Suppose you’re considering GnuVPN, a small service that promotes itself as a secure and fast VPN. In that case, the pricing is fair, and the free trial allows you to try all it offers.

However, its performance needs to be measured up to the big players in the VPN game. For instance, its servers are primarily located in Europe and Asia, limiting your access to content from various popular regions. Additionally, it needs some crucial security features, and you might experience delays in customer support responses.

Short on Time? Here Are My Key Findings


  • Solid unblocking capabilities: You can easily access and stream several services without any issues.
  • Decent speed: GnuVPN maintains good speeds, especially on nearby servers.
  • Good for gaming: Enjoy smooth gameplay experiences while connected to GnuVPN.


  • Lacks essential security features: While GnuVPN provides robust encryption, it lacks some crucial security options.
  • Poor customer support: The support team may only sometimes be readily available to provide quick answers.
  • Small server network: GnuVPN’s network is limited to only three regions, potentially restricting access to various locations.
  • Not compatible with many devices: Currently, GnuVPN does not offer browser extensions or router support, limiting its compatibility with various devices.

2023 Update Features Of GNUVPN

💸 Price4.5 USD/month
📆 Money Back Guarantee14 Days
📝 Does VPN keep logs?No
🖥 Number of servers25+
💻 Number of devices per license5
🛡 Kill switchNo
🗺 Based in countryPortugal
🛠 SupportEmail support
📥 Supports torrentingYes

Streaming — Great at Unblocking Streaming Platforms

If you’re using GnuVPN, you’ll find that it excels at unblocking platforms, although the limited network means you might miss out on some content. However, the servers it provides are excellent for unblocking. You can easily access various services with little effort, and the streaming quality is impressive. Every platform you try loads almost immediately, although there might be a few instances of buffering.

Unblocks: Netflix, Disney+, Rai Play, Amazon Prime Video and BBC iPlayer

If you’re using GnuVPN, you can also stream “Aunt Edna” on Disney+ in 4K. The video takes a few seconds to load, and you won’t experience any buffering. Use the UK server to unblock this platform.

The picture quality never dropped down, even when I skipped to different sections

You’ll be impressed with how well it works with BBC iPlayer. It lets you live-stream several Wimbledon matches in HD, including Alcarez vs. Chardy. Try watching a few movies, and the experience is just as good.

Disney+ streamed just as well as Netflix, even when I jumped to different parts

In your next test, live-stream the Tour de France on Rai Play. You might experience a few instances of buffering, but you can still enjoy the race in perfect HD.

RaiPlay is one of the toughest services to unblock, so I was impressed

Finally, you’ll have a great experience while streaming on ITV. Live-stream “Good Morning Britain” in crystal clear quality. Watching “Empire State” is just as good, but it might buffer a few seconds when you try to jump to different parts of the video. You won’t have any issues streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

There should be a method for getting to Netflix US, Max (previously HBO), or Hulu since there are no US servers. If you watch a great deal of US content, you’ll need to get one of the most outstanding VPNs for streaming that can unblock each significant US stage.

Speed — Decent Overall With Some Inconsistencies

If you’re using GnuVPN, its speeds are pretty good nearby but can be slow at long distances. All servers are speed-tested using OpenVPN, as it’s the only protocol provided. The apps also auto-select the protocol, making it difficult for you to determine whether it’s using OpenVPN UDP or TCP.

To ensure fair comparisons, all speed tests are taken from the same location with the same connection. If you have a dedicated speed expert in the UK, they perform a minimum of 10 tests on each server.

My speeds dropped 20% on average with nearby servers and 60% on distant ones

You may find that some servers are quite slow, even if they aren’t the farthest away. For example, you might be surprised that the closest server isn’t even one of the top 5 fastest. Moreover, the server in Australia might be quicker than one in Israel despite being twice as distant.

Every one of the nearby servers (in Europe) is under 4,000 km from your area in the UK. A 20 per cent drop in speed isn’t bad at this range, but many VPNs are faster.

Servers in Asia and Australia might be notably slower. The server in Kazakhstan might be speedier. It’s just shy of 5,000 km from the UK, yet its outcomes may likewise be disheartening. Sadly, the VPN doesn’t show the server load, so it’s difficult to discern whether these irregularities occur because of congestion. GnuVPN should add that highlight soon.

It slowed down my connection by only 4%, outperforming the local server in the UK

If your initial speed is high, you might want to try GnuVPN because it can be slow even when you don’t expect it to be.

Gaming — Excellent Performance for Gaming

If you’re using GnuVPN, you’ll find it performs well during gaming sessions. Initially, connect to a server in France, and you may experience only a slight stutter at the onset. Afterwards, you should be able to control your tank without any issues and engage your opponents without any lag, even during firefights.

This seamless gaming experience was replicated when I switched to servers in Australia and Singapore

If you’re testing on distant servers (8000 km from your location), it will work even better with one closer. However, since GnuVPN has no servers in Africa, you won’t be able to test a closer location.

By and large, servers a good way off can increment ping rates — for slack-free interactivity, an inertness under 100 ms is suggested. That is the reason you ought to be extremely intrigued with GnuVPN’s gaming execution and have the option to involve it for gaming from almost any place.

Server Network — Limited Coverage and Not Evenly Distributed

If you’re using GnuVPN, you’ll notice that it has a small server network coverage in just 25 countries, mainly in Europe, with a few in Asia and only one in Oceania (Australia). Both the free trial and paid account offer the same number of servers. You might not be happy about this limited network because it reduces the number of services you can unblock.

There are 11 locations in Europe, 4 in Asia, and 1 in Oceania

Moreover, you won’t find an option to select city-level servers, which can be a drawback if you prefer pinpointing a server closer to you. It’s also unclear whether GnuVPN owns or rents its servers. Despite asking, the support staff may only mention having servers in different places and data centers.

Queries about whether the servers are virtual or RAM-based might also need to be answered. However, the VPN mentions offering dedicated or static IPs upon request. You might not proceed with this due to its support team’s slow response times.

Overall, this could be one of GnuVPN’s weakest categories for you.

Security — Robust Encryption, but Missing Useful Features

If you’re using GnuVPN, you’ll find that it offers solid encryption and a safe protocol. However, the lack of a kill switch makes it unsafe for you. None of its servers uncovers your DNS/IP demands. Yet, you won’t feel totally open to utilizing a VPN without an off button. Without one, GnuVPN can’t forestall your IP address from spilling while you’re exchanging servers or when your gadget enters rest mode.


GnuVPN safeguards your online endeavors with encryption equivalent to NASA’s security standards – a formidable military-grade (AES 256-bit) encryption. This robust encryption method intricately scrambles your data, rendering it indecipherable to external entities such as hackers.

Security Protocols

If you’re utilizing GnuVPN, you’ll be frustrated realizing it won’t allow you to pick a convention. You’ll learn the convention it offers when you lay out an association. This is truly unusual since the top VPNs all provide you with a decision of a few conventions.

The SoftEther convention is only accessible on Android. Unusually, the VPN is situated in a rundown of nations, which is very unpredictable. This eccentricity recommends that GnuVPN is amidst smoothing out and sorting out its highlights.

  • OpenVPN stands out as a secure protocol, benefitting from its open-source nature. It is subject to continuous scrutiny by professionals for vulnerabilities. It’s a preferred choice for many VPNs, excelling in Firewall evasion.
  • SoftEther, another contender, matches OpenVPN’s robust encryption capabilities while outperforming in throughput, latency, and stability. Its ability to navigate restrictive networks is notable. Still, it must improve its widespread compatibility across various devices and VPN services.

DNS, IP, and WebRTC

If you’re using GnuVPN, you won’t detect any leaks, ensuring that your identity remains private while using the VPN.

I tested 6 servers, and they all successfully replaced my real IP with new ones

However, you won’t find a split tunneling feature. This can be useful, assuming you want to keep some traffic beyond the VPN burrow. For example, use your local banking app while you stream geo-blocked content. You may hope that the VPN adds this feature soon. GnuVPN also doesn’t incorporate an ad-blocker feature, but private DNS servers are being developed.

Privacy — Good Policy but Still Unproven

If you’re considering GnuVPN, your privacy policy is transparent, and there seems to be no misuse of any data collected by the VPN. This assures that your sensitive information is protected from third parties like advertisers. However, be sure to thoroughly review it before using the VPN, as those terms are sometimes subject to change.

This might all seem great, but you may hope that its policy will be proven in the future. The top VPNs have their policies audited, ensuring they no doubt follow their claims.

Does GnuVPN Keep Logs? No

Within GnuVPN’s framework, no identifiable logs are retained, aligning with its privacy policy assertion that your information remains exclusive and won’t be shared or sold to external parties. The VPN avoids collecting sensitive details, including your DNS queries, IP address, traffic destination, and browsing history.

The data it does store is anonymized to prevent any association with your personal identity

While GnuVPN does retain certain account-related information, such as your email address and payment details submitted during sign-up, there’s a fortunate avenue for reducing shared details: opting for cryptocurrency payments. Additionally, GnuVPN gathers app diagnostic data, encompassing crash reports and usability diagnostics, to enhance overall service quality.

Was GnuVPN Audited? No

The absence of external audits for GnuVPN’s apps and policy raises questions about their thorough examination by experts. The most reputable VPNs undergo meticulous scrutiny across all their services to substantiate their promises. Furthermore, the lack of practical scenarios, such as legal proceedings, adds uncertainty to the company’s assertion of not maintaining logs, as it remains unverified in real-world situations.

Based in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

GnuVPN has strategically positioned its headquarters in a privacy-friendly country, placing it beyond the reach of the 5/9/14 Eyes Alliances—an agreement among governments to exchange their citizens’ information. By doing so, the VPN operates free from legal obligations to retain or share your data, ensuring an extra protection layer for your privacy.

Does GnuVPN Work in China? Maybe

If you’re considering GnuVPN, positive responses from Chinese users suggest a possibility that the VPN might enable access to services like Facebook, Google, and CNN while visiting the country.

The Great Firewall blocks access to many services and services, including many popular VPNs

However, considering it doesn’t offer any obfuscation feature and lacks a kill switch, you might doubt GnuVPN’s ability to safeguard your privacy effectively in the country. Obfuscation is crucial in disguising your VPN traffic as regular HTTPS traffic. It forestalls Profound Bundle Assessment (DPI) frameworks in nations like China, UAE, and Iran from recognizing them.

Although the Chinese government has banned many VPNs, they typically don’t target individuals for using them. By the way, it’s firmly encouraged to investigate the country’s guidelines concerning VPN utilization before choosing to utilize one while there. Furthermore, it would help if you did not condone any illegal activities.

Torrenting — Moderate Performance

If you’re using GnuVPN, it supports P2P activities but advises caution during torrenting. Torrenting is typically legal in most countries, but it becomes unlawful if you download copyrighted content. It would help if you did not condone illegal file-sharing, so ensure the files you download are in the public domain and comply with your government’s regulations to avoid trouble.

On several servers, the VPN may enable you to download a file of 1.1 GB in less than 14 minutes. You might see longer download times when associated with a far-off server. Thus, if you have no server inclinations, consistently pick one nearer to you to keep up with more limited download times.

You can download the same file without a VPN in 8 minutes, but your torrenting speed depends on various factors. However, using a VPN can achieve faster download speeds while ensuring your privacy and security.

Installation & Apps

Navigating and configuring GnuVPN is effortless, thanks to its uncluttered and intuitive user interface. The main screen is designed with a connect button and three other horizontal lines that you can tap for quick access to the settings menu.

All apps have a few menu options, so you can quickly interact with their features

Once you establish a connection, the app’s main screen provides you with essential information. This includes details like the VPN IP address, the employed protocol, and the download and upload speeds. This feature is particularly appreciated, and one might wish that more VPNs incorporated such insightful data presentation.

Setup & Installation

You can connect to a server on every device you try in just five minutes if you install the VPN.

To initiate the download process, simply click on the purple button

You can straightforwardly download applications for Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and an Android APK document from the GnuVPN site. Furthermore, the Android application is accessible on the Play Store, and the iOS application can be found on the Application Store.

Device Compatibility

GnuVPN is compatible with Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, and Linux (Ubuntu) devices. However, it currently doesn’t integrate with browser extensions and lacks a smart DNS feature. Furthermore, router support is unavailable, limiting its use to devices that don’t inherently support VPNs.

For those seeking to shift locations or fortify security on game consoles or smart TVs, GnuVPN may not be the ideal choice due to its current limitations in catering to these platforms.

Desktop — Apps for Windows, Mac, and Linux

Through its desktop app, GnuVPN ensures a seamless experience on both Windows and Mac platforms. The consistency extends from the main user interface to the settings menu, providing a uniform look and feel. The VPN has a graphical user interface (GUI) specifically tailored for Linux, focusing on the Ubuntu distro. This is an impressive feature, as VPNs only commonly offer Linux support, requiring users to navigate the command line.

Android and iPhone (iOS)

If you’re using the VPN on Android and iPhone, you’ll find identical interfaces offered. The only difference is in the Android app, which provides two protocols: OpenVPN and SoftEther. You can easily choose SoftEther, but with OpenVPN, you can only access it by selecting the automatic option, which might be confusing. This automatic selection of OpenVPN also extends to the Mac, Windows, and iOS apps.

Simultaneous Device Connections

If you’re using GnuVPN, you can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously. You can try this capability by streaming videos on your computer, browsing on your phone, and having 2 other family members use the VPN simultaneously. Ensure all devices are connected to the same Singapore server, and you should be able to watch several favorite videos on YouTube in 4K without buffering.

When you switch to servers in France and Moldova, the experience should be the same. The only small difference might occur when you start streaming in UHD. You may notice a few instances of buffering during the initial loading and when you jump to different parts. For the best experience, it’s recommended to only use the VPN on multiple devices at once if your original internet speed is high.


Consider opting for a long-term plan with GnuVPN to maximize cost savings, as the other two plans cost slightly higher without additional features. To experience the VPN without committing to a purchase, take advantage of its 24-hour free trial.

Backing this VPN is a 14-day money-back guarantee, providing an extended trial period. If you seek a refund, contact customer support at [email protected] or use the ‘Write to Us’ feature on its website.

It takes up to 2 weeks to get the money back in your account

Refunds are typically processed within 10 days, although your bank may decline the transaction, leading to a request for a retry from GnuVPN. You may still be waiting for the money 5 days later. While top VPNs usually facilitate quick and easy refund processes, individual experiences may vary.

Despite GnuVPN’s use of top-tier encryption, it limits you to a single protocol. The additional SoftEther protocol, available exclusively on Android, is still in its Beta phase. Notable feature gaps include the absence of a kill switch, split tunneling, and browser extensions. Competing VPNs in a similar price range often offer a more extensive feature set, making them potentially more appealing choices.

GnuVPN acknowledges different types of installment, including crypto, Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal. Remember that your membership will auto-restore when the ongoing time frame finishes up, so assuming you choose to cease, make certain to drop on time.

Reliability & Support

Assuming you’re connecting with GnuVPN for help, you might observe that the group is slow in its reaction.

The shortfall of a live visit choice means you must depend on the contact structure or email to speak with the help group. Be ready for significant delays in their responses, leading to the need for multiple messages to draw the VPN’s attention. Replies may take 10 hours or more, which can be frustrating, especially compared to high-end VPNs known for faster response times.

The support team is also well-informed, and when uncertain, they consult technical specialists

The FAQ section may also be disappointing, offering responses to very basic questions. The website and blog might need to provide more details about the VPN’s offerings, presenting only surface-level information without delving into specifics.

You may experience displeasure if GnuVPN questions the volume of your inquiries. After explaining that the website needs more details about its offerings, it may take 15+ hours before you receive a reply from the VPN.

A VPN that’s reluctant to answer your queries and doesn’t provide alternative ways to explore its offerings might be one to avoid. This raises concerns about its security, as leading VPNs are generally proud to promote what they offer. Any time a VPN makes it challenging to learn about its features, your trust in it may wane.

The Bottom Line

Final Verdict — Good VPN With Room for Improvement

While GnuVPN did manage to impress in certain aspects, such as delivering satisfactory speeds and surprisingly effective performance for gaming, it falls short compared to the top VPNs available at a similar or even lower price point. The server network is notably limited, lacking any US servers, which can result in missing out on a substantial amount of content. With only one protocol available on most devices and the challenge of reaching customer support, the overall offering may not match the comprehensive features provided by leading VPNs. The absence of a kill switch is a significant drawback, potentially raising concerns about the security of your data.

Frequently Asked Questions (GnuVPN)-

Is GnuVPN a secure option?

While GnuVPN implements military-grade encryption for data security, it lacks a kill switch. This crucial feature safeguards your connection if the VPN unexpectedly disconnects. The absence of this feature may pose safety concerns for some users.

How effective is GnuVPN?

GnuVPN performs slightly above average. It succeeds in unblocking select streaming platforms and employs robust military-grade encryption. However, it falls short due to the absence of a kill switch, a limited server network, an unverified privacy policy, delayed customer support, and limited user-adjustable settings. These limitations categorize GnuVPN as an average service.

Will GnuVPN impact my internet speed?

Using GnuVPN may cause a slight reduction in internet speed due to the encryption process and server distance. The extent of speed reduction can vary; it might be barely noticeable at times while more pronounced at others. Factors like your original internet speed, server congestion, and network quality also influence the impact on speed.

Is GnuVPN truly free?

GnuVPN offers a 24-hour free trial granting access to its complete feature set, allowing users to test the service before committing. Additionally, all subscriptions come with a 14-day money-back guarantee. However, no long-term free option exists beyond these trial and guarantee periods.

How does GnuVPN compare to popular providers like ExpressVPN and CyberGhost?

Compared to ExpressVPN and CyberGhost, GnuVPN must catch up in several aspects. It lacks key features such as a kill switch and split tunneling, offers fewer protocol choices, and has a smaller server network with slower speeds. However, it stands out in delivering lag-free gaming experiences, and including a free trial period is a notable advantage.

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