You decided to give ShellVPN a shot because it advertises itself as an all-around service that offers fast speeds and extensive access to geo-blocked content. You are currently testing its unblocking performance, speeds, and server network while paying close attention to its security and privacy features. You’ve noticed it has great potential, but the privacy policy is a big red flag. It isn’t ready to compete with the best VPNs yet.

Short on Time? Here Are My Key Findings


  • Limited streaming capabilities. You might notice that ShellVPN has limited streaming capabilities and is struggling to unblock all tested platforms. However, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video remain accessible.
  • Fast but inconsistent speeds. When it comes to speed, ShellVPN offers fast but inconsistent performance. While it doesn’t significantly slow you down, results vary across the servers you try.
  • Modest server network The VPN maintains a modest server network, boasting 495 servers across 19 countries, all of which generally provide swift connections.
  • Good encryption. ShellVPN employs AES-128-GCM encryption for security, ensuring fast, efficient, and secure data protection.
  • Flawed policy. However, there’s a concern about the VPN’s privacy policy, which must be fixed as it is copied from IVPN.
  • 7-day money-back guarantee. ShellVPN might appear to be expensive, except if you choose a long-haul (yearly) plan. To decide its worth, you can investigate the free preliminary choice, further upheld by a 7-day unconditional promise, permitting you to test it out without risk for seven days.

2023 Update Features Of ShellVPN

💸 Price3.33 USD/month
📆 Money Back Guarantee7 Days
📝 Does VPN keep logs?No
🖥 Number of servers495+
💻 Number of devices per license5
🛡 Kill switchYes
🗺 Based in countryUnited States
🛠 SupportLive Chat
📥 Supports torrentingYes

Streaming — Does Not Unblock all Streaming Platforms

You may find that ShellVPN unblocks a few streaming services but struggles to keep up with the most popular names. HBO Max, Hulu, and Disney+ are all out of reach when you try to access them, but Amazon Prime and Netflix won’t be a problem.

Unblocked: Netflix and Amazon Prime

You’ll find that ShellVPN can easily access Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Use the same US servers for both, and you’ll have instant access to thousands of normally blocked shows and movies.

I could watch US Netflix using ShellVPN.

The best part is that you can watch in UHD as the servers provide you with fast speeds. Accessing Amazon Prime Video is just as easy, and you can watch Green Lantern and other titles without buffering or interruptions when you try it out.

ShellVPN allowed me to access Amazon Prime Video and watch Green Lantern.

Blocked By: HBO Max, Disney+, and Hulu

You may find that ShellVPN can’t unblock HBO Max, Disney+, and Hulu. While you can unblock Netflix and Amazon Prime with ShellVPN, you might be surprised to see an error message on the screen when accessing HBO Max.

I couldn’t access HBO Max using ShellVPN.

You won’t be able to unblock Hulu either. When you try logging in, Hulu might tell you your login has been blocked. Like HBO Max, it seems Hulu doesn’t recognize your location change, preventing you from logging in.

You might even need help opening the Disney+ login page. Instead, you’ll get a completely blank page when accessing the website.

Since ShellVPN doesn’t unblock every streaming platform, you’ll be restricted when it comes to accessing shows and movies. If your main focus is streaming, consider trying out one of these other VPNs.

Speeds — Average Speeds for Almost All the Locations

You’ll find that ShellVPN provides you with fast speeds on all the servers you try. Give all the servers (over 30) a shot, and your speeds will average around 26 Mbps.

To calculate ShellVPN’s performance, you can measure:

  • Download speed — Download speed represents the time it takes to download documents and data from the web, estimated in Mbps.
  • Upload speed — Upload speed represents the time needed to send files from your computer.
  • Ping — how quick you get a reaction from a site or application, estimated in ms (and significant in gaming).

The maximum download speed you get is in Amsterdam, Netherlands, around 36.5 Mbps with a ping of 155 ms. This is lower than your base speed in Chandigarh, India, where you get 41.63 Mbps. However, in Hong Kong, far from the Netherlands, you’ll have similar results and a lower ping when you try it out.

ShellVPN provided me with fast speeds on its Amsterdam server

When you try connecting to other faraway servers in the US, Australia, and Canada, your speeds fluctuate considerably. Remember that the biggest drops tend to occur on the most distant servers.

CountryDownload Speed (Mbps)Upload Speed (Mbps)Ping (ms)
No VPN — Chandigarh, India41.63 Mbps36.17 Mbps14 ms
Amsterdam, Netherlands36.48 Mbps (12% decrease)26.38 Mbps (27% decrease)155 ms
New Jersey, United States25.94 Mbps (37% decrease)8.52 Mbps (76% decrease)236 ms
Frankfurt, Germany33.50 Mbps (19% decrease)29.35 Mbps (18% decrease)166 ms
Hong Kong, China30.17 Mbps (27% decrease)23.86 Mbps (34% decrease)127 ms
Istanbul, Turkey14.35 Mbps (65% decrease)21.26 Mbps (41% decrease)183 ms
Fussa Shi, Japan22.71 Mbps (45% decrease)23.27 Mbps (35% decrease)284 ms
London, UK32.02 Mbps (23% decrease)26.78 Mbps (25% decrease)148 ms
San Jose, California13.21 Mbps (68% decrease)25.17 Mbps (30% decrease)274 ms
Singapore20 Mbps (51% decrease)18.69 Mbps (48% decrease)362 ms
Taipei, Taiwan27.80 Mbps (33% decrease)10.88 Mbps (69% decrease)140 ms
New York, United States27.77 Mbps (33% decrease)13.57 Mbps (62% decrease)234 ms
Zurich, Switzerland31.89 Mbps (23% decrease)26.03 Mbps (28% decrease)158 ms

You’ll find that you have fast enough speeds for HD streaming on all the servers you try, and most are even fast enough for UHD. However, keep in mind that your ping might take a noticeable hit. Generally, 50-100 ms is considered a good to average ping. ShellVPN almost never achieves this, which is bad news if you’re an online gamer.

Server Network — Sufficient Number of Servers

ShellVPN offers a modest number of servers, totalling 495, spread across 19 countries. The servers are located in:

AsiaRussia, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Singapore, Turkey, Taiwan, Korea
North AmericaUSA, Canada
EuropeFrance, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, United Kingdom, Switzerland
South AmericaBrazil

You’ll find a “Smart Connect” feature connecting you to your location’s closest and fastest server.

Even though it doesn’t have a large server network, it’s nicely distributed

When you try selecting each server manually, most will connect within seconds. However, some servers on the list, such as those in Taiwan and Japan, take longer. Others may even show the message “Failed to fetch”, which won’t work.

Security — Strong Encryption

ShellVPN makes use of cutting-edge security protocols and a high level of encryption.

Contact customer support for clarification if there needs to be more information on the website regarding its encryption.

They provide prompt answers and will likely explain that ShellVPN uses a self-developed security protocol similar to Wireguard, employing AES-128-GCM encryption.

ShellVPN uses strong encryption, so your data is secure

You might feel relieved knowing that AES-128-GCM encryption is among the best, as it’s nearly impossible to break, even for the machines used for cryptocurrency mining. The standard, AES-256, is stronger against brute force attacks and generally more secure. However, AES-128 is faster and won’t take as long to encrypt your data. If you prefer 256-bit encryption, consider opting for the best VPNs for security.

Perform a couple of IP and DNS leak tests on its servers to check if your data is really secure. You’ll likely find that none of the servers expose any information about you and effectively hide your IP and location while also turning off IPv6.

My data was completely secure while connected to ShellVPN

Privacy — No Logs, but With a Catch

You’ll notice that ShellVPN claims it doesn’t keep any logs per its privacy policy. According to the policy, ShellVPN does not store:

  • Traffic information
  • User bandwidth
  • Your IP address
  • DNS info
  • Connection timestamps or durations

In any case, the security strategy referenced on the site duplicates another VPN’s protection strategy. Please consider contacting the customer support team to verify its legitimacy. Remember that the help chief might offer you a dodgy response; it is a “text bug to guarantee it.”

ShellVPN has a copy of the IVPN privacy policy so it is a bit tricky to trust it

If you’re not convinced that it’s a ‘text bug’ but believe that ShellVPN copied IVPN’s privacy policy, it’s advisable to go for a VPN that guarantees the privacy of your data. When you try out a VPN, make sure it genuinely ensures the security and confidentiality of your information.

Torrenting — Yes, But Only on Netherlands Servers

You’ll find that ShellVPN allows torrenting on specific servers. To get more details, consider messaging the support team. A representative may inform you that only the servers in the Netherlands support torrenting.

You can use ShellVPN’s Netherlands servers for torrenting

However, keep in mind that ShellVPN doesn’t have a kill switch. This means you’re at risk of being exposed if the VPN disconnects.

It’s memorable that downloading protected material is viewed as unlawful in numerous locales overall and might actually prompt legitimate repercussions. If you decide to try torrenting, neither you nor your team should endorse illegal activities. It’s strongly advised to thoroughly verify each file you intend to access to avoid any legal consequences.

Does ShellVPN Work in China? Yes

You’ll find that ShellVPN works in China. If you contact the VPN support group, a specialist might tell you that the VPN has no issues bypassing the Incomparable Firewall. Clients in China can likewise involve the VPN for gaming or streaming.

You shouldn’t have any problems browsing the internet from China

While client support declares that ShellVPN is useful in China, remember that it comes up short on the off button highlight. This suggests that assuming the VPN disengages out of the blue, both you and your information become apparent to Chinese administrators, possibly undermining your security.

Suppose you want absolute data security and access to the streaming networks in China. In that case, you can check out the best VPNs for China when you try to ensure the safety of your online activities.

Simultaneous Device Connections — Up to 5

You’ll find that ShellVPN provides 5 simultaneous device connections. However, remember that the VPN’s compatibility is quite restrictive, so you might only be able to use some of your connections.

Device Compatibility — Limited

You’ll observe that ShellVPN is only viable with Android, Windows, and macOS. It doesn’t support iOS, Linux, smart TVs, or gaming consoles and lacks browser extensions.

If you need a VPN that you can use on more devices, like iOS, routers, and smart TVs, consider trying out other VPNs with extended compatibility. Check out options that better suit your device preferences and needs.

Installation & Apps

Set-Up & Installation — Super Easy to Install

Setting up is really simple for you. You should go to the VPN authority site and make the purchase first. From that point forward, you’ll accept your ID and secret phrase.

Then, you’ll have to download the ShellVPN application on your Android telephone, Macintosh, or Windows PC. Assuming you’re utilizing Windows, the download and establishment interaction should require 2-3 minutes. Sign in with the ID and secret word to begin utilizing it.

You’ll find it simple to choose servers and associate with practically every one of them in less than 5 seconds. The interaction is speedy and direct, making it advantageous for you to utilize ShellVPN.


You’ll find that ShellVPN accepts payments through PayPal and credit cards. The estimate could appear to be a piece steep, at around $9.99 each month. In any case, beneficially, regardless of which plans you pick, you get similar administrations under every one of them.

As the security strategy indicates, ShellVPN should likewise acknowledge mysterious installments through digital currency. Nonetheless, a help specialist might tell you it’s not the situation. This can be stressful and another sign that ShellVPN might have duplicated the security strategy.

ShellVPN does not accept crypto as per their customer support

Consider selecting the annual plan, which costs $3.33 per month and is more cost-effective. You can save about 75% on your annual expenses as a result.

Check out the money-back guarantee, which is only 7 days. While most services offer at least 30 days, this might be a bit disappointing. However, you can still try ShellVPN for free for a week.

Reliability & Support

You may find that ShellVPN’s online chat support team may not excel in all aspects. The team might answer almost all your questions quickly, and you’ll likely be able to use the VPN correctly. However, they might struggle to answer your query related to privacy. If its privacy policy is copied from another VPN, you might not be satisfied with the answer. They might call it a text bug when you point it out.

On the positive side, you’ll find that the online guides for users are well-documented. You can explore guides and FAQs for any problem you may encounter when you try using ShellVPN.

The Bottom Line

Final Verdict

ShellVPN is a decent service for you. It offers super-fast speeds, making it suitable for streaming and file transfers. The support team is prompt, and you shouldn’t encounter issues setting it up. While it has decent security features, it lacks a concrete privacy policy.

However, you may notice that it only gives you access to a few streaming services, making it unsuitable for streaming international TV. Furthermore, the privacy policy is vague and copied from IVPN. Overall, it does not recommend ShellVPN for you. There’s no real way of telling what information is kept and how it’s used, so you might not be confident that your data will be truly hidden.

Frequently Asked Questions (ShellVPN)-

Is ShellVPN considered safe?

ShellVPN’s safety is questionable. While it utilizes AES-128-GCM encryption for data security, the reliability of its privacy measures is uncertain. The privacy policy appears to be copied from another VPN, raising concerns about its accuracy.

Can ShellVPN unblock Netflix?

ShellVPN can effectively unblock Netflix and other streaming services like Amazon Prime Video. However, its ability to unblock other platforms may be limited.

Will ShellVPN impact my internet speeds?

Yes, but the impact is minimal. Expect a 5-10% drop in internet speed, with more distant servers providing slower speeds. Despite this, the connection remains fast enough for at least HD streaming. However, ping may be significantly affected, potentially impacting online gaming performance.

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