UTunnel VPN lets you create your own server in-house or in the Cloud using utunnel.io. The service offers a clean static IP address and customizable options for personal users and businesses. But is it as safe as it claims, and is there any reason to use it instead of more popular VPNs?

After running extensive tests, I found UTunnel VPN to be a suitable choice for some small businesses. The biggest drawback is its questionable privacy policy, which might risk your business or individual information. You might want to review and compare it to our top-ranked VPNs since they offer better privacy protections.

Short on Time? Here Are My Key Findings



UTunnel VPN Features — 2023 Update

💸 Price5 USD/month
📆 Money Back Guarantee14 Days
🖥 Number of servers2000+
💻 Number of devices per license5
🗺 Based in countryUnited States
🛠 SupportEmail support

Speed — Can Be Fast Depending on Your Location

Your speeds depend on the server you choose for your company. With utunnel.io, you can create locations at your own in-house servers or with integrated cloud providers, like AWS, DigitalOcean, and Linode.

The speed drop depends on the distance between the user and the server. Typically, the farther away you are from the server, the slower the speeds. This is because your data has to travel longer to reach its destination. For instance, your speeds are less likely to drop significantly if you’re in the same building as the server.

Usually, our speed expert conducts fair tests for all VPNs by using the same connection. We check the download and upload speeds while connected to various servers provided by the VPN. However, our tests with UTunnel VPN were limited since you can only test the servers that you create — whether in-house or in the cloud.

To complete the tests, I personally tested speeds while connected to a cloud server hosted on Heztner in Helsinki. That’s over 10,000 km from where I live, and my speeds dropped by a mere 5%. This was impressive since the average speed drop, even for top personal VPNs over long distances, is at least 20%.

I also tested an in-house server, but I was thousands of kilometers away from its location in the US. So, I wasn’t surprised to see a significant drop in speeds. However, I noticed that my speeds were faster while using the OpenVPN protocol than when using IKEv2/IPSec.

Although my test results were impressive, it’s difficult to say whether or not utunnel.io is fast compared to premium personal VPNs. Your speeds depend on which integrated cloud provider you use or how far away you are from the in-house server. For comparison, you can check out some of the top personal VPNs with the fastest speeds in this list.

Server Network — Limited and Expensive

You can set up your own in-house server with UTunnel VPN. Alternatively, you can choose to set up a cloud VPN server with cloud providers like Digital Ocean, Hetzner, Linode, and UpCloud.

Here are the cities where these integrated cloud providers have servers:

AmsterdamFrankfurtNew York
BangaloreLondonSan Francisco

When you sign up, you can bring your own VPS or choose one of the integrated cloud providers. With UTunnel, you can’t freely switch between servers as you would with personal VPNs. You can only change servers if you have multiple in-house or cloud servers configured. But remember that you will need to pay more for each additional server.

You can create as many servers as you need under one account

Business data is sensitive, so the fact that third parties run all the cloud servers it offers could be concerning. This means it’s possible that utunnel.io might not have full control over the security of your information. I contacted customer support with this concern but never received a response.

Each server you set up comes with a clean and unique static IP address, a great feature for business purposes. This gives you complete control over your IP address and helps you reduce geoblocks. However, it may not be beneficial if you’re trying to connect a remote team. If you’re looking for a VPN for remote workers, check out this list of reliable personal VPNs.

Security — Good Features for Businesses

With a decent suite of features, utunnel.io offers robust security for businesses and individuals. It has most of the security features that personal VPNs offer, including military-level encryption, security protocols, split tunneling, and more. It also has additional features, such as fine-tuned access control and MFA, which increases access security for businesses.

However, it doesn’t offer a kill switch for all devices and operating systems. A kill switch is vital in protecting your data online if your connection drops unexpectedly.

Encryption and Security Protocols

Like premium VPNs, utunnel.io uses military-grade 256-bit AES encryption, the gold standard for safeguarding online activities. This level of encryption is so strong that it’s nearly impossible, even for the most powerful supercomputers, to break and access your data. It also offers a choice between the IKEv2 protocol or the widely trusted OpenVPN (UDP or TCP).

It doesn’t offer the OpenVPN TCP protocol for in-house servers

These protocols establish a secure tunnel for your data to travel through, shielding it from potential threats. If you don’t have any preference, I recommend sticking to OpenVPN. It’s open source, which means it undergoes continuous scrutiny for vulnerabilities by a global community of experts. So, it’s widely considered the safest choice.

Secure Agentless Access

The Secure Agentless Access feature offers a way to connect to private networks from a distance without the hassle of installing additional software. This not only makes the process more convenient but also enhances security by reducing potential vulnerabilities associated with extra software installation.

Fine-Tuned Access Control

This is an advanced permission setting that gives you meticulous control over which individuals or groups can access specific network resources. This level of precision improves overall security and ensures that only authorized users can reach sensitive data or services, making it an effective tool for managing and safeguarding your network environment.

Split Routing

This feature lets you choose which apps or traffic go through the VPN while other traffic directly accesses the internet — which can be useful for businesses. It lets employees access work resources with the VPN while regular web browsing still uses their normal internet. However, you have to set it up from the admin account and not on the app.

Multi-Factor Authentication

This advanced feature requires users to provide multiple types of authentication, like passwords, biometrics (such as fingerprints or facial recognition), or hardware tokens, before gaining access to the network. It’s a powerful way to enhance login security, particularly important for maintaining data protection while your teams work remotely.

External DNS

The External DNS feature offered by utunnel.io VPN adds an extra layer of protection to your online activities. Securely channeling your internet traffic through their own DNS servers, it shields your browsing habits from prying eyes and significantly improves your online privacy and security. This ensures that your data remains confidential and your online experience stays safe.

Static IP Address

With Static IP Addresses, you can count on a consistent digital identity that remains the same each time you connect. This stability is beneficial for tasks when you need a reliable and recognizable online presence, such as securely accessing your workplace network or ensuring uninterrupted online banking sessions. Plus, Static IP Addresses are preferable for server maintenance and management, as they simplify access control and monitoring.

Privacy — Logs Your Data

In its privacy policy, utunnel.io states that it logs your personal information while you’re using the VPN. It’s also based in the US, which is the heart of the data-sharing group of countries, known as the 5/9/14-Eyes Alliance.

That means utunnel.io will track and store your online activities and could possibly share the data with government bodies when requested. This is a huge concern for individuals who are worried about their privacy.

However, it may not be as big of a concern for some businesses since many are very transparent about their practices. Ultimately, I recommend reading the full policy before choosing to incorporate UTunnel into your company. You can also check out this list of top VPNs that follow audited no-logs policies.

Does utunnel.io Keep Logs? Yes

Unfortunately, utunnel.io does log your data, including your IP address and pages visited. I was a little taken aback when I discovered that the privacy policy states that it keeps “Log Data,” which means it tracks all your activities while using the service. This also includes your location, operating system data, and more.

The privacy policy also states that utunnel.io collects information related to legal requirements

However, I also found a published article in the Support Portal stating that utunnel.io enforces a no-logs policy, which was pretty contradictory. Once again, I contacted customer support by raising a ticket asking for clarification, but I never received a response.

Most organizations and individuals use VPNs to stay safe and private online. So, the fact that utunnel.io logs your information is pretty concerning.

Was utunnel.io Audited? Yes

I was told by support that UTunnel VPN was audited. When I contacted them regarding this, the agent told me that it held a GDPR compliance certificate and had completed a SOC 2 Type II audit. This is a specific type of audit done for cloud-based services.

Unfortunately, its logging policies mean it doesn’t make much difference whether or not the privacy policy has been audited. It might even be better if it didn’t follow them. It’s also strange that it doesn’t advertise this audit more strongly. The top VPNs have no logging policies, and they make it easy for you to read the reports produced by their audits.

Based in the US

The US is the heart of the 5/9/14-Eyes Alliance agreements. These alliances function as a global surveillance system where participating countries share citizens’ data.

The location of a VPN service is always a concern because it directly affects my level of control over my online privacy. Sometimes it’s not a huge deal if a VPN has a very strict no logging policy, but UTunnel does not. Its location also makes it obligated to share data the government requests. If this happens, it can potentially compromise your business’ privacy.

Does utunnel.io Work in China? Yes

You can use utunnel.io in China. I contacted the customer support team to find out more, and the agent confirmed that it has customers in China who use utunnel.io for various business needs.

The agent assured me that utunnel.io works in other heavily censored countries too

Using VPNs in countries like China, where internet access is restricted, can be tricky. While many VPNs are officially banned, individuals are usually not singled out for using them. But, I recommend you always study the local laws before choosing to use a VPN. My team and I don’t condone any illegal activities.

Installation & Apps

Installation & Apps — Solid Apps for Business Devices

I found the UTunnel VPN apps really easy to use. Setting up is mostly done on their website when you sign up.

Setup & Installation

Setting up utunnel.io is pretty straightforward. To create an account, you simply need to provide your name, email, and billing address. You must also provide your payment details when creating your in-house or cloud servers.

Creating a cloud server with utunnel.io.io takes less than 5 minutes. Select an integrated cloud server provider, input your server name and IP address, select the number of users, and click proceed. Once you provide your payment details, your server will be ready to go. You’ll need to repeat this process for each location you want to enable.

Once set, I could easily switch between the two servers in my Windows app

I found setting up an in-house server a bit more complicated, especially for beginners. However, utunnel.io provides detailed step-by-step guides that make it easier to navigate the process without issues. If in doubt, you can always get a staff member with technical experience to guide you.

The dashboard is also very functional. The first part shows you various data reports, such as your bandwidth usage, system stats, and more.

You can submit any technical issues through the button on the right side of your dashboard

When you scroll down, you find a log of all the recent activities. I like this because it’s a nice way for businesses to keep track of what’s been going on.

Device Compatibility

utunnel.io.io VPN works with macOS, iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, and some routers. There are manual setup guides, which are particularly useful for routers. It doesn’t support gaming consoles or smart TVs as you might expect. Technically, if you use the VPN with your router, you could connect it to devices without native apps.

Desktop — Apps for Windows, Mac, Linux

It comes with native apps for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The apps are pretty similar and intuitive, so even team members who aren’t tech-savvy can use them easily.

Android and iPhone (iOS)

It also has apps for Android and iOS, which you can download from the website or directly from your device’s app store. The apps are pretty lightweight and have fewer features than desktop apps.

Browser Extensions for Chrome

No browser extensions are offered by utunnel.io. This isn’t a big issue since browser extensions are usually inferior to full VPN apps. Most of the time, they connect you to proxies that don’t offer encryption and only change the location on your browser. So, this isn’t a huge loss for me.

Apps for Amazon Fire TV, Smart TV, Nvidia Shield, etc

It doesn’t support streaming devices such as Amazon Fire TV or Nvidia Shield because utunnel.io is mainly designed for business use.

If you need a VPN for streaming on these devices, look for a personal VPN that has a smart DNS feature. This makes it easy to change locations on any device that lets you alter proxy settings. You can check out our recommended VPNs for streaming here.

Apps for PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, etc

The service isn’t designed for gaming either. It doesn’t have native apps for devices such as a PlayStation or Xbox.

Router Compatibility

I was happy to find that UTunnel VPN works with some routers. I like VPNs that are compatible with routers because once I set it up, I can protect all my household devices simultaneously. But utunnel.io supports only a few routers, and these are manual configurations rather than full apps.

The website only lists ASUS Merlin and ASUS RT configuration instructions. I tried reaching out to support to see if it supports others, but as usual, I couldn’t get a response. You can get VPNs with more extensive support for routers in this list.

Simultaneous Device Connections — Up to 5

There can only be 5 simultaneous devices connected to UTunnelVPN on a single subscription. The company recommends setting it up on a router to protect more people.

You can also add up to 50 users with UTunnel, but each new one costs more. Thankfully, the pricing scheme is pretty simple. It just costs 5 more dollars for each person that’s added to a plan.

Once again, this could work for you if you run a small business. However, there are a few VPNs that allow unlimited connections with a regular subscription (PIA and Surfshark for example).


Pricing — Affordable Compared to Similar Services

I found utunnel.io to be super affordable compared to similar providers. Package options include Basic and Standard; both are available with 1TB, 2TB, or 4TB data transfer allowances. The basic plan provides only the barebones features necessary to set up and operate a VPN, while the standard plan has more advanced VPN features required for businesses.

The cost is set per user and doesn’t include the cost of setting up a server in case you choose to go with an integrated cloud provider. The most affordable package starts at $5/month per team member — for a maximum of 50 members. Each cloud server you create will cost you a minimum of $5 extra. If you set up an in-house server, you will only pay a subscription for each team member you add.

You can pay for your utunnel.io subscription via all major credit cards but not with PayPal or cryptocurrency. If you bring (or use) your own server, utunnel.io gives you a 14-day free trial. You can also test out the integrated cloud VPN server before committing with its 14-day money-back guarantee.

Reliability & Support

Reliability and Support — Decent, But No Chat Support

I was a little disappointed that utunnel.io doesn’t offer 24/7 chat support. However, I could get answers to some of my questions when I contacted support through ticketing and email. On average, it took about 3 hours to receive a response after sending in my queries. On a few occasions, I received a response 30 minutes later. However, many of my emails were never answered.

On the other hand, I appreciate that the responses I received were always thoughtful and detailed. Even when I requested copies of some documents, the agent readily shared them with me without any issues.

It took longer to receive a ticketing response than it took by email

The Bottom Line

Final Verdict — Okay for Businesses; Bad for Privacy

Overall, UTunnel is a decent VPN for small businesses. However, if you’re worried about data privacy, it might not be a good choice. While It’s affordable and offers robust security features for small businesses, it might log and store your data. Depending on the type of company you run, that could be a deal breaker.

The VPN is definitely more suitable for businesses than individuals. Its features are tailored to business needs and might be too expensive for an average single user. The most popular VPNs are also much better for things you do at home, like streaming, gaming, or accessing global content. For personal use, I recommend you find a VPN from this list that’s affordable, secure, and trustworthy with your data.

FAQs on UTunnel VPN

Is UTunnel VPN safe?

UTunnel VPN will keep you safe from outside threats, but there’s a good chance it will log your data. While it offers impressive security features, such as a built-in firewall, AES-256 encryption, and MFA, it admits in its privacy policy that it might log and store your data. It claims it won’t share your information with third parties. However, it’s obligated by law to share data with governments when required, as it operates within the 5 Eyes Alliance territory.

Does utunnel.io keep logs?

Unfortunately, utunnel.io stores some logs. Its privacy policy states that it might collect information such as your IP address, your location, the sites that you visit, and more. It claims that it uses this data to operate the service. It’s also located in the US, which is a country within the 14 Eyes Alliance (an agreement between governments to share data).

Will UTunnel VPN slow me down?

Yes, UTunnel VPN will likely slow you down. Typically, a VPN will lower your internet speed due to the encryption process and the rerouting of your data. However, UTunnel VPN speeds are still decent enough to upload and download your company files without any issues.

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