When you take a first look at HotVPN, you’ll notice some bold claims about fast speeds, geo-unblocking capabilities, secure encryptions, and compatibility with popular devices. However, the lack of crucial information on its website and minimal media coverage might pique your curiosity. If it truly lives up to its promises, why isn’t there more buzz about it?

If you decide to put this VPN service to the test, despite the Android app’s ease of use, HotVPN falls short in several key areas. It may struggle to bypass geo-blocks on prominent services, throttle your download speeds, and even fail to function on Windows. Keep reading to uncover more about your experience with HotVPN.

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  • Only works on Android. You claim that HotVPN works on Mac, Windows & iOS devices. It is an extension for Chrome and Mozilla, but you could only get it to work on Android.
  • Streaming with Netflix & Amazon Prime — but poor quality. You notice poor quality when you try streaming with Netflix and Amazon Prime. You couldn’t access other popular platforms like Hulu, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, or Hotstar at all.
  • Slow speeds. You also experience slow speeds. During your tries, HotVPN slows down your download speed.

2023 Update Features Of HotVPN

💸 Price8.5 USD/month
📆 Money Back Guarantee3 Days
📝 Does VPN keep logs?No
🖥 Number of servers150+
💻 Number of devices per license2
🛡 Kill switchYes
🗺 Based in countryBelize
📥 Supports torrentingYes

Streaming — Compatible With Netflix & Amazon Prime Video, But Content Doesn’t Load

Based on your tries, HotVPN doesn’t work with BBC iPlayer, Disney+, Hulu, or Hotstar. You didn’t have high hopes for Netflix or Amazon Prime. You were allowed admittance to these web-based features — just to be disheartened again by the unending buffering.

After connecting to a US server, you accessed Netflix with ease. I’m happy that at least something works; you tried playing an episode of Friends. Imagine your frustration when it wouldn’t load for a full minute. Five shows and a server change later, you still couldn’t watch anything! You got the same results on Amazon Prime Video.

It took only a second without HotVPN

You tried using other platforms, but HotVPN couldn’t bypass their geo-blocks.

If you want to stream your favorite movies and TV shows, there are better choices than HotVPN.

Speeds — Painfully Slow on All US Servers

HotVPN is throttling your download speed by 98% on its US servers! Considering the experience you had with Netflix, you didn’t expect much. However, you’re still disappointed to see that much of a drop.

You began with a 30.2 Mbps download speed. Yet, the quickest results you got with HotVPN were from its Spain server, and, surprisingly, then, at that point, it was simply 15.7 Mbps — a decrease of practically half! Envision how irritated you are while perusing or opening the most essential applications. On the HotVPN US server located in New York, your download speed was throttled to 2.13 Mbps, and its Texas server brought you down to a disappointing 1.07 Mbps.

HotVPN throttled my download speeds by almost 98% on the US servers

HotVPN is choking your download speeds by practically 98% on the US servers.

If you can’t endure snail-like rates, consider an alternate VPN.

Gaming — Not Good Enough For Mobile Games

It advises against using HotVPN for gaming after your frustrating Street Racing 3D experience.

You have to settle for mobile games since you can’t use HotVPN on your PC. First, you try an RPG called Summoners War. It’s not a demanding game; you’re happy to play for about an hour without a hitch.

But then you switch to Street Racing 3D, where network stability is key to seamless play. Imagine your annoyance when your car keeps crashing because the game can’t process your movements due to network drops. You last less than 15 minutes before you want to smash your screen!

If you’re a serious or casual gamer, you will need more than this VPN to satisfy your expectations.

Server Network — Fine Locations, But You Can’t Choose a Specific Server

HotVPN has server coverage in 60 countries, but you counted only 22. Even so, you’re pleased to see that it offers connections to some key locations like the US, China, the UK, India, and Japan.

One page states that it has servers in 65 countries, the other shows 22

HotVPN allows you to choose a country but not a specific server, except for the US, where you can choose between New York and Texas. You’re shocked to find it offers a rundown of proposed servers for gushing on various stages.

HotVPN has dedicated servers for the most popular streaming platforms

With servers spread worldwide, you would have been happier to see some indication of which is the fastest. Switching on and off to find a decent server is boring.

If you need access to many countries, this VPN can help you. In any case, with the unmistakable absence of explicit areas, you shouldn’t depend on it to give you precisely what you need.

Security — No DNS Leaks, But Has Weak Encryption

You should be concerned that HotVPN does not provide some standard security features like Split Tunneling or the Kill Switch. If your connection gets interrupted while you’re uploading data like your credit card or personal information, you could be in big trouble.

You’re currently trying HotVPN for DNS leaks on its US, Switzerland, and India servers — and you’re surprised to see that HotVPN doesn’t reveal your location or IP address on any of them.

HotVPN encrypted my IP address

However, it bothers you that its encryption isn’t military-grade, meaning that hackers could easily find and exploit your sensitive information.

This VPN may not completely protect you from malicious attacks or information leaks if you are concerned about your online security.

Privacy — Vague Claims About Logs Policy

HotVPN is situated in Israel, which is certainly not a 14-eye country, implying that your data wouldn’t be divided among various countries. However, Israel is a potential third-party contributor, so using this VPN might not guarantee your safety.

HotVPN states that it doesn’t record your perusing history, traffic objections, information content, or DNS inquiries, which is genuinely standard and adequate. When compared with other protection strategies you’ve analyzed, HotVPN’s methodology could be more transparent and straightforward concerning the particular information they hold and their strategy for taking care of it.

If privacy is a top concern for you, the need for more clarity in HotVPN’s privacy policy might give you pause.

Simultaneous Device Connections — Unable Connecting More Than One Device

HotVPN claims that you can associate up to 2 gadgets to one permit. This is standard for its installment designs, and it’s all free preliminary. But when you put its claim to a try, you end up disappointed as you can’t connect to any other device other than your phone.

So, if you need a VPN that can work on multiple gadgets, you shouldn’t trust the HotVPN service.

Device Compatibility — It Only Works With Android

HotVPN doesn’t chip away at Windows, Macintosh, iOS, or as an expansion for Chrome and Mozilla, despite claiming it does.

You might be surprised to find how easily it connects to your Android. However, when you try to install it on your PC, the payment won’t process. After several frustrating attempts, you give up. Additionally, neither Mozilla or Chrome’s advertised extensions can be found.

If you only need a VPN on your phone, HotVPN could work for you, but it doesn’t work on any other platform.

Installation & Apps

HotVPN’s Android app is simple and easy for you to use. When you download it, it only takes seconds before you’re connected to a server and can start browsing. The app allows you to choose a server based on its location or the streaming service you want to use, which is convenient. You enjoy the minimalistic interface and how easy it is to switch between the servers. Still, the lack of settings like split tunneling is disappointing.

But there are no settings that I could use to personalize my experience

You have a more frustrating experience with its Windows software. Fair enough, the download and installation process is easy — it takes only a few minutes. But when you want to pay for a subscription, the payment window won’t load. Without a subscription, you can’t use HotVPN on Windows.


In view of your tests, HotVPN doesn’t merit the cash. You’re amazed at its arrangement cost, particularly thinking of it as not one of the most well-known VPN suppliers. At $3.99 each month for a considerable length of time (paid forthright), you could get greatly improved help somewhere else.

It upholds installments from PayPal, credit, and charge cards. There’s likewise a 3-day unconditional promise helpfully concealed in its protection strategy.

I tried at least 10 times, and it still forced me into the two-year plan

You were willing to get a one-month plan for $12.99. But when you tried to pick it, the system kept pushing you to its two-year plan. You felt forced to choose something you didn’t want. You downloaded its Android app and signed up for the three-day free trial because your payment wouldn’t process. Once more, HotVPN assigned you its most expensive plan. You can cancel it even before the trial ends, which is good news.

It would help if you had a choice as a user; HotVPN doesn’t play fair or give you that option.

Reliability & Support

HotVPN says to be available 24/7 through its email support. It might be disappointing that there is no live chat option, but you wouldn’t mind if it were responsive. In practice, its customer service is a let-down.

You send an email asking about its money-back guarantee. However, you still haven’t received a response. You feel that this is unreliable — on the off chance that it can’t address the most fundamental inquiry, you’re not hopeful about the legitimacy of its discount strategy.

Assuming you need a dependable supplier that will show up for you when issues emerge, it preaches against attempting HotVPN.

The Bottom Line

HotVPN is a mediocre mobile VPN. While your results might be better regarding speed or streaming, the app is easy to use, and you can use it for simple browsing and streaming on its faster servers.

Simultaneously, HotVPN is excessively costly for only one gadget and the quality it gives. You may be continually baffled while utilizing it — whether with speed, its installment framework, or streaming prospects.

If you’re looking for a lightning-fast, secure VPN, don’t count on HotVPN to provide that.

Frequently Asked Questions (HotVPN)-

Is HotVPN a good choice?

HotVPN needs to improve as a VPN provider. It needs help with geoblocks and throttles download speeds instead of improving them. I found it underwhelming and recommend exploring better options, such as ExpressVPN, for a more satisfying experience.

Can I use HotVPN for free?

HotVPN offers a 3-day free preliminary after downloading the application. Notwithstanding, after this time for testing, you’ll have to buy into a paid arrangement. I had the option to drop my membership before the preliminary finished. If you’re looking for a totally free VPN, think about investigating different other options.

How secure is HotVPN?

While HotVPN didn’t reveal any DNS leaks, indicating protection for my IP address and location, it lacks essential security features. This raises doubts about its overall security. For better protection, look for a VPN that includes robust security measures like Split Tunneling, Kill Switch, and AES-256 encryption.

Does HotVPN offer a free trial?

Yes, HotVPN does provide a 3-day free trial, although this information isn’t prominently displayed on the website. You’ll find details about the trial once you download the app on your Android device.

Does HotVPN work for iOS/Mac?

I couldn’t confirm HotVPN’s compatibility with iOS or Mac. Based on its performance with Android but not Windows, I assume it may work for iOS but not Mac. Connecting HotVPN to Windows was a frustrating experience. Suppose you’re looking for a reliable VPN for desktop devices. In that case, there are better options available that you can trust for your Mac or iOS device.

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