StrongVPN Review

StrongVPN, one of the oldest VPN services, receives high praise from many users. However, it needs a money-back guarantee on its monthly plans and might seem costly if you only require a VPN briefly.

To determine its worth for a yearly commitment, consider trying out every aspect of StrongVPN. Test its speed, conduct security checks, and thoroughly review its privacy policy.

Overall, it wholeheartedly recommends StrongVPN. It proves to be fast, ideal for streaming and gaming and ensures your online safety and privacy. Although it falls short of being in our top 10 due to a few drawbacks, you can explore our list to find our highest-ranked VPNs.

Short on Time? Here Are My Key Findings


  • Great for streaming. With StrongVPN, you won’t encounter blocks.
  • Fast speeds. Expect consistent and reliable rates on most StrongVPN servers.
  • Robust security. StrongVPN successfully passed all of the leak tests.
  • Privacy-friendly. It won’t log any of your identifiable information.
  • Solid P2P support. Download torrents with any of StrongVPN’s servers.
  • Great compatibility. There are native apps available for all the major operating systems.


  • Small server network. While it offers numerous IPs, it lacks servers in several countries that other VPNs provide.
  • Expensive monthly plans. StrongVPN’s transient memberships come at an exorbitant cost and don’t offer a money-back guarantee. If you’re thinking about utilizing it, it merits giving a shot to check whether it meets your requirements.

2023 Update Features Of StrongVPN

💸 Price3.97 USD/month
📆 Money Back Guarantee30 Days
📝 Does VPN keep logs?No
🖥 Number of servers950+
💻 Number of devices per license12
🛡 Kill switchYes
🗺 Based in countryUnited States
🛠 Support24/7 Live Chat Support
📥 Supports torrentingYes

Streaming — Excellent for Unblocking and Streaming Quality

StrongVPN successfully unblocks every streaming service you might try. You can unlock these platforms using the WireGuard protocol. Moreover, StrongVPN provides a Scramble option that bypasses VPN blocks by adding obfuscation to the OpenVPN protocol.

Although StrongVPN lacks streaming-optimized servers, it offers a StrongDNS service compatible with over 140 streaming sites. These platforms work on desktop devices, and most are accessible on mobile as well. Furthermore, some can be streamed by setting up StrongDNS on your router, gaming console, or smart TV. It’s essential to remember that this smart DNS feature solely helps you access streaming services and does not secure your connection.

Unblocked: Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Max (HBO), BBC iPlayer, and ESPN

You unblock multiple full Netflix libraries with StrongVPN, including the US, UK, and Japan. However, when you use StrongDNS, you also access Netflix in Germany, France, Sweden, Australia, and more.

Some VPNs can only unblock Originals, a version of Netflix without region specific content

Hulu, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, and ESPN also work without issues. That impresses you because you usually have to do a little troubleshooting, like switching browsers. But each of those services works on the first try. The VPN is also fast enough for streaming without buffering, and you can watch Max without a hitch.

The video quickly resolved into HD after about 5 seconds of streaming

Amazon Prime Video is one of the hardest platforms to unblock, but StrongVPN does it without problems. While your colleague was blocked in a previous try, you never receive a single error screen during your tries with Amazon.

I tested 5 different US locations and each one unblocked Prime Video easily

You also have no issues accessing it with StrongDNS. That’s great because you can use it for free with your VPN subscription, making it easy to unblock new content on your smart TV or game console.

Speed — Fast on Almost All Locations

StrongVPN offers excellent speeds on both nearby servers and most long-distance ones. However, there might be a few slower servers.

When you’re assessing a VPN’s speed, ensuring fair results is crucial. Conduct tests from the same location and using the same connection. This approach makes it easier to compare different services. Focus on the following factors when examining StrongVPN’s speeds:

  • Download speed: This indicates the time it takes for information to reach your device, measured in Megabytes per second (Mbps). Low download speeds can affect your streaming and file-downloading abilities.
  • Upload speed: Also measured in Mbps, this denotes the time required for sending data, such as uploading a video or sending an email.
  • Ping: Particularly significant for online gaming, measured in milliseconds (ms), demonstrating how quickly a system can respond to an action, such as clicks and button presses.
I lost only 6% of my speed on nearby servers and 45% on distant ones

StrongVPN features a “Best Available” option that automatically connects you to the fastest server for your location. Surprisingly, the fastest server is only sometimes the closest one. For example, if you’re in London, UK, a server in Paris, France, delivers the lowest speed loss.

The ping rates and upload speeds also held up well in our Ookla speed tests

It’s important to note that all the speed tests mentioned above were conducted while using the WireGuard protocol, which is the fastest VPN tunnel. If you switch to OpenVPN, especially with the Scramble feature enabled, you can expect slower results.

While faster VPNs are available, you might still be impressed by StrongVPN’s overall performance. It can provide some of the fastest nearby speeds you’ll come across. Remember that encountering a few slower servers on any VPN, often due to overcrowding, is not uncommon. With a few more adjustments, StrongVPN could become one of the fastest VPN services around, and it’s worth trying it out to see how it performs for you.

Gaming — Low Ping and Easy to Set Up on Gaming Devices

StrongVPN maintains a speed suitable for gaming without causing any lag. The crucial aspect to consider while gaming is your ping. A slow ping results in delayed responses to your commands, affecting the gaming experience. Having a ping rate below 85 ms is ideal to prevent lag.

You can expect to achieve ping rates under 85 ms, even on servers in the US located approximately 6,000 km away from your location. This suggests a good chance of finding a server that allows smooth gaming at any distance.

I could run, jump, shoot, and duck without any added delays or stuttering

While the VPN can’t be straightforwardly installed on gaming consoles, you can set it up on your switch to defend any gadget associated with your WiFi. Moreover, you can design StrongDNS for gaming control centers like PlayStation 5 and 4, as well as Xbox One and Xbox 360. Overall, in this category, there’s really nothing more that StrongVPN could do better. It stands out as one of the best VPNs for gaming.

Server Network — Missing a Few Popular Countries and Features

With 950 servers in 30 countries, StrongVPN maintains a relatively small network. While it offers numerous city-level locations and many IP addresses, reducing overcrowding, it needs more coverage in several countries than other VPNs, notably in Africa.

StrongVPN also has a Search option, so it’s easier to find the right server

For US residents, StrongVPN covers over 15 locations, enabling them to connect to servers closest to their location for optimal speeds. The VPN also provides multi-city servers in countries like the UK, Canada, Australia, and France.

Outstandingly, StrongVPN’s servers are all completely claimed and worked by the actual help. This setup guarantees that no outsiders approach your information, accordingly upgrading your security. Additionally, the use of physical servers distinguishes StrongVPN from VPNs that employ virtual servers located in countries different from those listed.While this might have enabled the addition of more countries, the use of physical servers ensures that each server is genuinely located as specified.

It would be beneficial if StrongVPN offered dedicated IP addresses. Many VPNs allow users to obtain a dedicated IP for an extra fee, which can be advantageous, particularly for website operators. Suppose you seek a VPN with dedicated IP addresses and a broader server network. In that case, consider exploring the options available in this list.

Security — Safe With Many Necessary Features

You’re using StrongVPN, a secure provider with a strong foundation, a wide range of security protocols and military-grade encryption. You can also obfuscate your traffic using the Scramble feature, which can help you avoid strict firewalls and VPN blocks.

The VPN also provides other features for your security and convenience. You can access an automatic kill switch that cuts off your internet connection if the VPN connection drops. There’s also DNS leak protection that prevents your ISP from seeing which websites you visit. You can use split tunneling to decide which apps to use with the VPN while letting other apps access the internet directly.

Additionally, StrongVPN supports multiple VPN protocols, including WireGuard, OpenVPN (UDP and TCP), IKEv2, and L2TP, offering varying levels of encryption and security to suit your different needs and use cases. The only significant features it’s missing are an ad blocker and multihop. These would be nice to have, but they’re optional to keep you safe.

Military-Grade Encryption

StrongVPN employs AES-256 encryption to safeguard your crucial data, prioritizing your privacy and security.

It’s almost impossible to break AES 256-bit encryption, so it always hid my location

This encryption standard stands as the most robust one currently available. It is used by governments and militaries worldwide to protect their sensitive information. It’s important to note that all top-tier VPNs utilize this level of encryption, so by choosing StrongVPN, you place yourself in a distinguished company.If you’re concerned about your data’s security and privacy, trying StrongVPN is a prudent choice.

Kill Switch

StrongVPN gives a kill switch to its desktop applications; however, it’s not accessible on cell phones. Of course, it’s not empowered, so it is suggested that you physically turn it on for your Windows, Macintosh, or Linux gadget. This feature prevents data leaks by automatically disconnecting your internet if the VPN connection drops. Enabling it ensures that your online activity and your real IP address are not exposed to your ISP or any other prying eyes in case the VPN connection fails. Trying this out will help enhance your online security.


Enabling the Scramble feature conceals the usage of a VPN, making it challenging to detect and block your VPN traffic. This feature facilitates accessing international content and navigating the internet more freely while ensuring your privacy and security. It’s important to note that the Scramble feature is exclusively compatible with the OpenVPN protocol.

Privacy — Keeps No Logs, but Based in the US

You can find significant privacy features in StrongVPN, yet there are a couple of areas that could use improvement. While its privacy policy is commendable and doesn’t retain user data, the VPN is situated in a country known for poor privacy practices. Additionally, the policy has not undergone an audit, which is an effective method for a VPN to demonstrate its adherence to its assertions. If privacy is a top concern, trying out StrongVPN’s privacy features will help you gauge its suitability.

Does StrongVPN Keep Logs? No

StrongVPN only logs your payment information and email, both of which are necessary for creating your account. It does not log or share any details regarding your online activities, including your browsing history, timestamps, or IP addresses.

Was StrongVPN Audited? No

Regrettably, StrongVPN has not undergone independent audits. The most reputable VPNs frequently undergo audits to substantiate their no-logs policies. Some VPNs also release warrant canaries to alert users about any data requests the company receives. To ensure that StrongVPN is indeed a no-logs service, it would be beneficial to see the publication of a transparency report or the conduct of a security audit.

Based in the US

StrongVPN is based in Winter Park, Florida, which may not be the most positive area for a VPN organization. This area infers that the organization is legitimately committed to giving your information whenever mentioned by policing. Moreover, because the US is important for the 5 Eyes Partnership, your information could be gotten to by US specialists and those in the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. It’s significant, in any case, that StrongVPN keeps a severe no-logs strategy, guaranteeing that it has no user data or information to share.

Does StrongVPN Work in China? Yes

According to StrongVPN’s customer support, the VPN works in China. They inform you, however, that many of its servers have recently been blocked, and they’re working on a solution to bypass the blocks. The support agent also tells you which servers currently work there, which you really appreciate.

You’ll also want to use StrongVPN’s scramble feature when you’re in restrictive countries

Although the Chinese government has precluded various VPNs, they ordinarily don’t target individual clients of these administrations. Even so, I’d encourage you to get to know the guidelines before choosing to use a VPN in China.

Torrenting — Good Speeds and Privacy Features for P2P

StrongVPN allows P2P transfers on all its servers. Since it also has a strict no-logs policy, robust security features, and good speeds on most servers, it is recommended as a good choice for torrenting.

You can download a 1.62 GB file like “Night of the Living Dead” in about 3 minutes with no VPN connected. With Strong VPN, you can finish the download in about 5 and a half minutes. So, the change in speeds is barely noticeable.

While torrenting is by and large legitimate in most nations, it isn’t to download protected materials. To guarantee you stay inside the bounds of the law, it’s prudent to limit your torrenting exercises to documents that are in the public space. Check it out and check whether it suits your torrenting needs.

Installation & Apps

StrongVPN allows P2P transfers on all its servers. Since it also has a strict no-logs policy, robust security features, and good speeds on most servers, it can be a good choice for torrenting.

You can download a 1.62 GB file like “Night of the Living Dead” in about 3 minutes with no VPN connected. With Strong VPN, you can finish the download in about 5 and a half minutes. So, the change in speeds is barely noticeable.

I recommend turning on the kill switch in the Options screen before anything else

While torrenting is by and large legitimate in most nations, it isn’t to download protected materials. To guarantee you stay inside the bounds of the law, it’s prudent to limit your torrenting exercises to documents in the public space. Check it out and check whether it suits your torrenting needs.

Setup & Installation

The apps can be installed in a few clicks. You can find the installation links for all supported operating systems on the VPN’s website, as well as manual setup guides for each one of these platforms.

The detailed setup guides are clearly written and make it easy to get started

Setting it up on your Windows laptop only takes 2 minutes. It’s just as easy to configure on mobile, where you can find it in the appropriate app store. In addition, the smart DNS feature lets you hook it up on any device with DNS settings in 5 minutes or less. You should get the DNS number from your record on StrongVPN’s site and enter it on your gadget. Check it out and perceive that it is so natural to set up.

Device Compatibility

StrongVPN offers native apps for Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, Fire TV, and Chrome OS. Let’s highlight the main variations between StrongVPN’s apps across different platforms:

 WindowsMacAndroidiOSFire TV
OpenVPN, Wireguard,
Kill switch
Split tunneling

You can install it on routers and on other devices that don’t have native app support. You also have the option to buy a router with StrongVPN pre-installed. Consider trying to secure multiple devices on your network or explore acquiring a router pre-configured with StrongVPN.

Desktop — Apps for Windows and Mac

The Windows and Mac apps in StrongVPN are quite similar. The main difference is the color — while the Windows app is dark, the Mac app is white. However, there’s an option to switch to dark mode on Mac by going to Theme in the app’s General Settings.

The kill switch isn’t enabled by default, so it suggests you turn it on immediately after installing the app to prevent accidental IP exposures. Additionally, the default protocol is WireGuard. Most premium VPNs use OpenVPN as their default VPN tunnel, so this might be a bit surprising for you.

Android and iPhone (iOS)

StrongVPN’s mobile apps are well-designed, easy to use, & even offer a wide range of features that cater to different needs. There aren’t as many security protocols as on the desktop apps, but both include the safe and fast WireGuard.

One of the standout features of StrongVPN’s Android app is the split tunneling feature. This feature lets you pick which applications utilize the VPN connection and which ones utilize the customary web connection. This is particularly valuable to get to geo-limited content while involving your ordinary web association for different errands.

You could see the value in the capacity to talk with customer support specialists straightforwardly inside the application without exchanging between various applications or stages to find support. Unfortunately, StrongVPN’s mobile apps do not currently have a kill switch. This can be a potential security risk, especially if you frequently use public WiFi or other untrusted networks.

Browser Extensions for Chrome

You can find a browser extension accessible for Chrome. Yet, it’s vital to take note that it functions as an intermediary instead of an undeniable VPN. This means you can utilize it to change your IP address at the browser level. However, it will not encode your data. Likewise worth focusing on, you’ll approach 14 server areas, with half of them situated in the US.

Apps for Amazon Fire TV

StrongVPN provides a dedicated app specifically designed for Amazon Fire TV devices. You can easily find and install this application from the Amazon App Store on your Fire television gadget, killing the requirement for any manual arrangement. The application upholds all major VPN conventions and offers high-grade encryption, guaranteeing that you can easily get your streaming and perusing exercises.

For an ideal encounter with Ablaze television, it’s fitting to guarantee that you have the most recent rendition of the application introduced. Older software versions may need to be fixed. For other smart TVs, you must connect to proxy servers through Strong DNS or configure your router accordingly. This method also applies if you want to connect your game consoles to the VPN.

Router Compatibility

You can use StrongVPN to help many routers, including those from Asus, Netgear, and Linksys, among others. This is an extraordinary choice to safeguard every one of your gadgets without introducing separate VPN applications on every gadget. It likewise allows you to scramble and change your association on any gadget, including Rokus, Chromecast, Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo game control center.

You’ll find detailed installation guides for all supported routers on the VPN’s website. If you don’t want to bother with manual installation, you can buy a router with StrongVPN pre-installed (all with the Sabai OS).

Simultaneous Device Connections

You can try StrongVPN, which allows 12 simultaneous device connections, which should be more than enough for most regular users. This is very generous since most premium VPNs only let you use their apps on 5 devices. You won’t notice any drop in performance when you use the VPN on 3 phones and 2 laptops simultaneously. This is one more area where StrongVPN really stands out.

2023 Updated Prices Of StrongVPN

StrongVPN offers both monthly and yearly pricing plans. The yearly subscription comes with a significant discount and a money-back guarantee, offering better value if you want to try the service. However, the price nearly doubled after the first year. Some other VPNs, like PIA and Surfshark, are cheaper.

The monthly subscription should include a money-back guarantee. It’s priced similarly to some top premium VPNs but with fewer servers and features. Previously, the VPN offered 250GB of free distributed storage with SugarSync, a decent extra. Yet, it’s at this point not accessible.

Installment techniques incorporate Mastercards, PayPal, and Alipay. While many premium VPNs also accept cryptocurrencies for added privacy, StrongVPN currently does not.

Reliability & Support

StrongVPN offers 24/7 live chat support, as well as a comprehensive help section. Each time I contacted support, the agents responded immediately and were very helpful. You can also contact them by email.

I was impressed the agent gave me an answer about virtual servers so fast

The help section includes FAQs, setup guides, billing support, and technical support articles for both StrongVPN and StrongDNS. There’s also a search bar where you can type your query to find all the articles related to your keywords. Alternatively, you can type your question directly in the chat window, and StrongVPN’s chatbot will suggest articles you may find helpful. If you still need help, you can talk to an agent.

The Bottom Line

Final Verdict — Great VPN With Some Minor Drawbacks

StrongVPN is one of the best VPNs you’ll find. It’s safe, fast, and works great for streaming. Plus, it’s one of the best VPNs for gaming I’ve tried.

There are a few small issues, though. You might hope it gets its privacy policy audited in the future to leave no doubt it follows it. The server network is also small compared to the top VPNs, and there’s no money-back guarantee for monthly plans.

Overall, it recommends it if you need a great streaming VPN that you can use on nearly any device. Other than those minor problems you may find, it’s nearly perfect. To find more great VPNs with different strengths and weaknesses, you can try out this list of our favorite VPNs.

Frequently Asked Questions (StrongVPN)-

Does StrongVPN have the ability to unblock Netflix?

Yes, StrongVPN effectively unblocks various regional Netflix libraries, including those in the US, UK, and Japan. It also offers StrongDNS, a separate DNS service that extends access to additional Netflix libraries globally.

How can I use StrongVPN for free?

No, StrongVPN doesn’t provide a free version. However, it allows you to try the service and receive a refund if you’re unsatisfied, albeit this applies specifically to long-term subscriptions. The money-back-guarantee isn’t available with monthly plans.

Is StrongVPN secure?

StrongVPN is a highly secure and private VPN service. It employs military-grade AES 256-bit encryption and robust protocols like OpenVPN and WireGuard. Your privacy is fortified with a strict no-logs policy, a kill switch, and DNS leak protection. Moreover, the VPN owns and manages its entire server network, ensuring better security and performance than VPNs relying on third-party servers.

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