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Savage VPN may offer free unlimited data and fast speeds, but its safety is questionable. Free VPNs often lack the quality of premium services, potentially containing malware and tracking programs while misleading users about encryption.

As per the information, Savage VPN gives mixed results once you access it. While it provides basic privacy and impressive speeds, it must improve in many areas, especially weak security features, and excessive ads. After considering these relevant things, consider using Savage VPN completely depends upon you.

Moreover, it suggests choosing one of the top-rated VPNs from the provided list. Opting for any of these options provides you with superior speeds, security, network coverage, and much more. Furthermore, what can be better than switching to them if you are looking for more? This is because they all come with reliable money-back guarantees, allowing you to test them out risk-free.

Short On Time? Here Are The Key Findings


  • Savage VPN is great for streaming, as it successfully works with most streaming services. 

  • It boasts excellent speeds, providing impressive results while using. 

  • Additionally, the best part is that it’s a free service. That allows users to utilize the VPN completely free of charge.


  • Firstly, Savage VPN has a limited server network, with only a handful of servers worldwide. 

  • The VPN lacks advanced security options, providing only basic features. 

  • Furthermore, it offers apps solely for Android. Which makes it incompatible with other devices unless you use an emulator.

  • Unfortunately, Savage VPN lacks 24/7 live chat support. And surprisingly, it doesn’t even have an official website. These drawbacks may limit its appeal to potential users.

2024 Update Features Of Savage VPN

💸 Price2.75 USD/month
📝 Does VPN keep logs?No
🖥 Number of servers200+
💻 Number of devices per license1
🛡 Kill switchNo
🛠 SupportEmail support
📥 Supports torrentingYes

Streaming: Unblocks Major Platforms

Savage VPN might pleasantly surprise you by unblocking several top streaming platforms. Your expectations for a free VPN might exceed. It only struggled with unblocking two platforms, which are still impressive.

However, the biggest flaw you may encounter is the limited connection time and the requirement to watch ads to extend it. Moreover, enduring hours of ads to watch a 3-hour movie on Hulu may need to be revised. Also, along with the disability, to not log out at one point.

While utilizing the free ad-supported plan, you can subscribe to the VIP plan for uninterrupted streaming without annoying ads.

Unblocked: Netflix, HBO Max & Amazon Prime Video

In order to unblock different Netflix libraries with Savage VPN, you can start with the US server. Which might impress you with its seamless access to the US library. Moreover, it has the ability to load video in just 15 seconds and stream without buffering. Similarly, you can successfully unblock Netflix in Japan, Germany, and Korea. And enjoy quick video loading and smooth streaming.

Moreover, Savage VPN can even unblock Amazon Prime Video, a feat that even some premium VPNs struggle with. But sometimes, it may take a minute or more to load the video and unexpected buffering. However, you may find it impressive, even after these technical issues.

Remember, it’s worth noting that if your base speeds are less than 25 Mbps, streaming might be a challenge with Savage VPN.

Blocked By: Hulu & Disney Plus

Savage VPN faced challenges in accessing Hulu and Disney+. As per the information, you may get disappointed while accessing it as Disney+ is typically easy to access, but it blocked Savage VPN consistently. Even after multiple attempts throughout the day, gaining access to these platforms is challenging. Moreover, Hulu may refuse to let you log in, claiming an incorrect password. Which is not the case after disconnecting the VPN.

While these are decent results for a free VPN, the best VPNs can unblock all major platforms and load videos within seconds. Additionally, premium VPNs offer versatility, allowing streaming on laptops, smart TVs, and gaming consoles for a more comprehensive streaming experience.

Speed: Fast Speeds On Nearly Every Server

Savage VPN’s speeds are surprisingly fast, especially considering it’s free. While accessing it, you must switch between all its servers and connection modes (protocols) to experience consistently fast and reliable speeds.

Moreover, to ensure accurate comparisons among different VPNs, you can find a dedicated tester who gathers speed results from the same location and connection. You can even conduct around 10 tests for each server at various times throughout the day to maintain fairness and accuracy in the evaluations.

  • There are three crucial categories you need to focus on while accessing it:  

    • Download Speed: Measured in megabits per second (Mbps), it determines how quickly data reaches your device. Download speed is vital for streaming, loading videos, and downloading files.

    • Upload Speed: Also measured in Mbps, it indicates how fast data can be sent from your device to the internet. Upload speed is important for uploading videos, sending photos, and email attachments.

    • Ping: Measured in milliseconds (ms), it reveals how long your data travels. Ping is particularly crucial in online gaming, as it affects how quickly your character responds when you press a button.

    The speed tests were conducted using OpenVPN UDP, with similar results obtained with TCP. The results were generally excellent on most servers, with only a few exceptions.

My speeds dropped by 11% with nearby servers, and by 35% on distant ones

Remarkably, the speed can drop on Savage VPN’s Canada server by around 1%, even if it’s over 5,800 km away from the tester. Most VPNs experience a drop of 20% or more at such distances, making this performance highly impressive.

Our speeds remained consistently high (3% drop) while connected to servers in Canada

However, the download speeds were reduced by 27% when connected to a server in the US, which may be due to overcrowding, though it’s challenging to confirm. Similarly, a server in Singapore showed a significant drop, possibly due to overcrowding as well, as the distance alone didn’t affect the server in Australia significantly.

Overall, the speeds on Savage VPN are excellent. Among free VPNs, only Windscribe performed slightly better. Additionally, Savage VPN demonstrated better performance in distant locations, making it a solid choice for fast and reliable connections.

Gaming: Reliable But Only Works On Android

If you are fond of gaming, then you may experience a lag-free gaming experience on your Android device. The low ping results ensured swift responses to your commands, fully allowing you to enjoy your Valorant game without any delays. This may sound impressive, especially considering that many free VPNs tend to hinder gaming performance.

You can even access this VPN with Minecraft on your Android phone and experience smooth gameplay without any interruptions. Moreover, it’s crucial to have a ping below 80 ms for optimal gaming, and Savage VPN delivered a remarkable ping of only 15 ms when connected to a server in France.

However, on some distant servers, you may encounter higher pings, reaching up to 290 ms. This limitation is common with most VPNs, as gaming on nearby servers generally provides the best experience.

On the downside, Savage VPN is primarily designed for Android devices, making it unsuitable for gamers looking for VPN solutions for other platforms. And these include Windows laptops. Despite its excellent performance on Android, those using different devices may need to explore alternative VPN options.

Server Network: Small Global Server Network

Savage VPN operates a relatively small server network, covering servers in multiple countries. While the distribution of servers is well-balanced worldwide, the limited number of servers could lead to overcrowding issues, affecting connection speed while accessing.

The server selection process is user-friendly, but it lacks city-level server options. Currently, users can only connect to a specific country, and determining the exact server location requires an IP test.

I was disappointed that Savage VPN doesn’t have any servers in Africa

You may find difficulty reaching their support team, which raises questions about whether Savage VPN owns all its servers or uses rented ones. Moreover, this lack of transparency regarding server ownership can lead to data privacy and security concerns. Additionally, whether the servers are virtual or physically located remains to be seen.

Another downside is the need for dedicated IP addresses. This feature can be useful for specific tasks like running a website, but unfortunately, Savage VPN does not offer it.

Overall, while Savage VPN’s server network is evenly distributed globally, it lacks certain features and transparency, making it fall short compared to other VPN options.

Security: No Additional Security Features

Savage VPN lacks advanced security features, and information about its encryption level is not readily available on the app or online. It offers three protocol options (OpenVPN UDP, OpenVPN TCP, or Auto). Still, it does not include a built-in kill switch, firewall, or ad blocker. Moreover, the absence of a kill switch is concerning as it leaves users vulnerable to privacy breaches and data leaks if the VPN connection drops unexpectedly.

You can check for DNS and IPv6 leaks to test their reliability. Then Savage VPN can successfully conceal your true IP address and block IPv6 tracking.

The website detected the location of the server I was connected to — Texas

One feature you should take advantage of is split tunneling, allowing you to exclude specific apps. And it includes your banking app from the VPN’s tunnel while streaming. Unfortunately, Savage VPN does not offer this functionality or provide multihop/double VPN options for added security layers.

Overall, Savage VPN falls short in terms of security compared to premium VPNs offering essential features like a kill switch and AES 256-bit encryption. Furthermore, for robust protection and peace of mind, opting for a VPN that prioritizes advanced security measures is best.

Privacy: No Logs, But There Are Some Issues

Savage VPN asserts that it does not retain logs of user sessions. However, you may need help finding evidence of a third-party audit of its logging policy. Nor any information about authorities requesting user data from Savage VPN. Therefore, no concrete proof exists to validate its ability to uphold its claims. Nonetheless, its policy contains the appropriate assurances, which is a positive initial step.

Does Savage VPN Keep Logs? No

Savage VPN ensures a hassle-free and anonymous start, as it doesn’t require any personal information for initial use. Upon downloading the app, you may encounter a popup message about network traffic monitoring, which raises some concerns. However, after contacting support, you must ensure they do not keep logs. Also, the message is a common Android prompt during VPN setup.

Savage VPN reserves the right to alter the privacy policy when necessary

For their VIP service, Savage VPN collects only the information provided during signup. And these include name, location, payment details, username, and email address. Moreover, one aspect you may need is a cryptocurrency payment option, which would offer more privacy during signup. As a precaution, the safest approach would be to avoid signing up altogether.

Was Savage VPN Audited? No Information Found

Savage VPN lacks evidence of third-party audits and verification for its app and privacy policies. This raises concerns about the effectiveness of its privacy policy and whether sensitive data is truly not logged or stored.

Reputable VPN providers often have their privacy policies and apps audited and verified by independent parties, ensuring your data’s safety while using their service. Despite attempting to contact customer support through their Twitter account, you may not receive any response from Savage VPN. This further adds to the uncertainty surrounding their privacy practices.

Based in Unknown

As per the information, sometimes Savage VPN’s headquarters location remains undisclosed. And your attempts to contact their support team via emails and Twitter needs to be responded to. Thus, this lack of transparency is concerning, as knowing a VPN’s location can provide crucial insights into potential data privacy and legal obligations.

Moreover, certain VPNs may fall under the jurisdiction of the 5/9/14-Eyes Alliances, obligating them to share information with authorities and intelligence-sharing partners upon request. Without clear information about Savage VPN’s location, users may face uncertainty regarding their data protection and privacy practices.

Does Savage Work In China? Probably Not

Using Savage VPN to bypass the Great Firewall of China is uncertain, as free VPNs often struggle with strict government restrictions. The Chinese government focuses on controlling VPN technology rather than individual users.

To stay safe and legal while using the internet in China, it’s crucial to adhere to local VPN regulations. Avoid any illegal activities and ensure you are well informed about China’s VPN laws before using any VPN service. Stay compliant with the regulations to have a secure and lawful internet experience while in the country.

Torrenting: Slow And Unsafe

Savage VPN is unsuitable for torrenting due to several issues with the service. Although the download speeds may be good, there are significant limitations to consider.

The free app has a time limit for your connection, and you may get automatically disconnected when the time lapses. This could expose your true location and compromise your privacy. Even with the paid version, Savage VPN lacks essential security features required for safe torrenting, such as a kill switch to protect you in case of unexpected connection drops during torrent downloads.

Torrenting itself may be legal in some countries, but downloading copyrighted files is not. To stay legal, only access torrents from public domains.

For safe and reliable torrenting, it recommends using a premium VPN that offers better security measures to protect you while using P2P networks. These VPNs provide enhanced protection and ensure a safer torrenting experience.

Savage VPN: Installation & Apps

Savage VPN offers a user-friendly and straightforward experience. After downloading the app, selecting a server, and clicking Connect, you’re ready.

I recommend using the Auto connection mode since there wasn’t a huge difference in speeds

Savage VPN lacks essential customization options found in top VPNs. If you need advanced features and extensive customization, you might have better choices.

Savage VPN: Setup & Installation

Downloading and installing Savage VPN from the app store was a breeze, taking less than 3 minutes. Once installed, you select a server and click connect using the app’s server list and settings menu with three OpenVPN modes.

However, your initial positive impression of Savage VPN quickly turned to disappointment due to its excessive ads. The app bombards users with ads right from the start, requiring you to watch 5 seconds of video before being able to skip. Additionally, the connection time remains for one hour, and you must watch more ads (sometimes an hour’s worth) to accumulate additional time.

Savage VPN: Device Compatibility

Savage VPN is designed only for Android devices and does not support other operating systems or devices. To use it on macOS, Windows, iOS, routers, or gaming devices, you would need a compatible Android emulator, which can be complicated.

However, a top VPN would be a more straightforward solution since they offer native apps for all devices and operating systems. With Savage VPN, you may face difficulties installing it on your LG smart TV and gaming console, limiting your ability to stream content.

Additionally, Savage VPN cannot be configured on a router like top VPNs, which allows you to use the VPN on all devices on your network, even those that don’t support VPNs.

Savage VPN: Simultaneous Device Connections

You have the freedom to install Savage VPN on any of your Android devices without any restrictions or the need to create an account. There are no limitations, and it is a personally connected Savage VPN on three different Android phones. Surprisingly, the performance remained consistent, and your speeds might not be affected.

Unlike many premium VPNs that limit the number of simultaneous connections, Savage VPN allows unlimited device usage. While this feature may be particularly beneficial for users with numerous Android devices, it provides a great advantage compared to other VPN services.

2024 Updated Prices Of Savage VPN

Savage VPN offers a free ad-supported service, but watching many ads for extra time can be tiresome and potentially expose your device to spyware or adware. The premium service, available in monthly, 3-month, 6-month, and annual plans, removes ads and time limits. However, payment options seem limited to debit/credit cards, and there is uncertainty about the refund policy as support has yet to respond to inquiries. In contrast, most premium VPNs have clear and reliable money-back guarantees, providing users peace of mind when testing the service.

Reliability & Support

Obtaining support from Savage VPN proved to be an extremely challenging task. The absence of a live chat feature and difficulty locating their official website or phone contacts made it even more frustrating. You may receive inadequate responses even after contacting customer service via email multiple times. Consequently, you might expect one inquiry about their logging policy. The lack of easily accessible customer support may frustrate you, as you cannot get assistance when you need it the most. This experience will make you value VPNs with super responsive customer support even more.

The Bottom Line

While Savage VPN boasts good speeds and is suitable for streaming, it falls short in various aspects. Significant drawbacks include the absence of a kill switch and its exclusive compatibility with Android devices. Additionally, the limited server network and lack of evidence regarding server safety raise security concerns. The nonexistence of reliable customer support and the frustration of needing a proper website further diminishes its appeal.

Due to these limitations and safety concerns, it’s not recommended to switch to Savage VPN. Top VPN providers typically offer native apps for all major operating systems, ensuring comprehensive device compatibility and higher security across platforms. Furthermore, it’s best to opt for a more robust VPN service to ensure your online safety and convenience on all your devices.

Frequently Asked Questions (Savage VPN)-

Is Savage VPN a secure option?

Savage VPN raises security concerns as it lacks essential features like a kill switch, leaving your connection vulnerable if the VPN disconnects. Additionally, the free plan inundated users with numerous ads. And doubts persist about the encryption level used, potentially compromising user data protection.

Can you skip through Savage VPN's ads to extend the connection time?

Unfortunately, skipping ads in Savage VPN will not extend your connection time. Exiting an ad before the close button appears will not grant you additional time. Hence, your connection will be interrupted when the timer runs out. Upgrading to a premium subscription plan is recommended to enjoy an uninterrupted and ad-free VPN experience.

Does Savage VPN have a free version?

Yes, Savage VPN offers a free version. However, the free version is ad-supported and has restricted connection time. To extend the time limits, users need to watch numerous ads. This can negatively impact their experience and expose them to online threats. Users can opt for the premium version for an ad-free and unrestricted VPN experience.


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