OVPN.to offers access to anonymous VPN, SSH, and TOR-enabled proxy servers without any bandwidth or server location limitations. Besides, their extensive network comprises 36 servers strategically located in Romania. And, also Bulgaria, Germany, Switzerland, France, Iceland, Hungary, Moldova, Netherlands, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

For those seeking to unblock Netflix, a special arrangement is possible. Contact the support team to arrange a private IP address for your account. 

Additionally, OVPN.to operates its internal public DNScrypt servers. The VPN servers are configured with OpenVPN-based AES-256-CBC encryption, providing access to an anonymous SSH Tunnel and anonymous SSL SOCKS5/HTTP proxy servers. Moreover, these servers are interconnected with tinc-VPN, allowing you to randomly link SOCKS5 between servers through an AES-256-CTR/SHA256 encrypted vLAN. While bandwidth is generally unlimited, excessive usage that disrupts service for other clients may be subject to considerations, and you can contact them for large bandwidth requirements.

Connecting multiple devices is possible, but it comes with a few tricks. The first device must use the OpenVPN protocol to connect to the same server as any oVPN.to server using IPv4. Subsequently, a second device can connect using OpenVPN to the same server with IPv6 addressing. This requires utilizing IPv4-just configs on the main gadget and IPv46-configs or IPv64-configs on the subsequent gadget. You can also connect multiple devices or from different locations to different oVPN.to servers simultaneously. It can permit synchronous associations to their oSSH Server with a SSH client, SOCKS5 servers, HTTP-Intermediary servers, or STUNNEL4 intermediary servers.

Furthermore, OVPN.to maintains a stringent no-logging policy, reinforced by a custom operating system that stores all information in memory. This design ensures that all data is promptly lost if the server is shut down. The services and servers operate without any client-identifying log files, recording no details about your connection times, disconnections, data traffic volumes, or downloaded/uploaded content.Enlistment with a legitimate email address is required exclusively for secret phrase reclamation purposes.

While OVPN.to permits BitTorrent and other file-sharing traffic, it’s essential to note that their servers fall under the jurisdiction of the countries in which they are situated. If sharing copyrighted materials is illegal in a particular country, OVPN.to could be compelled to shut down those servers. For users not engaging in file sharing, OVPN.to suggests using their free Usenet Binary Access for downloading.

Additionally, regarding payments, OVPN.to prioritizes Crypto Coins (LTC, BTC, DASH, and XMG), Perfect Money, Webmoney, and prepaid credit cards. They likewise acknowledge installments from Sofort.com, Giropay, all major and paid ahead of time/once use Visas (with verification of your card), mywirecard.com, and cash4web.eu. Subscription options vary, ranging from as short as one day to as long as two years.

oVPN.to Features — 2023 Update

💸 Price5.53 USD/month
📆 Money Back Guarantee10 Days
📝 Does VPN keep logs?No
🖥 Number of servers16+
💻 Number of devices per license1
🛡 Kill switchNo
📥 Supports torrentingYes

The Bottom Line

Facilitating simultaneous connections for streaming with OVPN.to involves a bit of setup. It requires specific configurations for multiple devices to work concurrently, and obtaining a separate private IP address is necessary for accessing Netflix. While this interaction is perplexing, many other trustworthy VPN choices offer consistent spilling on different gadgets without the requirement for additional means or separate locations.

Frequently Asked Questions (oVPN.to VPN)-

Does oVPN.to VPN support simultaneous connections on multiple devices?

oVPN.to VPN allows simultaneous connections but requires specific configurations. To connect multiple devices simultaneously, users must utilize different addressing protocols (IPv4 and IPv6). Furthermore, they might require distinct private IP addresses for services like Netflix.

What logging policies does oVPN.to VPN have in place?

oVPN.to VPN strictly adheres to a no-logging policy. Moreover, it operates on a custom OS that stores data in memory, ensuring no records exist after server shutdown. No activity or traffic logs maintenance, including connection times, amounts of data transfer ability, or downloads/uploads.

What payment methods does oVPN.to VPN accept?

oVPN.to VPN offers various payment options, including Crypto Coins (LTC, BTC, DASH, and XMG), Perfect Money, Webmoney, prepaid credit cards, Sofort.com, Giropay, major credit cards (with proof), mywirecard.com, cash4web.eu, among others.

Does oVPN.to VPN support torrenting and file-sharing activities?

While oVPN.to VPN permits BitTorrent and file-sharing activities, users must consider the jurisdiction of the servers. Servers in countries where sharing copyrighted materials is illegal might face shutdowns if such activities occur. Furthermore, for users not requiring file-sharing, the service recommends utilizing their free Usenet Binary Access for downloads.

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