Suppose you’re considering UltraVPN as a low-cost option. In that case, you may wonder if it matches top VPNs’ security and privacy features. You can try out all its features, performing extensive tests on speeds, security, and more. Understanding its privacy policy is crucial.

After trying it out, it becomes evident that UltraVPN falls short compared to the best VPNs and only offers a little value. The speeds could be more reliable due to its small network of virtual servers, and compatibility issues arise with many devices. Moreover, it has the potential danger of leaking your IP, making it a less secure option.

For your safety, it’s recommended to stick with a top VPN. You can explore a list of the best VPNs available today, providing better speeds, more servers, and military-grade protection.

Short on time? Here are the key findings:


  • Good for streaming. According to our global testing team, you won’t experience any playback issues.
  • Low price. It’s challenging to find a VPN with lower long-term prices.


  • Unreliable speeds. The speeds it offers may rapidly change from fast to slow.
  • Worrying security issues. Be cautious, as there might be serious security problems while connected to UltraVPN.
  • Small server network. Some VPNs offer networks with 10 times as many servers.
  • Not great for torrenting. You can use it for P2P networks, but it’s not recommended.
  • Weak compatibility. You can only connect it to four device types.

2023 Update Features Of UltraVPN

💸 Price1.99 USD/month
📆 Money Back Guarantee30 Days
📝 Does VPN keep logs?No
🖥 Number of servers830+
💻 Number of devices per license10
🛡 Kill switchYes
🗺 Based in countryUnited States
🛠 Support24/7 Live Chat Support
📥 Supports torrentingYes

Streaming — Decent Playback With Some Minor Issues

You can watch most of your streaming libraries while connected to UltraVPN, experiencing largely solid playback. Utilizing an international team of testers for streaming tests ensures compatibility with various platforms. However, there were some playback issues, and one platform may not work at all.

While theoretically, you can use a VPN to access content unavailable in your location, it’s important to note that this likely goes against the terms of the service agreement and might violate copyright laws.

Important Note: UltraVPN claims not to track any of your online activities. Consequently, you are responsible for using it in a manner that complies with the law. It’s recommended to always follow the rules and regulations of any site, app, or streaming platform you access. Remember, any form of copyright violation is not condoned.

Works With: Netflix, Hulu, Max, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime Video

You’ve been able to watch Netflix in several countries, including the US, Canada, and the UK.

Videos loaded instantly, and I didn’t have to deal with any annoying buffering

However, something odd happens when you connect in Japan, France, or New Zealand. When you connect to servers in those countries, Netflix shows you the US library. Support couldn’t give a clear answer on whether this is due to UltraVPN’s virtual servers, so it’s best to be cautious and only access the library allowed in your region.

You tried Hulu, but the streaming quality could have been better despite being in the US, where it’s available.

Thankfully, there were no issues related to buffering or long loading times

Interestingly, your VPN didn’t impact HBO Max negatively. Surprisingly, Amazon Prime Video worked flawlessly despite its reputation for detecting VPNs. Your UK connection allowed access to BBC iPlayer after some troubleshooting.

The video played back in perfect quality once it started playing and never downgraded

Initially, the video took 12 seconds to load, then stopped after playing for 5 seconds due to insufficient bandwidth. However, switching to the Coventry location resolved the issue completely.

Doesn't Work With: Disney Plus

You’ve never been able to stream Disney Plus from the US using a US UltraVPN server, even after trying multiple times. When you contacted support, they suggested you try switching protocols, but it didn’t work. The screen just kept loading indefinitely.

I know the issue wasn’t with my speeds since they were fast enough for streaming

In general, UltraVPN is a decent streaming option, but a few VPNs out there might perform better for you.

Speed — Unpredictably Fast and Slow

UltraVPN can provide you with either excellent speeds or extremely slow ones, and this variability is influenced by factors such as overcrowded servers and the use of virtual locations, as we’ll delve into shortly.

Our experts in the UK conduct the majority of our speed tests. She records results for our charts from the same location with the same internet connection for easier comparison. At least 10 tests are conducted on each server to generate accurate averages. The following tests are done with the WireGuard protocol, known for its speed.

Our speeds increased by 9% on nearby servers and fell by 49% on distant ones

Top VPNs typically reduce speeds by 10 to 20% on nearby servers. Interestingly, UltraVPN actually increased our speed tester’s rates on each nearby server.

In one test, it raised her download rates by around 25%

However, keep in mind that UltraVPN’s speeds can vary significantly. While performing your own tests, a nearby server dropped speeds by 98%. In comparison, top VPNs usually lower speeds by no more than 50%. Another server less than a thousand kilometers away reduced speed by 40%. Meanwhile, a server over 14,000 km away only decreased rates by 13%.

Predicting the kind of speeds you’ll get with UltraVPN is challenging due to its use of virtual servers. This means you won’t truly know how far away you are from the location, and the company keeps the actual locations of its servers private. Additionally, the VPN has a relatively small server network that can easily become overcrowded.

Unfortunately, UltraVPN doesn’t give you any way to see the server load, i.e., how many people use it simultaneously.

Gaming — Severe Lag With Gameplay

High ping rates might be affecting your gaming experience with UltraVPN. Ping indicates how long it takes for your data to travel. You’d want lag-free gameplay to be below 85ms, ensuring your character responds instantly to your commands.

All of my movements were severely compromised due to high amounts of lag

The closest server to you might give you a ping of 311ms, and this is a consequence of virtual servers. Unlike the best VPNs that hardly reduce download and upload speeds on nearby servers, every VPN increases ping rates significantly as servers get farther away.

Finding the right one for gaming can be challenging since you never know how far away UltraVPN’s servers are. It is impossible if none are physically located near you. However, you can stay safe while playing without lag by trying one of the best VPNs specifically designed for gaming.

Server Network — Offers a Small Number of Strictly Virtual Servers

You have access to 830 servers with UltraVPN, which are spread across an impressive 125 countries. You can connect to city-level locations in 7 countries, with the US having the most options at 25 individual locations.

However, city-level locations may be less useful since UltraVPN only offers virtual servers. Connecting to a city rather than a country lets you optimize your location better with some VPNs. Still, we’ve discussed why this is impossible with this service.

Once you access the network, you can scroll down or search for a location

The servers are distributed fairly, with 43 in Europe, 34 in North America, and 26 in Asia. However, there are only 3 in Africa and 2 in Oceania. Compared to top-ranking VPNs, the number of servers is minimal. For instance, CyberGhost offers about 10 times as many servers, and Private Internet Access has three times as many.

On the bright side, UltraVPN does offer some rare VPN locations like Brunei, Bhutan, and Nepal. Plus, it owns all of its servers, eliminating a mediator that could access your data.

However, the variety in these servers could be improved. Many VPNs have servers optimized for streaming, P2P, or gaming. UltraVPN doesn’t offer optimized servers or dedicated IPs, not even for an additional fee.

Suppose you’re concerned about obfuscation technology, which hides your VPN use. In that case, it’s worth getting a solid answer from support about whether UltraVPN offers it.

Security — Might Leak Your True Location

You have access to all the necessary security features with UltraVPN. Still, it failed one of your leak tests, making it challenging to consider it completely safe. Although this only happened in one out of your 20 tries, it’s concerning because the last thing you want is a VPN that fails in this aspect. When you contacted support, they suggested you switch servers and clear your browser cache.

Support staff told me this happens when a server is down or overcrowded

You were also encouraged to always check with a leak test website when you connect to UltraVPN to ensure it works properly. Obviously, this could be more reassuring. At the very least, you should feel confident that a VPN can protect your IP. You didn’t encounter the problem again after clearing your browser. Still, you’ve tried dozens of VPNs that didn’t leak your IP, even with an extensive cache.

UltraVPN has military-grade encryption, a kill switch, PassWatch (password manager), and secure protocols. Still, the results of your try make you worried it might not keep you as safe as you’d like.

Encryption and Protocols

You get AES 256-bit encryption with UltraVPN, the same level banks and militaries use worldwide because it’s nearly impossible to break. You also have the choice between 3 protocols.

While it’s been reported that its proprietary Hydra protocol offers obfuscation, support couldn’t confirm this. You can also connect to IKEv2, an older protocol that’s more easily detected and a bit slower. Still, it can be useful for mobile devices since it’s lightweight.

WireGuard is the fastest protocol in your tries and is renowned as one of the most secure protocols available. This is all great, but none of this matters if the VPN leaks your IP.

Kill Switch

UltraVPN’s kill switch feature comes with a caveat—it can only be used with the protocol set to automatic or Hydra, which might be a bit disappointing. Nonetheless, it’s noteworthy that UltraVPN provides this functionality. The kill switch blocks your internet connection if the VPN suddenly disconnects, and considering the possibility of such disconnections with UltraVPN, having this feature is still a valuable addition.

Split tunneling

You can choose what traffic goes through the VPN tunnel with this feature, and it’s useful if you want to keep up with local news or access your banking app while encrypting the rest of your traffic. You might appreciate that UltraVPN offers this for all of its native apps, allowing you to allowlist and blocklist sites and applications.

Privacy — Solid Policies but There Are Some Concerns

UltraVPN claims it won’t keep identifiable logs but records more information than the top VPNs. While most of this information is anonymized, it may seem excessive, and you can find more privacy-friendly VPNs.

It’s also headquartered in the US, and the policy has yet to undergo any independent audits. So, while you might not believe it will record or sell any of your vital information, you might understand if you’d feel more comfortable using a service that offers more privacy protections.

Does UltraVPN Keep Logs? No

The company claims it won’t log your IP address long-term or track your online activities. However, it does admit to collecting your IP address when you connect to a server. UltraVPN also states that the IP is immediately encrypted and always deleted at the end of your sessions.

The VPN also collects data on how frequently you use it, your bandwidth consumption, and the duration of your sessions. This includes significant information about your device, such as its operating system, the browsers you use, settings, and more.

As you can see, it records a substantial amount of your data. Like every VPN, when signing up, it also retains the information you provide directly, such as payment details, emails, and more. While understanding that some data retention is necessary for the VPN’s operation, you should see an independent audit with this volume of stored data.

Was UltraVPN Audited? No

You’re using UltraVPN, and it has never undergone an independent audit, so its policies haven’t been verified. The best VPNs have their privacy claims tested by reputable third parties. You might hope that UltraVPN undergoes this process in the future.

Based in the US

You’ve confirmed with UltraVPN support staff that the company is under US jurisdiction. Being a founding member of the 14 Eyes Alliance, the US is part of an agreement where several governments share data from their citizens. This also means the company could be asked to change its policies in the future.

Does UltraVPN Work in China? Yes

UltraVPN claims that you should be able to use it in China.

They gave me no further tips, but I’d recommend using the Hydra protocol

In China, the government has banned several VPNs, but it’s uncommon for them to go after individuals for using them. However, it recommends you read up on the laws and regulations before you decide to use a VPN in the country. Your team and you shouldn’t condone any illegal activities, and we urge you to use your VPN responsibly.

Torrenting — Currently Allows P2P Connections

UltraVPN has sometimes allowed torrenting with its service, but it does not at the moment. It works decently for these purposes.

While connected to the Czech Republic server, you can download a 700MB file in about 28 minutes. This is the same amount of time it would take you with no VPN connected, so it hardly affects your download speeds at all. However, the VPN doesn’t offer features like port forwarding, which some VPNs allow to let you download torrents even faster.

With that said, the security issues you might encounter with UltraVPN make you wary of using it for torrenting. No one can tell who you’re interfacing with on a P2P organization, and downloading a mislabeled file is simple.

Torrenting is legitimate in many nations; however, downloading protected documents isn’t. You should only access torrents within the public domain to never break any laws.

Installation & Apps

Installation & Apps — Easy-to-Use, but Limited Compatibility

UltraVPN offers straightforward native apps designed for easy navigation. Typically, you’ll find yourself accessing the main page, a tab for the server network, and a settings menu.

Every security feature it offers can be easily accessed from this single tab

The app’s simplicity is evident, highlighting only a few key features. Notably, the 4 squares beside the settings menu provide access to its Dark Web Scanner and the Password Manager included with each subscription. Beyond these features, the app maintains its simplicity.

Setup & Installation

Getting UltraVPN downloaded and set up is a breeze; you shouldn’t encounter any issues.

The Android and iOS apps can be accessed from each device’s respective store

Similar to most contemporary VPNs, the installation process is remarkably straightforward. Follow the prompts once your file is downloaded and booted up, and you’ll be ready to go in just a few minutes.

Device Compatibility

UltraVPN limits its connectivity to four major operating systems, excluding smart TV apps, streaming devices like Fire Stick or Roku, and browser extensions (for Chrome, Firefox, etc.). Additionally, there’s no smart DNS feature for convenient access on any WiFi-enabled device.

The absence of router support is particularly disappointing, as it could have enabled connections for unsupported devices. For instance, encrypting the connection on your router allows you to switch locations and hide your IP on any smart TV or gaming console. It’s worth noting that UltraVPN also lacks a Linux app. Unfortunately, its website provides no information about potential future application development.

Desktop — Apps for Windows and Mac

The silver lining is that both the Mac and Windows apps provided by UltraVPN offer identical features. This parity ensures you can seamlessly connect to all available protocols, including WireGuard, access the kill switch, and employ split tunneling on either desktop application. In essence, the two apps are practically indistinguishable in terms of functionality.

Android and iPhone (iOS)

You can utilize the kill switch, split tunneling, and all the protocols that UltraVPN supports on both its mobile apps. While it may be disappointing that it only supports a few devices, you might be impressed by the full range of features on its iOS app.

However, your favorite VPNs will let you easily connect to their servers on almost any device.

Simultaneous Device Connections

You compensate for UltraVPN’s lack of router support by enjoying a generous allowance of 10 concurrent connections. This is twice as many as the standard 5 connections most VPNs offer. However, there are a few providers that give you an unlimited amount.

As you connect UltraVPN to 2 Windows laptops and Android and iOS phones, you might find no issues streaming on all of them simultaneously, proving that it works as advertised.


Pricing — Cheap Long-Term Plans

UltraVPN offers some of the cheapest plans, but you must opt for a long-term subscription. However, there are no trials or a free tier. On the bright side, you will discover a 74% discount with its current deal.

Despite the low price, it might offer a different value than you’d find with many other VPNs. For instance, PIA offers nearly the same affordability on long-term plans but comes with more servers, consistently high speeds, and support for smart TVs and routers. Overall, consider investing a bit more for better value.

UltraVPN gives a 30-day unconditional promise, and getting a discount shouldn’t represent any issues.

I was impressed that I actually got my money back faster (in only 4 days)

You can use a charge card (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Find) or PayPal for installment. Sadly, it doesn’t offer the choice to pay with digital money, which numerous contenders do, or with other elective installment strategies from different nations.

Reliability & Support

Reliability and Support — Adequate Help With Accessible Agents

You can access a reliable 24/7 live chat with UltraVPN, but the answers aren’t always as helpful as you’d like. While it’s appreciated that staff is available at any time, there are instances where the response might need to address your concerns fully. For example, you might have concerns about location leaks, but an agent might not be able to assure you completely. Similarly, if you encounter streaming issues with Disney+, a support team member might attribute it to Disney’s servers, even if you know that’s not the problem.

With such a serious issue, I was hoping for a much better explanation

You can also reach out to UltraVPN through email, and a substantial number of FAQs and guides are available through the knowledge base on its site. While UltraVPN provides better support than many other VPNs, some of the absolute best VPNs have support agents that offer more thorough responses. If you encounter any issues, reaching out to them through different channels is worth ensuring a comprehensive resolution.

The Bottom Line

With this budget VPN, you generally get what you pay for.

UltraVPN’s attractive price and some notable high points are appealing. There are moments when it can be super fast, and its servers are well-distributed worldwide. Additionally, the support for torrenting and intuitive, full-featured apps might stand out to you.

However, there are several areas where it needs to improve. The speeds can be unreliable due to overcrowded servers, and the distance to its virtual servers remains to be determined. It stores more data than some might prefer, raising privacy concerns. Most importantly, it leaked IP, a critical issue for any VPN.

Even if it costs a little more, selecting a VPN that you can rely on for safety might be prudent in light of these aspects. You could evaluate one of our first-class VPNs sans risk, as they generally offer solid unconditional promises, making it simple to return the money in question if you still need it to be fulfilled.

Frequently Asked Questions (UltraVPN)-

Is UltraVPN a secure option?

My experience with UltraVPN included an IP leak while connected, attributed by support to server overcrowding or temporary malfunctions. I can’t assure consistent safety because of UltraVPN’s small, often crowded network.

Can I use UltraVPN for free?

UltraVPN doesn’t offer a free tier or trials. Access is solely through paid plans, each with a 30-day money-back guarantee. I’ve tested this and can confirm the full refund policy within this period.

How does UltraVPN compare to ExpressVPN and NordVPN?

ExpressVPN and NordVPN excel in various aspects compared to UltraVPN. Both offer consistently faster speeds and boast larger server networks. Crucially, they maintain higher safety standards, unlike UltraVPN, which led to an IP leak during my tests.

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