You might be curious about Seed4.Me VPN because of its affordable monthly prices. If you want to try this Taiwan-based VPN, which has been expanding since 2012, you’ll find that it has a small network but offers excellent security features.

However, you should know that it logs user information for up to 7 days, raising privacy concerns.

It provides average speeds and can’t unblock Netflix US, UK, or BBC iPlayer. Suppose you want to protect your online identity and access popular streaming platforms. You should try some of the top VPNs available.

Short on Time? Here Are My Key Findings

  • User-Friendly Experience: Seed4.Me VPN is designed for easy installation and offers a simple, user-friendly interface, making it convenient to use.
  • Expanding Server Network: Seed4.Me VPN, founded in Taiwan in 2012, has steadily expanded to include over 200 servers. However, it’s essential to note that it may be available in some languages.
  • Multiple Connections: You can connect an unlimited number of devices simultaneously with Seed4.Me VPN. It supports major platforms and operating systems, including Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, Ubuntu, Amazon Kindle, Linux, and Chromebook.
  • Robust Security: Seed4.Me VPN provides military-grade security with adjustable encryption levels. It supports major security protocols and offers features like a kill switch and a shadow mode.
  • Privacy and Logging: While Seed4.Me VPN excels in the jurisdiction, but there are privacy concerns due to its policy of retaining user logs for seven days.
  • Decent Performance: The VPN delivers good performance with decent speeds. However, it may have limitations when unblocking geo-restricted streaming services like Netflix US and Netflix UK. It offers only two servers suitable for torrenting.
  • Affordable Pricing: Seed4.Me VPN offers cost-effective pricing plans, starting at just $2.99 monthly. You can also take advantage of discounts of up to 41%, a free trial, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Customer Support: While there is room for improvement, Seed4.Me VPN’s customer support team responds promptly to inquiries. Adding a live chat feature would be beneficial.

2023 Update Features Of Seed4me VPN

💸 Price2.99 USD/month
📆 Money Back Guarantee30 Days
📝 Does VPN keep logs?No
🖥 Number of servers200+
🛡 Kill switchYes
🗺 Based in countryUnited States
🛠 SupportVia Email
📥 Supports torrentingYes

Streaming — Below Average Unblocking Capabilities

You try the VPN’s streaming capabilities by attempting to watch shows and movies on various popular platforms. Unfortunately, you find the results disappointing. While connected to the US server, you manage to unblock Fox, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Kodi. Using the UK server, you successfully access Channel 4 and YouTube. However, you cannot unblock Netflix, the most popular of all platforms, in any of its well-known locations, such as Netflix US, UK, and Australia.

Unblocked: Fox, Channel 4, Hulu, Kodi, YouTube

You are pleased to discover that, while connected to the US server, you can watch some of your favorite recent shows like “Call Me Kat” on Fox without any problems, delays, or buffering. The same holds true for unlocking Hulu and Kodi. It’s also good to be able to access Channel 4’s platform and YouTube while connected to the UK server.

I was able to unblock FOX with Seed4.Me

Blocked By: Netflix UK, Netflix US, BBC iPlayer, HBO Max, ESPN, Disney+

Despite trying to unblock Netflix US, Netflix UK, and Netflix Australia using the VPN, you won’t be able to, as you might encounter a proxy error. If you reach out to customer support for assistance, you may need a different suggestion, including using Shadow mode. To discover the best VPNs for Netflix, consider exploring other options. Similarly, you won’t be able to unblock HBO Max, ESPN, or Disney+ with this VPN. Unblocking BBC iPlayer while connected to the UK server may also be challenging.

I wasn’t able to unblock BBC iPlayer

Speeds — Adequate Speeds Ensuring Good Performance

You try the VPN’s upload and download speeds, as well as ping time, along with the average time it takes to connect to servers in various locations. Discover that the speeds are decent enough for streaming, torrenting, and even gaming. You see a 38.3% drop in upload speed and a 17.6% drop in download speed when compared to your normal connection. Performance isn’t greatly impacted by this, though, and a VPN’s slight speed decrease is typical. Your findings are specifically as follows:

Server LocationUploadDownloadPing
Real Location/NO VPN0.611.0664
Real Location/VPN0.379.1121
Czech Republic0.629.6517

The time it takes to connect to different servers can range from 4 to 10 seconds. You’ll notice that server locations closer to your own provide better speeds than those further away. That’s why it’s recommended to use nearby servers. However, switching between servers can be confusing. The location dropdown menu allows you to select a new location. At the same time, you’re already connected to another, but it doesn’t automatically connect you to the new one. It would help if you made sure to connect manually before browsing again to ensure you’re staying protected. A useful feature of the VPN is adjusting the encryption levels. If you want to speed up your connection, you can switch to lower encryption levels or switch protocols to L2TP.

Are Seed4.Are VPNs Fast Enough for Gaming? Yes

If you’re checking if the VPN’s speeds are fast enough for gaming, try playing Minecraft on your laptop computer. Although Minecraft isn’t the most sophisticated game in terms of graphics, you might find that the VPN’s speeds are good enough for you to play Minecraft without any issues or buffering.

Seed4.Me was fast enough to play Minecraft

Server Network — Has Constantly Expanding Network of 200 Servers

The VPN maintains a robust server network that continues to grow. Currently, it covers the following locations:

BulgariaItalySweden (torrent friendly)
CanadaJapanSwitzerland (torrent friendly)
China optimized cluster (For China)LatviaTaiwan
Czech RepublicLithuaniaUK
Hong KongRussia 

It’s reassuring to know that users can reach out to customer support via email and suggest new server locations. This flexibility demonstrates the provider’s commitment to better serving its customers. The VPN’s website currently indicates that only two servers (Sweden and Switzerland) are optimized for torrenting. However, you can also use the Russian and Ukrainian servers for file sharing. Besides expanding the server network, enhancing the process of switching between server locations would be a welcome improvement in the future. The current method can be confusing, as clicking on a location in the dropdown list doesn’t automatically establish a connection.

Security — Robust Security with Adjustable Encryption Levels

At the point when you attempt the VPN’s security run tests for IP, DNS, and WebRTC address spills on, you could feel better to observe that there are no breaks. It’s great to see that the VPN upholds OpenVPN (which is the default and suggested) through OpenSSL, L2TP with IPSec, and PPTP conventions with a limit of 2048-piece encryption. Having a choice of protocols allows you to switch between them based on the security required for different activities.

The adjustability extends to encryption levels – a useful feature that lets you lower or raise encryption based on your purposes. For instance, lowering encryption during gaming could improve connection speeds, while higher encryption secures activities like signing digital documents.

Running the VPN file through VirusTotal also relieves any concerns about malicious finds. However, a test on might indicate the VPN has some trouble blocking ads, an area that could be improved. Another noteworthy feature needing improvement is the kill switch, available only on Windows and Macintosh.

A cool security feature is the VPN’s Shadow Mode, designed for highly restricted countries like Iran and China, ensuring your location is securely camouflaged. To empower Shadow Mode, go to the VPN’s application Settings tab and snap the ‘Empower Shadow Mode’ box.

Privacy — Ability Of Keeping Logs for 7 Days

The VPN is headquartered in Taiwan, a location outside international intelligence alliances such as the Fourteen Eyes. However, upon examining its privacy policies, questions arose about the level of user vulnerability in terms of privacy.

The VPN’s website discloses the logging of login details for troubleshooting connectivity issues, with “general connection logs” retained on a secure server for 7 days to address network problems. Although stored separately from VPN nodes and deleted after 7 days, this logging practice might raise concerns for individuals highly focused on privacy.

Torrenting — Fast & Safe Torrenting Allowed By Two Servers

You may be curious about whether the VPN is fast and secure enough for torrenting. To find out, you can download a legal and free backup of Wikipedia. While testing, this cycle was unimaginably quick, taking a normal of only fifteen minutes.

It’s essential to take note that the VPN assigns just two servers, Switzerland and Sweden, as the deluge is well-disposed. This restriction is due to the VPN’s compliance with DMCA regulations, which can lead to server takedowns for violations.

You can use both the Sweden and Switzerland servers to see if there are any notable differences in download times. However, remember to always adhere to the rules and regulations regarding torrenting in your country.

Does Seed4.Me VPN Work in China? Yes

One remarkable feature of the VPN is its compatibility in China, as attested by the VPN’s blog. While the VPN’s official website is inaccessible in China, making it impossible to download directly, you can obtain it from a mirror site and employ it within the country. To configure the VPN for bypassing the Great Firewall, access the server list and utilize the special setting tailored for connections from behind this firewall.

Furthermore, you can effectively circumvent the Great Firewall of China by utilizing the VPN’s Shadow mode, which is explicitly crafted for use in countries with stringent restrictions, such as Iran and China.

Seed4.Me works in China

Simultaneous Device Connections — Unlimited

You can connect to the VPN on your iPhone, Android tablet, and Windows laptop simultaneously, allowing unlimited simultaneous device connections. However, note that if you want more than three simultaneous connections for manually enabled devices using PPTP/L2PT settings, you’ll need to contact customer support for assistance.

Device Compatibility — Compatible with All Major Platforms

You can give the VPN a shot by utilizing it on an iPhone, Android tablet, or Windows PC. You’ll find the experience reliable, including a spotless and straightforward connection point across all gadgets. The VPN is open on different stages, including Macintosh, iOS, Windows, Android, Ubuntu, Amazon Ignite, Linux, and Chromebook, and you can likewise lay out an association through a switch. To get the application, either visit the VPN’s site or go to the Play Store (4.5/5 star rating), Amazon Appstore (3.5/5 star rating) or Application Store (5/5 star rating) to download it.

Installation & Apps

Set-Up & Installation — Super Fast Installation Without Registration

Setting up and installing the VPN is a breeze and takes under two minutes. The best part is you don’t need to enroll or make a record to download the VPN’s Windows application and use it on a 7-day preliminary. It’s as simple as squeezing a solitary button, and the whole interaction, from download to establishment, takes under a moment because of the clear advances given by the VPN’s site. To get Seed4.Me VPN on Android TV, desktop/laptop, or mobile, follow these simple steps:

  1. Find the app.
  2. Click ‘Download’.
  3. Select the country you want to connect to.
  4. Click ‘Connect’.

2023 Updated Prices Of Seed4me VPN

You can investigate the VPN’s four clear estimating plans, which you could see as very reasonable contrasted with rates from different suppliers. The plans start at just $2.99 each month. Periodically, you could go over restricted time offers on the site. Furthermore, there’s a no-questions-inquiry as to whether you’re not fulfilled, and you can likewise decide on a 7-day free preliminary.

Regarding installments, you have various techniques to browse, including Visas, PayPal, vouchers, pre-loaded cards, and even Bitcoin, which is a cool choice. Given the VPN’s expense adequacy, powerful security highlights, and the absence of limitations on synchronous associations, it may merit the venture, particularly if streaming isn’t your main concern.

Reliability & Support

To survey the VPN’s dependability and backing, you can connect with Client Care, assuming any issues emerge. In any case, remember that there is no live talk highlight on the VPN’s applications. All things considered, you’ll have to send an email to Client Service, which should be possible by clicking a connection in the Assistance segment of the application. On the off chance that you experience an issue, for example, trouble unblocking Netflix US, even with Shadow Mode, you might need to look for their help.

Commonly, you can expect a reaction by means of email within a couple of hours. While they are well-mannered and offer expected arrangements, it’s conceivable that they won’t work for you. Strangely, you additionally have the choice to connect with the VPN’s group through virtual entertainment stages like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, giving an elective method for help. This can be particularly helpful since the blog on the VPN’s site has been refreshed for a year.

I contacted Seed4.Me’s support team

The Bottom Line

Final Verdict

Seed4.Me VPN offers an affordable option for those seeking robust online security. It’s a VPN that can keep you safe online. The VPN’s speeds are decent, ensuring reliable performance for streaming, gaming, and torrenting. However, it does have limitations when it comes to unblocking popular streaming platforms, which can be frustrating, especially given that streaming is a common reason for using a VPN.

The concerns related to the VPN’s data logging policy, where user data is retained for 7 days, may give you pause, even after trying the free trial. Nevertheless, with its cost-effective pricing plans and a commitment to expanding its server network and improving services, it’s a VPN worth revisiting.

Frequently Asked Questions (Seed4.ME VPN)-

Is Seed4.ME VPN secure?

Absolutely, Seed4.ME VPN prioritizes your safety. It utilizes military-grade encryption and offers robust security features, protecting you from viruses and malware.

Can Seed4.ME VPN enable unblocking Netflix?

No, it cannot unblock Netflix US or Netflix UK. When attempting to access Netflix through this VPN, you may encounter a proxy error.

Will Seed4.ME VPN reduce my internet speeds?

Yes, it may have a slight impact on your speeds, but not to a significant extent that would affect your overall performance. Seed4.ME VPN delivers speeds that are perfectly suitable for streaming, gaming, and torrenting.

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