Shellfire VPN has established a reputable track record for delivering top-notch service to users globally. Offering multiple service tiers, Shellfire ensures zero logging of user activity, similar to industry leaders such as ExpressVPN and IPVanish, thus maintaining user privacy by concealing IP addresses and safeguarding online activities.

Settled in Germany, Shellfire is an accomplished VPN supplier offering secure, mysterious, and dependable web access across 24 nations. Its server network traverses across different areas like Germany, the Unified Realm, the Netherlands, France, the US, Switzerland, Japan, Italy, Australia, Russia, and Canada, among others.

While Shellfire supports Netflix, not all premium servers offer unlimited bandwidth, potentially leading to streaming lags and buffering. Opting for alternative leading vendors for Netflix, known for their unlimited bandwidth, high speeds, and dependable streaming, could mitigate this issue.

Shellfire prioritizes user privacy and security by allowing users to surf the web securely, privately, and anonymously. Providing OpenVPN, PPTP VPN, and L2TP/IPSec VPN protocols with encryption levels of 128-bit, 192-bit, and 256-bit, Shellfire maintains a strict no-logs policy regarding users’ internet activity.

Shellfire presents three service levels with distinct features and compatibility. The free service, utilizing the common OpenVPN protocol with lower encryption, restricts users to servers in Germany and the United States and lacks access to streaming websites, accompanied by pop-up ads. You may find it compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Android.

The paid service tiers, Premium and Premium Besides, offer promotion-free encounters with limitless speed and transmission capacity alongside additional highlights. These tiers are viable with Windows, Macintosh operating system X, Android, iOS, Linux, and DD-WRT switches, guaranteeing broad similarity across work areas, PCs, cell phones, and tablets.

Premium and Premium Plus subscriptions grant users access to streaming websites, elevated security, and enhanced encryption. Offering subscription options for one month, three months, and one year, Shellfire VPN prides itself on being user-friendly, easily installable, and configurable, alongside a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Although Shellfire provides feature-rich packages, it may not rival larger providers such as IPVanish and ExpressVPN. These industry giants offer more extensive global coverage than Shellfire’s 38 countries, ensuring maximum security and an optimal viewing experience for streaming, browsing, or torrenting activities.

2023 Update Features Of Shellfire VPN

💸 Price3.72 USD/month
📆 Money Back Guarantee14 Days
📝 Does VPN keep logs?No
🖥 Number of servers60+
💻 Number of devices per license1
🛡 Kill switchYes
🗺 Based in countryGermany
📥 Supports torrentingYes

Installation & Apps

  1. Click “Start” and then proceed to the “Control Panel.”
  2. Select “Network Status and Tasks” (located under Network and Internet).
  3. Click on “Set up a connection or network.”
  4. Choose “Connect to a workplace” and then click “Next.”
  5. If prompted about using your existing connection, choose “No, create a new connection.”
  6. Select VPN as the internet connection.
  7. In the “Internet Address,” input the server address provided in your Shellfire account details.
  8. For “Target Name,” enter “shellfire PPTP.”
  9. Enter the PPTP username and password from your account details, then click “Connect.”
  10. If the connection is successful, click “Close.”
  11. Set your connection as a public place, then click “Close.”

To reconnect:


  1. Firstly, click on the “Network” icon. You can find it at the bottom right side of your screen.
  2. Afterwards, it would help if you chose the newly created connection. And don’t forget to click the “Connect” button.
  3. Further, enter your login credentials or username & password. Then, it is necessary to click on the “Connect” icon.

2023 Updated Prices Of Shellfire VPN

Shellfire provides three service options to choose from. The free plan offers the common OpenVPN protocol with relatively lower encryption. It grants access to servers in the US and Germany but doesn’t permit access to streaming sites. This free version includes pop-up ads. However, the Premium and Premium Plus subscriptions require payment but offer ad-free usage. They provide:

  • Unlimited speed and bandwidth.

  • Additional features like access to streaming sites.

  • Higher security and encryption levels.


Shellfire services are compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Android. The paid subscriptions extend compatibility to iOS, Linux, and DD-WRT routers. Subscription plans are available for 1, 3, or 12 months, each with a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Reliability & Support

Shellfire VPN’s customer support service is solely email-based, lacking live support options. They commit to responding to email inquiries within 24 hours, which may result in complex problems taking longer to resolve. Additionally, Shellfire needs to streamline the refund request process, making it less customer-friendly. Regrettably, customer service is not a standout feature for this provider.

The Bottom Line

Shellfire allows you to tailor your VPN experience to your needs, allowing you to find the right balance between speed and security. While their server coverage spans major countries and offers various encryption options, their customer support could be much better.

They maintain servers in key countries, offer encryption choices to customize your speed and security preferences and uphold a strict no-logs policy. The basic free service provides access to select servers but comes with ads. It can be useful for short-term or specific usage, although it excludes US servers. Moreover, it serves as a great way to test the service’s speed and performance before considering a subscription.

However, you should seek a VPN that unlocks the full potential, including access to all global Netflix libraries. In that case, you should explore our top recommendations for streaming on Netflix. Furthermore, these options not only encompass Shellfire’s advantages but also provide a more comprehensive set of features.

Frequently Asked Questions (Shellfire VPN)-

Does Shellfire VPN support streaming services like Netflix?

Shellfire VPN offers Premium and Premium Plus subscriptions that allow access to streaming sites. However, it’s noted that not all servers offer unlimited bandwidth, which might lead to streaming issues.

What is the level of encryption and security provided by Shellfire VPN?

Shellfire VPN maintains a strict no-logs policy and provides encryption levels of 128-bit, 192-bit, and 256-bit through protocols like OpenVPN, PPTP VPN, and L2TP/IPSec VPN.

What devices are compatible with Shellfire VPN?

The free version is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Android. At the same time, Premium and Premium Plus subscriptions work on a broader range of devices, including iOS, Linux, and DD-WRT routers.

What customer support options are available with Shellfire VPN?

Shellfire VPN primarily offers email-based customer support with a commitment to respond to queries within 24 hours. However, it doesn’t provide live support options.

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