iProVPN Review

iProVPN stands as one of the best VPNs on the market, so you need to take it for a try to see if it’s up to scratch. You should measure its speeds, streaming performance, and security in comparison to VPNs you have tried in the past. While iProVPN scores highly in many areas, there is one major letdown.

Short on Time? Here Are My Key Findings


Streaming-optimized servers: Unblocked every streaming site you tested quickly and without issues.

Poor speeds on many servers: iProVPN is too slow on all but local servers.

Vast server network: It has 150 servers in 29 countries.

Strong encryption: It has military-grade encryption, plus an L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN, and IKEv2 to ensure your safety.

No-logs policy: The iProVPN service does not store your logs in any way.

Allows torrenting: It allows P2P transfers, but the speeds may let you down.

Works in China: It lets you safely use iProVPN if you travel to China.

30-day money-back guarantee: For more, try out the service free for 30 days.

2023 Update Features Of iProVPN

💸 Price1.3 USD/month
📆 Money Back Guarantee30 Days
📝 Does VPN keep logs?No
🖥 Number of servers150+
💻 Number of devices per license10
🛡 Kill switchYes
🗺 Based in countryVirgin Islands (British)
🛠 SupportLive Chat
📥 Supports torrentingYes

Streaming — Impressive Unblocking Capabilities

iProVPN unblocks HBO Max, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Now, AE TV, Comedy Central, BBC iPlayer, and more. When you try servers in multiple select locations, you can consistently manage to avoid geoblocks.

Unblocks: Netflix US, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Now, AE TV, BBC iPlayer, and more

It would help if you tried switching either to the UDP or TCP OpenVPN protocols to ensure access to Netflix US, as recommended by customer support.

After making the advised changes, connect to a server in the US. You should be immediately able to access the US Netflix library.

I could watch US Netflix with iProVPN

Once you confirm access to Netflix US, move on to Hulu. Navigate to the site and connect to your account without issues.

I had no problems unblocking Hulu with iProVPN

Disney+ presents geo-blocking challenges, but by using the US servers, you can quickly access your account.

iProVPN successfully bypassed Disney+ geo-restrictions and allowed me to watch Soul

Comedy Central features different content based on your region. To access Comedy Central’s main site, use one of iProVPN’s US servers.

I could watch South Park on Comedy Central without any issues

 Bypass AETV and HBO Now’s geo-restrictions just as easily. Also, unblock BBC iPlayer by connecting to a UK server.

Blocked By: Nothing

It would help if you ran tests on various servers and streaming platforms to see that none of the sites managed to block iProVPN. It’s just a shame you couldn’t always get the speeds you needed for streaming.

Speeds — Only Good on Local Servers

You should find that iProVPN provides decent speeds on local servers. The Quick Connect option will help you locate the best nearby server, giving you high-speed download speeds to stream in HD.

Your download speeds will drop by nearly 52%, while the upload speeds will drop by 25%. The ping will shoot up to 71 ms from 4 ms. These changes are significant but still provide you with high enough speeds to stream, although not in the best quality.

The Quick Connect feature gave me fast enough speeds for HD streaming

The long-distance servers will offer a very different experience. Your ping will become far more erratic, jumping as high as 337 ms, and your speeds will plummet.

The Australian servers will drop your download speeds by 90% and your upload speeds by 85%. The UK and US will give you similarly poor results.

iProVPN’s long-distance servers slowed me down by up to 97%
ServerDownload SpeedUpload SpeedPing
Base Speed35.27 Mbps12.58 Mbps4 ms
Sweden18.29 Mbps (52% decrease)8.54 Mbps (25% decrease)71 ms
UK2.96 Mbps (92% decrease)4.94 Mbps (61% decrease)55 ms
US1.10 Mbps (97% decrease)2.27 Mbps (78% decrease)201 ms
Australia3.50 Mbps (90% decrease)1.83 Mbps (85% decrease)337 ms

It would help if you did not experience a speed reduction of more than 20% when using a VPN. With iProVPN, your speeds may drop by 50% on local servers, which is considerable. For long-distance locations, it is challenging to use the internet. Overall, it’s recommended to use something other than iProVPN for its speeds. If you’re seeking a reliable service, try other superfast VPNs.

Is iProVPN Fast Enough for Gaming? Yes, but over the Local Server

If you play online games with friends worldwide, there might be better choices than iProVPN, as it’s fast enough for gaming only on local servers.

I could stream and play games using iProVPN’s local servers

The ping might be slightly high, but it’s still usable. Consider trying other VPNs specifically designed for gaming if you need to connect to distant servers for your gameplay.

Server Network — Extensive Server Network

iProVPN offers 150 servers in 29 countries. During your testing, you should be able to connect to any of the countries you need to bypass geo-blocks.

While the distant servers might struggle to maintain speeds, connecting to them should take just seconds, and they should easily avoid blocks.

Security — Provides Military-Grade Encryption

iProVPN utilizes AES 256-bit encryption to safeguard your data. This is the most elevated level accessible and makes your information mixed up with programmers and sneaks around. Its servers are additionally equipped for split tunneling.

It will let you choose which apps to route through the VPN tunnel, allowing you to access local services like online banking as you normally would while unblocking other sites with the VPN.


In your settings, you have the choices, and these are:

  • OpenVPN: The business standard, it’s both quick and secure with two choices – UDP for speed and TCP for dependability.
  • IKEv2: Considered the best protocol for mobile devices, it sets up connections very fast.
  • IPSec: An incredible decision for encoding interchanges and getting the association between your PC & server.

Unlike numerous VPNs in its reach, iProVPN doesn’t execute the obsolete PPTP protocol. However, you can still manually configure it if needed.

iProVPN offers 3 security protocols

IP, DNS, and WebRTC Leaks

Your IP address and DNS requests remain safe when using iProVPN.

I didn’t experience any IP or DNS leaks during my tests

If your VPN were to leak your IP address, the websites and apps you access could intercept it. Additionally, DNS solicitations could uncover your perusing action to your ISP or government offices.

Kill Switch

iProVPN accompanies a kill switch for an additional layer of protection. This consequently disconnects you from the web, assuming your VPN goes down. By disconnecting along these lines, you are shielded from programmers regardless of whether you (briefly) don’t have the VPN’s insurance.

If the VPN randomly connects, you can disable the “Connect on demand” feature

You might be impressed with iProVPN’s performance in terms of security.

Privacy — Has No-Logs Policy

iProVPN is situated in the English Virgin Islands, making it ideal for your security. It’s external to the impact of any insight-sharing partnership, so imparting your data to anyone is not obliged.

In light of its severe no-logs strategy, not even iProVPN monitors your perusing data while you’re utilizing its administration.

iProVPN doesn’t keep any connection logs

Both iProVPN’s area beyond any Eyes Union domains and its security approaches can cause you to have a real sense of reassurance while utilizing the help.

Torrenting — Allowed

iProVPN allows you to torrent on all its servers. Its encryption protocols and leak-proof servers will prevent your ISP from seeing your activity. It will also stop anyone else from discovering your information, including your location or IP address.

However, there aren’t any servers optimized for torrenting, though the VPN recommends you use antivirus software, as it doesn’t provide malware protection.

Does iProVPN Work in China? Yes

iProVPN can work in China with a bit of configuration. You can contact customer care, and a specialist will affirm that the VPN can get around the Incomparable Firewall. However, you must manually configure it through the OpenVPN app, not iProVPN’s client.

You should be able to use iProVPN in China

Simultaneous 10 Device Connections

iPro VPNs plans permit you to all the while sign in on 10 unique gadgets. You can likewise add gadgets to your permit at $4 per gadget.

The base arrangement ought to be enough for individual use. Notwithstanding, the additional expense per gadget could pile up in the event that you desire to cover a few users.

Device Compatibility — Works with All Major Platforms

iProVPN works with Windows, Macintosh, and Linux, as well as Android and iOS devices. It additionally works with stages that are less normally available for VPNs, similar to consoles, Savvy televisions, and Fire television Sticks.

You can use iProVPN on almost all your devices

You can track down over 15 unmistakable advisers to help you set up the VPN on different switches with assorted designs. While every arrangement fluctuates somewhat, most can be finished in only a few moments and are easy to set up.

Installation & Apps

Set-Up & Installation — Straight-forward

Both setting up and installing the iProVPN app takes just minutes. You can see a variety depending on the gadget you’re utilizing. Yet, there are broad aides on the off chance that you really want assistance — as well as entirely open customer support.

Right when you first open the application and connection point with a server. It’ll ask you to agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Simultaneously, iProVPN lets you know that it stores no logs — which is affirmed by its documentation.

To connect with a server, select from the rundown and press the green button. You’ll be associated with your favored server in a flash. On the off chance that you’re not searching for a particular area, you can utilize the Savvy Interface button. This naturally tracks down the quickest association, so you will not need to manage additional slowdowns.

In the settings menu, you can pick your convention and investigate your record’s subtleties. The off button is empowered naturally, so you can’t get to that setting.

As a rule, iProVPN is easy to understand and surprisingly instinctive. You ought to experience no hardships while utilizing it, which infers that regardless of whether you are new to VPNs, you should have no issues exploring the stage.

2023 Updated Prices Of iProVPN

iProVPN allows you to pay to utilize all significant charge cards, as well as PayPal. There needs to be more assortment in the plans, and the month-to-month subscription is $10 with practically no reserve funds. The more drawn-out plan saves you a liberal 87%. However, it requires an extended 2-year responsibility.

If you need to learn about joining, both of these plans accompany a 30-day guarantee, so you can attempt before you purchase. There’s likewise a 7-day preliminary rendition that costs 99p; however, note that this will be charged as a feature of a yearly arrangement toward the finish of the time for testing.

Reliability & Support

You’ll likely have a pleasant experience with iProVPN’s support team. Whenever you need help, a live agent responds in less than 5 minutes. Contact the team about various issues and questions, and the responses are consistently significant, amicable, and intensive.

The help segment of the site has a pertinent FAQ page. There are likewise arrangement guides for every one of the stages it upholds and a full rundown of servers if you want to set up on your device physically.

You might be impressed with the quality of iProVPN’s support, and it’s recommended to contact them with any issues you may encounter.

The Bottom Line

Final Verdict

iProVPN is a well-rounded and impressive VPN.

Its security highlights are complete and simple to arrange — it’s serious areas of strength for particular protection.

In spite of the fact that it doesn’t focus on specific regions like streaming or torrenting-streamlined servers, it performs well in the two viewpoints because of its reliable foundation.

Tragically, the ability to unblock is only excellent with quick rates for streaming. The main pressing concern with the VPN is it’s unfortunate speeds on its significant distance servers. While connecting with a nearer server can cure this, iProVPN could be better if you believe it should do a ton of spilling from distant locales.

IProVPN is for security but not for streaming, torrenting, or gaming. Fortunately, it accompanies a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can give it a shot, gamble free and see with your own eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions (iProVPN)-

Is iProVPN secure?

iProVPN is dedicated to your safety. iProVPN service employs military-grade encryption in order to safeguard your data. It offers a range of secure protocols, including OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, and IKEv2. Additionally, its strict no-logs policy ensures your online activities remain private. Being based outside any Eyes Alliance territory, iProVPN isn’t obligated to share your information with government bodies, providing an extra layer of privacy protection.

Does iProVPN have the ability to unblock Netflix?

Absolutely! iProVPN is a champion at unblocking Netflix and various streaming services. Throughout extensive testing, it effortlessly bypassed the restrictions imposed by streaming platforms. None of the services tested were able to block iProVPN successfully. However, it’s essential to note that the streaming experience might be affected by speed limitations.

Does iProVPN slow down speeds while using?

While using iProVPN, there’s a possibility of speed reduction, especially when connecting to distant servers. On the bright side, you can still stream in high definition without interruptions by utilizing the quick-connect servers, which offer better speeds.

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