You’ve been exploring HMA (formerly HideMyAss), a VPN that offers an extensive server network at a reasonable price. However, its history includes some controversies. Can it truly ensure your online safety and anonymity? You decided to examine all its features extensively, including its updated privacy policy.

You’re also investigating reported connection issues to see if they impact its performance. Additionally, you’re testing its refund policy to determine its reliability and speed in processing refunds.

Overall, you find HMA to be a decent VPN. While it has notable strengths, there are areas where it needs to improve. Your ongoing assessments surprise you in several ways. For a consistently reliable experience, consider trying one of the top-tier VPNs instead.

Short on Time? Here Are My Key Findings


  • Many server locations: You’ll find that HMA covers every major region globally.
  • Offers strong security: With HMA, you get top-level encryption, ensuring your online security.
  • Updated privacy policy: HMA is sticking to a no-logs approach and has significantly improved keeping your data private.
  • 7-day free trial: You can try all its features with no data limits during the trial period.


  • Poor streaming performance: You may experience subpar streaming performance, as per the global team and may need better experience with various HMA platforms.
  • Slow speeds: You might encounter significant speed drops on most servers.
  • No 24/7 live chat: This makes the process of obtaining a refund more bothersome, as there’s no round-the-clock live chat support.

2023 Update Features Of HMA VPN

💸 Price2.99 USD/month
📆 Money Back Guarantee30 Days
📝 Does VPN keep logs?No
🖥 Number of servers1080+
💻 Number of devices per license10
🛡 Kill switchYes
🗺 Based in countryUnited Kingdom
🛠 SupportVia email
📥 Supports torrentingYes

Streaming – Unreliable for Secure Viewing

You and your global team encountered difficulties streaming securely with HMA on many top platforms. Utilizing an international group of testers, you aimed to stream while ensuring encrypted connections through HMA. Tragically, it worked about a fraction of the time, and there were extra baffling issues.

While technically, you can use a VPN like HMA to access content outside your region, note that this might be considered copyright infringement. To stay within legal boundaries, your teammates and you are only connected to servers within your respective countries for the tests.

HMA offers 6 optimized server locations specifically for streaming. For instance, try the 4 US servers if you’re in the US. Likewise, your colleague in Germany tested the Frankfurt location. At the same time, your UK teammate executed similar tests using the Donkey Town server (yes, that’s a real place in the UK). Unfortunately, even with these optimized servers, the results weren’t satisfactory.

It’s crucial to note that you and your colleagues do not support or condone any form of copyright violation. HMA follows a strict no-logging policy, ensuring it won’t track your online activities. However, this also means you bear full responsibility for how you use it. Consider adhering to the terms & policies of service agreements of any streaming platform you use.

Works With: Netflix, Max, Disney+, and YouTube

You’ll find that with HMA, you can only watch Netflix Originals. This version of Netflix includes content owned by the platform, so you miss out on region-specific shows. This limitation occurred for you on the US-optimized servers (assuming you live in the US) and applied to your teammates. You are using the optimized servers from Germany and the UK in their respective locations.

The videos loaded nearly instantly any time I used the US optimized locations

You’ll have a good experience watching HD videos without buffering on Netflix and Disney+ using HMA. So far, you might be impressed with how well the US-optimized servers work for you.

The US streaming optimized servers in Miami and New York let me watch Disney+ safely

You should also be able to stream Max (formerly HBO Max) without issues. There might be a strange new CAPTCHA-like puzzle you have to solve, but you should be able to load videos quickly and watch them in HD after about 4 seconds.

In addition, you should be able to watch YouTube with the help of HMA VPN.

Doesn’t Work With: Hulu, BBC iPlayer, ITV, Peacock, and Amazon Prime Video

Using the US streaming-optimized servers, you won’t be able to watch Hulu, Peacock, or Amazon Prime Video from the US. This could not be very pleasant if you’re a heavy binge-watcher with favorite shows on all these platforms. Given your preference for always having an encrypted connection online, you need a VPN that won’t interrupt your viewing habits.

You should also ask your colleague in the UK to try HMA with more platforms in their region. Normal servers and the optimized location might not work with BBC iPlayer. They can log in to their ITV Hub account on the UK streaming-optimized server. Still, they might encounter issues playing any videos.

If you contact HMA’s support team, their troubleshooting advice might not be very helpful. They could suggest ensuring that the VPN is properly connected to your device, even though each IP checker you try shows that HMA is successfully masking your real IP address. Unfortunately, they might not provide any further advice.

Overall, you might be unable to recommend HMA for its streaming capabilities. It might only work with some top platforms, and you could miss out on region-specific content on Netflix when connected. Try one of the top VPNs for streaming, as they are generally more dependable.

Speed — Significant Slowdowns, Even With the Fastest Protocol

HMA provides okay speeds at best, and some servers greatly slow you down. To get decent speeds, you’ll need to use the WireGuard protocol. In several tries, OpenVPN was almost 10 times slower. Connecting to Mimic is challenging, a point I’ll elaborate on later.

When we conduct our assessments, we focus on key aspects:

  • Download Speed: This gauge quantifies the data you can fetch from the internet within a set duration, measured in Mbps.
  • Upload Speed: Similarly measured in Mbps, this metric reflects the volume of data your computer can dispatch over a specific timeframe.
  • Ping: Crucial in gaming, ping signifies the time taken for your information to travel to the server and receive a response. Higher ping often leads to lags, impacting gaming experiences.

You have a dedicated speed tester based in the UK, ensuring that all your trials are conducted with the same connection speed in the same location. The results provided are averages from at least 10 tries on each server, covering a broad spectrum to showcase a VPN’s overall performance. As emphasized earlier, you do not support any form of copyright infringement and urge users to adhere strictly to the terms of service agreements applicable to any service they use.

Our tester’s speeds dropped by 28% on nearby servers and 51% on distant ones

The results for nearby servers are alright, but the fastest VPNs might only slow you down by 15% at close range. HMA has improved this area by adding 20 Gbps servers and incorporating WireGuard, raising hopes for faster speeds. Surprisingly, the server in the UK lowered her rates by 37%.

This was the server “Lightning Connect” gave her (its quick connect feature)

HMA offers in-app speed trials, but they may need to be more accurate. The feature selects several nearby servers and provides download rates and ping results. However, these results often differ significantly from those obtained through independent trials, making this feature less helpful.

When over 9,000 km away from your tester, speeds tend to be consistently poor. For instance, the server in Brazil drops her speeds by over 70%. This isn’t very pleasant, considering that many VPNs might only reduce rates by 40% or even less in locations that far away.

Gaming — Poor Speeds Made Online Play Impossible

HMA’s ping rates might be so high that you could struggle to join an online game. When gaming, ping becomes the crucial speed factor. Ideally, you want your rate to be below 85 ms for smooth gameplay. Unfortunately, getting a ping below 100 with HMA might be challenging. This could mean difficulties in connecting to networks like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to find a match.

The closest server still gave me a ping rate of 145 ms

It’s essential to note that while all VPNs might raise your ping rates to some extent, finding one that allows lag-free gaming on long-distance servers is often challenging. However, numerous VPNs are available that won’t significantly affect your gameplay on nearby servers.

Server Network — A Few Flaws, but Tons of Worldwide Locations

You’ll notice that HMA boasts the most locations among the VPNs you’ve tried, but its server count isn’t particularly high. This means it allows you to connect to nearly every country on the planet. Still, the limited number of servers could potentially impact speeds, as you’ve observed in the speed tests. Comparatively, PIA offers the highest number of servers, 2,300, and services like CyberGhost and NordVPN surpass HMA with many more servers.

HMA gives 1,080 servers across 210 nations. You’ll find 189 upgraded servers for spilling in 6 distinct areas, remembering 4 for the US, 1 in the UK, and also 1 in Germany. In addition, there are P2P-specific servers in eight locations, including three in the US, one in the UK, and four in Europe.

Servers optimized for streamingServers optimized for P2P
Miami, Florida, USMiami, Florida, US
New York, New York, USNew York, New York, US
Seattle, Washington, USSeattle, Washington, US
Liberty Island, New York, USLondon, UK
Donkey Town, UKNetherlands (city not specified)
Frankfurt, GermanyCzech Republic (city not specified)
/Paris, France
/Frankfurt, Germany

You can see the value in how conveniently the servers are coordinated in tab menus on the left half of the application’s connection point. You can undoubtedly browse your number one servers, the latest ones you’ve associated with, or those upgraded for streaming and torrenting without looking at the whole rundown. Also, you’ll observe that the improved servers are set apart with symbols, giving supportive viewable signs when looking through the total rundown.

Torrenting-optimized servers are marked with “P2P”, and streaming ones have a play button

HMA offers excellent server coverage worldwide, encompassing numerous countries in the Middle East and Africa that other VPNs might typically neglect. If you’re exploring, this extensive coverage is appealing.

The following table illustrates the diverse country offerings within each region:

North America27
South America20
Asia & Oceania54
Middle East15

Part of the reason HMA has numerous locations is because many of its servers are virtual. These provide you with an IP address of your chosen country, though they are actually based in another country. While this approach can be safer by keeping the VPN’s servers out of restrictive countries, it can also impact your speeds negatively, especially when the server is farther away than expected.

You can check the list of virtual servers on HMA’s website, and it informs you after you’ve connected to a virtual server. However, you might wish it told you the actual location of these virtual servers. To find out, you might need to perform your own IP tests.

HMA manages both physical and virtual servers, ensuring full control even when renting from a third party. This setup doesn’t pose any risk to the privacy and security of your data. The website briefly explains why HMA incorporates virtual servers.

The VPN also provides a significant number of city-level servers in different countries. For instance, you’ll find servers in more than 50 cities in the US. This feature can be particularly useful, especially when a VPN location is only specified by country, making it hard to gauge proximity. There are two in France, Germany, Russia, Spain, and Ukraine and three in Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Many users have reported issues connecting to HMA. Still, it works well for you, especially when using WireGuard. This has been true for both the 7-day trial and the premium VPN. Connecting is straightforward – press the connect button on the VPN’s main page. However, you might encounter difficulty connecting to the Mimic protocol, and there could be instances where you need to reconnect on OpenVPN. Additionally, it might be a bit disappointing that HMA doesn’t offer dedicated IPs, a feature available with many of its competitors, which can be useful for tasks like running a website.

Security — Military-Grade Encryption and Advanced Features

HMA provides several security features. In addition to military-grade encryption, it also offers reliable kill switches, split tunneling, IP Shuffle, and an ad-blocker in its Chrome extensions. Moreover, as you try it out, you’ll observe that it doesn’t leak your personal information to the websites you’re using.

Encryption & Protocols

HMA employs military-grade AES 256-GCM encryption and Perfect Forward Secrecy, ensuring your data’s utmost security. While it may seem technical, what’s important is that these features make your connection virtually impossible to hack. If somebody somehow managed to endeavor to hack, it would take them two or three hundred years to break the encryption key.

HMA gives 3 secure conventions: OpenVPN (TCP/UDP), WireGuard, and IKEv2/IPSec.

However, WireGuard is solely available for Windows devices. On Android, you’ll be limited to OpenVPN. At the same time, Mac and iOS currently only support the IKEv2 protocol, which is nearly as fast as WireGuard. Consequently, you might experience slower speeds on your Android phone.

Although HMA offers Mimic, connecting successfully during your trials might be challenging. Mimic is an obfuscation technology that enables VPN usage on restricted networks, such as schools and workplaces. Issues with this protocol could contribute to HMA’s streaming performance difficulties.

Suppose you prefer to use something other than the IKEv2 protocol on macOS. In that case, HMA’s Knowledge Base provides guides on how to install OpenVPN. Additionally, an option is available to view your OpenVPN connection logs, which can be helpful if you encounter any VPN-related issues.

Kill Switch

HMA stands out with its dual kill switch feature, a unique offering in the realm of VPNs. Firstly, there’s the system-wide kill switch, designed to swiftly sever your internet connection in case of an unexpected VPN disconnection, preventing the exposure of your IP address.

Secondly, the app kill switch allows you to secure specific apps you choose by cutting off their internet access if the VPN connection drops. These two kill switch options are available for Windows and Android, with the system-wide kill switch also accessible for macOS.

Notably, neither of the kill switches is active by default. Remember to activate them from the Privacy tab according to your preferences for full protection.

IP, DNS, and WebRTC Leaks

HMA manages its own DNS servers, providing built-in protection against IPv4, IPv6, and DNS leaks. DNS leaks can occur when your DNS requests accidentally travel through your ISP instead of the VPN, potentially exposing your data and allowing your ISP to log your internet activity. HMA controls its DNS servers so no third party can access your information.

HMA didn’t leak my IP, DNS, or WebRTC information

IP leaks pose a similar risk, involving the accidental exposure of your IP address. In such cases, the websites you visit can see both you and your location. As you try out HMA on US, UK, and Tokyo servers, you will find that there are no WebRTC, DNS, or IP leaks, ensuring the security of your online activities.

Split Tunneling

The split tunneling feature in HMA’s Android and Windows apps is quite clever. It enables you to choose which apps you want to secure with HMA. This way, you can route traffic on specific apps through the VPN while leaving other apps’ traffic unencrypted, allowing them to pass through your normal ISP network.

For instance, you can run your browser app through the VPN, ensuring added security. At the same time, you can make sure your banking app routes through your ISP, preventing any triggers or alerts on your account. As you try out HMA, you can explore how split tunneling enhances your control over app-specific security preferences.

IP Shuffle

You might appreciate the IP Shuffle feature in HMA, as it adds a layer of difficulty for anyone attempting to track your location. With this component, you can haphazardly change your IP address at a time interval of your picking. Remember that this usefulness is accessible for Windows, Android, and macOS, but not so much for iOS.

You can explore the IP Refresh option if you want to change your IP manually and quickly. If you want complete protection, this feature can be especially helpful. Since your IP address can change regularly with this component, giving it a shot guarantees that nobody can undoubtedly backtrace your association. As you use HMA, consider experimenting with these IP-related features to enhance your online privacy.


The auto-connect feature in HMA allows you to customize when the VPN automatically establishes a connection. This proves particularly handy as you can configure it to automatically engage, ensuring your safety whenever you find yourself on public WiFi. This way, even if you forget to activate the VPN manually, it secures your connection seamlessly. This functionality is accessible across Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS platforms.

Ad Blocker

You might appreciate that HMA’s Chrome extension comes with a built-in ad-blocker. It’s an awesome addition, especially if you’re tired of constantly dealing with unwanted ads, just like you are. However, it’s important to note that this feature is exclusively available within its extensions. While you might consider trying them out, it is not recommended to use these, as I’ll explain in more detail later.

Virus Test

HMA’s apps are completely safe and malware-free. Before you download the Windows app, you can use the VirusTotal website to check that the installer is clean. You don’t expect any issues, but you want to check to make sure. Fortunately, the results meet your expectations, and there aren’t any viruses or other types of malware in the file.

I tested HMA’s Windows app installer for viruses on VirusTotal

One thing that HMA needs to incorporate is multi-jump. This element further fortifies your web-based security and protection by steering traffic through at least 2 servers, making your information untraceable.

Privacy — Audited No-Logs Policy but There Are Some Concerns

While HMA has had its contentions previously, it endeavored to defeat them with another protection strategy. In 2011, a hacking bunch utilized HMA to go after Sony.

HMA followed specialists by recognizing a programmer, prompting their capture. Once more, in one more occurrence in 2017, HMA distinguished a client with timestamps.

However, it created a new privacy policy in 2020 that an independent audit verified. A different company owned it during its controversies, and there have been no incidents since Avast acquired it.

There have additionally been reports that HMA has sent letters to clients about downloading protected materials. This makes you want to think about how it understands what individuals are downloading since it claims not to screen anybody’s internet-based exercises. It’s likewise situated in the UK, which isn’t a country that welcomes protections. In this way, you may not think of it as one of the most outstanding VPNs for protection.

Does HMA Keep Logs? No

HMA logs the date of connection and a rounded total of data transferred in addition to the standard personal data that most VPNs gather to create your accounts (including your email address, activation code, username & subscription renewal date). However, according to its policy, it doesn’t keep track of your location or online activity.

Additionally, details about the data stored on its VPN clients and their intended use are provided in the Privacy Policy. This contains information about your connection events, such as connection and disconnection attempts and instances where a process error occurred. No user identity is connected to this data. We want to remind you to update your apps to the most recent versions in order to minimize privacy risks.

There’s an option on the Android app to turn off analytics data sharing with third parties. You can track down this choice in the Settings menu under the Individual Protection tab. It is turned on, of course; however, you can switch it off whenever you don’t need it.

HMA keeps the service data for 2 years, and it’s all anonymized

Please take note that the web proxy extensions offered by HMA are not included in the audit below; they are a different service from the VPN. This implies that these extensions store logs and information, including your IP address, the domain names of the websites you visit, and the timestamps of your requests. It is advised to refrain from using the extensions as a result.

Was HMA Audited? Yes

HMA underwent an audit by an independent cybersecurity firm, VerSprite, which assessed its no-logs policy and concluded that it poses a “low-risk user privacy impact.” The evaluation acknowledged the VPN’s strong privacy stance and outlined areas for improvement, showcasing HMA’s dedication to providing robust security.

In addition to this, HMA’s parent company, Avast, goes the extra mile in transparency by regularly publishing a warrant canary four times a year. This allows users to easily review all the requests Avast receives for disclosing the VPN’s user data to government agencies. This proactive approach demonstrates the company’s commitment to distancing itself from past instances of data sharing.

Based in the UK

Operating from the UK, the VPN falls within the jurisdiction of the 5 Eyes Alliance, a consortium known for pooling and exchanging citizens’ online data among member countries. In the event of a government request, HMA would be obliged to comply. However, given the service’s established no-logs policy, there’s a reassuring angle. There shouldn’t be any substantial data tied to your identity, mitigating potential traceability concerns.

Does HMA Work in China? No

HMA doesn’t consistently work in China.

Theoretically, its Mimic protocol should help it work in the country. Still, you may need help connecting to it.

Although the Chinese government has blocked a lot of VPNs, users are rarely prosecuted for using them. On the other hand, it would be beneficial if you disapproved of any unlawful activity. It advises that you become familiar with the laws before using a VPN in a country with restrictions. You can try one of these VPNs that consistently function in China if you decide to use one.

Torrenting — Offers P2P-Optimized Server Locations

Torrenting is allowed with HMA. In any case, note that torrenting protected material is against the DMCA. Torrenting is likewise totally prohibited in certain nations, so you should look at your nation’s regulations and guidelines before choosing to do so.

Eight server locations have been tailored to handle P2P traffic. P2P-optimized servers provide better connection speeds and privacy protection.

HMA’s P2P-optimized server locations have their own tab menu in the Windows app

You might be able to increase your torrenting speed slowly with one of HMA’s P2P servers. During the trial, you need to download a 700 MB copyright-free movie. With no VPN, it took about 7 minutes. With HMA’s optimized Miami server, you might be pleasantly surprised if it concludes in just five minutes.

Port forwarding, a feature that can speed up torrenting, is not available with it. But it might not matter since its optimized servers are so fast. So, you might have no issues with HMA’s torrenting performance.

Installation & Apps

Weak Compatibility for Its Easy-to-Use Apps

Besides some connection issues, you may have no problem with HMA’s interface. You can easily navigate menus and access the servers and settings.

You can switch between the protocols by accessing the “Advanced” tab

During your initial try, there was one technical hitch — you couldn’t access any websites. For some reason, you had no internet connection whenever you turned HMA on. Fortunately, the app has a troubleshooting button to help in cases like this. After using the troubleshooter, you get a notification to contact HMA’s customer support with the error code.

Regretfully, accessing support can be challenging, as elaborated below. You could have used some advice you found in its forums. As a last resort, you deleted the app, rebooted your computer, and reinstalled it again. Fortunately, it started working.

Apart from this temporary glitch, you were happy with HMA’s apps. It’s straightforward for you to use, with a fun and clear interface.

Setup & Installation

The setup and installation process is simple. You can install HMA in a couple of minutes.

Set up is the same whether you’re using a trial or a premium subscription

As you try the Windows app, you’ll find it easy to navigate. It is all-around efficient, and you can rapidly find every one of the highlights and settings you really want. You won’t have any trouble navigating the app even if you don’t know much about technology.

Device Compatibility

HMA offers compatibility with a range of devices and operating systems, including:

  • Windows: 7, 8, and 10;
  • Android: Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat, Oreo, and Pie;
  • macOS: 10.5 and up (Yosemite, El Capitan, High Sierra, Catalina, and others);
  • iOS: 9, 10, 11, and 12.

While HMA provides broad compatibility, it’s worth noting that some applications lack certain features, and there is limited support for additional devices. Regrettably, Linux features, browser extensions, gaming devices, and smart TVs need to be improved compared to the offerings of top VPNs in the market.

Desktop — Apps for Windows, Mac, and Linux

You can use the Windows app to access all of HMA’s features. It includes both kill switches, IP Shuffle split tunneling, and all protocols.

However, the Mac app is missing several features. You won’t get split tunneling; it only lets you use IKEv2, lacking a dedicated app kill switch. Given this and its privacy concerns, it’s difficult to suggest this VPN if your primary device is a macOS device.

Before, an OpenVPN CLI could be used to link a Linux device to HMA. On HMA’s website, the download page now generates an error page. Its knowledge base still needs some updated manual installation instructions. However, if you’re looking for a fully functional app, try one of the top VPNs for Linux.

Android and iPhone (iOS)

The disparity between the Android and iOS apps is quite noticeable. The Android app offers a more comprehensive experience, allowing you to utilize split tunneling, IP shuffle, and the OpenVPN protocol. The only feature missing is the dedicated app kill switch.

However, the iOS app could be much better in comparison. It limits you to the IKEv2 protocol and does not support split tunneling, IP shuffle, or either type of kill switch.

Browser Extensions for Chrome and Firefox

HMA has the ability to let you connect to proxies for free with its extensions. But still, they’re not safe or privacy-friendly. As noted above, these extensions store your IP address. They can only connect you to the UK, the US, the Netherlands, Germany, and France proxies. Unlike a VPN, these only alter your location rather than encrypting your entire connection.

Apps for Android TV

You can download a complete app on Android TVs, but you may wish for greater compatibility with smart TVs. Only Apple TVs, Fire TVs, Chromecast, and other televisions and streaming devices that are connected to a router can be used with the VPN. Sadly, the smart DNS feature is absent, which would have also made connecting to gaming consoles simple.

For the sole purpose of safeguarding your streaming devices and smart TV’s private data, we advise installing a VPN. While you could use a VPN to get to confined content, that would likely bring copyright infringement. You should not overlook any copyright encroachment and request that you follow all of the terms of administration arrangements material to you.

Router Compatibility

Manually installing HMA on a router or purchasing a FlashRouter with pre-installed HMA is an option. However, the process can be intricate, and choosing a VPN with a dedicated router app is more convenient. Connecting to a router offers a straightforward solution for linking any non-compatible devices.

Simultaneous Device Connections

With HMA, you can get 10 gadgets simultaneously or significantly more if you choose to set it up on a switch. The fundamental plans permit association with up to 10 gadgets, and there’s a Family Plan accessible on the off chance that you wish to at the same time interface 10 gadgets. Remember that each plan offering additional connections is more expensive than the last.

You can test HMA concurrently on all of your devices and discover that it functions equally well across multiple connections. However, remember that some VPNs offer unlimited devices at a lower cost. For instance, PIA and Surfshark are less expensive than HMA and do not impose connection limits.


Affordable Long-Term Plan

HMA’s short-term plans might seem expensive, but the longest-term option offers great value for money. It categorizes plans as Standard, Family, and Business, adjusting the number of device connections. The standard and family subscriptions offer 10 connections each, while the business plan allows 30.

Consider that the longest plan with the fewest connections costs only $2.99/month, but it’s a commitment for 3 years.

You’ll appreciate the 7-day free trial available on all compatible devices, but remember, there’s a catch. If you don’t cancel in time, you’ll be charged for a full year of the Family plan. However, canceling can be done through a setting in your account without contacting support. This trial grants access to all the apps’ features and unlimited data.

I had to email HMA a reason for my cancelation before it would accept it

However, seeking a refund through the money-back guarantee is a long and tedious process. If you decide to request a refund within 30 days via email, act quickly, as it might take a while. As per the information, receiving your first reply will take several days. Thankfully, once approved, your refund was processed promptly on the same day, and you got all your money back. Yet, others have reported longer waits or no response, so keep that in mind.

For payment, HMA provides various options, allowing you to use major credit & debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, and Amex. Additionally, HMA accepts PayPal, UnionPay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Alipay, Giropay, Sofort, and various other methods. Unfortunately, it doesn’t accept cryptocurrency, meaning you can’t pay anonymously and might face limitations in certain countries. Nevertheless, using 2Checkout for payments ensures that your information remains secure.

Reliability & Support

Slow Response Times

HMA’s customer support is okay, but response times may test your patience as they take longer than expected. The support system primarily relies on email assistance through a ticketing system, with no 24/7 live chat or phone support available.

If you, like me, live in the US and encounter issues connecting to HMA’s US servers for secure Hulu streaming, reaching out for support can be a prolonged and frustrating process. The community forum and live chat, once available, have been discontinued.

The website’s Help pop-up window, which might seem like live chat support, is just a means to send an email. You may receive a response 5 days after contacting the team.

HMA has abandoned its live chat and there’s no indication it will come back

While the customer support representative offered an apology and provided instructions to address your Hulu login problem, the issue persisted even after following the provided instructions. Unfortunately, you cannot watch Hulu securely while connected to the VPN. Additionally, getting a refund proved to be problematic. Top VPNs typically offer quicker approval for refunds or responses to other inquiries.

On a positive note, the VPN provides comprehensive support through its website. The Community page includes frequently asked questions, and the Knowledge Base offers numerous articles addressing various needs, from installation to issue resolution.

The website can be accessed in multiple languages, including English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, and more. While HMA’s customer support has its merits, the speed of response could be improved, making it a bit challenging to recommend.

The Bottom Line

Final Verdict — A Decent VPN With Several Flaws

HMA does showcase strength in certain aspects. It boasts the most extensive server network among VPNs, and its revised privacy policy has undergone an audit to demonstrate compliance. The service also incorporates robust security features and proves effective for torrenting.

However, when compared to the premier VPNs, HMA needs to catch up in several areas. Its servers consistently led to notable speed reductions, and its performance for streaming and gaming is subpar. HMA lacks support for as many devices as its top competitors, encountering occasional connection issues, and its customer support could be stronger. For better value and performance, exploring one of today’s leading VPNs might be a more rewarding choice.

Frequently Asked Questions (HMA VPN)-

Is HMA a secure VPN service?

Absolutely, HMA ensures your security. It utilizes military-grade encryption and has successfully passed comprehensive leak tests. Alongside a kill switch, it boasts a range of solid security features. While it had privacy issues in the past, considerable efforts have been made to rebuild its reputation. Under new ownership, HMA’s updated privacy policy underwent an audit by a reputable firm, ensuring strict adherence.

Does HMA VPN support Netflix?

Yes, HMA does work with Netflix Originals, yet it restricts access to region-specific content. Our international testing team checked its compatibility by connecting to servers in our respective countries. Sadly, during our tests, access was restricted to Netflix Firsts in the US, the UK, and Germany. It’s critical to take note that utilizing HMA or a comparable VPN to get to content from various locales could break copyright guidelines. Our team emphasizes adherence to the terms and conditions of streaming platforms

Will using an HMA VPN affect my internet speed?

Indeed, using HMA VPN will result in a reduction in your internet speed across all servers. VPNs typically lower speeds due to traffic encryption and rerouting. However, top-tier VPNs minimize this impact significantly. Even with nearby servers, HMA exhibited an average speed reduction of 28%.

Which VPN outperforms HMA?

Several premium VPNs like ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, and PIA surpass HMA in speed, streaming performance, and customer support. These providers offer notably faster speeds and 24/7 live chat support, a feature unavailable with HMA, which solely offers support via email.

Can I use HMA VPN for free?

You can absolutely experience HMA for free with its 7-day trial. Accessible on all compatible devices and providing unlimited data, this trial allows you to explore all features. Remember to cancel in time to avoid being charged for a full year.

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