If you’re considering VPN Panther, an app exclusively for iOS and Android users, and wondering if it brings anything unique compared to other mobile VPNs from its parent company, Marketing66, here’s what you’ll find.

As you try out the app, focus on speeds, server locations, and security. You’ll notice that this VPN can be hit or miss, especially given its price. Unfortunately, similar to HotVPN, another service from Marketing66, you’ll discover a rather questionable privacy policy.

Keep reading to understand why you might be better off sticking with one of the recommended options instead.

Short on Time? Here Are My Key Findings


  • Couldn’t unblock most streaming sites. VPN Panther struggles to unblock major streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, or Hulu.
  • Mostly slow speeds. Users often encounter sluggish speeds, especially when connected to distant servers, although local servers perform admirably.
  • Large server network. On the upside, it boasts an expansive server network across 94 countries.
  • Basic security features. It offers fundamental security features such as leak protection, AES 256-bit encryption, and support for the OpenVPN protocol.
  • Shares your data. There’s ambiguity around data sharing practices; while the website claims otherwise, information on other Marketing66 platforms suggests data sharing.
  • Allows torrenting. Torrenting is permitted on VPN Panther’s servers.
  • Works on Android in China. For Android users in China, the service works seamlessly. However, iOS users might face limitations bypassing the Great Firewall, as confirmed by customer support.
  • EEasy to set up. Setting up VPN Panther is a breeze, featuring an easy installation process and an app that’s straightforward and informative.
  • There is no money-back guarantee. Keep in mind, though, there’s no money-back guarantee. However, you can test the service with a one-week subscription for $5.90.

2023 Update Features Of VPN Panther

💸 Price6.99 USD/month
📝 Does VPN keep logs?No
🖥 Number of servers3000+
💻 Number of devices per license5
🛡 Kill switchNo
🗺 Based in countryIsrael
🛠 SupportVia email

Streaming — Only Unblocked One Streaming Platform

If you’re attempting to unblock streaming platforms, you may find that VPN Panther’s servers fail to unlock most of the ones you try.

Unblocked: BBC iPlayer

Suppose you’re using VPN Panther’s UK server. In that case, you can get immediate access to BBC iPlayer and watch an episode of Hidden without any interruptions.

The UK server gave me decent speeds for streaming

Blocked by: Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, and Disney+

Suppose you’re attempting to access various platforms. In that case, none of the others works except for Netflix on VPN Panther’s German server. However, your viewing is restricted to content available in your country. When trying different servers, you’ll likely encounter server warning messages.

While I could get into the platform, a warning message came up each time I tried to stream

You’ll be blocked at the login page for Hulu as it detects that you’re not in the US.

The platform told me it could not be used with a proxy service

Despite trying various US servers, the strict geo-blocks persist, leading to similar outcomes with HBO Max, which redirects you to the app store.

The HBO login screen bounced me back to the app store

Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ will also recognize the VPN usage, blocking your access. Given the limited access to multiple platforms, relying on VPN Panther for streaming may not be advisable. Instead, try one of the recommended top VPNs for streaming from anywhere.

Speeds — Poor Speeds on International Servers

The local server speeds are impressive if you’re conducting speed tests on an iPhone with VPN Panther.

However, as you try international servers, you might experience disappointing results:

  • Download speed — Download speed is like a data expressway for your device, determining how swiftly information travels from the internet to your gadget each second. Optimal download speeds ensure a seamless streaming experience, minimizing those frustrating buffering pauses.
  • Ping — Ping measures the journey time for your device’s data as it embarks on a round trip to its destination and back. In contrast to speed metrics, an elevated ping level spells trouble for your overall digital experience. Online gaming, for instance, demands a ping under 150 ms, with under 100 ms being the gold standard. Once your ping surpasses these thresholds, the gameplay is marred by the disruptive duo of lag and stutter, making it a challenging virtual expedition.

Local Speeds

If you’re trying different local servers, including those in the same country or continent as you, starting with a base speed of 56.35 Mbps (your speed when connected to your home server without a VPN) and a base ping of 15 ms, you might notice mixed results. Trying your local server first, you experience a modest drop of just 16%, which is considered good—typically, even the fastest VPNs result in speed reductions ranging between 10-20%.

As you try the French server, situated just 1000 km from your location, the outcome is significantly different, with a notable 63% decrease in speed. This puts you below the 25 Mbps threshold required for 4K streaming. If your base speed had been lower, your connection might need to be faster for basic browsing.

France is only 1000km away from me, so this was disappointing

Switching to German servers, you observe better performance, with only a 20% decrease in speed. The Romania server shows a 26% drop in speeds, which, while not too bad, still exceeds the 20% maximum you might hope for.

Long Distance Speeds

If you’re trying out long-distance servers, you’ll discover that the results can be quite diverse. One surprising outcome is the US server, where you might experience a 9% increase in speeds, outperforming even your own server despite the thousands of miles of distance. The impressive ping result of just 89 ms makes it ideal for watching Ultra HD movies.

The US location was faster than my home server!

As you try servers in India and Japan, you’ll be intrigued to find better download speeds compared to the fairly local France server you tried. This might be unexpected due to proximity. India could provide you with 31.07 Mbps, representing a 44% decrease, while Japan offers 30.14 Mbps, a 46% decrease. Although both perform better than the France server, a 40% decrease is still considered too much.

If you’re going through the results of all your server tests, here’s a summary:

CountryDownload SpeedPing
My location56.35 Mbps15 ms
France20.47 Mbps (63% decrease)33 ms
Germany44.82 Mbps (20% decrease)46 ms
India31.07 Mbps (44% decrease)155 ms
Japan30.14 Mbps (46% decrease)247 ms
Romania41.58 Mbps (26% decrease)67 ms
UK46.99 Mbps (16% decrease)24 ms
US61.70 Mbps (9% increase)89 ms

It may be lacking if you consider VPN Panther based on its speeds. Despite the fantastic outcome from the US server and a positive reading on your local server, the notable speed drops on servers in other countries could be a concern.

Instead, it suggests you try one of these superfast VPNs. These services provide reliable connections, offering speeds fast enough for all your online activities

Are VPN Panther’s Speeds Fast Enough for Gaming? Depends

The US server you try could be excellent if you’re looking for a VPN for online gaming. It provides fast speeds and a ping under 100 ms, ensuring you can play without any lag. The local server in your country would also offer fast speeds and a low ping.

However, only some of the other servers you try may be suitable for online gaming due to a slow down in speed and an increase in ping rate.

For a good VPN for playing online, consider trying one of these gaming VPNs. They are proven to deliver high speeds and low ping for a smooth gaming experience.

Server Network — Small, Mostly Across Europe

If you’re considering VPN Panther, note that it claims to have 3,000 servers in 94 countries, which is the same as the premium VPN, ExpressVPN. While this information is available on the Apple App Store, you might need help finding confirmation on the VPN Panther website. For now, you can take their word for it.

As you try out the servers, you’ll likely find that all the ones you try to connect within seconds, and you won’t experience any disconnects during your usage.

If you’re exploring VPN Panther, here are the server locations:

EuropeGermany, Finland, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, France, Norway, Ireland, Italy, Romania, Greece, UK, Russia
North AmericaCanada, The US
South AmericaBrazil, Mexico
AsiaIsrael, India, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong
AfricaSouth Africa

If you’re looking into VPN Panther, you’ll find that the only location with more than one server option is the US. This setup implies that these servers might be susceptible to congestion due to overcrowding, as all of VPN Panther’s customers will use the same servers. This could be a potential reason for the unreliable speeds you may experience on some of the networks.

As you explore VPN Panther, you’ll notice that there are allegedly optimized servers for streaming and gaming. When you scroll through server options, you can see which locations have this feature. However, it might intrigue you to find that ALL available servers in every location are marked as “optimized for streaming and gaming.” This is quite unusual, as even VPN providers with thousands of servers typically have only a select few optimized in this way. Despite its dreadful performance, the France server is popular with the “optimized for streaming and gaming” tag.

You won’t find the option to pick a dedicated IP address. Dedicated IP addresses, which only you can use, contribute to increased security and performance—something you might typically look for in a VPN.

Take note that VPN Panther’s server network is extremely small. If you’re looking for alternatives, consider trying one of these VPNs—they all have thousands of locations across the globe.

Security — Keeps Your Devices Safe

With robust security features, VPN Panther provides a protective shield as you navigate the online realm, engage in gaming activities, or download files, ensuring a secure and worry-free experience.

Encryption and Protocols

If you’re considering VPN Panther, you’ll find that it utilizes the OpenVPN protocol, which is considered the industry standard. However, it’s disappointing that other protocols, like WireGuard, aren’t available. Some of your favorite VPNs offer WireGuard, which is known for its superfast performance. Still, with VPN Panther, you won’t have the option to change your protocol. Despite this, OpenVPN is well-regarded for its security, making it a reliable choice when WireGuard isn’t available.

Your data is safeguarded with 256-bit encryption, a level of security also employed by the military. This means that every piece of information passing through VPN Panther’s servers is encrypted to such an extent that a hacker would need to dedicate a hundred years to decode it.

IP, DNS, WebRTC, and IPv6 Leaks

As you try out the servers, you’ll find that they pass your DNS and IP leak tests when using VPN Panther. This indicates that your real identity or online activity remains concealed, providing a secure browsing experience.

When a server leaks your DNS and IP, it opens the door for your ISP and cyber attackers to view your online activity. VPN Panther’s servers protect this information, offering reassurance regarding your online privacy.

My personal information was hidden by VPN Panther’s servers

However, you’ll notice the absence of a kill switch or split-tunneling. Despite having decent security, VPN Panther needs to catch up regarding features, especially considering its relatively high price tag.

Privacy — Contradictory Information Provided

Upon initial inspection, VPN Panther has a robust privacy policy to protect its users’ data completely. According to its terms and conditions:

The VPN also suggests you head to the Privacy Policy, which is impossible to find

Suppose you search for the suggested privacy policy document using VPN Panther’s app and Google searches. In that case, locating this elusive information might be challenging. Fortunately, if you’ve recently researched another VPN from Marketing66, you probably know this company’s contradictory privacy policies better.

I found this information in the privacy policy of another VPN run by the company

Since Marketing66 owns VPN Panther, it seems logical to assume that this applies to all of its VPN products. Consequently, there’s a belief that VPN Panther’s actions contradict the privacy statement on its app, potentially involving the storage and sale of user data for profit. Suppose the company updates its page and provides users with the document referred to in the privacy section. In that case, there might be a chance to reconsider this opinion. However, this reconsideration would only apply if the information differs from what was found in prior research about the company and its actions.


If you value your privacy, consider that Marketing66, an Israeli company, owns VPN Panther. Israel, while not part of the 5 Eyes Alliance, has known ties to countries within the alliance and has previously shared data with the US. Given the potential falsehood of VPN Panther’s privacy policy and location, it might not be the best choice to safeguard your privacy.

Instead, try one of these great VPNs known for fully observing and respecting user data.

Torrenting — Allowed on All Servers

If you’re considering torrenting on VPN Panther’s servers, note that customer support claims there are no restrictions on what you can do with the VPN. However, due to its uncertain privacy policy, you are strongly advised to refrain from using it for torrenting. It might not provide sufficient safety for such activities.

Torrenting is legal in most places, but only when downloading copyright-free files. It’s important to note that you should not condone any illegal activities. You should familiarize yourself with your local rules and regulations and ensure you download only legal torrents.

Does VPN Panther Work in China? Only on Android

Suppose you’re considering using VPN Panther in China. In that case, customer support has mentioned that it works, but only if you have an Android device. Unfortunately, if you’re using iOS, you won’t be able to bypass China’s Great Firewall. China has banned VPNs that it doesn’t approve of, focusing on restricting the technology. However, there haven’t been reports of the government going after tourists for using VPNs.

iOS users won’t be able to use the VPN in China

Considering these circumstances, using this VPN in China is not recommended. Instead, you can try other VPNs that have been proven to bypass China’s blocks and are compatible with all operating systems.

Simultaneous Device Connections — 5

If you’re considering VPN Panther, you’ll know that you can have up to 5 simultaneous device connections. Even with several devices connected simultaneously, the VPN works reasonably well. You can connect your Windows Laptop, Android tablet, and smartphone and still be able to stream with minimal buffering.

Installation & Apps

Device Compatibility — Only Available on iOS and Android

If you’re considering VPN Panther, it’s worth noting that it’s designed exclusively for Android and iOS and is accessible through the Apple Store or Google Play Store. However, suppose you’re searching for a VPN offering compatibility with various devices like routers and smart TVs. In that case, exploring the options provided by a premium VPN might be a wise choice.

Set-Up & Installation — Quick and Easy

If you’re installing VPN Panther, you’ll find it extremely easy to set up and use. Once downloaded from the Apple Store, it only takes a few seconds to install onto your phone. Open the app and tap the “select location” bar at the bottom to access the available server locations.

Just choose a country and click to connect

The connect button is intuitive, and the panther-themed interface adds an appealing touch. When the VPN is inactive, the panther appears to be sleeping. Still, upon establishing a server connection, it springs up and starts running. This visual cue makes it easy to tell whether the VPN is active.

However, remember there’s no option to manually configure settings, making it quite basic for its cost. If you’re seeking a straightforward VPN, it might suit your needs. Still, other user-friendly VPNs in the market, such as CyberGhost, offer more features at a similar or lower price point.


If you’re considering VPN Panther, you’ll find it available on the Apple or Google Play Store, and you’ll make the purchase directly using your device provider’s subscription method.

With three pricing options, all of them are on the expensive side. It can be surprising to see these costly plans, especially considering the basic features of VPN Panther. Fantastic VPNs like ExpressVPN or CyberGhost are available at far more reasonable prices.

These prices are way more expensive than some of the best VPNs available

As per experience, there’s a strong argument that VPN Panther doesn’t justify its expensive price tag. There are better-performing VPNs out there that come at way more affordable prices. Given VPN Panther’s performance and feature limitations, it seems grossly overpriced, in our opinion.

Reliability & Support

If you’re considering contacting VPN Panther for support, you’ll find that the only way to contact them is through email, as there is no Live Chat option. While the app has a basic FAQ page, it’s more focused on general VPN information rather than specific support issues. During testing customer support, you sent an email with three questions and received a response from Marketing66 (the VPN’s parent company) four days later.

While the answers to questions were useful, it’s important to note that if you have an urgent issue with your VPN, there’s no way to get immediate assistance, which is something other providers offer. Many VPNs with excellent customer support charge the same or even less than VPN Panther.

Considering the need for immediate help available, it might be challenging to recommend VPN Panther for its reliability and support.

The Bottom Line

Final Verdict

If you’re considering VPN Panther, you might find it significantly overpriced for its features. While the US server may provide outstanding speeds, the inability to unblock Netflix or other platforms makes it less useful. The servers in other locations may not deliver good speeds, despite being labeled as “optimized for streaming and gaming,” a characteristic shared by all VPN Panther servers.

Moreover, the potentially misleading nature of its privacy policy statement is concerning. Suppose you’re looking for a reliably fast service with excellent streaming capabilities and a vast server network, all for the same price or less. In that case, it recommends that you explore your top-recommended VPNs instead.

Frequently Asked Questions (VPN Panther)-

Can VPN Panther unblock Netflix?

No, VPN Panther failed to unblock Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and Disney+. The only success was accessing BBC iPlayer with a UK server.

Will VPN Panther slow down my speed?

Yes, VPN Panther tends to slow down speeds, and extreme speed loss was experienced on most tested servers. However, a positive outcome was noted with a US server, where the speed actually increased.

Is VPN Panther safe?

VPN Panther’s safety is questionable as it is likely to store and sell user data. While it utilizes 256-bit encryption to safeguard information from programmers, it comes up short on security highlights like an off button. Regardless of breezing through IP and DNS spill assessments, its possibly deceptive security strategy raises concerns, particularly since its parent organization, Marketing66, straightforwardly sells client information for benefit.

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