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StraightVPN promotes itself as a provider that delivers high speeds through its dedicated WireGuard servers, which are exclusively available to its users. However, upon further investigation, it becomes apparent that the service fails to meet expectations in several aspects.

The company claims to offer unlimited bandwidth and no speed throttling for both its free and Premium plans. Additionally, they emphasize the use of the WireGuard protocol on their servers, which they assert leads to enhanced speed and improved connectivity. Moreover, StraightVPN restricts access to its servers solely to its customers.

The free plan gives users access to a single server in the United States in terms of server availability. The Superior arrangement, then again, offers development to a sum of five servers, remembering two for France, two in the Netherlands, and one in Germany. While a predetermined number of servers isn’t a downside for a VPN administration, StraightVPN’s inadequacies surpass the number of servers.

Overall, the promises made by StraightVPN regarding its speed, server availability, and performance do not align with the actual user experience.

Need more time? Here Are The Key Findings:

StraightVPN operates with a network of six servers across four countries. 

  • The installation process may be straightforward and quick, taking less than five minutes to complete. 

  • However, it requests unnecessary permissions for the VPN app on Android. Which may result in raising privacy and security concerns. 

  • It is important to note that StraightVPN is available exclusively for Android devices.


StraightVPN: Speeds

Upon installing StraightVPN, you may encounter difficulties connecting to the free US server. Despite waiting for approximately 10 minutes, the connection process timed out, leaving you stuck with the buffering circle. If you suspect an issue with the internet connection? You may need to uninstall and reinstall the app, hoping to resolve any potential loading errors. However, the subsequent connection attempt to the US server yielded the same disappointing result.

StraightVPN US-based free server, buffered and then timed-out.

Free servers often experience high traffic loads, resulting in slow speeds and buffering. You can take advantage of StraightVPN’s 3-day free trial to test their Premium servers. The app’s FAQ section assures Premium servers would provide uninterrupted connections without buffering. Unfortunately, this is not the case. You may encounter the same buffering followed by timeouts as experienced with the free server. Even after attempting to connect to a server in each Premium location. To make matters worse, the app continuously prompted the user to purchase the Premium plan, despite the inability to establish a successful connection to any Premium server. Consequently, investing in the Premium plan seemed illogical when even basic connectivity could have been more achievable.

StraightVPN's France 1, Germany 1, and the Netherlands Premium servers timed-out before establishing a connection.

While disappointing, the upcoming lackluster experience won’t surprise you. With only six servers in their network, regardless of server type, protocols, or exclusive user access, StraightVPN’s infrastructure is evidently insufficient to handle substantial traffic demands.

StraightVPN: Security

While StraightVPN boasts about its WireGuard servers, it must provide sufficient encryption-level details. It has available protocols, kill-switch functionality, malware blockers, firewalls, or other standard VPN security measures. The service claims to be secure but lacks transparency regarding the methods employed to safeguard user data.

Moreover, the Privacy Policy raises concerns regarding data security. It includes an extensive list of information that StraightVPN may retain and mentions the use of cookies. While it is possible to opt out of these cookies by visiting external pages like the Network Advertising Initiative Opt-Out or using the Google Analytics Opt-Out Browser add-on, most reputable VPNs offer in-app options for controlling data collection and cookie usage.

A snippet of some of StraightVPN's Privacy Policy, with potentially collected information highlighted.

In further investigation, you should examine the app permissions, as users typically do for mobile applications. Unfortunately, the findings indicate that StraightVPN may expose user location, image data, and device information to third parties.

The app requests permission to access the phone status and identity, which could make sensitive IMEI information vulnerable. Additionally, it seeks permission to take pictures and videos, despite lacking any relevant functionality within the app. Furthermore, the permission to utilize fingerprint hardware is listed under “Other.” However, the app does not allow logging in using biometrics such as fingerprint scans.

A screenshot of StraightVPN's lengthy permissions requests.

While it may be challenging for someone to obtain personal information like the IMEI solely from reading phone status and identity, the fact that the potential exists is concerning. Furthermore, granting camera and video permissions to an app unrelated to photography or image editing raises significant privacy issues.

This situation underscores the importance of thoroughly reading and understanding the permissions apps request. Therefore, it is crucial to be cautious when granting access to sensitive data, especially when an app requests permissions that seem unnecessary or unrelated to its intended functionality.

Pro Tip:


  • Prioritizing your privacy, safety, and identity when downloading VPN apps is crucial. Please review the permissions requests to avoid exposing you to significant risks. It is important to be cautious of VPNs that request permissions such as reading phone status and identity, utilizing fingerprint or biometric hardware (especially if no fingerprint login option exists), or accessing your camera for photos and videos.
  • To ensure a good understanding of safe permissions, examining the app permissions for reputable VPNs available for Android is recommended. However, it is worth noting that certain browsers with built-in VPN functionality, like Opera, may request access to photo and video capabilities as well as biometric hardware. This is because these browsers may offer features such as logging in to accounts using fingerprint authentication or social media site add-ons requiring camera access for taking photos.
  • By staying vigilant and carefully reviewing app permissions, you can mitigate potential privacy risks and make informed decisions about the apps you choose to install and trust with your personal data.

Can It Unblock Netflix?

As per the information, enabling access to any server to test this feature is quite impossible.


It is emphatically prompted not to take part in torrenting exercises while utilizing this VPN administration, regardless of whether you can lay out an association with a server. There is a possibility of being tracked in the event that the server unexpectedly disconnects due to the absence of a kill-switch feature and the numerous connection timeouts. As it might be possible that you may encounter them during the attempts to connect. This risk is particularly heightened when using the free server, as it automatically disconnects users after half an hour. To ensure your online security and privacy while torrenting, it is recommended to seek a VPN service that offers reliable connection stability, a kill-switch feature, and a dedicated focus on torrenting activities.

2023 Update Features of StraightVPN

💸 Price0 USD/month
📆 Money Back Guarantee14 Days
📝 Does VPN keep logs?Yes
🖥 Number of servers6+
💻 Number of devices per license1
🛡 Kill switchYes
🗺 Based in countryGermany
📥 Supports torrentingYes

Installation & Apps

Introducing the StraightVPN application on Android is a fast and clear cycle, requiring under 5 minutes. To interface with a server, you can explore the Server menu, select your favorite server, and snap the Power Button to lay out the association. Likewise, the application gives a Settings menu to get significant data like the Terms and Conditions, Security Strategy, FAQs, and purchase choice. You must explore the Support & FAQ section, which unfortunately contains only one question and corresponding answer.

StraightVPN main user interface
StraightVPN Settings menu, including the FAQs page.


StraightVPN provides three different subscription plans: free, monthly, and yearly. The yearly plan, which costs an average of $4.99 per month, is the most economical option. It’s vital to note that the 14-day unconditional promise depends upon the supplier’s caution. However, StraightVPN provides a free trial of their premium service for three days, allowing customers to evaluate it before signing up for a paid plan.

Reliability & Support

The FAQs section within the Android app of StraightVPN consists of a single question and answer. And unfortunately, there is no knowledge base available. While they do provide a support email for assistance, you may still need to receive a response to inquiries regarding the available security features.

The Bottom Line

It is strongly advised against using StraightVPN due to the associated risks and the high likelihood of connection issues.

Despite StraightVPN’s claims of uninterrupted connections on their premium servers. You may not be able to establish successful connections to any of their servers. And these include both the free and premium options. This inability to connect raises concerns about the reliability and functionality of the service.

Furthermore, the permission requests made by StraightVPN raise potential risks to the security of your device and personal identity. These solicitations, combined with the absence of lucidity regarding security highlights, don’t impart trust in the VPN’s obligation to safeguard client protection and information.

Taking into account these variables, it is energetically prescribed to search out elective VPN choices that deal with better unwavering quality, more grounded safety efforts, and a demonstrated history of client fulfillment.

Assuming that you are keen on different choices, look at our top VPNs for quick, safe associations.

Frequently Asked Questions(StraightVPN)-

Is StraightVPN reliable enough to get high speed?

You can completely rely upon StraightVPN to deliver high speeds through its dedicated WireGuard servers.

Does StraightVPN work on Android devices?

The answer to this query is a big “Yes,” StraightVPN is available exclusively for Android devices.

Does StraightVPN have the ability to unblock Netflix?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to unblock Netflix by using the StraightVPN services.

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