You can use playmoTV’s Smart DNS Technology to access streaming content. The service claims it works better than a VPN to unblock major streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. But is a DNS service really as safe as one of the top VPNs?

After all your tests, it’s not recommended to use playmoTV if you’re concerned about security. While it offers fast speeds and is great at unblocking, it doesn’t encrypt your connection. It also has a small server network, which limits how many platforms you can access. You can try one of the best VPNs for a similar price and stay safe while you’re streaming more worldwide content.

Short on Time? Here Are My Key Findings


  • Good for unblocking. You can rely on it to unblock most major streaming platforms.
  • Enjoy excellent speeds. It outperforms most VPNs, even from long distances.
  • Experience a simple setup process. After setting up your account, you can easily change DNS servers in your device settings.


  • Limited server network. It offers only a few server locations worldwide.
  • Provides poor security. It won’t encrypt your connection.
  • No 24/7 live chat. You may have to wait over 24 hours to get a reply.
  • Deal with limited simultaneous device connections. You’re allowed a maximum of 3.

2023 Update Features Of playmoTV VPN

💸 Price4.33 USD/month
📆 Money Back Guarantee14 Days
📝 Does VPN keep logs?Yes
💻 Number of devices per license3
🛡 Kill switchNo
🗺 Based in countryIceland
🛠 SupportEmail support

Streaming — Unblocks Tons of Platforms With Excellent Playback

You can access most of the streaming services you try with playmoTV. There are no issues with load times, video quality, or buffering either.

You will be genuinely impressed when you see playmoTV successfully unblock several services with tough geo-blocks. It’s also very easy to set up on most smart TVs. But you may have a little trouble unblocking different Netflix libraries.

Lastly, you should be aware it has limited DNS server locations. So, you won’t be able to unblock platforms outside of the US, Australia, and a few European countries.

Unblocked: Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney +, Peacock, HBO Max, and More

The first platform you tried to unblock was Hulu, which you accessed without issues. It worked on the first try, and you streamed an entire episode of The Handmaid’s Tale without buffering.

You might be skeptical about the speeds, but you won’t experience any slowdowns at all. It never takes longer than 5 to 8 seconds to load videos. That should impress you, especially since the US server is 10,000+ miles away from your location in Nairobi.

In addition to Hulu, you can access Amazon Prime Video, ESPN, and HBO Max while connected to the US server. In fact, you are impressed by how effortlessly playmoTV can unblock all these platforms. When you first try unblocking Disney+, the page might freeze for a few seconds. But after you refresh it, it loads instantly, and you’ll be able to log in to your account and start streaming in less than 2 minutes.

You should try its DNS server in Canada as well and have no problem accessing Crave. Setting up playmoTV on your LG smart TV is a breeze, and you’ll have Westworld streaming in under 10 minutes. The servers in Germany, Hong Kong, and Australia work just as well during playback.

However, you might be disappointed that playmoTV can’t unblock the US Netflix library during your attempts. This might be a little surprising since it does so well with every other service, and Netflix is the priority for most VPNs and DNS companies. Nevertheless, you can still watch your home region on Netflix with playmoTV connected. So, you won’t be blocked; you can’t watch other libraries.

Other than the Netflix issues, Playmo is excellent for streaming. But if you want to access more Netflix libraries, you can try one of these VPNs that are all optimized for Netflix.

Speed — Fast Because It Doesn’t Change Your IP

Speeds are not affected by playmoTV, so you’ll retain your base connection rate while it’s connected. This is because it doesn’t change your IP address. So, depending on your base speeds, it’s easier to stream in the highest quality.

Normally, a dedicated speed tester is used to conduct these tests. This way, they’re all done from the same location with the same internet connection. That makes it easier to compare results from different services.

When you follow this process to check playmoTV’s overall speeds, you’ll realize that your speeds do not change across any of Playmo’s DNS servers. This is very unusual since it’s normal to experience slower speeds on servers far from your location. This might prompt you to check your IP on vpnMentor’s IP Checker. You might be surprised to realize that your address doesn’t change when you switch servers.

Contact playmoTV customer support to ask about this. They might confirm that it doesn’t automatically change your IP address when visiting different sites. When you try to access one of the streaming services listed on playmoTV’s website, your real IP is disguised as one from that location. The streaming services see playmoTV’s IP instead of your own, so they will not block you from accessing their libraries.

Although this might sound great, it’s not. PlaymoTV doesn’t encrypt your data and IP address, leaving you completely vulnerable to hackers and snoops. You might want to try one of the best VPNs for streaming. They’ll keep you safe and still hardly affect your speeds at all.

Gaming — Not a Good Choice for Gaming

While playmoTV is useful for streaming, it doesn’t recommend it for gaming because it doesn’t offer any security features.

You might have heard horror stories about gamers performing DDoS attacks or exposing people’s vital information. That could be a reason to worry about playing online games without a VPN. In short, it’s best to use an encrypted connection while gaming because you never know who you’re connected to. Additionally, playmoTV isn’t optimized to unblock new regions within games.

If you want to stay safe, check out this list of the best VPNs for gaming. They’ll all help you maintain low ping to play lag-free while you stay protected.

Server Network — Limited Number of Servers and Features

This DNS service has a small server network with only 10 locations worldwide. Normally, this would make you concerned about slowdowns from overcrowding. However, this isn’t an issue with playmoTV because it doesn’t affect speeds. However, the small network does give you fewer choices when it comes to which services you can access.

For example, you can’t watch Hotstar since there’s no India location. You might also be disappointed that it doesn’t have servers in France if you watch a lot of content from there. Plus, it doesn’t have servers in other important regions such as South America and East Asia. This means that your options might be limited if you like streaming programs from these regions.

You might not be able to find any information on playmoTV’s website about whether it uses virtual servers. These are servers that give you an IP in one location but are physically located somewhere else. Unfortunately, playmoTV support didn’t respond to questions about virtual servers.

In any case, you can interface with a server and begin spilling inside a couple of moments. While setting it up on your gadget, you will be given a rundown of the server areas so you can pick the area of your inclination.

You;ll need to replace the DNS code on your device setting to switch servers

It also doesn’t offer features such as optimized servers or dedicated IP addresses. To get a service with a vast network of features, you can look into this list of VPNs with thousands of servers worldwide.

Security — Lacks Basic Security Features

With playmoTV, your online security is at risk. Since it’s a SmartDNS service, it doesn’t offer encryption or any other security feature provided by VPNs. As a result, there is absolutely no enhancement in your general online security.

You may be presenting yourself to programmers and other intrusive eyes. Premium VPNs utilize progressed encryption and secure VPN conventions to safeguard you from cyberattacks and unapproved admittance to your own information.

AES-256-bit encryption is considered nearly unbreakable, and all the top VPNs utilize it. It’s the same encryption level used by banks and militaries worldwide. OpenVPN is likewise viewed as the most solid VPN convention since it is open-source, meaning its source code is freely accessible for investigation and evaluation. This is likewise a typical element with famous VPNs, alongside off buttons that block your association assuming it out of nowhere disengages.

Unlike playmoTV, most premium VPNs also let you choose from a range of protocols based on your needs. For example, you can use protocols like WireGuard for faster speeds. ExpressVPN even offers its own Lightway protocol, which is great for mobile devices. Most VPNs also offer obfuscation technology, which lets you connect on restricted networks while hiding the fact that you’re using a VPN.

While playmoTV gives you access to most streaming platforms, your connection stays unsecured. Therefore, it recommends you get a VPN with reliable security features to protect you while streaming online.


3 of playmoTV’s servers also have ad-blocking capabilities — Germany, Iceland, and India. These servers are designed to give you faster speeds and a better streaming experience by blocking unnecessary clutter. They remove intrusive ads and tracking scripts, which can collect data about your online behavior and browsing habits.

You can try these servers, and I’m happy to report that they block all ads and popups. So, you can stream directly from your browser without any annoying ads.

Privacy — Has Access to Your IP Address

While playmoTV doesn’t record your online activities, it does have access to your IP address. In addition, it’s located in a country that’s not very privacy-friendly. You might also be concerned that its privacy policy has never been proven. Overall, this makes it a service you might not trust to handle your sensitive information. You can check out our list of the best no-log VPNs to find a service that’s been proven to be trustworthy.

Does playmoTV Keep Logs? Yes

On the account page, you can clearly see playmoTV displays your IP. That’s because you have to register an IP address to use it. While it claims it’s “only used by playmoTV to provide this service,” you may not know how secure its customer information is. Besides, the top VPNs don’t make you register your IP and don’t even need to access it to encrypt your connection.

It may collect more information depending on the payment method you choose. The site also sometimes redirects you to third-party payment processors, who might have different terms and privacy policies. That’s why you might wish playmoTV would allow crypto payments so you could pay anonymously.

You can ask playmoTV to delete your information after you stop using it

It also collects a minimal amount of personal information directly through the site when signing up for an account. It keeps information such as email addresses and payment information to establish your account and directly respond to your support inquiries. Besides that, it thankfully doesn’t track data about how you use the service.

Was playmoTV Audited? No

There is no proof that playmoTV has been audited or verified by any third party. During your research, you didn’t find any information — on its website or in its publicly available information — explicitly mentioning that playmoTV has undergone an independent audit.

Independent audits by third-party security companies frequently evaluate the security and privacy measures of a VPN. You might always be more at ease using a VPN that has undergone external scrutiny of its policies and infrastructure.

Based in the United States

Its headquarters are in the US, which is part of the 14-Eyes Alliance. The 14-Eyes Alliance refers to an agreement between government bodies to share their citizens’ information. This means that it’s under an obligation to supply information if requested. This might worry you because playmoTV keeps your IP address, so one of these governments could come looking for it.

Does playmoTV Work in China? No

Unfortunately, playmoTV does not work in China. The Chinese government employs extensive internet censorship measures, including the blocking of VPN services. This makes it difficult for playmoTV or any VPN service to bypass these restrictions and provide access to region-restricted content in China.

However, the Chinese government rarely goes after individuals for using VPNs. That said, you must not condone any illegal activities. If you decide to encrypt your connection there, you can read this list of VPNs verified to work in China.

Torrenting — Can’t Keep You Safe During P2P

It would help if you didn’t use playmoTV for torrenting. It lacks the necessary features and infrastructure required for efficient and secure torrenting. That’s because playmoTV primarily focuses on bypassing region restrictions for streaming content rather than supporting torrenting activities.

Torrenting involves sharing files through a peer-to-peer network, which connects you to random people. That’s why it’s much safer to torrent while connected to a VPN that offers features like strong encryption, leak protection, and a kill switch.

While torrenting is legal in most countries, downloading copyrighted content isn’t. We recommend you only access torrents in the public domain so you don’t break any laws. To stay safe while you use P2P networks, consider checking out this list of the best VPNs for torrenting.

Installation & Apps

Using playmoTV is quite straightforward. It has a simple setup process, which is ideal if you’re looking for a quick and easy streaming solution.

Setup & Installation

At the point when you join and sign in to your account, you’ll have to tap on the “Set Up” option, which will then, at that point, direct you to the Arrangement Guides page.

From that point, you should choose your device and operating system and follow the given steps. The whole interaction is very clear and ordinarily takes under 10 minutes to finish. In a matter of moments, you’ll be joined, set up, and prepared to begin streaming shows like “The Handmaid’s Story” on Hulu. It’s similar to beginning with most VPNs.

Device Compatibility

This DNS service is compatible with the most popular devices and operating systems. You can try it on your Windows and Apple laptops, along with your smart TV. It’s always effortless to set up and use. You can also have your friend try it on his Roku and Fire TV, and he won’t have any issues setting it up and unblocking popular streaming sites.

When you sign up for an account, it’s easy to find instructions for multiple devices and operating systems, including some devices that rarely support VPNs.

Desktop — Apps for Windows, Mac, and Linux

Installing playmoTV on a desktop is pretty straightforward. It’s easy to configure and start using – you can try it on Windows and Mac, and both times, you’ll be ready to begin streaming in under 5 minutes.

The process is similar on all devices. You only need to find the DNS settings on your device and change them to the playmoTV addresses supplied on your account page.

Android and iPhone (iOS)

Like working desktops, it is easy to design playmoTV on cell phones. Follow the bit-by-bit guide on your Android gadget and have it all set in under 3 minutes. You can likewise give it a shot on your accomplice’s iPad. You should have no issues getting to Amazon Prime Video after you’ve set it up.

Browser Extensions

playmoTV doesn’t offer browser extensions. Some people prefer browser extensions because they are typically less resource-intensive than full-fledged VPN software.

Extensions also provide a split tunneling feature since they only protect what’s in your browser. As a result, they don’t impact other apps or services on your device. You may have seen some DNS services that offer browser extensions, so it would be nice if playmoTV included one in the future.

Apps for Amazon Fire TV, Smart TV, Nvidia Shield, and more

You love streaming on your 86” LG TV. So, you’ll be thrilled when you find out that you can easily configure playmoTV on it and stream from some of your favorite platforms. When you try it, you can set it up and start streaming in less than 10 minutes. The best part is it’ll work on just about any TV.

Apps for PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo

It’s also straightforward to set up playmoTV on your PlayStation. You might be especially impressed because many VPNs don’t give you an easy way to change locations on your gaming console. You can also have your friend try it out on his Xbox and Nintendo Switch, and the process should be equally effortless.

Router Compatibility

There are also detailed instructions on how to change DNS settings on your router on playmoTV’s website. You can try following this guide and configure it on your network router in less than 10 minutes. This is a nice option to have since it lets you stream on all your devices without constantly needing to update DNS settings.

Simultaneous Device Connections

With playmoTV, you can only connect 3 devices simultaneously. This seems low, considering most premium VPNs offer 5 to 10 device connections. The framework works by connecting your record with your IP. If you want to get help from another IP address, you should refresh your IP and hang tight for it to be approved by the framework. It’s a little time-consuming, but you can manage fine with 3 devices streaming simultaneously on playmoTV DNS servers.

2023 Updated Prices Of playmoTV VPN

PlaymoTV is pretty expensive for a service that offers such limited features. The prices are similar to some premium VPNs that come with robust security and privacy. Considering that you can’t use playmoTV for torrenting or gaming, it might not be worth the price.

If you still choose to go with playmoTV, you can pick between 4 plans. The longest term is recommended because it’s the most affordable, starting at $4.33/month.

That’s not so bad, but there are better options that come with way more value, like Private Internet Access (PIA). Its long-term plans are half the price of playmoTV’s cheapest tier. Plus, PIA comes with much more value compared to playmoTV. For example, it has a much larger network of fast servers distributed worldwide.

Each playmoTV plan comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee. It likewise offers a 7-day free preliminary, so you can give it a shot before focusing on membership.

It acknowledges Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Find, and PayPal. Sadly, there is no choice but to utilize digital forms of money. If you never receive any response after canceling your subscription and contacting customer support for a refund, that would mean you wouldn’t get your money back, which could be really disappointing.

Reliability & Support

You might feel annoyed that playmoTV doesn’t offer 24/7 live chat or phone support. The site has a visit brief; however, when you enter an inquiry, it guides you to email support. Each time you contact support, you might need to stand by a lot of time before getting a reaction (if you get one by any means).

Whenever you first contact support through talk/email support, you should know why your IP address isn’t changing even when you switch servers. You might eventually receive an email response that is very detailed and fully answers your question. However, the waiting period might not be very convenient if you’re in a rush to watch your shows.

It took about 24 hours to receive an answer to this simple question

It also doesn’t have a quality resource center or FAQ section on its site. These could really help you get answers to urgent questions that can’t wait several hours. This might not give you much confidence in the service. Plus, it’s unacceptable if you never get a response when you ask for your refund.

The Bottom Line

Final Verdict — Not Worth the Price

Overall, playmoTV isn’t worth your time. It offers excellent speeds, and you can easily connect it to devices that don’t usually support VPNs. But it would help if you did not fully recommend it since it can’t encrypt your connection. For nearly the same price, you can access all the same streaming services and protect your personal information with a quality VPN.

In addition, playmoTV has a small server network, which can limit the streaming services you can access. There are much better options available that unblock more platforms and offer excellent security and privacy features. It recommends you try out some of the top VPNs that give better value for your money.

Frequently Asked Questions (playmoTV VPN)-

How do you understand the playmoTV VPN service?

playmoTV is a smart DNS service designed to provide access to various streaming services from anywhere in the world. By diverting your DNS demands through its servers, playmoTV can cause it to show up as though you’re situated in an alternate country. This empowers you to sidestep geo-limitations and access content that may be confined in your locale.

It upholds significant stages like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video, among others. In any case, it’s critical to take note that, unlike a VPN, playmoTV doesn’t encode your association or proposition extra security highlights.

Is playmoTV a secure VPN service?

No, playmoTV lacks encryption and essential security features necessary to ensure your safety online. Without these protective measures, both your IP address and private data are vulnerable to potential breaches, leaving you open to security threats and privacy risks.

Is the playmoTV VPN service effective for streaming?

Yes, playmoTV is effective in unblocking platforms for streaming. During tests, it successfully accessed Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and more. It features a reliable network of high-speed servers, making it convenient for streaming across multiple devices, including compatible smart TVs. However, it’s crucial to note that it lacks encryption, therefore leaving your device’s important information unprotected.

Is playmoTV VPN service free to use?

playmoTV isn’t entirely free, but it does provide a 7-day free trial, allowing you to explore its features without limitations. After the trial period, there are 4 subscription tiers available, each with different pricing based on the chosen term. The pricing structure is competitive than most premium VPNs.

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