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Ivacy VPN makes a number of eye-catching feature claims. It includes a ton of servers that are optimized for streaming on various global platforms. It recently increased speeds by adding WireGuard and updating its servers to 10 Gbps. Moreover, you will find it compatible with a wide range of devices. But can it actually hold its own against the best VPNs, or is it just another service making unsubstantiated claims?

To find out, you should try Ivacy before making a long-term commitment. It works great for streaming and online gaming, but you might experience super slow speeds while torrenting. The privacy policy may not be as solid as it first seems. On top of that, your speeds could drop a good amount even with nearby servers.

Short on Time? Here Are My Key Findings



  • Great for streaming. You can unblock Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, and more.
  • Works well for online gaming. Play games on Steam with little to no lag.
  • Strong security features. It passes all leak tests and offers 256-bit encryption.
  • Compatible with most devices. Linux, iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS can all use Ivacy VPN.
  • Many simultaneous connections. Ten devices can be configured using a single account.
  • Excellent customer support. The 24/7 live chat support provides detailed responses.
  • Speeds are primarily good. Using the WireGuard protocol, you can enjoy fast connections, although some nearby servers may have speed drops.


  • Not in a privacy-friendly country. Its headquarters are in Singapore, a country that collaborates with the 5-Eyes Alliance.
  • Not great for torrenting. Downloading files may need to be faster, even on P2P-optimized servers.

2023 Update Features Of Ivacy VPN

💸 Price1 USD/month
📆 Money Back Guarantee30 Days
📝 Does VPN keep logs?No
🖥 Number of servers5700+
💻 Number of devices per license10
🛡 Kill switchYes
🗺 Based in countrySingapore
🛠 Support24/7 Live Chat Support
📥 Supports torrentingYes

Streaming — Unblocks a Ton of Platforms With Great Playback

You can watch HD videos without buffering and access all of the major streaming services. However, you might encounter a few minor issues, such as Netflix blocking some servers and one streaming service that couldn’t be unblocked.

The browser extensions work almost as well as the apps for streaming. While some videos may stream in lower quality, and Netflix might need to be unblocked with the Firefox extension, it works seamlessly with Edge, Chrome, and other apps. Ivacy may resolve this minor issue in the future. You’ll need to use the streaming servers with the extensions, but normal servers can unblock platforms in the app.

Ivacy provides specialized streaming servers that can unlock access to the following platforms:

NetflixHuluHBO MaxAmazon Prime VideoDisney+BBC iPlayer
ITVABCbeIN SportsNBCBT SportRaiPlay
Fox Sports GoCBSCanal+Channel 5Match TVCWTV

Overall, Ivacy’s streaming capabilities may impress you. Additionally, it has excellent performance when utilizing Facebook and Spotify. While there are a few VPNs that are faster and unblock more platforms, Ivacy is definitely worth trying out.

Unblocks: Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, BBC iPlayer, and more

You can access 12 different Netflix libraries with Ivacy. All your streams should be buffer-free and playback in the highest quality. However, be aware that servers in Brazil and Ireland might be detected by Netflix and get blocked. In the Netherlands, Iceland, and Mexico locations, you can unblock Netflix Originals. This site version contains content owned by Netflix, so that you might miss out on some region-specific content. It’s worth trying to see if it meets your streaming needs.

There are optimized servers for Netflix US, UK, and Australia

I unblocked Netflix libraries in the following countries:You can unblock Netflix libraries in the following countries:

United StatesUnited KingdomCanadaAustralia
IndiaJapanNew ZealandGermany

You can easily unblock Disney+ using US servers. You will be automatically redirected to Disney Now, a free, ad-supported website with unique content, by the server optimized for Disney+. It is needed to navigate to Disney+ and log in, but it works well.

Movies loaded in a few seconds, and I could always stream in 4K

Accessing HBO Max is effortless, and you’ll watch shows with zero buffering. Videos load quickly and playback in the highest quality.

I couldn't find a normal server that could unblock HBO Max

Amazon Prime Video might be blocked on normal servers, but the Amazon US streaming-optimized location unlocks it effectively. It manages some of the toughest blocks.

I was only able to unblock Amazon Prime Video's US library

BBC iPlayer streams content smoothly, ensuring quick loading and high quality without interruptions. Suppose you’re interested in watching streaming services worldwide. In that case, Ivacy is a great choice as it doesn’t just focus on US platforms.

You can watch BBC iPlayer for free; you just need a VPN that can unblock it

Unblocking ESPN+ and Hulu is a breeze. Additionally, Ivacy VPN enables easy casting of Kodi on your smart TV. Ivacy offers a guide on setting up Kodi on your Roku, allowing you to stream movies on multiple devices, including your PS4.

However, remember that while Kodi gives access to P2P streaming sites with copyrighted material, engaging in illegal activities is not endorsed. It’s advisable to understand your local laws before considering using such sites.

Blocked By: DAZN

DAZN is the only streaming provider that blocks users. This website might require assistance for even the best VPNs for streaming. So, you might still be impressed that Ivacy can unblock everything else.

DAZN is available in the US, but this screen shows up when it detects a VPN

There may be other services that could get blocked from time to time. However, you might be impressed with how many streaming-optimized servers Ivacy provides. This should make you confident that it consistently works hard to update its servers and keep them working with all these platforms.

Speeds — Good Results, Still There Are Faster VPNs

When you try Ivacy VPN, you may notice a speed drop across all servers. However, you might be pleased to see how well it holds up even at long distances. Focus on three factors while checking its speeds:

  • The download speed tells you how quickly information can be received. It’s crucial for streaming, loading websites, and watching videos. It’s measured in megabits per second (Mbps).
  • The upload speed demonstrates how quickly you can send information. It assists with transferring recordings, sending messages, and posting via virtual entertainment. This is likewise estimated in megabits each second (Mbps).
  • The ping informs you about the time taken for information to travel. It’s essential for online gaming, ensuring your input registers quickly. It’s measured in milliseconds (ms).

You can begin by trying a test with no VPN connection to determine your average speed for comparison. Afterwards, you can try tests in 7 locations around the world. These tests are conducted on a laptop running Windows 11 with the WireGuard protocol. The results can be seen below:

LocationDownload Speed (Mbps)Upload Speed (Mbps)Ping (ms)Speed Loss
Base Speed (Texas, US)292.59245.7036.67N/A
Atlanta, US222.42102.8268.6724%
London, UK174.4137.4715340%
Paris, FR127.57171.76170.6756%
Melbourne, AU216.29274.32309.3326%
Frankfurst, DE225.48273.1423223%
Tokyo, JP243.51283.26245.3317%

The closest location you could find is 1,500 km away, in Atlanta. You might be disappointed that the nearest server drops your speed by 24%. Generally, the best VPNs typically have nearby servers (less than 5,000 km away) and reduce speeds by 15% or less. Surprisingly, the best result might come from the Singapore server, about 15,812 km away.

Your upload rates on YouTube aren’t negatively affected. To test this, upload the same video to YouTube twice, once with and once without a VPN connection. You might see no difference in the upload times.

You might be surprised that long-distance servers provide better speeds. Nonetheless, this could be due to stuff. At the point when more individuals utilize a server, it will, in general, log jam. It’s unfortunately hard to verify this because Ivacy needs to display the amount of crowdedness on a server. It’s a feature you should see them implement.

When you try different protocols offered on Windows, using WireGuard might yield the fastest speeds. You can use the Atlanta server with each protocol to see how different the speeds are. The results are displayed in the chart below:

There are many other VPNs that will give you better speeds when using the robust protection of OpenVPN

Additionally, WireGuard is an extremely secure protocol, so using it for most online activities shouldn’t be a problem. Overall, Ivacy is a solid VPN regarding speeds, especially considering its price.

Is Ivacy VPN Fast Enough for Gaming? Yes

You can play games online with little to no lag when trying Ivacy. To enjoy online games, you’ll need a ping below 100 ms because a high ping rate delays the game’s recognition of your inputs. This delay can make the game unplayable, as your character won’t respond instantly to your commands.

My ping was below 70ms, so I didn't have any issues

You can assess its gaming performance by playing Rogue Legacy 2 on Steam. In this game, you’re constantly dodging and attacking enemies. Any lag would be noticeable. With a nearby server, you’ll notice that your character moves as soon as you press a key.

What might truly impress you is how well it works on a distant server. You will probably only notice a minor lag when you try the game while connected to a London server (7,905 km away), even though your ping is over 150 ms. It’s recommended to play with the closest server, but this performance is much better than what most VPNs offer. Ivacy might be a fantastic option if you’re looking for a cheap VPN that won’t slow down your gaming.-

Server Network — Reliable Connections in a Good Number of Locations

Ivacy offers you access to 5,700 servers in 100 countries, which is a good number. However, some VPNs are available in even more countries. You might be pleased to find several countries that many VPNs don’t provide, such as Costa Rica and Kenya.

Since most VPNs rent at least some of their servers, Ivacy has the advantage of owning all of its servers, which improves security. Additionally, Ivacy owns all of its virtual locations, which are servers that, although physically situated in another nation, can give you an IP address in that nation. This can help safeguard your data, especially in regions where governments like Russia, may seize VPN servers. The Windows app lists 12 of these virtual servers.

However, you may encounter some connection delays when connecting to Ivacy servers. Sometimes, it can take over 20 seconds to establish a connection, regardless of the location’s proximity. It rarely connects in less than 10 seconds. On the other hand, the browser extensions connect instantly since they function as proxies. While not a major issue, most top-rated VPNs typically connect much faster.

You might experience occasional connection issues with the UK London server, where errors occurred and it failed to connect during several tests. On one occasion, it indicated it would reconnect in 15 seconds due to a “couldn’t browse” error. Apart from that, you can generally expect reliable connections.

Ivacy’s server categorization may be confusing. The “Smart Connect” title is somewhat misleading, as it’s essentially the tab for connecting to regular servers. Within this tab, you’ll find the “Automatic” server, which provides you with the closest location. Assuming you view the “Unblocking” tab muddled, you might have to counsel support staff for an explanation.

Unblocking is for accessing websites, and Streaming gives you optimized servers for specific streaming platforms

Dedicated IPs are available in 7 different countries. It’s an extra $1.99 per month for an IP Devoted IPs are accessible in seven distinct nations for an extra $1.99 monthly. These IPs are exclusively yours but don’t allow you to choose the city. This is a common limitation with dedicated IPs. While not a bad deal, some VPNs offer dedicated IPs for a lower price and in more locations. These can be useful if you run a website and need to use the same IP address consistently.

In summary, Ivacy’s server network is solid, offering a few features that could be improved. However, for a smaller VPN company, you might be impressed with what it has to offer.

Security — Solid Protection, but Some Apps Are Lacking

Ivacy provides robust security, but it needs a few crucial features. One of the most significant elements is its utilization of 256-bit encryption, which represents the highest level of security available. Militaries worldwide rely on this level of encryption to safeguard their sensitive information. It’s exceedingly difficult to breach, and even a supercomputer would require hundreds of years to attempt a successful decryption. Consequently, your data remains exceptionally secure while you’re connected to Ivacy.

IP/DNS leak protection is automatically toggled on, and it also protects you from IPv6 leaks

The choice of protocols can vary depending on the specific device you are using:


You’ll discover that OpenVPN is regarded as the most secure protocol because it’s open-source when you use Ivacy. It undergoes constant evaluation for vulnerabilities by a global community. You’ll have two options for OpenVPN: TCP, which is generally believed to be faster, and UDP, which performs better in speed tests and offers more stability. For optimal performance, UDP is recommended.

WireGuard, as per tests have shown, emerges as the fastest protocol, making it a great choice for streaming. However, the older protocols provided might be necessary if you encounter specific issues accessing certain websites or streaming channels. Connecting to SSTP manually on Windows is possible, but the superior performance of WireGuard and OpenVPN overshadows it.

Ivacy introduced split tunneling, allowing you to choose which traffic passes through the VPN tunnel. This feature lets you keep up with local news while streaming content from other countries. However, Ivacy’s split tunneling feature solely allows you to allowlist sites. It lacks the option to blocklist sites, which could be more convenient. Moreover, it doesn’t function with WireGuard, even though WireGuard is the optimal protocol for streaming.

The kill switch works effectively, but it’s essential to remember to activate it. Most leading VPNs currently come with an automatic kill switch, which is a preferred option. This crucial feature prevents your internet connection if the VPN unexpectedly disconnects, ensuring you don’t go online without encryption.

The kill switches are available in the Windows and Android apps, and the support staff mentioned that they are under development for the Mac and iOS apps. Unfortunately, there’s no kill switch for Linux. Additionally, the absence of an auto-connect feature is noted, which ensures the VPN connects before you go online, providing protection even if you forget to activate it.

Ivacy lacks a double VPN feature for added encryption, and there’s no WiFi protection or ad-blocker included. While these are not essential features, many of Ivacy’s competitors offer them. Nevertheless, its security features are reliable in safeguarding your critical information from potential data spies, which remains the most important aspect of a VPN service.

Privacy — Stores Some Data and comes in a 5-Eyes Alliance Country

When you try Ivacy VPN, you’ll notice it upholds a robust privacy policy, although there is one concern. The policy asserts that it retains only the information users provide, such as their name, email address, and payment method. To maintain anonymity, you can opt to use cryptocurrency for payment and select a disposable name or email.

The support staff has confirmed that Ivacy VPN knows the country from which you’re logging in. While this information isn’t overly specific (it’s not your IP address), you might feel more comfortable using a VPN that doesn’t retain such data.

This concerned me because earlier support staff told me it only logs the data you give them

Situated in Singapore, Ivacy is contingent upon the nation’s involvement in the 5-Eyes Alliance, a pact amongst governments for exchanging personal data among them. This could raise concerns about Ivacy being compelled to store data in the future. However, there haven’t been any incidents demonstrating Ivacy storing identifiable information from its customers.

Additionally, Ivacy’s privacy policy hasn’t undergone an independent audit or been challenged in a court case. At present, you have to take Ivacy at its word. Unlike other VPNs with proof demonstrating strict adherence to their no-logs policies, Ivacy currently lacks this verification. There are several areas where Ivacy could enhance its privacy-friendly practices.

Torrenting — Slow Download Speeds

When you try Ivacy VPN with uTorrent, you may observe a significant 89% drop in your download speeds. This implies that downloading a movie could take you up to one hour and forty-five minutes, whereas if you didn’t have a VPN, it might only take you ten minutes or less.

The P2P-optimized server in Costa Rica was even slower

Ivacy offers a feature called Secure Downloading, which enhances your downloading and seeding speeds. However, you might notice little improvement during your tests. One downside is that you’ll need to visit the website to identify which servers are optimized for P2P. On the positive side, torrenting is now permitted on all servers. For optimal torrenting performance, Ivacy recommends the following locations:

Costa RicaDenmarkGermanyLatvia

You can increase the speed of your torrenting and seeding by turning on port forwarding for an extra $1 a month. In your experience, this feature has been beneficial with other services. However, it’s worth noting that many providers include port forwarding in their basic package. Considering Ivacy’s absence of advanced privacy tools, it may be recommended to spend less on port forwarding with them.

Remember that torrenting is lawful in many nations, yet it is never legitimate to download protected documents. It’s critical to comprehend and comply with the laws of the nation you’re in before downloading any happiness.

Does Ivacy VPN Work in China? Unsure

According to a statement from a support agent, Ivacy VPN occasionally experiences functionality issues in China. However, the VPN offers a dedicated FAQ page that addresses China-specific problems, suggesting that using the latest version of Ivacy Prime could be a potential solution.

Ivacy Prime is a version of the app made for use in China, but I couldn't confirm it works either

The Chinese government has banned several VPNs, primarily targeting the technology rather than individual VPN users. Even so, you must know the regulations before getting a VPN in China. Keep in mind your group may upholds no unlawful activities. Please make sure to understand the regulations before using a VPN in China.

Simultaneous 10 Device Connections

Ivacy VPN surpasses many premium VPNs by allowing you to use it on up to 10 devices with a single subscription. When you try this, connect your Android phone, Amazon tablet, Windows laptop, or your roommate’s iPhone simultaneously. You’ll find that each one works seamlessly for streaming without any noticeable delays or buffering. This is an area where Ivacy VPN truly excels.

Installation & Apps

Device Compatibility — Works on a Wide Variety of Devices

You can try the app on various devices, but some may need more features. Here’s a list of devices offering a native app:

LinuxAmazon Fire StickEdgeFirefox
ChromeRoutersAndroid TVs 

When you try Ivacy on Windows and Android, you’ll notice these apps have a kill switch and multiport. Still, split tunneling is only available on Android. Therefore, Mac and iOS devices need to have these important features. Nonetheless, it’s great to see that a Linux app has been introduced. However, it requires usage through a command-line interface, as most VPNs don’t offer a graphical user interface (GUI) for Linux.

On Android devices, you can access the TV Login feature, allowing you to sign in to streaming apps on your Android TV, which can be quite convenient, especially when using a remote for typing.

The app interface is relatively user-friendly, but the organization of servers could be more intuitive. You might need assistance in understanding each server category. However, there’s an option to view a list of countries or cities, making the server list easier to navigate. One minor inconvenience is the inability to switch servers without disconnecting, a feature most competitors offer.

The browser extensions are effective for streaming, but as they are proxies, they are considered less secure. They allow you to toggle WebRTC leak protection on and off, with a recommendation to keep it on for safety. Notably, Ivacy offers an Edge extension, a distinguishing feature as most VPNs typically only provide extensions for Firefox and Chrome. These extensions also come with Bypass Proxy, functioning as a split tunneling feature, although they lack a kill switch.

Ivacy offers connections to the most common operating systems. Still, it does not have smart DNS, which makes it easier to connect game consoles or incompatible smart TVs to a VPN server. The continual addition of support for various systems is an impressive aspect of Ivacy’s service.

Setup & Installation — Simple on Phones and Desktop

When you try installing Ivacy on your desktop, you’ll find the process to be extremely straightforward—download the installer from Ivacy’s website, open it up, and you’re all set. It couldn’t be any easier or quicker.

The sign-in button is in the upper-right-hand corner of the app

You’ll see the value in the simplicity of setting up the whole application on your Android television or an Amazon Fire Stick. Download the application from the store, like how you do it on your cell phone. It is similarly easy to Set up the program expansions.

To connect to other smart TVs, you’ll need to set up Ivacy on a router, allowing you to use Ivacy VPN on devices like game consoles (such as Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Playstation, etc.). This configuration provides a broader range of device compatibility.

2023 Updated Prices Of Ivacy VPN

When you try Ivacy VPN, you’ll find that it offers an average price point, particularly with its cheaper tiers. The 5-year plan stands out as a great deal, although it does require a long-term commitment. Start by testing out its free plan or opting for a shorter subscription initially.

Ivacy accepts various payment methods, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diner’s Club, and JCB credit cards. Additionally, you can use PayPal, Paymentwall, and PerfectMoney. If you prefer cryptocurrency, you’ll need to utilize Coingate or BitPay.

Remember that there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee with the longer plans. In contrast, the monthly plan comes with only a 7-day money-back guarantee. It’s worth noting that many VPNs offer a full month for testing, even with shorter plans. Additionally, discounts are not accessible for installments made with cryptographic money.

If you choose to test the unconditional promise, the cycle may disappoint. Initially, you might contact live chat and be directed to contact Ivacy through email. It could take some time to receive a response, possibly up to 4 hours. The first email from Ivacy may attempt to persuade you to stay, which could result in some back-and-forth communication. However, the refund process should be completed within about 5 days.

The free plan is quite generous and an excellent way to test the service. It offers unlimited data usage and no time restrictions. However, you’ll be limited to using the Automatic server, which connects you to the nearest location. Some extra features, like streaming servers, a kill switch, split tunneling, etc., won’t be available. In any case, you can test the rates and survey how well it performs for nearby streaming, perusing, and downloading. You don’t need to pursue this arrangement; you can download the application and get everything rolling.

Reliability & Support

When you try Ivacy VPN, you’ll discover its excellent customer support that consistently provides detailed answers through its 24/7 live chat. Whether you’ve reached out 20+ times or just started, each agent is polite, and the response is prompt. Connecting with support typically takes up to 15 seconds after posing your question.

I appreciate that the support agents are patient and don't pressure you to sign out of the chat

You also have the option to submit a ticket, which generally receives a response within 3-5 hours. Ivacy provides phone support, email, and access through TeamViewer. TeamViewer allows multiple people to ask questions and receive answers on different devices, which is ideal for office settings. Furthermore, the availability of numerous specific guides, such as for watching UFC on Kodi or connecting to Roku, is advantageous.

One downside is that you can’t use support without an account, which might be disappointing given the quality of service offered in the free version.

You may experience, Ivacy’s customer support has been excellent, and the 24/7 live chat has consistently been available whenever I’ve tried it. Unlike many other VPNs, Ivacy’s live chat is easily accessible. Furthermore, it is located at the bottom of its website’s main page, setting it apart in this category.

The Bottom Line

Final Verdict — It's a reliable VPN for unblocking and gaming, backed by excellent customer support.

When you try Ivacy VPN, you’ll find numerous appealing aspects. It performs exceptionally well for gaming, offering strong security features. Ivacy is compatible with most devices and allows up to 10 simultaneous connections. Additionally, it effectively unblocks nearly every major streaming platform.

However, Ivacy does have a few drawbacks. It collects some user data and is based outside a privacy-friendly country. Some users have reported server connection problems, and they might face speed issues, particularly during torrenting.

For this reason, it’s recommended that you test Ivacy VPN before making a purchase decision. The service provides a great free version and a reliable money-back guarantee. Nevertheless, premium VPNs are available for a similar price that may outperform Ivacy. Seek a VPN with a verified privacy policy and consistently high-speed performance for streaming and P2P. Furthermore, it might be beneficial to explore other options listed among the best VPNs.

Frequently Asked Questions (Ivacy VPN)-

Is Ivacy VPN secure?

Ivacy VPN prioritizes your security. It offers top-notch AES 256-bit military-grade encryption, making it highly resilient against potential threats. Furthermore, it has passed all my leak tests, ensuring your online activities remain private. However, please note that the kill switch feature is only available on the Windows and Android apps.

Does Ivacy VPN have the ability to unblock Netflix?

Indeed, Ivacy VPN is highly proficient at unblocking Netflix. Throughout my exams, I had access to twelve distinct Netflix libraries. The service provides optimized streaming servers that consistently allow access to Netflix. While it may not be the fastest VPN, it performs excellently with Netflix, enabling smooth streaming of HD videos without buffering.

Does Ivacy VPN slow down speeds while using?

Yes, using any VPN is likely to result in a reduction in your internet speed because your data needs to be rerouted through secure servers. The closest server reduced my speeds by about 24%. The top VPNs typically slow down your connection by around 10-15% when connected to nearby locations. Moreover, to attain the fastest connection, I recommend using the WireGuard protocol, as other protocols were noticeably slower in my tests.

Is Ivacy VPN any good enough?

Certainly, Ivacy VPN excels in several aspects. It is highly effective at unblocking various streaming platforms, including Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and more. Ivacy offers optimized servers for streaming worldwide, making it a great choice for streaming enthusiasts. It also performs well for online gaming and boasts robust security features. If you’re interested, try out its free version to see if it meets your needs.

Can I get an Ivacy VPN for free?

Yes, Ivacy VPN provides a generous free version that is accessible on major operating systems. Moreover, the free version offers unlimited data with no time limits, allowing you to use it for streaming, gaming, or torrenting without constraints. While it doesn’t include access to streaming-optimized servers, you can still connect to the nearest available location. Furthermore, it’s important to note that extra security features like split tunneling, multiport, and a kill switch are absent from the free edition.

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