yourself the installation and limited streaming hassle by acquiring a premium vendor like ExpressVPN.

Streaming - Does Generous VPN Work with Netflix?

If you aim to access geo-blocked content from other countries, keep in mind that Generous VPN operates servers in the Netherlands, limiting its ability to do so. If you want to unlock streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO GO, BBC iPlayer, and others, consider ExpressVPN instead.

Given this data, you should see if Generous VPN can unlock popular Netherlands streaming services.

KIJK: Yes, you can stream KIJK in high definition.
NPO Start: You can stream NPO Start with Generous VPN.
NPO Zapp: You can also stream NPO Zapp with Generous VPN.

Generous VPN Speeds

If you’re evaluating a VPN service, speeds can significantly impact your experience, especially if you plan to torrent or stream content.

It’s not unexpected to experience speed decreases while utilizing a VPN because your information needs to venture out farther to arrive at the server, and encryption adds additional handling time. With an exceptional VPN, however, the distinction ought to be negligible.

Consider this from your perspective: You might expect Generous VPN’s associations to be slow, yet you could be wonderfully astonished. Before connecting to Generous VPN, your speed might be 12.37 Mbps download, 0.88 Mbps upload, and 38 milliseconds ping.

Living in Australia means your data has a lengthy journey to reach a VPN server in the Netherlands. Once connected to Generous VPN, your speed might drop to around 3.65 Mbps. Still, you might notice little difference while browsing or sending emails.

However, your ping might rise to 368, causing websites to take a bit longer to respond. Despite this, your connection could still be fast enough to support high-speed streaming and torrenting.

Is Generous VPN Good for Torrenting?

Indeed, if you engage in P2P connections, you’ll be pleased to know that Generous VPN supports them. The encryption protocols it employs will ensure your safety and anonymity while you torrent.

Security - is Generous VPN Safe?

Absolutely. You can trust in the safety of Generous VPN. Its security protocols, policies, and encryption measures are robust enough to protect you online.

Does Generous VPN Keep Logs?

Generous VPN maintains a strict no-logging policy, ensuring that none of your data is recorded.

It operates from the Netherlands, a country that falls within the jurisdiction of the 5/9/14-Eyes Alliance.

There is a potential risk, given that Generous VPN could be compelled to provide records to authorities. However, the reassuring aspect is that since it doesn’t retain any logs, it has no substantial data to disclose.

Does Generous VPN Have an Ad Blocker?

Certainly, each premium subscription comes with an ad blocker.

Does Generous VPN Work in China?

Absolutely. Generous VPN was crafted to focus on users residing in regions with limited internet access, such as China. The premium version incorporates SOCKS5 for a dependable, secure, and undetectable method to bypass the Great Firewall.

Price and Value for Money

In its free version, Generous VPN provides all the essentials to safeguard your online freedom. When you opt for the budget-friendly premium subscription, you unlock additional perks such as SOCKS5 and an ad blocker, delivering excellent value for your investment.

Does Generous VPN Have a Free Version?

Indeed, a generous VPN provides both a free version and a paid premium subscription.

Generous VPN’s Refund Policy

Every premium plan from Generous VPN comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Is Generous VPN Compatible with My Device?

Generous VPN goes beyond limits by allowing unlimited simultaneous connections and ensuring compatibility with nearly every platform.

With dedicated Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, and iOS applications, Generous VPN offers a seamless experience across various devices.


Generous VPN provides protection through AES-128 CBC encryption for users with free accounts. Meanwhile, premium subscribers can opt for corporate-level AES-128/UDP or elevate their security to military-grade AES-256/TCP.

Automatic Kill Switch

Generous VPN employs an automatic kill switch, seamlessly interrupting the transmission of unencrypted data from your local network should there be a hiccup in the VPN connection.

Generous VPN Customer Service

If you need customer support from Generous VPN, locating their email might take a few minutes. Still, the overall process is quick and straightforward. Even though the email isn’t readily available on their website, you can find it on their Trustpilot review page.

Once you reach out to inquire about the encryption level provided for free VPN accounts, you’ll likely receive a prompt and helpful response. As per the information, the creator of the VPN responded politely and friendly, addressing the query within less than 30 minutes. This level of responsiveness is impressive, especially for a free VPN service that receives numerous weekly emails.

User Experience

Embarking on the setup journey with Generous VPN is a breeze, emphasizing speed and simplicity. Centered around security, the service arms you with essential tools for navigating through censorship and surveillance.

OpenVPN adds to the easy-to-use insight; get Liberal VPN’s config document, import it into the program, and snap to associate — no sign-ins or additional designs required.

Anticipate a connection that’s both swift and dependable. Remember, since Generous VPN’s servers are solely in the Netherlands, unlocking geo-blocked streaming services from other countries isn’t on the table. Yet, for Netherlands-based services like KIJK, consider it successfully unblocked.

Customer support stands out for its prompt and helpful nature. You could receive a response from the creator within 30 minutes of reaching out. User reviews echo this efficiency, praising technical issues’ swift and effective resolution.

While Generous VPN may lack the bells and whistles of premium counterparts like ExpressVPN, it carves its niche as a delightful and user-friendly service.


When you consider Generous VPN as an essential tool for internet security, remember that although it might not be loaded with features, it offers everything necessary for online protection.

With its use of OpenVPN, known for its lightweight and user-friendly nature, setup becomes effortless, especially with the provided installation guides, even if you’re new to VPNs.

Generous VPN’s free account is comprehensive and equipped with AES-128 CBC encryption. Its premium accounts, available at a low cost, are a worthwhile investment, offering added features such as an ad blocker and SOCKS5.

It passed with flying colors as you put it through various speed and security assessments. Yet, due to its server location in the Netherlands, it may not unlock Netflix US. If accessing Netflix is a priority, you can explore our experts’ top VPN recommendations.

If your quest is for a freemium VPN catering to security, anonymity, and torrenting needs, Generous VPN could align perfectly with your requirements.

2023 Update Features Of Generous VPN

💸 Price0 USD/month
📆 Money Back Guarantee30 Days
📝 Does VPN keep logs?No
🖥 Number of servers1+
💻 Number of devices per license50
🛡 Kill switchYes
🗺 Based in countryNetherlands
📥 Supports torrentingYes

Installation & Apps

Installing a Generous VPN is a straightforward process. Upon registration, you’ll promptly receive an email containing comprehensive installation guides for its supported platforms.

The steps are simple: download Generous VPN’s config file and import it into OpenVPN. The guide includes a direct download link if OpenVPN needs to be installed on your device.

Setting up a Generous VPN took around four minutes in total. There’s no need for manual configurations. Once the config file is imported, it’s good to go—no sign-ins are required.

It’s essential to note that Generous VPN exclusively operates servers in the Netherlands. While this ensures a focus on security, it restricts the option to select or switch servers. This setup is ideal for security-minded users but might cater poorly to streaming content from various countries.


Generous VPN extends both a free package and an affordable annual premium subscription. Opting for the premium subscription brings additional perks, including enhanced encryption, an ad blocker, and the utilization of SOCKS5.

An interesting facet of Generous VPN is its non-profit model. The subscription fees from its premium users are utilized to cover operational costs, enabling the continued provision of a free VPN service for those who require safeguarding.

The free version boasts AES-128 CBC encryption, suitable for regular users seeking protection. However, the premium subscription is a worthwhile investment for individuals with heightened security needs—such as journalists or those requiring unbreakable encryption. Generous VPN facilitates payments through credit cards and PayPal.

Reliability & Support

If you’re exploring Generous VPN’s website, you’ll find it fairly basic, with only a limited FAQ section for troubleshooting. There’s no live chat, and you won’t immediately find contact details on the homepage.

In your quest for contact information, checking the Trustpilot reviews might lead you to the creator’s uploaded contact details—an email address for Generous VPN. Sending a question their way could be worth a try.

Reviewers on Trustpilot often mention receiving personal responses from Generous VPN’s creator within a few hours of emailing. Your experience might mirror this, even if your query isn’t urgent. The responses are both polite and extremely helpful.

Despite being a small organization providing free service, Generous VPN’s strong suit is customer support.

The Bottom Line

A generous VPN could be your lifeline if you face online censorship and surveillance. Its free version is designed for those who need protection but might lack the resources to pay for a VPN. This positioning makes Generous VPN a crucial player in the battle for online freedom.

Operating without profit, Generous VPN sustains itself using funds from premium subscriptions. If you have the means, it’s a worthwhile investment. The premium subscription is cost-effective and introduces helpful extras like enhanced encryption and an ad blocker.

Despite being a smaller organization, Generous VPN’s customer service proves fast and efficient. You might expect a polite and helpful response within 30 minutes of contacting them.

However, bypassing Netflix’s geo block isn’t feasible due to its server locations being limited to the Netherlands. If your primary need is a VPN for Netflix, this might not align with your requirements.

But, if you focus on security and online freedom, Generous VPN is highly recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions (Generous VPN)-

Is Generous VPN a suitable choice for users in restrictive countries?

Absolutely. Generous VPN was specifically designed to provide security and online freedom for individuals facing online censorship and surveillance, making it a valuable tool for those in restrictive countries.

How does Generous VPN sustain itself if it isn't aimed at profits?

Generous VPN operates on a non-profit model and covers its costs using funds from its premium subscriptions. Premium users’ subscription fees contribute to maintaining the free VPN service for those who need it.

What features are included in Generous VPN's premium subscription?

Generous VPN’s premium subscription offers additional features, including tougher encryption, an ad blocker, and the use of SOCKS5. Despite being cost-effective, it enhances the overall protection and functionality of the VPN service.

Can a Generous VPN be used for streaming content from other countries?

No, Generous VPN operates servers exclusively in the Netherlands, limiting its ability to unlock geo-blocked content from other countries. Suppose your main goal is to access streaming services like Netflix US. In that case, exploring alternative premium VPN services like ExpressVPN is recommended.

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