hide.me Review

Offering a popular free version and cheap premium plans, hide.me claims to be one of the best value VPNs in the world. But will the free version keep you safe online, and how do its paid plans stack up to other premium VPNs?


To find out, you can perform extensive tests on every feature that hide.me offers. Explore speeds, streaming capabilities, and safety with the free and paid versions. In addition, find out everything there is to know about its privacy policies.


After your tests, hide.me if you want a safe, privacy-friendly premium VPN for a low price. The free version is nice but has slow speeds, data restrictions, and a limited network. Luckily, you can try all hide.me features using its 30-money-back guarantee. Request a refund to ensure it’s trustworthy, and your money will be quickly returned.

Short on Time? Here Are The Key Findings


  • It’s great for streaming.You’ll always find servers that can unblock each platform you try.
  • You’ll have access to excellent network features. Servers are well-distributed and come with great privacy tools.
  • It’s very safe. It has all of the security features you expect with a top VPN.
  • You can trust its proven privacy policy. Its strict no-logging policy has been verified.
  • Enjoy fast torrenting speeds. The VPN lets you torrent even faster than you can with your normal connection.
  • It’s simple to install and use. You’ll find it easy to get started on every device hide.me supports.


  • Speeds may slow down over long distances. At a certain range, the speeds drop quite a bit.
  • It could be better for gaming. You might experience lag while connected to hide.me’s servers.

2023 Update Features Of hide.me VPN

💸 Price2.59 USD/month
📆 Money Back Guarantee30 Days
📝 Does VPN keep logs?No
🖥 Number of servers2100+
💻 Number of devices per license10
🛡 Kill switchYes
🗺 Based in countryMalaysia
🛠 Support24/7 Live Chat Support
📥 Supports torrentingYes

hide.me VPN: Excellent Streaming, Unblocking Ability & Smooth Playback

hide.me is one of the best VPNs for streaming, but this applies mainly to its premium accounts. You can access some platforms with the free option, such as unblocking Netflix Originals (a limited version of the site with no geo-blocked content) and Max using the free servers. However, keep in mind that the free plan has a 10 GB data limit, so your streaming time will be limited to a few hours each month.


You probably won’t encounter many streaming platforms you can’t unblock with hide.me’s streaming-optimized servers. In the rare instances where you face issues, troubleshooting is typically straightforward. The main infrequent issue you could experience is longer burden times for a couple of administrations, yet this is definitely a unique event.

Here’s a list of the services you can access:

NetflixDisney+MaxHuluBBC iPlayerAmazon Prime Video
All 4Hotstar IndiaCTVProSiebenFunimationDAZN

Unblocks Netflix

With hide.me’s optimized servers, you can watch geo-blocked movies and shows on Netflix. These streaming-optimized servers are a bit different from some competitors because they aren’t designed for one specific platform. They’re located in different countries and are intended to work well with every service, which should be the case for you.

I accessed full libraries in the US, Japan, Brazil, Italy, and the UK

You’ll likely experience zero playback issues while watching Netflix. This means videos should load nearly instantly in perfect quality and play without buffering, even when you skip around. It’s recommended to use the optimized servers for the best Netflix experience.

Unblocks Disney Plus

Free servers won’t unblock Disney+, but you should be able to watch it using premium locations.

I could also access the platform with the streaming-optimized server in Italy

You might encounter a common issue with the free servers when accessing Disney+. The screen may load indefinitely without allowing you to log in. However, you should experience practically zero load times with the optimized servers. There shouldn’t be any buffering or playback issues, either.

Unblocks Max

hide.me servers should work well with HBO Max.

It took about 10 seconds for my video to resolve into HD quality

You might experience a brief delay in video quality improvement, but the videos should play without load times or buffering. You can also watch it with normal servers, but for a smoother experience and to save time in case some locations are blocked in the future, using the streaming-optimized servers is recommended.

Unblocks Hulu

You should be able to access Hulu eventually. You can log in and see all the titles on your first attempt with a non-optimized server. Still, every time you click on one, it tells you they aren’t available where you live, even if you’re on a US server.

I could watch Only Murders in the Building in perfect quality

The streaming server will come to your rescue. It will let you load videos in just a few seconds, and they will play back in HD immediately.

Unblocks BBC iPlayer

You’ll need to see if hide.me can access platforms outside the US. It should work great on BBC iPlayer, but only with the premium streaming servers.

BBC iPlayer is a free service, so it’s great when a VPN can access it

As you might expect by now, there shouldn’t be any issues with the streaming experience. You should load videos in HD and watch without buffering quickly.

Also Unblocks Peacock, Amazon Prime Video, ESPN+, Paramount+, ITV, Crunchyroll, YouTube, and more

You should always be completely blocked by any streaming platforms while using hide.me. There should be a few issues you’ll run into either unless you’re not using its optimized servers.


For example, Amazon Prime Video can be easily blocked with normal servers. Still, it should work great with the US streaming location. Crunchyroll might initially have a fuzzy picture, and loading its videos could take about 12 seconds. Other than that, the other platforms should stream flawlessly and be a breeze to access.

hide.me VPN: Fast Speed on Servers

You will get fast speeds on hide.me’s premium servers if they are very far away. If they are over 9,000 km away, you might experience a substantial dip in speed. The free servers could be faster. When you try every free location, you’ll notice that they always drop your speeds by at least 90%, regardless of the distance.


When we record connection speeds, we consider three main categories:


  • Temporal downloads: This demonstrates how quickly information can be received, which is essential for browsing, streaming, and torrenting. Megabits per second (Mbps) is the unit of measurement.

  • Temporal uploads demonstrate how quickly you can send information, which is significant for undertakings like sending messages or transferring recordings. It’s also measured in Mbps.

  • Ping: This measures how fast your data can travel and determines the latency you’ll experience, which is crucial for gaming. It’s measured in milliseconds (ms).


To ensure fair results, we use a dedicated tester who records all our tests from the same location with the same connection. The tester assesses each server at least 10 times at different hours. It creates averages to minimize the impact of small speed fluctuations on our charts. The tests below were done with the WireGuard protocol because it’s the fastest.

Our tester lost 5% of her speeds on nearby servers, and 50% on distant ones

With hide.me’s servers in Europe, you should not experience a drop in speeds by more than 7 Mbps, especially if you’re in the UK. So, hide.me should provide some of the best nearby speeds you can find. There are only a few providers that might be faster at that proximity.


However, you can find VPNs that offer faster speeds for long-distance servers. For instance, ExpressVPN tends to be about twice as fast when you connect to servers over 8,000 km away. Some VPNs offer special 10Gbps servers, but we didn’t notice significant speed differences with them. For example, the Brazilian server was labeled as such but was quite slow.

Local Speed

Since hide.me is one of the most popular VPNs, our tester continuously tests it each week. After reviewing the results for several months, you can see that the speeds in our chart represent how it normally performs. Week after week, you consistently have fast speeds on every nearby server.

She only lost 3% of her download speed, and her ping remained low

Ping rates are great, and your upload speeds barely fall at all on nearby servers. So, as long as you stick to servers in your general area, you shouldn’t have any issues while streaming or browsing. Ping rates hold up the best on local free servers, but they are still too slow for gaming.

Long-Distance Speed

While you get okay speeds on the Los Angeles server (8,300 km away), locations farther away than LA are always twice as slow or more. It seems strange because Sao Paulo is only slightly farther from the UK than Hollywood.

We lost 74% of our speed and the ping was 20 times slower

One good thing is that the speeds stay as high as this. Even though Australia is almost twice as far away as Brazil, the speeds are similar. However, hide.me has some work regarding long-distance speeds if it wants to catch up with the best VPNs.

hide.me VPN: Lagging in Competitive Gaming

You won’t be able to have satisfying gaming sessions with hide.me, even if it has low ping rates. To enjoy lag-free gaming, having a ping below 80 milliseconds is essential. Any higher, and you’ll experience a noticeable delay between pressing a button and your character’s response, making it challenging to perform at your best and ultimately less enjoyable.

I had problems moving my character and the game kept on freezing up

To put this to the test, try playing a fast-paced shooter, where even minor timing issues become apparent. The process of loading up Counter-Strike: Worldwide Hostile, yet you’ll have large issues when the game begins. From the start, there will be lots of errors that make your personality fall through the floor. You can move your character after losing, and the game starts over. Sadly, each time you attempt to fire your gun, there will be a delay of at least a second caused by the lag.


Each VPN will raise your ping levels because your association is being encoded and rerouted. It’s also essential to specify that you can play and appreciate more slow-paced games like Hearthstone with hide.me. Things could get uneven to a great extent. However, it won’t be a significant issue.


Even so, numerous VPNs allow you to play any internet game with insignificant slack on neighboring servers. As a result, hide.me needs to catch up to its rivals in this category.

hide.me VPN: Server Network

With hide.me, you have access to 2,100 servers across 81 countries, providing you with a wide range of options. While it’s slightly more extensive than the average VPN network, some top-tier providers offer even more servers. Nevertheless, hide.me impresses with a well-distributed server network worldwide.


The majority of hide.me’s servers are located in Europe, boasting over 30 locations. Notably, it includes some less common destinations like Bulgaria and Croatia, setting it apart from many VPNs. Additionally, there are 10+ servers in the Americas and 20+ in Asia and other regions. While this distribution is fairly standard among VPNs, some competitors offer more extensive server coverage in Asia and Africa. For example, Surfshark provides 25+ Asian locations and additional African options.


Hide.me offers city-level servers in 8 countries: the UK, Switzerland, the US, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, and Australia. The US boasts the most extensive coverage with 13 regions, allowing for precise location selection to find the fastest nearby servers. Although some VPNs offer a slightly larger number of city-level servers, hide.me’s selection is still impressive.

The Multihop tab lets you route your traffic through 2 different servers

Even with the free tier, you can connect to 8 different locations, including the Netherlands, Spain, Central US, East US, West US, Canada, Germany, and the UK.

Another advantage of hide.me is that it owns all of its servers, eliminating concerns about third-party involvement. Unlike many VPNs that have to rent some of their infrastructure to reduce costs, hide.me maintains full control over its network. Moreover, hide.me offers several notable privacy features within its network, further distinguishing it from the competition.

Best Location

You’ll appreciate hide.me’s “Best Location” feature, which stands out among VPNs. While many VPNs offer a similar feature to connect you to a fast server, it hides automatically.me’s version offers remarkable customization. You can choose the “Best Location” based on criteria like the lowest ping, the lowest server load, or proximity to your current location.


Notably, only a few VPNs provide such a customizable feature. The only minor drawback is the hope for more transparency in how it calculates these criteria in the future. Currently, there needs to be a more straightforward way to view these measurements within the app, enhancing the user experience.

No Virtual Locations

hide.me distinguishes itself from many VPNs by having all of its servers physically located. Unlike virtual servers, which may not be in the country corresponding to your IP location, hide.me ensures that every server is in the country it claims to be. While virtual servers have their benefits, such as accessing countries where it’s risky to house physical servers hide.me’s approach offers the advantage of providing transparency about the server’s actual physical location. This means you always clearly understand how far away a server truly is, enhancing your VPN experience.

Dedicated IPs

Every subscription to hide.me comes with dedicated IP addresses, a rare feature among VPN providers. Interestingly, numerous VPNs expect you to pay extra for static IPs. Committed IPs can be important for bypassing geo-limitations or when you want a decent location for purposes like running a site. It may be a little difficult to set it up, but it is well worth the effort. How to go about it:

  • Navigate to your website hide.me account.

  • Empower the “Fixed IPs” highlight.

  • Select the nation where you need to utilize a static IP in your VPN application.

  • You’ll get an IP address that you can duplicate.

  • Glue this IP into your VPN’s “Custom Area” segment.


From here onward, you’ll utilize your committed IP address at whatever point you associate with that nation or city. The fact that hide.me does not charge extra for this feature sets it apart from other VPN providers, even though the setup process may be a little involved. Give it a shot, and you’ll reap the rewards of dedicated IPs without spending more money.

hide.me VPN: Safety & Security

In terms of security, hide.me distinguishes itself by providing a comprehensive array of features that are on par with the industry’s leading VPN providers. Here’s what you can anticipate:


  1. Military-Grade Encryption: hide.me utilizes AES 256-bit encryption, renowned for its nearly impenetrable security measures. This encryption standard is the norm among the best VPNs.

  2. Perfect Forward Secrecy: This feature continually generates new encryption keys, enhancing your security. It successfully passed all leak tests across more than 16 servers.

  3. Leak Protection: hide.me includes standard leak protection, covering vulnerabilities like WebRTC.

  4. Kill Switch: The kill switch is a crucial safety net. If the VPN unexpectedly disconnects, it blocks your connection, ensuring you’re never exposed online.

  5. DNS Servers: hide.me operates its DNS servers, reducing potential vulnerabilities. You also have the option to insert a custom DNS.

  6. Virus and Malware-Free: The hide.me app is certified virus- and malware-free, ensuring a safe and secure experience. You can verify this by running the .exe file through VirusTotal.


Additionally, hide.me offers some unique features:

  • Bolt “Fast Proxy”: This Windows feature forces a TCP connection. Although it’s intended to enhance your speeds, you may not observe any significant impact on your tests. 

  • Auto-Connect Choices: You have the ability to set up the VPN for automatic connection based on different scenarios, including when you start your device, connect to a new WiFi network, or access a particular IP.


These robust security features make hide.me a reliable choice for protecting your online privacy and data.


You might initially mistake this for obfuscation, but StealthGuard provides additional auto-connect options. Some VPNs use the term “stealth” to describe technology that conceals your VPN usage, which can be confusing. However, Stealth Guards ensures you don’t access the internet without an active VPN connection. You can also use it to ensure that your chosen apps only go online once hide.me establishes a connection.


Hide.me offers an ad-blocker with numerous options. You can configure it to block ads, malware, and trackers, enforce SafeSearch with search engines, and even set up parental filters. The best part is that you get hide.me’s ad-blocker with your regular subscription, so there’s no need for additional payments.

Split Tunneling

This feature allows you to select which traffic passes through the VPN tunnel. It can be useful if there’s specific local content you want to monitor. For instance, you should exclude your banking app from the VPN tunnel to ensure your bank doesn’t get alarmed while you’re streaming geo-blocked movies.


  • With hide.me, you have access to various protocols to connect with, including some of the most popular ones. Here’s a brief overview of each and what they provide:


  • OpenVPN: Considered one of the safest protocols as it’s open source, continuously reviewed for vulnerabilities, and offers obfuscation for every connection.

  • WireGuard: A secure protocol based on newer technology known for its speed and efficiency.

  • IKEv2: Although an older protocol, it’s effective for mobile devices, particularly in smoothly switching between different networks.


You’ll also have the option to connect using SoftEther or SSTP protocols, which can be handy if the primary options encounter issues. However, you’re unlikely to need them in most cases.


This is a double VPN feature and with hide.me, you can route your traffic through any combination of its servers. This is appealing because many VPNs limit you to specific server pairs, or some don’t even offer double VPN functionality at all.

You might also be pleasantly surprised by how little this impacts your speeds. Typically, routing your traffic through two servers can significantly reduce your speeds. However, in this case, it only reduces your download rates by about 20 Mbps on average.


However, you may not use this feature extensively because hide.me already provides robust encryption. Consequently, there might not be a strong need to route your connection through a second server. Nevertheless, it’s a valuable option for those who prioritize added security.

hide.me VPN: Privacy & Protection

You can trust this VPN as one of the most reliable options because it undergoes independent audits and maintains a clear no-logging policy. Additionally, its headquarters are located in a privacy-friendly country. You’ll be pleased to know that hide.me is owned by eVenture Ltd, an IT security company with a spotless track record, free from any controversies. Currently, hide.me owns its entire server network, leaving little room for further privacy enhancements.


You’ll also appreciate that hide.me is actively involved with i2Coalition, an organization that advocates internet freedom. This means that hide.me adheres to i2Coalition’s VPN Trust Initiative (VTI), a set of principles that ensure transparency and a commitment to privacy. By choosing hide.me, you’re supporting a VPN provider that pledges not to collect data, engage in false advertising, and more.

Does hide.me VPN Service Keep Logs? No

Your IP address and browsing activities remain unlogged by hide.me. It only retains your email address and the volume of monthly data you consume. For added privacy, you can even register with a new email address.

As soon as you delete your account, all of your information is removed

You might find hide.me’s policy is commendable, as many VPNs typically retain additional anonymized data, such as timestamps, device details, or even the servers you connect to. It’s also worth noting that you can enjoy the same level of security when using the free service since it adheres to the same policy.

Was hide.me Audited? Yes

You can be confident in this VPN’s policy because a reputable firm audited it back in 2015. The audit was conducted by Leon Juranic of DefenseCode LTD, a well-known cybersecurity expert, and he confirmed that the company adheres to its policy. Since 2012, they have also been regularly releasing transparency reports. These reports provide you with insights into every instance when legal requests are made to the company. In each of these reports, it’s been demonstrated that hide.me has no pertinent customer data to disclose.

Based in Malaysia

Malaysia falls outside the jurisdiction of the 5/9/14 Eyes Alliance, and it doesn’t have any data retention laws, making it an excellent location for operating a VPN. The 5/9/14 Eyes Alliance is an agreement among multiple governments to exchange information about their citizens. Suppose you’re concerned about VPNs headquartered within such jurisdictions. In that case, you’ll appreciate that hide.me is highly privacy-friendly for this reason.

Does hide.me Work in China? Yes

You can utilize hide.me in China.

They recommend you use its obfuscated version of OpenVPN to connect in China

Numerous VPNs don’t predictably work in China, so you may be satisfied to know that hide.me is as yet successful there. Even though the Chinese government has outlawed numerous VPNs, they rarely pursue users for their use. Nonetheless, it’s critical to take note of the group and underwrite no criminal operations. We recommend researching the laws and regulations before deciding to try a VPN in China.

hide.me VPN: Secure & Fast Torrenting

You can speed up while associated with hide.me. A 700 MB file would take you 12 minutes to complete without a VPN. Notwithstanding, when you associate with hide.me’s Texas server, you can complete it in just 3 minutes. You can use its Shadowsocks proxy to improve your speeds further, although this may not be necessary.


Hide.me is an excellent choice for P2P activities because of its strong privacy policy and top-notch security features. P2P networks can be uncertain, and you often need to know who you’re connecting with or if the files are accurately labeled. Using hide.me adds an extra layer of safety. Utilizing a VPN like hide.me can give an additional layer of security.


It can be used with various programs, like qBittorrent and Deluge, and port forwarding can also be used, but it needs some configuration. Go to your account page to enable port forwarding. It uses UPnP, a dynamic version of the process that is safer than static port forwarding. In any case, hide.me suggests empowering port sending on just a single gadget for the best security utilizing VPN conventions.


Remember that downloading copyrighted files is illegal, even though torrenting itself is legal in most places. To stay on the right side of the law, stick to downloading files in the public domain.

hide.me VPN: Installation & Apps

Installation & Apps — Easily Set Up on Most Devices

All of hide.me’s applications are easy to utilize and extremely simple to set up. They have a user interface that looks modern and is easy to see. The wide range of customization options it offers might be the only thing that could be confusing. Multihop servers, StealthGuard, and Bold “Fast Proxy” are just a few examples that might not immediately come to mind.

Each of the tabs on the bottom of the app take you exactly where you’d expect

Later, hide.me could offer more data about its highlights, like how some VPNs give tooltips or clarifications when you float over them. Additionally, the names of a few features are murky. For example, the “Custom Locations” feature lets you access static IP addresses. Still, the title alone may not make that clear. Overall, it’s a great app that could benefit from some minor improvements for user-friendliness.

Setup & Installation

The ease with which hide.me can be installed, even on Linux, will impress you. Numerous VPNs simplify it to set up on the most well-known working frameworks; however, hide.me offers the least demanding Linux establishment process you’ve probably gone over. It takes care of everything for you by copying and pasting a single command from its manual into your terminal.

It’s also nice that it shows you every device you can download an app for

Installing hide.me on supported smart TVs is just as straightforward as on mobile devices. However, configuring it on a router requires more effort. Typically, this setup takes around ten minutes, but if you’re new to it, exercise caution, as the process can potentially harm your router.

Quick Guide to Install hide.me in 3 Steps


To get everything rolling, you ought to download the establishment document. If you have a hide.me membership, you can get to all its servers without limits. You can see the .exe record on the hide.me site for work area gadgets. On versatile, you can download it from your application store. The next steps are as follows:

  1. Open the downloaded record or tap “Introduce” on your cell phone.
  2. Sit tight for the establishment interaction to finish, and you might have to respond to several inquiries.
  3. After the application is introduced, you can sign in with your certifications and use it.

hide.me VPN: Device Compatibility

You might be pleased with the variety of native apps that hide.me provides. However, you may wish it had a smart DNS feature. This feature simplifies the process of changing locations on devices that typically don’t support VPNs. It would provide you with a convenient way to access new streaming services on your gaming consoles or unsupported smart TVs. Nevertheless, when it comes to offering a broad selection of apps for the most popular devices, hide.me does an excellent job overall.

hide.me VPN: Desktop Apps for Windows, Linux & Mac Devices

The Mac and Windows apps are remarkably similar, which is definitely a positive aspect. Both of these apps provide identical security features and enable you to connect using the same protocols. Such uniformity is uncommon, especially considering Mac apps often receive less focus than their Windows counterparts. It’s definitely something to appreciate.


The primary difference lies in the Windows app, which includes a few more advanced configuration options like Fallback Configuration and the ability to set custom protocol ports. These features may only be crucial if you’re a tech enthusiast.


On the other hand, the Linux app has only one protocol and lacks features like StealthGuard, SmartGuard, or split tunneling. However, it does offer WireGuard, which is a solid protocol choice. While it’s disappointing to miss out on the ad-blocker and split tunneling, it’s worth noting that you can use the Linux app with a free account, which is a rare find among Linux VPNs.

Android and iPhone (iOS)

You can be happy that you only miss out on StealthGuard and the SoftEther protocol with mobile devices.

I like that the main screen and the server network look exactly the same

Otherwise, you get everything that comes with desktop apps. You can connect to every server, use the same protocols, and access all the same features. This includes things like kill switches and split tunneling, which you often find left out from iOS apps.

Browser Extensions for Chrome & Firefox

You might come across free hide.me browser extensions, but you may not recommend using them. They allow you to connect to proxies from Germany and the Netherlands. However, here’s the issue: These are only proxies that will only partially encrypt your device. You can try enabling SOCKS as a form of encryption, but it’ll only apply to your browser and not the rest of your device.

Apps for Amazon Fire TV & Android TVs

You can download hide.me for its supported TVs like a new channel or app. That means searching through wherever you browse for apps on your TV and adding hide.me. So, it couldn’t be easier. You may wish for a simpler way to install the app on other TVs.

Router Compatibility

While it doesn’t sell pre-installed routers, hide.me does support installation on several router models. Its site has guides for AsusWRT-Merlin, DD-WRT, OpenWrt, and Tomato routers.

Installing it on your router will let you use hide.me on every device in your network (including game consoles). However, all your tech will be connected to the same servers. ExpressVPN is one of the only services that gives you a full app for routers where you can decide which device connects to which server. I’ve never seen another VPN match them there, but if hide.me could do it, that would be amazing.

Simultaneous Device Connections

Although hide.me does not offer pre-installed routers for sale, it does offer installation support for various router models. Guides for AsusWRT-Merlin, DD-WRT, OpenWrt, and Tomato routers are available on its website.


Introducing it on your switch lets you involve hide.me on each gadget in your organization, including the game control center. Please be aware, however, that all of your technology will be linked to the same servers. Try ExpressVPN if you want a service that provides a complete router app that lets you choose which device connects to which server. Numerous clients have viewed ExpressVPN as one of only a handful of exceptional administrations that succeed in such a manner. On the off chance that hide.me could execute such an element, it would genuinely flabbergasted.

2023 Updated Prices Of hide.me VPN

Only a few other VPNs can compete with the value offered by hide.me. There are three plans to choose from, and the cheapest one has the longest subscription term and three free months. Each plan furnishes you with similar elements; they contrast regarding the membership span. It’s prescribed to go with the longest arrangement for the best worth. However, remember that among the best VPNs, its monthly plan is also one of the cheapest.

While CyberGhost and PIA offer long-haul memberships for less, it’s trying to find numerous other VPNs of this quality at such a low month-to-month rate. Moreover, hide.me’s free arrangement is truly outstanding, offering 10GB of information each month with admittance to 8 areas and enacting all well-being highlights. It’s a good method for figuring out the VPN.


Notwithstanding, it’s suggested that you utilize its 30-day unconditional promise to give it a shot. It might surprise you how simple it is to get a refund. With hide.me, you can talk to a live person all day, every day. However, the day you request a discount probably won’t be accessible. If that is the case, you must send an email to request a refund.

I appreciated that I didn’t have to answer any questions to get my refund approved

From that point forward, you could get a reaction saying that your solicitation has been sent to the charging division. Everything should be finished The following day, and all your money will be returned to your account. You might think that hide.me’s refund process is one of the quickest and most dependable because of this.


Credit cards, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, SEPA, SOFORT, bank transfers, and a number of cryptocurrencies are all options for making payments. It acknowledges Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Coffee Shop’s Club for charge cards. You can pay with Bitcoin, ZCash, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Horizon, Ripple, and many other cryptocurrencies.

hide.me VPN: Reliability & Support

Reliability and Support — Solid Answers Are Always Available

Thanks to its live chat, which is available around the clock, you can easily ask questions at any time. An intermittent day may be when you have issues inspiring it to work. Assuming that occurs, you can get some information about it, and the help specialist should have the option to help you. It’s possible to dismiss it as an odd bug.

I appreciate that I never had to wait long for them to sign in or reply

You have always had the option to reach out to staff in less than a minute during your various communications. This is fantastic because it tends to be discouraging when a VPN offers a live-visit service that is always available. Still, it takes a long time to connect with a professional. Despite the fact that you won’t utilize telephone support frequently, you ought to know that there is none.

You can contact them through email, and your messages should be replied to in two or three hours. The support staff is also knowledgeable. For example, assuming that you’re experiencing difficulty sorting out some way to utilize its committed IPs, backing can assist you with setting it up in a matter of seconds. It’s nice that the staff is enthusiastic about the product and regularly provides links to guides with additional information.

As to guides, hide.me’s information base is extremely exhaustive. It offers lots of efficient and simple-to-understand FAQs alongside a broad blog. On the other hand, its page does not contain any video tutorials. There is a YouTube channel for hide.me, but it only has two videos at the moment. It would be great in the event that they transferred more from now on. Yet, the magnificent live talk implies this is definitely not an immense arrangement.

The Bottom Line

Final Verdict — Safe & Privacy-Friendly With a Nice Free Option

There’s a lot to like about hide.me for you. It’s considered one of the best value VPNs you can get, offering a cost-effective long-term plan and a free option that’s decent for casual browsing. When you use the paid app, you gain access to a network full of features, excellent security, a proven privacy policy, and fast speeds on many servers. It’s also highly capable of streaming and torrenting.

You ought to know about a couple of minor disadvantages. Speed may slow down when you get to a certain distance, and gaming performance may be subpar. You might also have the hope that they add a smart DNS feature in the future, and some additional displays on the servers would be a nice improvement.

Overall, it’s recommended to give hide.me a try if you’re searching for a safe and trustworthy VPN at a budget-friendly price. While some top competitors offer more servers, faster speeds, and better gaming performance, hide.me still stands as one of the best VPN options available.

Frequently Asked Questions (hide.me VPN)-

Is hide.me VPN secure?

Yes, hide.me VPN is highly secure. It employs military-grade encryption and successfully passed all of my leak tests. Additionally, it includes a kill switch feature that disconnects your internet connection if the VPN ever experiences a disconnect. hide.me also offers a wealth of advanced security features, such as multiple protocols, double VPN, split tunneling, and more.

Is hide.me VPN free?

Yes, you can use a limited version of hide.me VPN for free. The application permits access to 8 distinct locations and offers a monthly data limit of 10GB. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Does hide.me VPN offer unlimited data?

hide.me VPN provides unlimited data with its paid plans, but not with the free tier. The free version limits you to 10GB of data per month. While this may make it challenging for extended streaming or torrenting sessions, it remains useful for secure browsing.

Will hide.me VPN affect my internet speeds?

Yes, hide.me VPN may slightly reduce your internet speeds, particularly on nearby servers. When connecting to nearby servers, you might experience an average download speed decrease of only around 5%, which is impressive considering that many VPNs can reduce speeds by 10-25% even for close-range connections. However, if you connect to a server located over 9,000 km away, you can expect much larger speed drops, often exceeding 75%.

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