Ultrasurf is viewed as one of the most well-known 100 percent free happy unblockers that relegate you to an exceptional IP address through an intermediary alongside a good degree of encryption. In fact, talking, it’s anything but a VPN; all things considered, Ultrasurf perceives itself as a basic enemy of oversight instruments.

The principal thought behind Ultrasurf is to give customary web clients in the central area of China a free and solid device to dodge severe web control. Amusingly, however, Ultrasurf refers to the fact that it might, in any case, edit content that it considers hostile. The meaning of “hostile” could fluctuate from one client to another. Thus, Ultrasurf could likewise be doing precisely the exact thing it professes to battle against.

Unlike real VPNs, Ultrasurf doesn’t offer all-day, everyday client care, high-level security and protection highlights, and an intuitive UI. However, for a free tool, it does a good job. Since it is a free instrument, it doesn’t request installment or credit data. However, the company states that it may disclose user data to interested parties to comply with US law.

You’ll find that Ultrasurf scrambles HTTPS traffic rather than customary HTTP traffic. Additionally, its logging policy should be expanded to include the possibility of data retention for up to 30 days.

You can’t pick a different server location because the US is the only one it offers. There needs to be servers and slow rates for certain individuals.

To decide if this apparatus is worth the effort, you completely attempted its numerous perspectives, including speed, security, gadget similarity, gaming, streaming, and torrenting.

For a free instrument, the outcomes were palatable, and you should say — Ultrasurf can unblock most lawful geo-confined sites, some of them effectively, others not really — generally because of the paces it offers. During your attempt, it unblocked Disney+, yet not Netflix. The connection was stable and consistent despite the disappointing results in terms of speed.

In the event that you conclude that Ultrasurf isn’t the ideal device for you, visit vpnMentor for additional audits, and you’ll find the one that suits you best.

Short on Time? Here Are My Key Findings


  • Suitable for unblocking geo-restricted websites. Unlocking geo-restricted websites is Ultrasurf’s forte. However, due to sluggish speeds, it grapples with streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime Video. Surprisingly, it performs well with Disney+.
  • One server location. Ultrasurf operates with a single server location based in the US, providing users with little control over IP addresses despite variations observed over extended periods.
  • End-to-end encryption. While Ultrasurf doesn’t prioritize high-end security, it does ensure end-to-end encryption for HTTPS data. However, users and Ultrasurf’s servers leave regular HTTP data unencrypted.
  • Free to use. The standout feature of Ultrasurf is its free-to-use model, devoid of paid packages, bandwidth limitations, hidden costs, or time restrictions.
  • Easy to use and set up. It’s an easy-to-use tool with a quick setup, establishing a connection without requiring additional settings.
  • Slow and inconsistent speeds. On the downside, Ultrasurf struggles with slow and inconsistent speeds.
  • Inactive customer support. And its customer support is only accessible through email, with a slow response time.
  • No registration process. Ultrasurf’s Windows client operates without a registration process, initiating a browser-based connection upon execution.
  • US jurisdiction. Operating under US jurisdiction, Ultrasurf complies with US laws, including stringent data retention regulations.
  • Supports three platforms. Ultrasurf extends its support across three platforms—Windows, iOS, and Android.

2023 Update Features Of Ultrasurf VPN

💸 Price0 USD/month
📝 Does VPN keep logs?No
💻 Number of devices per license1
🛡 Kill switchNo
🗺 Based in countryUnited States
📥 Supports torrentingYes

Streaming — Ability to Unblock Disney+ US and YouTube. Still Fails to Unblock Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, and Hulu

Your tests reveal that Ultrasurf can easily bypass geo-restrictions set by Disney+. Simultaneously, the tool seamlessly accesses YouTube, offering a significant benefit for users in mainland China, where YouTube remains restricted.

Nonetheless, Ultrasurf should improve while endeavoring to unblock HBO Max. And other streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu. These administrations are obstructing Ultrasurf’s IP addresses. As per a few sources, the Ultrasurf group has recently expressed that the device is intended to assist with bypassing web control; however, it doesn’t typically help with sidestepping boycotts. As a result, the overall streaming quality could be better, with Ultrasurf significantly reducing connection speed. Additionally, some streaming services might have blocked Ultrasurf’s IP addresses.

Notably, Disney+ has strict region blocking, making it surprising that Ultrasurf managed to bypass it. Notwithstanding, the speed and execution differ significantly, depending upon your association. Out of the platforms on which you try Ultrasurf, the tool only performs reasonably well on Disney+ and YouTube.

Unblocked: Disney+ and YouTube

Your experience with Ultrasurf on Disney+ was surprisingly good. You effectively unblocked the Disney+ US library even though there was a hang-tight of something like 30 seconds for the film title to stack. The quality was respectable, and there were no buffering delays, giving a continuous streaming experience. Remember that the initial wait time can vary depending on your connection speed, but it’s smooth sailing once you get past that.

Streaming on Disney+ with Ultrasurf

You can only access the streaming service like Disney+ US library because Ultrasurf only has servers in the United States. This should be fine, as the Disney+ library in other regions isn’t significantly different. In any case, the US library of Disney+ is the most comprehensive one.

Moving on to a YouTube performance try, considering it’s one of the largest content streaming websites and still geo-restricted in China, you were interested in discovering if Ultrasurf would seamlessly unblock YouTube.

Streaming a YouTube video with Ultrasurf

With Ultrasurf, you can access YouTube without any delays or lags. When you played a video to test the streaming quality and buffering speeds, the video played smoothly at 480 pixels. However, when you increase the quality to 720p and 1080p, you notice some lags due to an overall reduction in connection speed. Adjusting the quality based on your speed is advised, but rest assured, YouTube is fully accessible with Ultrasurf.

Blocked by: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, and Hulu

When you try to unblock Netflix US with Ultrasurf, you may find that the loading time could be better. It might take around thirty seconds for the library to load. After choosing a title, you may need to wait an additional two minutes for the movie screen to appear. In a few cases, you might receive an error message after waiting.

After the slow loading times, an error message appeared on Netflix

Considering the possibility of this being a one-time error, you may want to repeat the process over 5 times with multiple titles. However, you might observe the same pattern. As a result, Ultrasurf needs to improve when it comes to Netflix streaming. While it, in fact, actually unblocks Netflix, the sluggish speed makes Ultrasurf not great for streaming, and you might require help to lay out an association with Netflix servers in any case.

A list of the best Netflix VPNs is a must if you want to stream high-definition movies and shows on Netflix.

A “Streaming Delay” notification and an error message popped up when I tried to stream on Amazon Prime Video

While you can access the Amazon Prime Video website using Ultrasurf, you may encounter difficulty loading and buffering the movie titles. You might see a Streaming Delay pop-up, and after about 30 seconds, an error message may show up. Ultrasurf can positively get to the Amazon Prime Video site; however, you could experience issues stacking and buffering. It defeats the purpose if the titles don’t load in the first place. Since Ultrasurf only offers US servers you can’t choose from, there is no room for further tries on a different server.

Ultrasurf failed to load titles on HBO Max

Like Amazon Prime Video, Ultrasurf might neglect to run any titles on HBO Max despite effectively getting to the site. In your try, it might take forever to load the HBO Max homepage, and the streaming platform itself is accessible. The presentation might change depending on your web association speed. While HBO Max doesn’t expressly express the explanation, it hinders the association. Based on this, you may conclude that Ultrasurf is unsuitable for HBO Max streaming.

Loading times were slow on Hulu, and an error message appeared too

The results on Hulu might be pretty much the same. The website may be accessible after a loading delay of 20 seconds. Notwithstanding, the film titles could stack for a moment with next to no advance in the buffering. You could get a mistake message after a moment of stacking without much of any result. Like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and HBO Max, Hulu may also seem to be blocking Ultrasurf on the back end, although the base website is accessible. As indicated by your security checks, this could be caused by WebRTC leaks that reveal the public IP address.

On a side note, the Ultrasurf group recommends utilizing WebRTC, impeding expansions with Chrome for additional security. However, you might find that leaks still occur even with two extensions designed to block WebRTC leaks (more on this in the security section). Based on that, such browser extensions would not help unblock the streaming services listed above. Moreover, Ultrasurf just uses restricted IP locations to associate with the web servers. You shouldn’t expect Ultrasurf to unblock the majority of streaming services because streaming services frequently impose strict geo-restrictions and require a greater variety of IP addresses.

Speeds — Slow and Inconsistent

When you try Ultrasurf, its speeds are slow and inconsistent. While trying this anti-censorship tool, you may experience significant fluctuations in loading times. Amidst lengthy wait times, you may encounter short bouts of good speed, and at times, some pages may fail to load at all.

However, it’s important to remember that since this is a free content-unblocking service, you should not expect unmatched performance. In the past, Ultrasurf had to deal with overloaded servers due to increased traffic from Iran, leading to frequent server crashes, as confirmed by the team on the official website. The current slow speeds could potentially result from overloaded servers due to high traffic from a number of countries with strict internet censorship. Events like the recent COVID-19 outbreak might also contribute to an overload on Ultrasurf servers due to a high user base, as reported by Freedom House.

My speed test results before using Ultrasurf

To quantify your experience, you may conduct a speed try. First, run an Ookla speed try on your regular connection with Ultrasurf turned off. Take note of the results:

Then, turn on the Ultrasurf tool, and it will automatically connect to a US server. Despite waiting for a considerable period, the Ookla speed try may not find an optimal server, as shown in the shot below:

A message by Ookla notifying me to try to connect to a server again

Next, head to another speed-testing service called FAST, powered by Netflix. Unlike the Ookla speed try, Ultrasurf may be able to establish a connection with FAST. However, the speed results might be underwhelming.

Speed test results while connected to Ultrasurf

While your upload speed may remain the same, the download speed and latency may take a significant hit. You may observe slower browsing and longer loading times on websites that are otherwise quick to load.

In your try on the US server, here is a summary of your internet speed results:

Download speed (Mbps)5.1 Mbps (86% decrease in speed)
Upload speed (Mbps)6.1 Mbps (63% decrease)
Ping (ms)364 ms (21 times higher than before)

So, you can say that Ultrasurf will slow down your internet significantly. This could make Ultrasurf unsuitable for streaming, torrenting, or different information-escalated assignments.

Are Ultrasurf’s Speeds Fast Enough for Gaming? No

Your speed tries to reveal a very high latency on the US servers you try, indicating that Ultrasurf’s speeds might not be fast enough for gaming. Furthermore, it’s important to note that Ultrasurf is not an actual VPN. It’s a program-centered instrument with the sole motivation of bypassing geo-limitations on your predetermined program (either the default Web Voyager or Chrome). While you can still use it for browser-based gaming, it’s not recommended since Ultrasurf may only pass some of your WebRTC leak tries.

Gaming with Ultrasurf is likely out of the equation as the tool may not provide fast speeds and lacks security.

Server Network — One Server Location With an Unspecified Number of Servers

Ultrasurf only provides US-based IP addresses for the server locations. However, their official website does not mention the number of servers in the United States. You might have taken a stab at reaching their client care; nonetheless, their email-based client service is striking for being meticulously sluggish.

All things considered, it is a freely available web evasion instrument. So, you can expect it to have limited funds, which explains the need for more server locations and proper customer support. Nevertheless, during your tries, you may notice that your assigned IP address changes occasionally. It might stay predictable over more limited spans. This proposes that Ultrasurf offers different IP addresses. In any case, it is basically impossible for clients to pick a particular IP address. Instead, the tool automatically assigns one.

Also, some sources say that Ultrasurf updates its IP addresses with cloud services, making it better at unblocking geolocation.

Security — Not the Best

Ultrasurf is a freeware item fundamentally implied for your evasion of web control.

This Ultrasurf VPN service sidesteps firewalls and oversight using secure HTTPS start-to-finish encryption. For that, Ultrasurf uses the TLS/SSL protocols (it does not give you the option to choose between them). Even so, as indicated by the authority site, your customary HTTP web traffic goes through without encryption. In the examination, an undeniable VPN would scramble your whole gadget’s traffic.

Unlike other paid choices, Ultrasurf doesn’t utilize advanced security conventions like OpenVPN, IKEv2, WireGuard, or Shadowsocks that would upgrade your security altogether. Besides, it doesn’t have elements like split burrowing, Pinnacle over VPN, or twofold VPN.

A screenshot of the security page on Ultrasurf’s website

In that perspective, it misses the mark on the force of a genuine VPN. It is based on security through obscurity (STO) design, which naturally requires increased dependability.

Concerning low-security capacities, the authority Ultrasurf site itself states, “Ultrasurf doesn’t expand your web-based protection and ought not to be thought of or utilized as an internet-based security instrument.”

To try Ultrasurf’s security, you can run a DNS, IPv6, and WebRTC leak. While you may not observe any DNS or IPv6 leaks, the WebRTC leak try might reveal your public IP address.

Leak test results while connected to Ultrasurf

As per Ultrasurf, WebRTC spills are inescapable on Chrome, as the program doesn’t allow clients to handicap WebRTC. Nonetheless, the group proposes downloading extra WebRTC to obstruct expansions that can further develop your web security. This is especially significant if you want to run Ultrasurf in Undercover mode.

To try this claim, you can install two WebRTC blocking extensions, WebRTC Control and Easy WebRTC Block, reconnect Ultrasurf, and run the tries again. Nothing may change, and you might still see your original public IP address in the WebRTC leak try. So, WebRTC blocking extensions may not enhance Ultrasurf’s security.

Overall, you might need to consider Ultrasurf as more reliable regarding security. It is not an open-source project so no community audits can verify its claims.

There is no programmed off-button choice. Thus, losing your web association may make your data vulnerable to getting spilt upon restart. This is a high-priority security highlight that Ultrasurf needs to incorporate.

Likewise, it doesn’t have a disguise mode as real VPNs do. The cover choice makes it unthinkable for sites/administrations to realize you are utilizing a VPN or an intermediary. Hence, you cannot hide that you encrypt your traffic while connected to Ultrasurf.

Privacy — Safe but Not Reliable

The official Ultrasurf website emphasizes that it neither manages nor modifies your data in any way. Ultrasurf’s main function is to tunnel internet traffic through a “secure encrypted tunnel,” providing uncensored access to content.

Ultrasurf consistently cautions users not to treat it as an online security tool, as it does not enhance the privacy of internet users. “You might use privacy tools in combination with Ultrasurf if privacy is your primary concern,” the company states explicitly.

An admirable aspect of Ultrasurf is its non-intrusive approach to user information. Unlike paid VPNs and censorship circumvention tools, Ultrasurf does not directly request users’ personal information. And these include your credit card details or names.

Yet, it captures a substantial volume of user activity on its website. This encompasses:

  • User’s public IP address
  • Pages visited on the site
  • Clicked links count on the site
  • Timestamps of visits
  • Referring to the web page leading to their website

Additionally, Ultrasurf states that it does not disclose any personally identifiable information to third parties unless required to do so by law or to safeguard the business.

Nonetheless, you might run over a 2012 report by a Pinnacle examiner, as per which the Ultrasurf group admitted to uncovering data to the US Government at a certain point.

This report also highlights significant vulnerabilities, especially those related to data retention. For instance, it mentions that Ultrasurf logs all users’ connections in a way that invades privacy. It may not be difficult to attach every one of the logged information to people, which can assist with recognizing even lengthy after the singular quits utilizing Ultrasurf.

While Ultrasurf responded to the report, it could have publicly provided more information about its encryption specifications and detailed data logging process.

Given Ultrasurf’s apparently unfortunate logging approaches and the way that it is situated in the US, where information maintenance regulations are generally severe, you won’t consider Ultrasurf dependable.

With that, Ultrasurf likewise edits a huge piece of content on the web that it considers hostile. This incorporates obscene material, gore/shock sites, or other destructive and risky sites.

Torrenting — Slow and Unsafe

Ultrasurf doesn’t set caps for torrenting exercises. However, it works exclusively through the web renditions of BitTorrent or uTorrent because of its tendency to be a program-based content unblocker.

However, it is essential to remember that Ultrasurf is not the best option for torrenting in terms of privacy and security. Its main role is to sidestep geo-limitations on web content and doesn’t give exhaustive security highlights.

Considering the WebRTC leaks encountered earlier in tries and the restrictions on torrenting in various locations, it doesn’t recommend torrenting while connected to this tool.

The Ultrasurf team explicitly states on their official website, “Ultrasurf is not meant for illicit or illegal activities online, and Ultrasurf does not endorse such activities.”

Remember, torrenting is considered illegal in numerous countries due to copyright infringement concerns. Neither vpnMentor nor Ultrasurf encourages any form of abuse or misuse. It’s highly advised to review your local laws before considering torrenting.

Does Ultrasurf Work in China? Yes

Ultrasurf effectively operates in China, being specifically designed to offer unrestricted internet access to users in mainland China due to the prevalent strict internet censorship enforced by the government.

Numerous users in online forums highlight the seamless setup of Ultrasurf in China, with a prevalent concern being the observed sluggish internet speeds. However, given its free nature, Ultrasurf delivers commendable performance in the Chinese context.

The Ultrasurf team proudly mentions on their website that it is occupied by “millions of users from over 180 countries.” Apart from China, it has garnered popularity among users in various other nations with stringent censorship laws, such as Syria and Iran.

Simultaneous Device Connections — 1

Ultrasurf is a free tool devoid of any paid plans or packages. Feel free to download it on unlimited devices, allowing you to run it independently on each device without creating an account.

Device Compatibility — Works on All Major Devices

Ultrasurf is available for Windows, Android, iOS and Chrome. However, it doesn’t provide separate extensions or clients for Linux, Mac, Firefox, or router support. Interestingly, the Windows client supports both Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

Note that when you first download the Ultrasurf Windows client, your Windows Defender might flag the file as CoinMiner malware. Many sources online also mark it as suspicious behavior. Ultrasurf’s website explains this, mentioning that some anti-virus software companies misclassify it due to its data encryption and censorship circumvention. However, the technical specifics behind this classification are not provided by the Ultrasurf team.

If you’re concerned about your device’s security, the Chrome extension might be a relatively safer option. It functions similarly to the regular Windows client.

You might also install the iOS version labeled as “Ultrasurf VPN” from the App Store, despite Ultrasurf not being a VPN in the truest sense. However, the iOS app boasts a neat and minimal interface like the Windows client and Chrome extension. Connecting to the internet anonymously is as easy as a single tap.

Ultrasurf’s iOS and Android app interface

A comparison between Ultrasurf’s iOS and Android applications reveals a similar design, focusing on usability while offering minimal customization options. This simplicity is both a strength and a limitation.

Installation & Apps

Set-Up & Installation — Quick and Easy

Setting up and installing Ultrasurf is a swift and uncomplicated process. You can download and execute it without registering, allowing users to copy the executable file to a USB drive. This allows for secure connections by simply plugging it into any Windows PC.

The interface may evoke a sense of nostalgia reminiscent of the Windows XP era. However, this simplicity is intentional, given that the tool is entirely free to use. Maintaining a straightforward design proves economically feasible.

To acquire the Android, iOS, and desktop apps, as well as a separate Chrome extension, you can directly access the Download section on the official Ultrasurf website.

Ultrasurf Windows Client Set-Up

  1. Navigate to the Download section located at the bottom of Ultrasurf’s official website.
  2. Select the hyperlink labeled “Ultrasurf (Windows Client)” from the provided options.
  3. Allow the Ultrasurf executable file to download.
Downloading Ultrasurf’s Windows app
  1. Execute the downloaded file, initiating Ultrasurf to establish a connection automatically with your default browser.

Ultrasurf Chrome Extension Set-Up

Visit the Download section on Ultrasurf’s official website and locate the Chrome Webstore link as indicated below:

  1. Follow the link to the Chrome Webstore, where you should click on “Add to Chrome.”
Downloading Ultrasurf’s Windows app
  1. Upon clicking, you’ll be prompted to add the extension with the message “Add Ultrasurf Security, Privacy, & Unblock VPN.” Opt to Add Extension, and Chrome will automatically download and set up Ultrasurf for you.
  2. Upon opening the extension, Ultrasurf will seamlessly connect. However, it’s advisable to toggle it off when not in use, as it may significantly impact your browsing speed.
Ultrasurf’s Chrome extension on the Chrome Store

Ultrasurf iOS app Set-Up

  1. Begin by accessing the App Store, which you can find on your iOS device. And then, initiate a search for “Ultrasurf VPN” using the search bar.
  2. Opt for the download option and patiently wait for the app to complete its download onto your device.
  3. Upon successful download, click on the “Open” option to launch the application.
Installing Ultrasurf’s iOS app
  1. Within the Ultrasurf iOS app, activate the connection by clicking the toggle button located above the “toggle switch to connect.”
  2. A notification prompt will emerge, seeking your approval to add VPN configurations. Select “Allow” to proceed.
  3. Ultrasurf will then commence establishing a connection on your iOS device. Should you wish to deactivate it, press the switch once more.
Connecting to Ultrasurf on iPhone

Ultrasurf Android app Set-Up

  1. Firstly, access the Google Play Store on your Android gadget and start a quest for “Ultrasurf.”
  2. Select Ultrasurf from the list of items shown and continue to tap on the “Introduce” button.
  3. Upon the effective establishment of Ultrasurf, send off the application and enact the association by flipping the change to the “on” position.
Installing Ultrasurf’s Android app


Ultrasurf operates as a freeware tool, meaning you can avail of its features without any payment obligations. It doesn’t involve paid plans, bandwidth restrictions, or trial periods – it’s entirely free, and registration is not required.

However, it’s crucial to note that the free tool doesn’t provide top-tier protection and security features. Reports suggest that Ultrasurf may keep logs of user activities and could potentially disclose them if required (refer to our security section for more details).

Even though it offers a no-cost solution, Ultrasurf needs to catch up compared to paid VPNs in various aspects such as speed, server count, privacy, user interface (GUI), security and advanced user options.

Reliability & Support

Ultrasurf serves its intended purpose well, primarily unblocking content. However, be aware that it censors content deemed offensive, including certain adult and illegal websites.

According to most users, the support Ultrasurf provides is notably prolonged and inconsistent. As a free tool, it only offers email support, but receiving a response may take several days.

To assess their responsiveness, consider sending an email to their official support address. However, be prepared for potentially delayed responses. The support is predominantly available in English, which might challenge non-English speakers.

You’ll often need to rely on information available on Ultrasurf’s website and various online blogs. The FAQ section on the official website answers many common questions. Additionally, there’s a user center with comprehensive details and a helpful manual.

You can also explore numerous guides on YouTube, which might offer valuable assistance in navigating and utilizing Ultrasurf’s features.

The Bottom Line

Final Verdict

For a freeware tool, Ultrasurf is worth a try. It won’t cost you anything to explore this anti-censorship tool’s capabilities.

While it doesn’t match the comprehensive features of high-security VPNs, Ultrasurf offers swift access to most geo-restricted websites (except for those intentionally censored by the Ultrasurf team).

Despite being free, Ultrasurf operates slowly and raises questions about its data logging policy. It’s not advisable to rely on it for high-bandwidth activities due to potential issues with seamless performance.

It’s crucial to note that Ultrasurf isn’t primarily designed for online privacy or security. The Ultrasurf team emphasizes this on their official website. Manage your expectations regarding its capabilities in these areas.

Frequently Asked Questions (Ultrasurf)-

Is Ultrasurf secure to use?

Ultrasurf is generally safe but might trigger alerts from antivirus software like Windows Defender, which mistakenly identifies its executable as a coin miner. Although Ultrasurf refutes these antivirus detections, you can explore the security section for more insights into Ultrasurf’s safety measures.

Does Ultrasurf unlock Netflix?

Ultrasurf isn’t effective in bypassing Netflix restrictions. Whether it’s due to sluggish speeds or Netflix actively blocking Ultrasurf’s IP addresses remains uncertain. Review the streaming section for detailed performance evaluations across various streaming platforms.

Does Ultrasurf impact browsing speed?

Using Ultrasurf noticeably reduces browsing speed. It’s advisable to activate Ultrasurf only when necessary to circumvent geo-restrictions. For routine browsing where internet privacy isn’t a priority, keeping Ultrasurf disabled is recommended. Check the speeds section above for specific speed test results.

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