PureVPN Review

You might have seen that PureVPN has forever been a quick help that turns out perfect for streaming. In any case, it confronted a major discussion that elaborated the FBI quite a while prior. Even though it’s presented for a low value, you could contemplate whether it’s done what’s necessary to improve since the occurrence.

You’ll find the answer if you deep-dive into its privacy policy and everything else it offers. This includes trying out its streaming capabilities, speeds, and security.

After the entirety of your attempts, you may be dazzled with the vast majority of PureVPN’s outcomes. It unblocks lots of web-based features while staying secure. Moreover, its protection strategy has been examined, which is an extraordinary step. However, it was offered at a low price, so there are still a few areas where PureVPN needs to improve.

Short on Time? Here Are The Key Findings


  • Great at unblocking streaming platforms. You won’t have any problem trying to unblock tons of streaming platforms.
  • Superfast speeds on worldwide servers. You’ll get great results, even thousands of kilometers away from servers.
  • Huge server network. You’ll find a great selection of servers in most of the world’s major cities.
  • Excellent security features. It accompanies the most ideal encryption that anyone could hope to find and a programmed off button.
  • Works in China. You can safely bypass the Great Firewall with PureVPN.
  • 10 simultaneous devices. It also offers an impressive list of compatible devices.
  • Extended money-back guarantee. You can try it out for 31 days, and getting a refund is easy if needed.


  • Not the most privacy-friendly. While it doesn’t store recognizable logs, it clutches a bigger number of information than you could like.
  • Limited torrenting ability. You might experience slow speeds on P2P networks.

2023 Update Features Of PureVPN

💸 Price2.29 USD/month
📆 Money Back Guarantee31 Days
📝 Does VPN keep logs?No
🖥 Number of servers6500+
💻 Number of devices per license10
🛡 Kill switchYes
🗺 Based in countryVirgin Islands (British)
🛠 SupportLive Chat
📥 Supports torrentingYes

Streaming: Excellent Playback & Unblocking Abilities

PureVPN unblocks every platform you try except for one. It also works great for streaming. You can constantly stack recordings quickly and won’t encounter any buffering. Beforehand, you needed to utilize program expansions to get to certain stages. You’ll be glad to see that now you can unblock every one of the top stages with the application. In general, it is an excellent streaming option.

Unblocks Different Streaming Platforms: Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, HBO Max, and more

You won’t have any problem unblocking 7+ Netflix libraries with PureVPN, including the US, Germany, the UK, Australia, France, and Japan regions. Each Netflix alternate way allows you to get to a whole library, truth be told. Some VPNs can get to Netflix Firsts, a site variant that loses all of its geo-confined content, so you’ll be intrigued by how well PureVPN performs.

Additionally, PureVPN provides a number of shortcuts for various streaming platforms. These associate you with the server it suggests for that assistance. It’s a helpful method for unblocking stages. However, you might need to utilize a server nearer to you to expand speed.

You’ll only see the Top 10 list if you’ve unlocked a full Netflix library

PureVPN used to dislike Hulu generally. However, it rapidly unblocks it in your attempt. This stage is typically more difficult to access with a VPN. Still, the Hulu shortcut lets you watch it with zero streaming issues.

You can also access Hulu by using one of PureVPN’s US servers

HBO Max is just as easy to unblock. Like with the other platforms, you can watch movies and shows with zero buffering.

I could unblock HBO Max with every available protocol

PureVPN passes through Amazon Prime Video’s strongest geo-blocks without a hitch. You’ll have the option to get to whole libraries in the US and in the UK.

I could unblock HBO Max with every available protocol

You can then test PureVPN with BBC iPlayer to see how well it works with platforms outside of the United States. The Manchester server unblocks BBC iPlayer without any problem. It’s generally extraordinary when a VPN unblocks this stage since it’s free.

You just need to confirm you have a UK TV license before BBC iPlayer will work

You can unblock many other real-time features, including Disney+ and Sling television. The following is a list of the additional streaming platforms that PureVPN allows access to:

YouTubeDisney+StarITV PlayerHotstarCBS

You should try ESPN+ streaming on PureVPN – it streams just as well as the other platforms without any buffering. PureVPN is a great decision for streaming since it unblocks every one of the significant stages, and its quick velocities make gushing with it a breeze.

PureVPN: Blocked By DAZN

The only platform you couldn’t access was DAZN. This should be familiar to you because you haven’t found many VPNs that can unblock it.

DAZN is available in the US, but you'll see this screen if it detects your VPN

PureVPN is one of the most amazing VPNs accessible for streaming. Barely any administrations have more servers to assist you with getting to extra stages. It’s close to perfect when it comes to unblocking and good streaming quality.

PureVPN: Provides Superfast Speeds on Most Server

You should try PureVPN for fast speeds on most servers. PureVPN has recently upgraded its servers, making it much easier for you to find a superfast location for all your needs.

Start by measuring your base speed, so you have something to compare your results with. You currently have 309.93 Mbps download, 329.92 Mbps upload, and a ping of 77 ms.

Australia is over 13,000 KM away from me, but it only dropped my speeds by 14%

Next, try speeds with every available protocol. Get an average speed over several servers close and far from your real location. You can check out the results of your tests in the chart below.

The chart shows my average download speeds, but Wireguard gave me the best upload and ping results too

Record the rest of your speed tests with Wireguard based on these results. You might notice the slowest speed on its New York server, dropping your download speed by 57%. This might surprise you because it’s only 2,805 KM away. Usually, you get much better results at that distance. However, it’s likely the server is just crowded. Some VPNs let you see how crowded each server is, a feature you might hope PureVPN adds in the future.

As you’ll see in the table below, most servers hardly reduced my speeds at all:

ServerDownload SpeedUpload SpeedPing
No VPN309.93 Mbps329.92 Mbps77 ms
Houston287.98 Mbps (8% decrease)311.53 Mbps (5% decrease)88 ms
Toronto322.46 Mbps (4% increase)58.52 Mbps (83% decrease)56 ms
New York133.63 Mbps (57% decrease)110.02 Mbps (67% decrease)162 ms
Sao Paulo243.27 Mbps (22% decrease)224.53 Mbps (32% decrease)179 ms
Sydney266.26 Mbps (14% decrease)327.73 Mbps (1% decrease)243 ms

Download speeds and ping hold up well at long distances. However, the upload speeds can be more unpredictable. This is certainly a large arrangement. However, it could dial you back while you attempt to post via web-based entertainment, for instance. The outline beneath will show you the distance away every server is from where you lead your tests and the download speeds you record.

Every server I tested gave me more than enough speed for buffer-free streaming

Even over long distances, PureVPN will assist you in maintaining fast speeds for streaming and browsing. It likewise has 20Gbps servers in Washington D.C., London, and Manchester. Unfortunately, they don’t seem much faster in your tries, but it doesn’t really matter since its overall speeds are so good. A couple of VPNs give you better transfer velocities, and some give quicker results over OpenVPN. Yet, as long as you stick to Wireguard, it’s one of the quickest VPNs around.

Are PureVPN’s Fast Enough for Gaming? Yes, But only on Local Servers

You should try PureVPN for gaming on local servers; it handles them well. However, the ping can go as high as 350 ms on long-distance locations. Generally, you really want a ping of 50 ms for a slack-free encounter.

I could also play games with minimal lag using the Bahamas virtual server

To see how it works, play Rogue Legacy 2 while connected to the nearest server. It’s a fast-paced game, so you’ll notice any lag. You’ll likely enjoy the game because the character responds immediately to your inputs. Yet, assuming you attempt the Manchester server (7,000+ KM away), you’ll track down that the game takes more time to load, and there’s a limited quantity of slack. It’s anything but a great deal, but it makes the game unplayable.

Look at the rundown of the best gaming VPNs if you want to play with companions from everywhere worldwide and get better ping results over significant distances.

PureVPN: Large & Well Distributed Server Network

Although CyberGhost and Private Internet Access have more servers, PureVPN’s impressive global network of 6,500 servers in 78 countries is still impressive. You’ll track down the servers of the Americas, Europe, Oceania, Africa, and Asia. An organization of this size should assist you with staying away from any server over-burdening issues and empower quick and stable rates. A tremendous worldwide organization is likewise fundamental for getting to content while voyaging abroad.

Another cool PureVPN component to assist you with bypassing geo-limitations is Area fronting, which allows you to associate with an elective space address not hindered by ISPs.

There are 23 virtual servers, but the majority of the servers are physical. The contrast between physical and virtual servers is that the virtual servers are not really situated in the country you are associating with. A server in a different nation with a more stable connection will handle your traffic. In any case, you will be given an IP address for your preferred area.

You’ll see the value in that PureVPN is straightforward about utilizing virtual servers. Some providers are less likely to inform you. Instances of its virtual servers are in Barbados, Argentina, Panama, Monaco, and the Philippines. Although virtual servers can slow down your speed if they are further away, there are times when they are superior to physical locations.

PureVPN used to have nearly three times as many virtual servers. Still, it removed them when customers complained about connection issues and poor speeds. Once again, you’ll be glad it’s so transparent about the VPN’s performance and what it does to improve it.

In the locations tab, you can highlight the “V” button to see all virtual servers

This method lets you see the virtual servers on its mobile apps. It additionally has refreshed arrangements of its virtual servers on its site. The other switch choices in the server list are torrenting-improved servers, quantum-safe servers, and servers that permit port sending (assuming you pay extra). In the streaming section, I mentioned more than 30 shortcuts; you can make your own to rename servers.

You can buy a number of add-ons for an additional fee. You can get Dedicated IP or Dedicated IP + Port Forwarding features.

You can host an FTP or web server, allow your IP, set up remote access to your PC, and more with a dedicated IP. Committed IPs don’t offer a similar degree of namelessness as shared IPs, just like the only one utilizing them.

Shared IPs permit many clients to interface randomly, so it’s difficult to tell who is doing what on that server. In any case, committed IP addresses are perfect, assuming that you really want to safely get to your financial record without being obstructed by the site.

You can now see which locations are recommended for various streaming platforms with a brand-new PureVPN feature. You can likewise save servers for speedier access. These are normal highlights, yet it’s good to realize that it’s proceeding to refresh its applications. Similar to the specialized servers offered by other VPNs, “P2P” is displayed next to servers recommended for torrenting.

Lastly, PureVPN owns every server. That is incredible because removing a go-between makes them safer. There are few VPNs that can match its server organization. It would be great if more urban communities were accessible. However, its velocities are so great at significant distances it’s anything but a major issue.

PureVPN: Military-Grade Security Encryption

You’ll find that PureVPN gives strong security because of its range of conventions and security highlights. Complex features and out-of-date protocols have been eliminated without jeopardizing the VPN’s safety.

PureVPN: Encryption

You should try PureVPN, which uses AES 256-bit encryption to protect your information. It’s the highest level available and makes your data virtually unhackable.

PureVPN also employs IPv6 leak protection to ensure complete online anonymity from hackers, trackers, and other spying entities. An IPv6 spill happens in the event that your program associates with a location beyond your VPN association, which utilizes your ISP straightforwardly and uncovers your own information. Both the encryption and IPv6 spill assurance are naturally empowered, so you don’t have to stress over security. While this is perfect for less experienced clients, high-level clients could need more manual control.

PureVPN will not permit you to interface with one more VPN while it’s associated, which is another great security highlight. Some VPNs release your area on the off chance that you neglect it and interface with another VPN.

Quantum-Safe Encryption keys, available in select urban areas of Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Singapore, are another component it provides. While this may not be an ongoing risk, this component will be exceptionally valuable once quantum figuring becomes normal. Since cybercriminals will always update their encryption-breaking technology, PureVPN’s outlook on the future is encouraging.

PureVPN: Protocols

You can try PureVPN’s native apps, which offer three protocols to choose from, and you can manually set up a few more options if you prefer. Here are the protocols you can use with PureVPN:

  • OpenVPN — This protocol is highly configurable and an industry standard, offering both safety and speed. It has two options: UDP for faster speeds and TCP for added security. PureVPN has also added obfuscation to its OpenVPN protocol, making your VPN traffic appear like regular traffic to bypass ISP/network restrictions and firewalls more easily.
  • WireGuard — A super-fast VPN protocol available on all operating systems, ensuring the fastest connections without compromising security.
  • IKEv2 — Known for its consistency, security, and versatility, this protocol sometimes offers better connection speeds than OpenVPN.
  • SSTP – Created by Microsoft, it’s the most dependable convention and a superb decision for bypassing solid firewalls, like the Incomparable Firewall of China.
  • L2TP/IPSec – To offer encryption and authentication, L2TP is typically combined with IPSec, but it is less dependable than OpenVPN.

The Automatic Protocol Selection feature is enabled by default; however, you can turn it off and manually select a protocol. Moreover, you can tick the choice to utilize a backup convention. However, there’s no indication of which protocol that is, and the app doesn’t notify you if it falls back to the other protocol.

PureVPN: Port Forwarding

Port sending is a truly helpful component if you want to get to a web-associated gadget or administration from another area. For instance, you can get to your PC while you are away or play an internet game with your companions. Whenever designed appropriately, it permits PCs outside your organization to access a particular gadget associated with your nearby organization.

While PureVPN offers this component, it is excluded from your standard membership, and you can get it for under a dollar each month as an add-on.

PureVPN: DDoS Protection

PureVPN’s DDoS protection is available as an add-on, but you can try it out. This feature ensures your safety from complex DDoS attacks by providing you with DDoS-protected IPs. Having a DDoS-safeguarded VPN is truly valuable if you have any desire to hinder outlandish traffic or, on the other hand, if you’re a significant gamer who cybercriminals and contenders may designate. It’s also great for online business stores and organizations that must shut out any ill-conceived traffic.

Suppose you have any desire to utilize this additional element. In that case, you’ll have to enact it at an extra expense for your membership. The good news is that once turned on, it will always be working. When it recognises an assault then, the DDoS security will immediately kill it.

PureVPN: Kill Switch

If your VPN association separates, the off button stops your web traffic, which is a significant security highlight in VPNs. It keeps your IP address and other individual data safe along these lines.

In the app, PureVPN comes with an IKS kill switch. It’s turned on, so you don’t need to stress over it. You can handicap it whenever you need it. However, I wouldn’t suggest it. You can attempt the off button by exchanging servers with a program window open. This will allow you to see that it generally disengages your organization when the VPN isn’t associated, so you’ll realize your information will not get uncovered inadvertently.

PureVPN: Split Tunneling

You can attempt PureVPN parted burrowing highlight, which permits you to pick whether you maintain that all your traffic should go through the VPN or just the traffic created by unambiguous applications.

This means that assuming you want to get to your ledger utilizing your ISP’s IP address and simultaneously require a VPN IP address to get to a streaming stage, you can do both. Part burrowing will isolate the solicitations between the two and just the streaming traffic through the VPN.

Please be aware that only the Windows and Android apps currently support split tunneling. To empower it on the Windows application, click on the setting symbol in the base left. At the point when the choice is off, all traffic will be steered through the VPN, utilizing the VPN IP address. At the point when the choice is on, just the traffic produced by the applications you add to the rundown will utilize the VPN IP.

PureVPN: Enables DNS, IP, WebRTC, & IPv6 Leak Protection

You won’t find any when you try PureVPN for all types of leaks. While utilizing a VPN, your traffic gets steered through an encoded passage, and every individual identifier, similar to your IP address, is taken out. Data can sometimes spill through, uncovering your character and online movement to an outsider. This could be better on the off chance that you’re utilizing a VPN to remain unknown.

There are a few kinds of information releases that can occur:



  • IP leaks — If PureVPN fails to hide your real IP, it may be exposed to the websites you visit, potentially revealing your actual location.
  • DNS leaks — The Domain Name System (DNS) converts domain names into website IP addresses. Assuming your DNS demands release, your ISP can see what you do online.
  • WebRTC leaks — WebRTC technology allows calls without using a plugin or app. However, it can reveal your IP address to the websites that use it, exposing your identity to the website and the ISP.



PureVPN kept my IP hidden on all 10+ virtual and physical locations I tested

With PureVPN, all servers you try successfully prevent leaks. Your IP address changes to the expected location each time, and your DNS requests are covered. Furthermore, IPv6 is blocked, reducing the risk of exposing your IP if a website requests it.

In addition to these features, PureVPN offers obfuscation, but it’s available only with the OpenVPN protocol. It has also recently added PureKeep for an additional fee. PureKeep is a password manager that allows you to save all your passwords with encryption, making it easy to access them on any device. It also includes a password generator feature. Many VPNs offer similar features for a comparable price, so you’ll be glad it’s been added.

Overall, PureVPN offers robust security features that all work great in your tries. However, some popular features, such as DoubleVPN and an ad-blocker, are missing. While these aren’t essential, these are areas where you could see the VPN improving.

PureVPN: No-Logs & Outside the 5 Eyes Alliance Privacy Policy

PureVPN is working hard to regain your trust with its transparent no-logging policy and voluntary self-audits. It might impress you with its clear steps in improving its privacy policies.

PureVPN: It Doesn’t Keep Any Identifiable Logs

PureVPN stores more information than you prefer. It logs the day you associated, the VPN server area, city, association length, and the absolute data transfer capacity you’ve utilized. It states it utilizes this data to keep the VPN working accurately, yet many administrations store less information.

It doesn't store your IP or browsing history, which is the most important thing

In the arrangement, the VPN states that it doesn’t gather your starting point IP address, allocated VPN server IP address, VPN meeting timestamp, perusing exercises, or DNS demands. As it may, join gathers your name, email address, and installment strategy. It claims that this data is only used to operate, maintain, and provide services. This practice is common even among VPNs with the highest standards for privacy.

PureVPN requirements have a flawless record for keeping supporter protection. In 2017, the organization supported the capture of an asserted cybercriminal by furnishing the FBI with his logs. All the more explicitly, the VPN followed two of the crook’s email accounts and associated them with a similar IP address. Following client kickback, PureVPN has changed its protection strategy and is trying to recapture clients’ trust.

PureVPN: Location

PureVPN moved from Hong Kong headquarters to the British Virgin Islands in late 2021. Albeit both these areas are outside the 5/9/14 Eyes ward, you could have been worried about China’s tensions over Hong Kong. Relocating should set your mind at rest.

PureVPN: Audits

PureVPN’s security strategy is impenetrable and has been affirmed to be so by 2 examining organizations.

Altius IT, a free US-based examiner, went over the VPN’s framework and setup and ensured that it “didn’t track down proof of framework designs and framework/administration log documents that freely, or all in all, could prompt recognizing a particular individual and the individual’s movement while utilizing the PureVPN administration.”

On the off chance that this should be really consoling, PureVPN additionally has a consistent agreement with KPMG, one of the greatest examining firms, meaning the reviews can happen whenever without notice.

Because of the area decision and the way that PureVPN’s strategy has been reviewed and affirmed as having no logs, you can have confidence that the VPN will keep you mysterious. KPMG has likewise reasoned that “PureVPN puts areas of strength for the protection of the clients.”

You could wish that total free reviews were accessible to the general population. It’s anything but a colossal issue, yet other VPNs let you read extensive reports. There are likewise semi-yearly straightforward reports. There are a few small things PureVPN could do to make it more privacy-friendly, but you can trust it to be responsible with your data.

PureVPN: Allows Torrenting on Certain Servers

PureVPN supports torrenting on 37 P2P-optimized servers, but you can also get it to work with others. Its website states that it blocks P2P in the UK, the US, and Canada, but you can still download files with servers like Atlanta, US.

I could download the file in less than 10 minutes without the VPN connected

That is the fastest server you can find in your tries. When you try approved servers like the Netherlands location, your speeds may drop as low as 88 KB/s. Switching protocols doesn’t necessarily improve your speeds either. Sadly, port sending, which can help increment download and cultivating rates, is just accessible for an additional charge. Most other top VPNs incorporate it with the cost of a membership.

It’s sad because PureVPN’s strong security and protection highlights would have settled it as a decent decision for P2P. Torrenting is lawful in many nations, yet downloading protected documents isn’t. Keep in mind that neither you nor your group support illegal activities.

Does PureVPN Work in China? Yes, It Does.

China works with PureVPN. At the point when you reach the help group, it might inform you that its servers are upgraded and can sidestep the firewall.

The live agent recommended using the OpenVPN UDP protocol

It’s in every case best to introduce the VPN before you show up in China, as the public authority obstructs every one of the administrations that don’t consent to the nation’s regulations and guidelines. Be that as it may, PureVPN likewise allows you to physically design it from China if you neglect to download the program. Know that PureVPN has no server areas in China, so you will not have the option to get a Chinese IP address. Would it be a good idea if you want one?

PureVPN: Allows 10 Simultaneous Device Connections

You can try PureVPN, which gives you 10 connections under one subscription. It’s a great selling point when a VPN offers you multiple device connections on one subscription, and PureVPN offers both. Thus, you can run the VPN through the entirety of your number one gadgets all the while.

PureVPN: Comes With an Extensive Device Compatibility

When it comes to device compatibility, PureVPN has you covered. The worst possible situation is finding that a VPN will only work on iOS or Android after connecting to multiple devices. PureVPN certainly won’t disappoint you in this regard.

While using it, it might surprise you by how easy it is to set up PureVPN on your router and run it through your PlayStation 5. You also tried it on your Windows laptop, Android phone, Firestick, and Google Chrome. The Firestick app has many more features than other VPNs, and you’re happy that it lets you switch protocols and use split tunneling. You can even sort and favorite servers. However, you noticed that it still needs to be available on Opera or Safari browsers, which may disappoint some subscribers.

It was interesting for you to discover that PureVPN doesn’t have SmartDNS technologies. SmartDNS is like an intermediary; however, it utilizes your space name server (DNS) to unblock sites, coordinating just your DNS questions through its server while keeping your IP address in one piece. Numerous VPNs use it since it doesn’t dial back web traffic because of the absence of changes to the information going through it. All things considered, PureVPN’s velocities were strong in your attempt, so you think having it has little effect.

The PureVPN DD-WRT applet for switches is the motivation behind why it has such an achievement with regard to gadget similarity. It allows you to get to an essential GUI (graphical UI) when you sign in to your switch, giving you choices to pick different servers in light of your requirements. PureVPN provides you with a comprehensive guide to install it on most routers.

Linux users can manually configure OpenVPN, PPTP, SSTP, L2TP, and IKEv2 protocols

While it doesn’t have split tunneling, you found that the Linux app offers a GUI, which is rare and appreciated because it makes it much easier to use. Another thing you love about PureVPN is that you can pick between 12 dialects on the Windows, Macintosh, and Android applications, which is more than most VPNs offer. So, by and large, PureVPN has an extraordinary application for additional gadgets than many of its rivals.

PureVPN: Installation & Apps

Set-Up & Installation — Easy Apps for Quick Installation

PureVPN: Windows

You can give PureVPN a shot with its Windows client, which upholds OpenVPN (TCP and UDP) and IKEv2 burrowing conventions. You can choose the convention you need to utilize and pick whether you need to empower or handicap the off button and auto-association capabilities.

If you favor a direct application on your PC, this ought to suit you, as its plan is fundamental.

PureVPN: Browser Extensions

You can attempt the Chrome augmentation, which gives you admittance to 30+ servers in various nations and offers limitless data transmission. It likewise gives WebRTC spill security that you can undoubtedly empower or cripple with a solitary snap. The point of interaction is clear and basic, and you can have it introduced on your program within several minutes.

PureVPN also has a Firefox extension with the same features

Nonetheless, it’s vital to take note that while program augmentations are helpful, they capability as intermediaries instead of encoding your whole gadget. Thus, it restricts its defensive abilities to defend your program alone. Subsequently, it strongly suggests utilizing the application at whatever point is achievable for complete gadget-wide security.

PureVPN: macOS

You’ll notice that the Mac version of the app is almost identical to the Windows version when you try it first. It just backs IKEv2, L2TP/IPSec, and PPTP burrowing conventions. Another distinction is that in contrast to the Windows app, the Mac app does not display ping rates automatically. This can be baffling if you anticipate utilizing the VPN to game or download documents.

Introducing it was fast and simple, so if you like a nitty-gritty VPN, you ought to approve of PureVPN’s plan.

PureVPN: Android

You can attempt the PureVPN Android application, which is really great. Dissimilar to previously, the application no longer offers explicit modes like Real-time, Web Opportunity, Record Sharing, and Security/Protection. In the most recent update, PureVPN depends on its calculation to pick the best server for your necessities, making the cycle smoother and adding to the general speed increment that PureVPN has guaranteed its endorsers.

Unlike the iOS application, the Android rendition gives you split-burrowing capacities and the choice to pick either NAT or non-NAT network settings (essentially, regardless of whether your switch advances ports). You can likewise pick either a dull or light subject to match your informal community setting inclinations.

The Android application currently has generally similar conventions as the Windows form. In any case, it’s a little confusing that it shows a red button when it’s associated with a VPN server. In the event that you’re utilized to buttons showing red when they’re disengaged and frequently becoming green when they’re associated, you might have to check twofold whether you’re associated until you become accustomed to it.

PureVPN: iOS

The better-than-ever UI is clear and direct. PureVPN claims that privacy, security, and ease of use are its top priorities. In all of your attempts, you found the app secure.

Given you’re getting to get sites, PureVPN will naturally interface you to the VPN any place you go on the web, and it will auto-reconnect, assuming that it exists.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t permit split-burrowing, so in the event that you’re accustomed to having the option to get to a nearby server simultaneously as spilling on a server abroad, you might find this application disheartening.

2023 Updated Prices Of PureVPN

You can attempt PureVPN for different installment choices. It acknowledges PayPal, Visas (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and UnionPay), Google Pay, and even digital currency installments like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. This provides an excellent method for purchasing a subscription while remaining anonymous.

At the point when you utilize its 31-day unconditional promise, you get an additional day contrasted with most suppliers. It is important to note that the guarantee states that you will receive your money back “if we aren’t the right fit for you.” Dissimilar to some VPNs that make the unconditional promise process troublesome, PureVPN’s assurance is open and simple to ask for. Furthermore, you can get a 7-day membership for $0.99, yet recollect that you’ll be charged for a full membership on the off chance that you don’t drop soon.

I received a confirmation email the same day and had all my money back in 5 days

PureVPN also offers several add-ons; the longer your subscription tier, the cheaper they become monthly. These include PureKeep (a password manager and generator), PureCrypt (a cloud service for encrypted file storage), and PurePrivacy (which can scan your social media accounts to increase your privacy, block targeted ads, and alert you of security breaches).

Overall, PureVPN is cost-effective compared to many other top-performing VPNs, especially when you take advantage of its current $2.29/month savings deal. It often runs special discounts on its longer-term plans, so if you’re willing to sign up for 24 months, you could secure a fantastic deal on a reliable VPN.

PureVPN: Reliability & Support

PureVPN has fantastic every minute of everyday live visit support. However, you’ll begin with a bot. To get to a live specialist, you need to pick “other” when the bot poses what your inquiry is. Email support and an enormous information base of over 100 FAQs and guides exist.

I appreciate that customer service reps were patient and never rushed me

You may only receive responses via email. However, there’s a bizarre stunt to getting a live specialist. The chatbot will say goodbye and tell you to wait for an email after you ask a question. In any case, don’t close the talk window right now. If you stand by a little longer, a live specialist will ordinarily show up to help you. It’s great to be aware there’s a method for conversing with help more often than not. However, it may be a considerably more confounding interaction than it should be. Besides this minor issue, PureVPN’s support agents might satisfy you.

You always look for good customer support in a VPN, so if you run into trouble, you know the issue can be resolved without waiting around. In your attempts, the help reps guaranteed they were educated in all regions of the VPN. They were likewise amicable and went about like they thought often about your client experience.

The Bottom Line

Final Verdict

PureVPN offers a large list of impressive features. It can give you incredible speeds on nearby and distant servers. You won’t have issues unblocking all the most popular streaming platforms and watching movies with zero buffering. Plus, it passes all leak tests, proving its security is top-notch.

However, it’s important to note that this VPN has a dependable privacy policy. Still, it retains excessive anonymized logs, which could be improved. Additionally, the speed for torrenting is consistently slow, and users are charged an extra fee for port forwarding. In addition, it might not perform as well as other VPNs that are available worldwide for online gaming on servers.

It would help if you attempted PureVPN to check whether it’s an ideal choice for you. It’s drawing near to being one of the top VPNs around.

FAQs on PureVPN

Is PureVPN a Safe VPN?

Yes, PureVPN is highly secure. It employs robust 256-bit encryption up-to-date protocols and includes a kill switch feature. My tests for DNS leaks found it to be completely secure. PureVPN has recently prioritized user privacy and maintains a dependable no-logs policy. It goes through regular audits to ensure it meets high privacy and security standards.

Can PureVPN Unblock Netflix?

PureVPN is adept at unblocking various Netflix regions. It’s an excellent choice for streaming due to its superfast speeds on numerous servers. I experienced uninterrupted HD streaming even on servers more than 10,000 kilometers away.

Will PureVPN Slow Down My Internet Speeds?

Yes, using PureVPN may result in a slight reduction in your internet speeds. The extent of the slowdown depends on the server you connect to and could be as much as 80%. However, during my tests on geographically closer servers, I actually appreciated agreeable velocities, above and beyond, for HD streaming, web-based gaming, and downloading huge records.

Is PureVPN a Good VPN Service?

PureVPN is an outstanding service. I constantly encountered superfast speeds on most servers, including those on the opposite side of the globe. This ensured uninterrupted streaming, and it successfully unblocked all major platforms. I experienced no connection issues with its extensive server network, and it offers user-friendly apps for all major operating systems. PureVPN’s robust security features, backed by military-grade encryption, effectively concealed my real location.

Can You Trust PureVPN?

Yes, PureVPN is a trustworthy service. While it cooperated with the FBI in the past, it has since taken significant steps to enhance its reputation. Its privacy policy clearly states it won’t log any identifiable user data. Furthermore, two reputable third-party firms have independently audited the policy, providing strong evidence that you can trust PureVPN with your data.

Is PureVPN Available for Free?

No, PureVPN is not available for free. I do not recommend using free VPNs, as they typically offer limited features and come with security and privacy risks. Most free VPNs have fewer servers, limited bandwidth, and may log and sell your data to generate revenue. PureVPN, however, offers a 31-day money-back guarantee, which I personally tested and found it easy to obtain a full refund.

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