Hailing from the land down under, TrueVPN emerges as an Australian-based VPN proxy service championing user privacy with robust features like zero-knowledge DNS and support for perfect forward secrecy. However, despite its prowess in safeguarding user information, TrueVPN reveals a chink in its armor in terms of device compatibility.

Distinctively, TrueVPN forgoes the conventional route of providing dedicated apps for supported devices. Instead, users navigate the process by loading the TrueVPN file into OpenVPN’s app and crafting a personalized profile. While this may deviate from the norm, the OpenVPN app proves user-friendly, ensuring that setting up TrueVPN remains straightforward despite relying on second-party software.

Short on Time? Here Are My Key Findings


  • Unblocks Netflix US, Disney+, and more. You’ll find that it unblocks Netflix US, Disney+, and more. When you try streaming, you’ll notice that HD streaming works smoothly across all servers.
  • Good speeds for streaming, not for gaming. For streaming needs, the speeds are quite good, ensuring comfortable HD streaming and hassle-free YouTube video uploads. However, the speeds might need to catch up to expectations when it comes to gaming.
  • Small global server selection. You’ll encounter a relatively small global server selection spread across only 69 countries. Despite this, the service boasts decent security features and a robust privacy policy. While there aren’t any major security or privacy concerns, a few additional features could enhance its suitability for torrenting.
  • No in-house app. An in-house app isn’t available. Instead, you must set up the service via OpenVPN Connect on all compatible devices.

2023 Update Features Of TrueVPN

💸 Price1.99 USD/week
📆 Money Back Guarantee30 Days
📝 Does VPN keep logs?No
🖥 Number of servers1900+
🛡 Kill switchYes
🗺 Based in countryUnited States
📥 Supports torrentingYes

Can it Unblock Netflix? Yes

Unlocking a trio of streaming giants, TrueVPN effortlessly dismantles blocks for Disney+, Netflix US, and BBC iPlayer. Revel in the freedom of unlimited speed and bandwidth, granting you the luxury of binge-watching to your heart’s content. However, be prepared for a potential speed dip during peak hours due to the service’s limited server availability.

Unblocked: Successfully outsmarting geo-blocks, TrueVPN grants access to the streaming realms of Disney+, Netflix US, and BBC iPlayer.

Despite the small server selection I was able to access major streaming services

Blocked By: Unfortunately, the barricades stand firm against Amazon Prime Video and Hulu, thwarting access to these platforms.

Speeds - Fast Enough for HD Streaming

When you’re exploring a smaller server network, powerful servers can make a significant difference. The ultimate challenge for any server is how it handles peak hours, and that’s precisely when you try them out. Surprisingly, during testing at peak times, streaming content in HD proves seamless across all servers.

Download speeds were fast enough for HD streaming on each server, but speeds for ping and upload mean local gaming only

However, remember that acceptable ping and upload speeds are only achievable on the local servers for gaming. To put it in perspective, streaming in HD demands speeds of 5Mbps+, while UltraHD/4k requires approximately 25Mbps+ for a buffer-free experience. Only the local US server hits UltraHD/4k speeds among the servers, but each server tested comfortably maintains download speeds of 10Mbps+ for HD streaming.

Ping, the round-trip time for your data to travel to and from the server, significantly impacts gaming and video calls. With ping speeds around 100ms+ on all servers except the local US server, this VPN might not be ideal for gaming or conferencing apps like Zoom or Skype. However, the upload speeds remain suitable for these activities despite the ping issues.

Is TrueVPN Fast Enough for Gaming? No

Navigating TrueVPN’s international servers for gaming might be challenging due to elevated pingback speeds, making it a less-than-ideal choice for anything beyond local gaming. In specific regions, the challenge extends further with notably sluggish upload speeds, introducing the potential for a significant delay in your gaming experience.

In the realm of gaming, optimal speeds generally hover between 20-100ms ping, with lower than 20ms being the preference. Regrettably, the international servers subjected to testing showcased ping speeds surpassing the 100ms mark, opening the door to potential bouts of lag and frustrating disconnects during gameplay.

Server Network - Extremely Small

Despite TrueVPN boasting a global presence with servers scattered across 69 countries, the overall server count is relatively modest at around 1,900+. This compact server network raises concerns about potential inconveniences such as server disconnections or overcrowding, particularly during peak usage periods. The risk intensifies as you venture farther from your base location, hinting at the challenges of maintaining optimal service quality across the network.

Does TrueVPN Work in China? No

TrueVPN needs to offer a dedicated server within China. For those seeking a VPN to navigate through the complexities of the Great Firewall, it might be worth exploring alternatives among the top-tier VPNs designed specifically to tackle the challenges posed by the Chinese digital landscape.

Security & Privacy - Strong Features

For a lesser-known VPN, TrueVPN boasts two standout features that you should explore. Firstly, there’s the commendable zero-knowledge DNS, ensuring that for every server, TrueVPN operates its own DNS without ever collecting connection logs, browsing data, or any personally identifiable information. This not only enhances your privacy but establishes a secure foundation.

Another noteworthy security measure is perfect forward secrecy. This dynamic encryption key system continually changes, offering added protection for your sensitive data in the face of potential malware or hacker attacks.

TrueVPN adopts robust security standards, including the OpenVPN protocol, 256-bit AES encryption, and a strict no-logs policy. However, for the optimal security experience, consider that having a kill switch and the ability to use split tunneling would complete the package.

Delving into the privacy policy, you’ll find it to be straightforward and reassuring. There’s no indication that the service collects or shares personally identifiable information, adding another layer of confidence in your VPN choice.

TrueVPN is no-logs

Is TrueVPN Safe for Torrenting? Not Really

For you, it’s not a clear-cut “no” because TrueVPN refrains from collecting logs and ensures there’s no leakage of your IP address or DNS requests. When you factor in the zero-knowledge DNS and Perfect Forward Secrecy, it paints a nearly perfect picture for torrenting. However, there’s a catch – the absence of a kill switch.

If TrueVPN were to offer an in-house app equipped with a built-in kill switch, it would be a resounding “yes” for your torrenting needs. As it stands, the recommendation could be more open. You should explore other VPN options with a proven track record of keeping users safe while torrenting.

Installation & Apps

TrueVPN takes a distinctive approach by forgoing its own dedicated app, opting instead for a downloadable file that facilitates setup through the OpenVPN app. This file becomes accessible post-purchase, streamlining the connection process once the TrueVPN profile is established. The OpenVPN app, known for its user-friendly interface, makes server connection a seamless experience, providing a straightforward navigation system for users.

Simultaneous Device Connections

TrueVPN extends the flexibility to connect on up to 5 devices simultaneously. If you want to expand coverage, the website offers guidance on configuring a VPN router, enabling you to safeguard a larger array of devices concurrently.


TrueVPN offers compatibility across various platforms, including iOS, Android, macOS, Linux, Windows, and even routers. You’ll find step-by-step guides for Windows, iOS, and Android at the bottom of the TrueVPN website homepage for setup assistance. While Linux and router support is available, locating setup instructions requires exploring the blog section.


Regarding payment options, TrueVPN accepts all major credit cards via PayPal, along with Bitcoin and Ethereum through Z-pay. Their pricing includes three cost-effective plans, each backed by a generous 30-day money-back guarantee.

Reliability & Support

For you, the overall service is reliable, but be prepared for potentially slower speeds during peak hours, leading to some inconsistency in streaming and torrenting experiences.

TrueVPN asserts it provides 24/7 live chat support, but upon clicking, you might encounter a message stating, ‘We are not here to chat right now; please leave a message.’ This transforms the feature into a ticketing system more than a live chat. Even after recent claims of improvements, trying the live chat feature again yielded no response, regardless of how many times you clicked the button.

I kept clicking the Write to us button but nothing happened

In addition to the elusive live chat, TrueVPN offers email support and a comprehensive FAQ section in its blog, covering a wide range of questions about the service. If you run into any issues, exploring these alternative support options is worth exploring.

The Bottom Line

While TrueVPN boasts good security, it needs to include a few features that could elevate it to compete with the best in the industry. To truly stand toe-to-toe with heavyweights, essential additions are in order. An across-the-board app for all compatible devices is a must, coupled with a live chat feature that doesn’t redirect you to leave a message. Bolstering server numbers and incorporating torrenting essentials like a kill switch and split tunneling would undoubtedly set it on a trajectory toward top-tier status.

In the interim, if you’re in the market for an affordable yet robust VPN that excels in unblocking. And streaming content at lightning-fast speeds, be sure to explore our curated list of the best VPNs for streaming.

Frequently Asked Questions (TrueVPN)-

Is it safe to use TrueVPN with OpenVPN Connect?

Certainly, OpenVPN Connect stands as a dependable option for VPNs lacking an in-house app. Installing OpenVPN Connect on your device allows you to seamlessly import TrueVPN server profiles, individually or all at once. However, it’s worth noting that while reliable, OpenVPN Connect lacks certain security features, such as a kill switch, commonly found in dedicated in-house apps.

Does TrueVPN offer a trial period?

No, TrueVPN doesn’t currently provide a free trial. However, they do extend a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to test the service without risk. If hassle-free setup matters more to you, consider exploring top-tier providers offering in-house apps across multiple devices.

Are VPNs considered illegal?

VPN usage is legal in most countries, yet certain regions enforce bans or limitations. For instance, Belarus and North Korea outright banned VPNs, while China and Russia enforced stringent content restrictions. Need help with VPN legality in your area? Refer to a comprehensive guide on VPN legality across numerous countries for clarity.

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