Mullvad VPN Review

If you’ve ever wondered about Mullvad VPN’s additional features and its bang for your buck, here’s what you need to know. Mullvad VPN goes beyond privacy and offers robust security features that align with premium VPNs. Even more surprising is the significant enhancements in its security features and speed. However, it does have limitations in terms of streaming, struggling to unblock various streaming sites.

If streaming isn’t your top priority, and you can overlook basic customer service, Mullvad VPN is a strong recommendation. You can explore all its features with the confidence of a refund if it doesn’t meet your expectations. Numerous other VPN alternatives exist if it doesn’t align with your needs.

Short on Time? Here are The Key Findings



  • Stream Your #1 Shows: You can unblock Netflix libraries & HBO Max in the US and various countries. It likely won’t work for specific other streaming objections.
  • Appreciate Quick Paces: With this VPN, you can stream your #1 shows and mess around with no issues.
  • First-class Security and Protection: You’ll get high-quality security highlights, including AES-256 bit encryption, numerous security conventions, an implicit off button that can’t be debilitated, and a severe no-logs strategy. Additionally, you won’t have to give any private subtleties to join.
  • Easy to use Applications: The applications for different gadgets are moderate and simple to utilize, taking special care of the two fledglings and experienced clients.
  • Sensible Estimating: This VPN utilizes a level rate evaluating structure, and you’ll pay a similar month-to-month rate, paying little mind to how long you buy in. It likewise accompanies a 30-day unconditional promise.


  • Restricted Client care: You can pose inquiries by means of email as there is certainly not a live talk group accessible.
  • Not Ensured for China: While it professes to utilize Shadowsocks’ intermediary to sidestep the Incomparable Firewall, working dependably in China needs to be ensured.
  • Good Server Organization: There are 885 servers in 39 nations, all enhanced for P2P sharing. Even so, its server inclusion is narrower than some other VPNs.

2024 Update Features Of Mullvad VPN

💸 Price5.53 USD/month
📆 Money Back Guarantee30 Days
📝 Does VPN keep logs?No
🖥 Number of servers885+
💻 Number of devices per license5
🛡 Kill switchYes
🗺 Based in countrySweden
📥 Supports torrentingYes

Streaming — Only Good for Unblocking Netflix

Mullvad effortlessly unlocks US Netflix and Netflix libraries in various countries. Nevertheless, it faces challenges when unblocking other streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Disney+.

Unblocked: Netflix and HBO Max

You can unblock Netflix from anywhere with Mullvad. Start your streaming journey by connecting to a Mullvad server in Los Angeles (US-LAX-010). Even though it could require about 25 seconds to associate, you can watch your #1 Netflix shows in HD.

Presently, we have a go at getting to Netflix through Mullvad’s US servers in Chicago (US-CHI-009), New York (US-New York City 102), Dallas (US-DAL-102), and Salt Lake City (US-SLC-104), and you’ll effectively unblock it like clockwork.

Watching Netflix with Mullvad is easy

Are you feeling daring? Test your admittance to Netflix libraries in different nations by associating with Mullvad servers in Australia (AU-SYD-002), Brazil (BR_SAO-001), Japan (JP-TYO-002), France (FR-Standard 003), and Germany (DE-FRA-003). You’ll find that unblocking Netflix stays a problem-free encounter.

Beyond Netflix, another major streaming site you can easily unblock is HBO Max. Connect to Mullvad’s US servers in New York (US-NYC-102) and Los Angeles (US-LAX-008), and you’ll enjoy HD shows with no lag.

Blocks By: Different Streaming Platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, etc.

You could experience difficulties with Mullvad while unblocking famous web-based locales like Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+, and BBC iPlayer. While you can log into Amazon Prime Video successfully, you may encounter an error message when clicking the play button.

“Your device is connected to an Internet Connection via a VPN or proxy service. Please disable it and try again."

If you want to unblock various streaming platforms, you might face some challenges with Mullvad. On four of the US servers you may try, including New York, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, and Seattle, Amazon Prime Video might work differently than expected. Comparable issues could emerge while endeavoring to unblock Hulu, Disney+, ESPN+, ITV Center, YouTube television, Every one of the 4, and Plex. Even after switching to Mullvad’s UK servers in London and Manchester, unblocking British platforms like BBC iPlayer and NOW TV might still be disappointing.

In summary, while Mullvad is reliable for unblocking Netflix, it may need to excel in unblocking other streaming services. Remember that Mullvad doesn’t heavily promote its streaming capabilities, so this limitation shouldn’t come as a surprise. Suppose you’re primarily seeking a VPN for streaming. In that case, you might find more suitable options, including those that offer specialized servers for specific streaming platforms.

Speeds — Fast and Consistent

Mullvad impresses with its consistently fast speeds, whether you’re connecting to nearby or distant servers. Even on long-distance servers, where a slight slowdown is expected due to the increased data travel distance, Mullvad remains speedy enough to handle streaming, torrenting, and gaming. This performance is on par with what you’d typically find with premium VPN services and is quite impressive.

When you use Ookla’s speed test tool, you can measure your speeds based on these essential factors:

  • Download Speed: Check how quickly it can download files to your computer.
  • Upload Speed: Determine how fast you can upload files, like photos and videos.
  • Ping: Test the response time of websites after you’ve clicked on their links, essentially measuring your connection’s reaction time.

Local Speeds

To set a baseline, you can measure the speeds of your local connection in Singapore without using a VPN. These could be your readings:

Ping (ms)7
Download (Mbps)10.24
Upload (Mbps)1.31

Then, you can take a stab at interfacing with Mullvad’s server in Singapore (SG-SIN-203) utilizing the WireGuard convention since it’s often quicker than OpenVPN. Your outcomes could be as follows:

Ping (ms)31
Download (Mbps)10.05 (2% decrease)
Upload (Mbps)1.31 (same)

Even though the results may differ on paper, you won’t notice any significant difference in your usual online activities. At the point when you peruse the web or stream content, there ought not to be any observable differentiation between the non-VPN and VPN association.

Long-Distance Speeds

I was really happy that even on servers tens of thousands of kilometers away, my speeds didn't drop significantly.

As you interface with Mullvad servers in the US and UK for your significant distance tests, you’ll find that these are two of the most widely recognized overall server areas. Likewise, as displayed in the chart above, You can take a stab at interfacing with a few objections.

True to form, your velocities might drop a piece because of the significant distance. Fortunately, it’s not really recognizable. Here are the outcomes for the US and UK:

US (US-LAX-201)

Ping (ms)202
Download (Mbps)9.23 (8% decrease)
Upload (Mbps)1.14 (13% decrease)

UK (GB-LON-005)

Ping (ms)195
Download (Mbps)9.92 (11% decrease)
Upload (Mbps)1.01 (14% decrease)

While you can still stream your favorite shows without issues, it takes longer to download pages on both servers. Even though the difference isn’t massive, it can be slightly inconvenient, especially when you’re waiting for Netflix to download. But once it starts streaming, there shouldn’t be any lag at all.

Mullvad’s speeds across long-distance servers are fairly consistent, except for a few locations. This degree of speed consistency is typically just tracked down in top-level VPNs, so it tends to be rather shocking. In any case, if you’re searching for a VPN with significantly quicker and more solid paces, there are bounties accessible to attempt.

Are Mullvad’s Speeds Fast Enough for Gaming? Yes, Speeds Are Smooth on Most Servers

You might stream your #1 shows without issues, yet you could see that it takes a piece longer to download pages on the two servers. Albeit the distinction is manageable, it could be more comfortable, particularly while trusting that Netflix will download. Be that as it may, you won’t encounter any slack when streaming starts.

Gaming on Mullvad’s servers in Brazil and Spain wasn’t smooth

Mullvad’s velocities across significant distance servers will generally be reliable, with several areas showing varieties. This degree of speed consistency is ordinarily found in top-level VPNs, which could astonish you. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for a VPN with quicker and more solid paces, there are a few choices to consider.

Server Network — Decent but Not Massive

Mullvad offers you 885 servers in 39 countries, which, while fewer than many top VPNs, still provides decent global coverage. Countless these servers are organized in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, with various city-express choices open. You may associate with servers in places like Hong Kong and the Assembled Middle Easterner Emirates.

At the point when you visit Mullvad VPN’s server page, you can get constant data about every server, including its hostname, area, supplier, and proprietorship status (whether claimed or leased). This transparency is quite rare among VPN providers, even the most well-known ones. You can filter your server search based on these factors or VPN protocol.

Mullvad’s server page is truly unique and informative.

Mullvad prioritizes your security by avoiding the use of virtual servers, which run on virtual machines and can be located in a country different from the one they appear to be in. Instead, Mullvad relies on physical servers it owns or rents, keeping them in highly secure data centers. The company explicitly states that its rented servers aren’t shared with other providers, protecting your data from third-party exposure.

While Mullvad lacks specialized servers, all its servers are optimized for P2P sharing. You can likewise track down OpenVPN, WireGuard, and Extension servers on its site, including more than 300 OpenVPN and WireGuard servers and north of 30 Scaffold (Twofold VPN) servers.

In your experience with Mullvad’s servers, you generally enjoy positive results. Connecting to these servers typically takes up to 15 seconds, with a simple server location selection in the app. Most connections are reliable, with only occasional downtime noted on servers in Brazil and the UAE, which lasts for about 10 seconds.

It’s worth noting that each Mullvad server only has one IP address, which may lead to overcrowding and potentially slower speeds when many users are connected to the same location sharing that IP address.

Security — Robust and High-Quality

Security Breaches and Independent Audits

Mullvad experienced a minor security breach back in early 2020. It was related to a privilege escalation attack on versions 2020.3 and older, primarily impacting users who might have had a Windows account named build. Fortunately, when Mullvad reported the attack, most users were already safeguarded because they had upgraded to version 2020.4 or were never at risk because they didn’t have a Windows account with that specific name.

Mullvad underwent an independent audit in June 2020 conducted by Cure53, covering its desktop app versions for Windows and Mac and its Android and iOS apps.

You can find the full audit report on Cure53’s website, which identified a total of 7 issues. Of these, only 2 were categorized as medium severity, 2 as low, and 3 as info (even lower than low). None of the issues were classified as dangerous. By the time Mullvad received the report, they had already addressed 5 of the 7 issues. Subsequently, the remaining 2 issues were resolved in version 2020.5.

Cure53’s assessment concluded, “Mullvad does a great job protecting the end-user from common personally identifiable information (PII) leaks and privacy-related risks.” When you use Mullvad, you can rest assured that your privacy and online security are well taken care of.

Encryption and Security Protocols

Mullvad offers a decision between OpenVPN (both TCP & UDP ports) and WireGuard, two of the most developed and well-known VPN conventions. You can choose your favored convention or allow Mullvad to decide for you, which is the default setting. The default convention fluctuates depending on your foundation: WireGuard is the default for macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux applications, while for Windows, it relies upon your association type. Here is a short outline of every convention:

  • OpenVPN: An open-source convention that finds some harmony between speed and security. Many VPNs default to this protocol due to its easy configuration with different port types.
  • WireGuard: This newer protocol is gaining popularity for its focus on speed, running directly from the Linux kernel.
  • Shadowsocks: This protocol operates as a proxy server, routing small data packets between the server and the user. It’s effective for bypassing internet restrictions and can improve download speeds on P2P platforms due to its handling of smaller data packets.

You can choose OpenVPN when privacy and security are your top priorities, especially on public WiFi networks. WireGuard is a better option for streaming and gaming due to its emphasis on speed. Shadowsocks proxy can enhance download speeds during P2P sharing.

Mullvad employs AES-256-bit encryption, currently the strongest encryption level available. This level of encryption ensures that your internet traffic is highly secure. It would take an impractical amount of time for even the most powerful supercomputers to break it. Mullvad also develops its apps in Rust, a super-secure programming language. It’s worth noting that Mullvad recommends using the Firefox browser over Chrome for enhanced security against WebRTC leaks.

Leak Tests and Leak Protection

Mullvad includes DNS leak protection that always enables you to safeguard your online privacy. DNS leaks can occur when your DNS requests accidentally pass through your ISP due to misconfiguration, potentially exposing your hidden online activities, particularly if you’re torrenting. Therefore, checking for this issue is essential to maintain your privacy and anonymity.

To assess the security of Mullvad’s DNS leak protection, you can run a few leak tests on a website like Interface with servers in different areas like the US, UK, Australia, and Germany, and check for any breaks. During tests, it might not detect any leaks. Mullvad ensured that your DNS requests went through its servers, effectively masking your real IP address.

Mullvad’s IP leak protection works, so your DNS requests are protected.

What’s even more impressive is that Mullvad extends this protection to IPv6 connections, which is uncommon among VPNs. Most VPNs don’t typically offer protection against IPv6 leaks, as IPv6 connections are less common than IPv4 connections. This means that many IPv6 users might experience DNS leaks when using a VPN. Knowing that Mullvad safeguards against IPv6 leaks should give you peace of mind regarding your online privacy.

Other Security Features

  • Kill Switch: An off button becomes your last guard line when your VPN association suddenly drops. Mullvad has an inherent off button that can never be debilitated. However, it is only accessible on its work area applications. You can load a page when changing servers on your laptop, and it will cut off your connection.
  • Split Tunneling: Part burrowing allows you to utilize your VPN association and your nearby organization simultaneously. The benefit is that you can utilize neighborhood applications while bypassing geoblocks on your program. Mullvad empowers split burrowing on its Android and Linux applications, and they are right now fabricating a Windows form. Assuming you’re utilizing an Android cell phone, you can give it a shot. You can utilize your neighborhood banking application while watching US Netflix through the encoded VPN burrow. Assume you’re not on Android or Linux. All things considered, you can design your courses on your OpenVPN or WireGuard convention to empower split burrowing.
  • Double VPN: Mullvad’s Extension servers are a Twofold VPN or MultiHop variant. This is the point at which your web traffic gets diverted through 2 VPN servers rather than only 1 for additional security. You can switch Extensions on or off in settings without much of a stretch. You’ll be dazzled that you won’t see any speed reduction when you use them. Normally, the additional encryption layers decrease your velocities. Remember that you can’t utilize Extension servers on cell phones, which can be frustrating.
  • Tor Compatibility: You can arrange your OpenVPN association using the Pinnacle network through Mullvad. When the design is finished, you should arrange your Peak program to associate with Mullvad utilizing the Shadowsocks intermediary. This implies you can interface with the Peak network through the Pinnacle program by involving Mullvad as the left hub. available for this.

Privacy — Takes Privacy Seriously

Location — 14 Eyes Alliance Member Sweden

Mullvad is based in Sweden, a country that is part of the 14 Eyes alliance. In this alliance, intelligence agencies from member countries frequently collaborate and share various forms of intelligence, including personal data. This might raise concerns for your privacy. However, Swedish laws clearly state that VPN providers are not obligated to retain any logs of their users’ activities. This legal framework should provide you with confidence and assurance that your data and online activities are not being monitored or logged by Mullvad.

Mullvad’s logging policy is easy to understand

Ownership — Trustworthy Company in Sweden

Mullvad AB, the parent company of Mullvad, operates under the umbrella of Amagicom AB. Both organizations are overseen by the same proprietors, namely Fredrik Strömberg and Daniel Berntsson. Notably, neither of these entities has ever been subjected to any investigations. This information is easily accessible on Mullvad’s website, underscoring their dedication to transparency and trustworthiness.

No-Logs Policy — Fully Upheld and Transparent

Mullvad sticks to a severe no-logs strategy, and its far-reaching protection strategy is promptly accessible on its site. Their central standard is to guarantee your most extreme secrecy, considering it a crucial right. As per their approach, the main individual information they gather from you is connected with your installment strategy, and this training is consistent with the Overall Information Security Guideline (GDPR).

Furthermore, Mullvad accumulates a few non-individual information from its servers, explicitly data about the quantity of dynamic VPN associations and how much transfer speed is being utilized. This information is only partially recognizable. Fundamentally, while making a Mullvad account, you are expected to give installment data, highlighting areas of strength for them to protect your internet-based security and secrecy. This approach likewise implies that Mullvad will need more client information to unveil in case of an examination.

Torrenting — Enabled on All Servers

Torrenting with Mullvad: You can interface with any of Mullvad’s servers, and you’ll have the option to download downpours rapidly and secretly. At the point when you interface, Mullvad records no logs, and it utilizes AES-256-bit encryption, keeping your ISP from seeing your torrenting action or choking your data transfer capacity. This also enhances your torrenting experience by using port forwarding.

In your case, when you tried it out, you connected to a US server (US-LAX-006). You downloaded the movie trailer for Fantastic Planets on uTorrent. Your download speed averaged 255.1 KB per second, allowing you to download the 31.8 MB file in 2 minutes and 4 seconds. Later, you downloaded the same movie trailer without a VPN, and your download speed averaged 338.0 KB per second.

Downloading torrents on Mullvad VPN was a quick and painless experience

It’s important to note that your torrenting speed is largely influenced by the number of seeds your torrent has rather than your internet connection speed. Even considering this, you were likely impressed that Mullvad didn’t significantly slow down your torrenting speed. The slight drop in speed is certainly worth the privacy and security benefits it provides.

Does Mullvad Work in China? Not Guaranteed

Mullvad claims to work in China, but it must be prominently mentioned in their marketing materials. When you email their support team, you might find it hard to get a straight answer, so it can’t be guaranteed to work in China. According to the representative, you must use a Bridge server, which utilizes the Shadowsocks proxy, an open-source proxy commonly used to bypass the Great Firewall. Shadowsocks creates a new proxy connection every time it’s used, making it challenging to identify and block. However, few Bridge servers are available, which could lead to slower speeds.

Mullvad says it bypasses censorship in China by using the Shadowsocks, but we can't be sure

You might also inquire if Mullvad works in countries like Iran, Russia, the UAE, and Turkey, and they may mention that some users have reported success in those places. However, it’s crucial to exercise caution when using a non-government-approved VPN in countries with strict regulations. Remember that in China, VPN use is typically countered by blocking the technology rather than aggressively pursuing users. Several options are available if you prefer a VPN that’s guaranteed to work reliably in China.

Installation & Apps

Mullvad’s applications offer a moderate and easy-to-use insight, making the route a breeze. At the point when you open the application, it consequently interfaces you to a server utilizing its auto-interface highlight, normally in Sweden, its nation of origin. You have the choice to handicap this component, assuming that you like it. Furthermore, a component permits you to change the plate symbol’s tone to white, which can be useful for partially blind clients.

It is easy to Switch servers. Click the “select area” button on the home connection point, and you can pick a server from the rundown of nations. You can tap the bolt on the right-hand side of the nation name for a more unambiguous determination. Mullvad’s home connection point incorporates an intuitive world guide that takes you to the area of your picked server, adding an outwardly captivating component to your experience.

Selecting a server on Mullvad is straightforward.

Getting to your settings is clear, too. Click on the stuff symbol in the upper right corner to track down tabs for records, inclinations, and high-level settings. You can deal with your membership and install subtleties in the record settings. At the same time, the inclinations area allows you to empower or cripple notices and arrange choices like sending off the application at startup.

Inside the high-level settings, you can pick your favored convention and empower or handicap span mode. Quite significantly, all exceptional settings are regularly set to “programmed,” so you don’t have to cause changes except if you have explicit inclinations.

Mullvad’s interface isn’t complicated at all.

The versatile application intently reflects the work area form, with the additional benefit of parted burrowing settings. In any case, it’s essential to take note that Mullvad doesn’t give program augmentations.

Simultaneous Device Connections — Up to 5 Different Connections Simultaneously

Interfacing Various Gadgets: You can interface up to 5 gadgets while utilizing a solitary Mullvad account. To give this a shot, simultaneously interface your Windows PC, cell phone, Android tablet, old MacBook Expert, and old iPhone. True to form, you won’t encounter any slack or lull.

In addition, to associate many more gadgets, you can accomplish this by introducing Mullvad VPN on your switch. Guarantee that your switch is VPN viable, for example, a pfSense, IP Fire, Asus Merlin, or DD-WRT switch. Setting up your switch is made simple with switch arrangement guides accessible on Mullvad’s site.

Device Compatibility — Highly Compatible With Most Devices

Utilizing Mullvad on Various Gadgets: You can utilize Mullvad on all major working frameworks, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. If you have a Chromebook, you can likewise introduce the application on it. To utilize Mullvad on WiFi gadgets like your savvy television, PlayStation, or Xbox, have a go at introducing Mullvad on a VPN-viable switch. You can find the switch arrangement directions in Mullvad’s FAQ area under “switches.”

For media players like Apple television, Roku, and Amazon FireStick, switch arrangement is important. In any case, assuming that you have an Android television, you can introduce the Mullvad application straightforwardly.

Mullvad mustn’t offer program augmentations for Chrome and Firefox. However, you can introduce it through OpenVPN on Windows. Please adhere to the OpenVPN arrangement directions on the Mullvad site, and you ought to have the option to introduce it on your Windows PC in around 4 minutes. It’s not too convoluted to even think about setting up.

Setup & Installation — Nothing Complicated

You won’t experience any issues while establishing the Mullvad application on your gadgets. Essentially, download the application from their site and tap the introduce button. Then, you should enter your 16-digit account number to sign in. Work area establishment ordinarily takes under 2 minutes, while portable establishment normally ends in less than 3 minutes.

Quick Guide: How to Install Mullvad in 3 Easy Steps

Create a Mullvad account: Visit the Mullvad site and click the “Produce Record” choice. Then, select your favored installment technique.

Mullvad offers the same price for all plans

Download and install the app: Pick your working framework, and afterwards, click the “Download” button to get the application. Adhere to the establishment guidelines given.

Mullvad has apps for both desktop and mobile

Connect to a server: Sign in using your Mullvad account number, and pick your ideal server area afterwards. Whenever that is finished, snap on “Secure My Area.”

Easily select and connect to any Mullvad server

Suppose there should be an occurrence of Issues: On the off chance, you experience any issues during the interaction. You can track down many guides and instructional exercises on their site to help you.

2024 Updated Prices Of Mullvad

Mullvad employs a straightforward pricing model, where you pay a fixed rate of 5 EUR per month, regardless of your subscription duration (monthly, yearly, or decade-long). In terms of USD, this roughly translates to $5.53 per month, placing it in the mid-range pricing category – not the cheapest, but certainly not overly expensive. Mullvad has maintained this pricing structure since 2009, with no plans to alter it.

About installment choices, you have a few options accessible, including Mastercards, PayPal, Wire Move (SEPA), Bitcoin, Bitcoin Money, and Mullvad vouchers. Strikingly, they even acknowledge actual money installments by means of mail; however, in unambiguous monetary standards like EUR, USD, GBP, SEK, DKK, NOK, CHF, computer-aided design, AUD, and NZD. For monthly subscriptions, Visa and PayPal are the accepted payment methods.

Additionally, Mullvad offers a 30-day risk-free guarantee, allowing you to try their service without any concerns. Contact their support team if you decide to give it a shot and wish to cancel. They are responsive and accommodating; during the experience, they processed cancellation requests after 26 days. They assured you of a refund within 3 working days, and true to their word, you may receive a full refund within that time frame.

Reliability & Support

Tragically, Mullvad needs to catch up on live talk choices on their site, which can be baffling when you want quick solutions to your inquiries. The best method for reaching them is by sending an email to [email protected]. Remember that their administrative center is present in Sweden and works during explicit hours, not presenting nonstop help. Then again, you can associate with them through Facebook and Twitter.

To assess their client administration’s idea, you can email them. During the test, the reaction time was 4 hours and 33 minutes. However, the responses could be more satisfactory regarding detail and personalization. They were providing the bare minimum in their answers.

The customer service offered by Mullvad can be improved significantly

When you follow up with additional questions via email, the second response takes more than 24 hours, which you can consider unacceptable. Once again, the responses were brief, needed more specificity, and needed more engagement. If privacy is a concern, you can opt for PGP-encrypted email communication.

Another avenue for seeking answers is to explore their FAQ page, referred to as the help center. It conveniently lists essential topics on the left-hand side for easy navigation. You can also use the search bar to find answers to your questions or related blog posts quickly.

In summary, you might expect better reliability and support from Mullvad. Communication is primarily via email and may offer something other than the friendliest or most engaging experience. While their help center is informative and well-organized, live support from a real person is often necessary. Other leading VPN providers offer more effective customer support.

The Bottom Line

Mullvad’s security and privacy features align with those of premium VPNs. With its strict no-logging policy and commitment to user anonymity, it stands strong against potential government subpoenas. Furthermore, its pricing is reasonable, and its speeds are adequate for activities like streaming and gaming.

However, its primary drawback lies in its struggle to bypass geo-blocks on various streaming platforms. While it effectively unblocks Netflix and HBO Max, it faces detection by other streaming sites, which can be frustrating for users seeking a comprehensive streaming experience. If streaming is your top priority, exploring premium VPN options might be a more suitable choice.

It’s worth noting that Mullvad continues to improve its services, suggesting the possibility of enhanced geo-blocking capabilities in the future. Previously, it faced challenges in bypassing Netflix’s restrictions. Still, its recent advancements indicate a commitment to providing an even better VPN experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (Mullvad VPN)-

Can Mullvad Unblock Netflix?

Yes, Mullvad can effectively unblock Netflix from anywhere. You can access your favorite shows quickly using their US servers in under 1 minute. The streaming quality is high-definition, and there is no lag. You can also unblock Netflix libraries in other countries by connecting to different servers.

What Is the Cost of Mullvad, and Is There a Free Version?

Mullvad’s membership costs $5.53 monthly, and no free adaptation is accessible. Nonetheless, they offer a 30-day unconditional promise, permitting you to attempt the help sans risk. Mullvad maintains a flat-rate pricing system, with the monthly price remaining consistent since its establishment in 2009.

Is Mullvad a Safe VPN to Use?

Mullvad is popular as a highly safe and secure VPN. Their most recent audit in 2020 revealed no critical vulnerabilities and confirmed their commitment to a strict no-logs policy. Mullvad strongly emphasizes user anonymity and privacy, evident from the minimalistic signup process that only requires your payment method. The VPN boasts top-notch security features, including AES 256-bit encryption and an unalterable kill switch.

How Many Devices Can You Use with Mullvad?

With one Mullvad subscription, you can concurrently use up to 5 devices, whether your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Furthermore, you can extend usage to unlimited devices at home by installing Mullvad on your router. The router installation counts as a single connection, providing flexibility.

Which Devices Are Compatible with Mullvad?

Mullvad is viable with different working frameworks, including macOS, Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux. You can undoubtedly download their portable and work area applications from their site. While both versions are similar, the mobile app includes the split tunneling feature. It’s important to note that Mullvad doesn’t offer browser extensions, which may be a slight inconvenience.

Who Owns Mullvad?

Swedish company entirely dedicated to Mullvad. The VPN underwent an independent audit by Cure53 in 2020, which identified only low or medium vulnerabilities, promptly addressed by Mullvad. No serious security concerns were there in their practices.

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