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GoodAccess emerges as a specialized cloud VPN solution meticulously designed to cater to the unique requirements of small businesses in pursuit of static IP addresses. The mastermind behind this innovative solution is the Czech-based company Samohyb, a notable name in the VPN infrastructure landscape since its inception in 2009. What sets GoodAccess apart is its unwavering commitment to team-centric functionalities. Unlike conventional VPNs catering to individual content unblocking, GoodAccess delivers robust encryption and precision-driven geolocation services that resonate with the needs of professional teams scattered across various locations. The true power of GoodAccess lies in its ability to offer a secure pathway for seamless access to critical online business resources. This becomes especially valuable when connecting from untrusted networks, such as those in airports or hotels, which are notorious for their potential security vulnerabilities. However, it’s worth noting that GoodAccess, while undoubtedly impressive, does present a minor limitation in terms of server locations. Yet, this drawback is overshadowed by the remarkable value it brings, particularly for businesses managing remote teams. 


Its true strength lies not in direct comparison with premium VPNs, which often serve a broader consumer market, but in its role as a tailored, affordable, and genuinely effective online security solution geared explicitly toward the needs of small businesses. In summary, GoodAccess represents a potent blend of technology, security, and customization, offering small businesses an opportunity to fortify their online operations through a VPN solution that understands and addresses their unique dynamics

Short on Time? Here Are The Key Findings


  • Empower Your Team with a Static IP Solution. Your business gains a shared static IP address in your chosen location, enabling access to geo-blocked resources essential for business operations, including streaming sites.
  • Diverse Location Options. Choose from 23 locations to suit your needs. While this caters to most companies, there’s room for expansion if you require more options beyond a static IP.
  • Top-Notch Encryption. GoodAccess ensures elite security with military-grade IKEv2 and OpenVPN encryption, and the addition of WireGuard is on the horizon.
  • Unrestricted Bandwidth. Enjoy unlimited bandwidth without any caps, allowing your business to download and transfer without limitations.
  • P2P Friendly. GoodAccess permits P2P file transfers, supporting your business’ collaborative needs.
  • Responsive Customer Support. While all packages offer dependable support, priority phone assistance is exclusive to the Premium package.
  • 14-Day Trial for Exploration. Experience a 14-day free trial to explore GoodAccess’ full range of features and determine its suitability for your business.

2023 Update Features Of GoodAccess

💸 Price2.19 USD/month
📆 Money Back Guarantee45 Days
📝 Does VPN keep logs?No
🖥 Number of servers9030+
💻 Number of devices per license7
🛡 Kill switchYes
🗺 Based in countryRomania
🛠 Support24/7 Live Chat Support
📥 Supports torrentingYes

Speeds & Streaming: Speeds Could be Limited

GoodAccess boasts unlimited bandwidth and rapid transfer speeds while utilizing IPV4 for connections. Although IPv6 is theoretically faster, the real-world difference is negligible, especially for substantial data packets. With high-speed connections through IPv4, users are unlikely to notice any discrepancies, provided there are no bandwidth caps.

Samohyb, the parent company, also owns VPN Static IP, offering 500GB of monthly bandwidth. This is a better choice for substantial personal downloads.

Designed primarily for business use, GoodAccess doesn’t prioritize unblocking streaming platforms. However, it’s noteworthy due to its static IPs that bypass geo-blocks, including those on streaming platforms. Depending on the chosen location, a static IP could provide obfuscation, rendering geoblocks ineffective. For instance, if a US-based static IP is utilized, it could unblock Netflix US. This flexibility extends to other geo-blocked sites required by team members.


GoodAccess confirms its static IPs can potentially unlock streaming platforms based on IP location. If accessing various global streaming sites is your goal, traditional block-evading VPNs might be worth considering.

Server Network: Worldwide Locations

GoodAccess offers a selection of countries for your VPN connection, from Japan to the US. However, there might be limitations, as the current options encompass around 23 countries.


It’s important to note that if you’re unfamiliar with static IPs, they provide a consistent, unchanging IP address. This is your private VPN gateway for all your team’s online business activities. Unlike a personal VPN, where you can switch between servers, this setup doesn’t allow such flexibility. This might only be an issue if your business requires multiple IPs across different countries.


Suppose the available locations need to meet your needs. In that case, explore other VPN options suitable for your business requirements.

You can see a list of every location it offers below:

Turkey- IstanbulSpain – MadridBrazil – São Paulo
South Africa- JorbGerman – FrankfurtJapan – Tokyo
US – New YorkFrance – ParisAustralia – Sidney
US – OrlandoNetherlands – AmsterdamUS – Ashburn
Slovakia – BratislavaUK – LondonUS – Toronto
Austria – ViennaSweden – StockholmUS – Miami
Italy – MilanNorway – OsloUS – San Francisco
Switzerland – ZurichSingapore SingaporeUS – Seattle
Czech Republic – PlagueChina – Hong KongUS – Chicago
Poland – WarsawIsrael – Tel AvivUS – Atlanta
US – DallasUS – Denver 
US – HoustonUS – Los Angeles 

The information on its privacy policy mentions that they do rent some third-party virtual servers. When I contacted customer support to ask which servers are rented, the agent gave me an unhelpful answer. They also claimed it only uses physical servers, which was a strange contradiction. So, I can’t confirm for sure whether GoodAccess owns any of its servers.

Answers to most of my other questions were also vague and rushed

Security: Keeps Your Business Safe

GoodAccess offers a robust set of affordable business security features, operating as a SASE (Service Access Service Edge) solution to enable secure access to your online cloud-based systems for remote teams. While it excels in many aspects, it might need certain features commonly found in personal VPNs.


The platform incorporates 2FA/MFA (2-factor and multi-factor authentication) to enhance employee login security. It also supports SSO compatibility with various systems like Google, Azure AD, Okta, SAML, Active Directory, and LDAP, enforcing zero-trust access controls to safeguard against identity fraud risks.


GoodAccess utilizes strong protocols such as IKEv2 and OpenVPN for encryption, both employing 256-bit protection. The inclusion of WireGuard, a cutting-edge protocol, is in the pipeline. The service ensures IPv4 connections, preventing IPv6 leaks and guarding against DNS leaks that could compromise privacy. Additionally, port-forwarding is enabled.

Employee monitoring and access logging features provide insights into team activities, aiding productivity and compliance efforts. This functionality offers valuable information about GDPR, SOC2, or HIPAA adherence. It allows for granular access control and software-defined parameters, limiting team members to authorized content.


Dedicated IP allowlisting enhances security by ensuring safe access to online business systems, mitigating the risk of employee lockouts from shared resources.


While GoodAccess excels in its business-focused capabilities, it lacks some features found in personal VPNs, like a kill switch that halts online traffic in case of VPN connection failure. The addition of such features could further enhance the service.

Privacy: Keeps Some Logs

While GoodAccess operates from the Czech Republic and remains unaffected by data-sharing agreements, it retains limited personal data for security and responsible service maintenance. This approach is commendable, but businesses aiming for GDPR/data protection might prefer a no-logs policy. GoodAccess specifies the collected data to ensure GDPR compliance, yet it’s advisable to align this with your business’s privacy strategy.


Privacy holds significant significance for businesses and individual users alike. For comparison, consider exploring VPNs with robust logging policies.

I did most of the tests on my laptop running Windows 11

Torrenting: P2P Not Blocked

GoodAccess permits P2P activity if it aligns with your business needs. It’s important to note that, like all VPNs, using it for illegal purposes is not endorsed. GoodAccess explicitly states against engaging in copyright infringement or illegal downloads. If engaging in torrenting, ensure it’s permissible in your location. Refraining from personal downloads while connected to a business VPN is advisable, especially if it contradicts your business policy.

Does GoodAccess Work in China?: Not Guaranteed

While GoodAccess doesn’t guarantee compatibility in China, there have been no reported issues. While there’s no indication of potential problems, it’s wise to proceed cautiously and configure the VPN before your arrival in the country.

Simultaneous Device Connections: 2 Devices Per User

Each user can connect a desktop computer and a mobile device. However, there are user limits for each package:

  • Essential: Up to 10 team members

  • Advanced: Up to 30 team members

Premium: Up to 100 team members. You can add more users for an extra fee if you need more users.

Device Compatibility: Multi-Platform Support

GoodAccess offers compatibility across various platforms, including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux. While manual installation using the third-party OpenVPN Connect app or manual IKEv2 setup on Windows/macOS is possible, dedicated apps are recommended for optimal performance. Additionally, GoodAccess supports router integration to extend VPN access to WiFi-enabled devices. Moreover, it provides seamless integration options with a range of services and systems, including; 


  • Apache Web Server

  • Azure (Office 365)

  • Magento

  • Microsoft IIS

  • OpenCart

  • PHP/PHPMyAdmin

  • Pipedrive

  • PrestaShop

  • SalesForce

  • SSH Server

  • WordPress


Installation & Apps

Set-Up & Installation: User-Friendly Dashboard

GoodAccess provides comprehensive setup guides for each platform, ensuring a smooth installation process. If you encounter any difficulties, involving a business leader with technical expertise to coordinate with support could be beneficial. Once installed, the dashboard offers a highly intuitive layout, enabling quick navigation. Adding team members and systems is straightforward, particularly if you’re familiar with similar business interfaces. The dashboard’s left side conveniently presents essential features: gateways, members, systems, access control, and logs. Access control empowers you to swiftly adjust the accessibility of selected business systems for team members.

Apps have a straightforward dashboard layout, so you can get started immediately

GoodAccess VPN: Pricing

Competitive Value with User-Centric Pricing GoodAccess stands out for its cost-effectiveness compared to similar providers, employing a per-user pricing model. Particularly advantageous for smaller teams, GoodAccess offers more budget-friendly plans than larger business VPNs. Plans start from just $0/month per team member, and a 14-day free trial is available for businesses to explore the service risk-free by providing basic company details.

The three main plans cater to diverse needs while ensuring a secure private network:

  • Essential: Designed for teams with a minimum of 10 members, it includes features like dedicated gateways with static IP, 2FA, DNS filtering, access logs, and more.

  • Advanced: Suitable for teams of at least 10 members, this plan adds custom DNS options, unlimited cloud and branch connectors, SSO, and advanced support.

  • Premium: Tailored for teams with a minimum of 20 members, this top-tier plan incorporates priority phone support, a backup gateway, and a dedicated customer success manager.


GoodAccess also offers affordable add-ons like extra gateways, connectors, and users. For more basic requirements, consider exploring the range of affordable personal VPNs available.

GoodAccess VPN: Reliability & Support

GoodAccess offers a comprehensive array of support options catering to various needs, including:

  • Office hours email and chat support (with priority for Advanced and Premium users)

  • Priority office hours phone support (exclusive to Premium users)

  • Web form for inquiries

  • Support Portal enriched with FAQs

  • Dedicated customer success manager (available for Premium users)

 Support is available during business hours (9 am – 7 pm CET), and Advanced and Premium plan users receive priority assistance. The live chat yielded swift and courteous responses within minutes, although the chat service isn’t accessible round-the-clock. While the absence of 24/7 chat support, as seen in services like ExpressVPN, might be a drawback for some users, the availability of assistance remains strong.

I didn’t book the meeting because I was happy to set it up myself

GoodAccess maintains 24/7 server monitoring for heightened reliability. Premium users can also contact via Skype for personalized support beyond business hours. For users seeking non-urgent help, a web form is available.


A particularly appealing feature is scheduling a complimentary online session with a “GoodAccess Guru.” This proves especially beneficial for onboarding new team members, configuring allowlists, and managing access controls.


The Support Portal stands out for its thoroughness, encompassing an extensive range of setup guides and FAQs. In addition, GoodAccess is forthcoming with its headquarters address and parking locations, suggesting an openness to accommodate in-person appointments when necessary.

The Bottom Line

Final Verdict: A Safe and Extremely User-Friendly VPN Ideal for Streaming

GoodAccess is an economical and secure VPN solution crafted for small team requirements. However, larger organizations might consider alternative setups better suited to their scale. The provided support is efficient and impactful, though the round-the-clock availability of live chat would enhance the experience. The range of server locations could pose limitations for businesses seeking specific regions or more dynamic IP options. The absence of a kill switch feature might disappoint users accustomed to this functionality in personal VPN applications. The recommendation for GoodAccess hinges on unique business considerations. The advantageous aspect is the 14-day free trial, allowing businesses to explore all features risk-free before committing – an opportunity to ensure it’s the right fit.

Frequently Asked Questions (GoodAccess VPN)-

Is GoodAccess Secure?

GoodAccess ensures business safety with security features, including military-grade encryption, employee monitoring, access controls, and DNS leak protection. These components establish it as a trustworthy VPN solution for your company. However, users accustomed to personal VPN apps might notice the absence of features like a kill switch.

Does GoodAccess Retain Logs?

GoodAccess maintains minimal logs. While the provider asserts these logs are insufficient to compromise GDPR compliance, aligning this with your company’s privacy terms is advisable. Notably, GoodAccess is based in the Czech Republic, so it operates independently of any agreements that could involve sharing your data with third parties.

Is GoodAccess Compatible with Linux?

Yes, GoodAccess is compatible with Linux, though manual configuration is required. The platform offers comprehensive guides for the manual setup process, and a Linux app is in development. Presently, dedicated apps are available for various other platforms.

Is GoodAccess Effective on Linux?

Indeed, GoodAccess is usable on Linux, but manual configuration is necessary. GoodAccess provides thorough guides to assist with manual setup, and a dedicated Linux app is currently in progress. At the same time, dedicated apps are presently accessible for various platforms.

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