Established in 2011, is not your typical VPN but rather a premium proxy service headquartered in the UK. It operates within the confines of the UK’s strict data retention laws, specializing in facilitating anonymous browsing, torrenting, and accessing geo-restricted content. The platform emphasizes a no-logs policy, assuring users that browsing history, real IP addresses, connection times, and bandwidth usage remain unrecorded. However, the absence of a dedicated privacy policy section on their website raises transparency concerns regarding data handling.

In terms of security, falls short compared to robust VPN services, offering limited encryption with SSL encryption exclusively applied to browser-tunneled data. This underscores the distinction between proxies and full-fledged VPNs, particularly regarding security features.

A standout feature of the service lies in its provision of dedicated (private) proxies sourced exclusively from its server array. This sets it apart from P2P proxies, ensuring that IPs are not shared among users or resold by other providers, thereby enhancing overall security. However, it’s important to note that Socks5 proxy support is notably absent from their offerings, potentially limiting usage options for certain users.

In summary, is suitable for users seeking dedicated proxies for specific activities like anonymous browsing, torrenting, or geo-blocked content. Nevertheless, potential users should carefully consider the service’s limitations in security features, the absence of a clearly defined privacy policy, and the lack of Socks5 proxy support before making a decision. Assessing individual needs and priorities remains crucial when selecting a proxy service.

Expanding its network reach, boasts an extensive infrastructure with 15,000 IP addresses and servers spread across Europe, North America, and Asia. Key locations include the UK, US, Canada, and Germany, allowing the platform to cater to various needs such as data scraping, video streaming, and circumventing geo-blocks on popular platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer.

The service permits P2P and torrenting within legal boundaries, accompanied by a strict prohibition against any illegal activities. Users engaging in data scraping activities, particularly from websites like Yellow Pages or Google, face a potential risk of IP bans, leading to restricted access. To counter this, introduces a “Swap IPs” feature across all subscription plans, enabling users to acquire a new set of IPs as a solution.

Upon subscription, activates promptly and offers compatibility across major platforms, including Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, and Linux, without the need for additional app installations. Users also benefit from a user-friendly Chrome browser plugin named “FoxyProxy,” which facilitates swift proxy switching.

In essence, establishes itself as a reliable and secure proxy service amidst the sea of questionable free proxies in the market. While it comes with a higher price tag, the platform excels in effortlessly overcoming geo-restrictions, making it a commendable choice for video streaming and torrenting. For those seeking enhanced privacy during torrenting, a VPN is strongly recommended.

The service prides itself on versatility, seamlessly running across multiple platforms and offering the added convenience of 24/7 live chat support. Despite the potentially higher cost, sweetens the deal with a 7-day trial and a money-back guarantee, allowing users to test its performance thoroughly.

Popular VPNs emerge as favored options for individuals searching for a more budget-friendly yet reliable solution to safeguard their IP address, fortify their internet connection, unlock geo-blocked content, download torrents, or engage in secure online gaming. Exclusive insider deals can provide cost savings on premium VPN services, boasting comprehensive features and robust privacy protection.

2023 Updated Features Of PrivateProxy VPN

💸 Price9 USD/month
📆 Money Back Guarantee7 Days
📝 Does VPN keep logs?No
🖥 Number of servers50+
🛡 Kill switchNo
🗺 Based in countryHong Kong
📥 Supports torrentingYes

Installation & Apps

To kickstart your journey with, the initial step involves selecting a suitable package and providing essential details. This includes furnishing your name and email address, creating a secure account password, and specifying your preferred payment method. Once the payment process is completed, your account undergoes instant activation, and you receive a list of proxies to utilize.

To commence using the service, manual entry of the proxy details through your browser settings is necessary. Follow these steps:

1. Assuming that you’re utilizing Google Chrome, explore the upper right corner. And then, click on the menu symbol and select Settings. Alternatively, from the Chrome drop-down menu on your desktop, select Preferences.

2. Access your Settings page, scroll down, click on Show Advanced Settings, and proceed to Proxy Settings.

3. Open the Connections tab from the Internet Settings window’s top, and then click on LAN settings at the window’s bottom.

4. Within the Automatic Configuration section, uncheck both checkboxes.

5. In the Intermediary Server segment, check the case says, “Use a proxy server for your LAN.” Kindly enter one of the intermediary addresses and the port given by in the Location and Port fields separately. Note: will send you emails containing this data.

6. Click OK in the LAN and Internet Settings windows to save your configurations. You’ll be prompted to input your PrivateProxy account credentials as the username and password.

With these adjustments, you are now ready to proceed. To switch between proxies, repeat the same steps and modify the Address and Port accordingly.

Alternatively, streamlining this process is possible by downloading browser extensions. Various extensions, such as FoxyProxy, are available for this purpose, offering a more user-friendly experience.

In summary, initiating your setup involves selecting a package, providing the necessary information, and activating your account. The subsequent manual configuration of proxies through browser settings ensures seamless utilization. Furthermore, with the option of simplifying the process through browser extensions like FoxyProxy.

2023 Updated Prices Of PrivateProxy VPN provides a range of six packages catering to diverse needs: Starter, Professional, Business, Corporate, Enterprise, and Bulk. Each package offers varying numbers of proxies, with the Starter having the lowest monthly cost and the Enterprise boasting the highest fixed monthly fee (while Bulk pricing may surpass even this). It’s noteworthy that’s pricing tends to be higher compared to many other VPN or proxy services.

With the most affordable monthly price, the Starter package includes 13 proxies, while the Professional offers 30, the Business 50, and the Corporate 100. The Enterprise package is designed for those requiring 300 proxies, while the Bulk package caters to users seeking 1000+ private proxies. Bulk pricing is calculated per proxy instead of a fixed monthly cost.

All packages come with instant activation and the added flexibility of a one-time free proxy list swap if any issues arise. Notably, the Bulk package allows multiple free swaps.

Regarding payment methods, accepts only PayPal and major credit/debit cards, lacking support for anonymous options like cryptocurrencies.

Before committing to a larger package, inquire about the 7-day free trial with customer support. This trial includes a link for a 3-proxy free trial. That enables users to test the service without charges for the first week. Users can cancel anytime within this trial period to avoid any charges.

In summary,’s package offerings cater to various needs with varying proxy quantities and costs. While the service tends to be on the higher end in terms of pricing, it provides flexibility and a trial option for users to assess its suitability before committing.

Reliability & Support

Contrary to our initial reservations sparked by the limited website of, their customer support exceeded expectations. Despite the absence of an email support ticketing system, the compensatory presence of 24/7 live chat support proved highly satisfactory. However, there is room for enhancement in the FAQ section on the website, which currently needs to provide the comprehensive information users might expect.

Our approach involved directing several queries to the live chat support, adopting the persona of a less tech-savvy customer with numerous questions. The objective was to gauge the patience and professionalism of the support agent in handling queries.

To our pleasant surprise, the agent exhibited exceptional patience, answering all inquiries thoroughly and courteously. Notably, the agent employed a thoughtful, funneling approach in responses, narrowing down our concerns to provide more efficient and precise answers. In essence, the live chat support proved to be exceptionally helpful.

Minor refinements to the FAQ page, the incorporation of a tutorials section, and the addition of an email communication channel are suggested improvements that could elevate’s customer support to a stellar level.

The Bottom Line

While positions itself as a premium proxy service emphasizing enhanced security and access to restricted streaming services like Hulu and US Netflix. Moreover, it falls short compared to the comprehensive protection and additional features offered by VPNs, often at more budget-friendly prices. The provider asserts a no-logs policy, yet the absence of a clearly defined privacy policy section on its website raises transparency concerns. Especially considering its UK headquarters, a member of the Five Eyes alliance. The expensive subscription packages and limited features further detract from the appeal of In contrast, various popular and reliable VPNs provide proxy services at considerably lower costs, making them more attractive alternatives.

Frequently Asked Questions (PrivateProxy VPN)-

Is a VPN or a proxy service? is a UK-based premium proxy service, not a typical VPN. It specializes in providing dedicated proxies for anonymous browsing, torrenting, and accessing geo-restricted content.

How does ensure security and privacy? ensures privacy with a no-logs policy. However, the need for a dedicated privacy policy section raises transparency concerns. The service uses SSL encryption for browser-tunneled data but doesn’t match the security features of robust VPNs.

What packages does offer, and what do they include? offers six packages: Starter, Professional, Business, Corporate, Enterprise, and Bulk. These vary in the number of proxies provided, with the Starter having the lowest cost and the Enterprise offering the highest fixed monthly fee.

How can I set up and use

Choose a package, provide the necessary details, and complete payment for Upon activation, receive a list of proxies. Set up by entering proxy details manually through browser settings or using browser extensions like FoxyProxy. The service is compatible with major platforms.

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