Whoer VPN Review

Whoer VPN Review 2024 — Keep This in Mind Before Buying

At first glance, Whoer VPN is considered promising due to its effectiveness and safety. Notably, unlike most premium VPNs, Whoer VPN does not offer a money-back guarantee. During the evaluation, you can thoroughly assess its strengths and weaknesses. Consequently, it can save you from investing in a VPN that might not meet your requirements.

One of the positives of Whoer VPN is its capability to unblock Netflix; however, due to its limited server coverage, it can only unblock streaming services from 16 countries. As a resolution, you can even conduct performance tests to provide you with conclusive results. It helps you in deciding whether Whoer VPN is the right choice for your needs. Additionally, if it doesn’t meet your expectations, it suggests alternative VPNs that suit your requirements better.

Does Whoer VPN Unblock Global Content?

Whoer VPN has its limitations when it comes to unblocking global content due to its small server network. However, it does manage to unblock popular streaming services like Netflix in the US, Canada, UK, Netherlands, and France. Additionally, you can successfully access BBC iPlayer and enjoy any of your favorite episodes, such as The Handmaid’s Tale, on Videoland using Whoer VPN.

You don’t need to connect to a special streaming server; any Whoer VPN server can help you bypass geoblocks.

It’s important to note that Whoer VPN’s server network restrictions mean that you won’t be able to access streaming sites from outside its limited server reach. For instance, if you aim to unblock Hotstar India, you’ll need a VPN with more extensive server coverage. Moreover, as per the information, ExpressVPN has been found to be the top choice for this purpose, as it boasts servers in 94 countries, providing greater access to global content.

Does Whoer VPN Support Torrenting?

Although Whoer VPN does offer unlimited P2P connections, this feature is limited to its servers in Ukraine, the Netherlands, and Russia. However, it is recommended not to use Whoer VPN for P2P activities. Because as per the information, it is found that Whoer VPN’s speed is insufficient for high-speed torrenting. It cannot support downloading large files, and even downloading small files can take several hours, making it impractical for efficient P2P usage.

It’s natural for your internet connection to slow down when using a VPN, as data has to travel a longer distance to reach the VPN server, and encryption/decryption processes take time. To achieve the best speeds, connecting to a local server is ideal. Still, Whoer VPN’s limited server coverage in only 19 countries might make this easier.

For instance, suppose you reside in Australia with no nearby servers. And then you connected to Whoer VPN’s server in the Netherlands. Before connecting, you need to check your base speed to have a reference point. However, as per the information, your connection speed dropped significantly after connecting to a server over 14,000km away.

To determine if it was specifically Whoer VPN’s Netherlands server causing the slowdown. You can connect to ExpressVPN’s Netherlands server and run another test. Further, your downloading speed might increase to 17.03 Mbps, approximately 1,903% faster than Whoer VPN’s Netherlands server.

As a result, Whoer VPN’s Netherlands server operates at just 1 Mbps at its fastest, as stated in the fine print on its homepage. This significant speed difference highlights the importance of selecting a VPN with more reliable and faster servers for optimal performance.


Whoer VPN Encryption

Whoer VPN uses 256-bit encryption 

Within the Whoer VPN app, you have the option to enable the double VPN setting, which provides an extra layer of encryption for your data. When activated, the double VPN feature will route your traffic through two servers consecutively. You have the flexibility to select the specific two servers you wish to utilize for this enhanced security and privacy measure.

You can easily switch between Single and Double VPN

Kill Switch

The Whoer VPN app includes a kill switch feature, but it requires manual activation the first time you use it. Unlike some VPNs where the kill switch is automatically enabled, with Whoer VPN, you’ll need to switch it on yourself for it to take effect.

The US optimized server was the only one that could unblock Prime Video

Leak Tests and Leak Protection

While connecting to Whoer VPN’s Netherlands server, you can conduct comprehensive tests to detect any DNS and IP leaks. Consequently, you may not find any no leaks detection. Whoer VPN provides its users with an IPv4 address that effectively blocks IPv6 traffic. And even ensures that your DNS requests are correctly routed, preserving your privacy and security while using the VPN.

Whoer didn't leak my IP address or DNS requests
I was completely protected with Whoer



Whoer VPN is headquartered in Cyprus, which places it outside the jurisdiction of the 5/9/14-Eyes Alliance. This advantageous location means the VPN is not bound by obligations to provide user records to government surveillance agencies affiliated with the alliance.

Ad Blocker

Whoer VPN does not include an ad blocker as part of its services. However, while testing, it has been found that it seamlessly works with various third-party ad blockers. And these are 1Blocker and AdBlock Plus. These extensions effectively block ads without any interference from the VPN.

Logs Policy

In evaluating Whoer VPN’s privacy policy, it is confirmed that the VPN adheres to a strict no-logs policy. It does not retain any logs of user activities. The information collected is transparently limited to your email address, license key, subscription date, trial status, operating system, and app versions. Notably, Whoer VPN does not store payment details. Still, third-party payment processors may do so based on your payment method.

Server Network

Server Number and Locations

Whoer VPN runs a modest server network covering 21 countries, including:

  • Russia

  • The USA

  • Canada

  • Germany

  • The Netherlands

  • The UK

  • France

  • Ukraine

  • Sweden

  • Italy

  • Switzerland

  • Singapore

  • Romania

  • Spain

  • Hong Kong

  • Latvia

  • Poland

  • Thailand

  • Turkey


The VPN provider does not disclose the exact number of active servers in each country.

Apps, Browser Extensions, and Compatibility

From the compatibility perspective, the Whoer VPN service is very much dedicated to applications. Especially for platforms like Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Chrome, Firefox, & Opera. As per the information while testing the app on both Windows laptops and Android phones. The app’s interface is straightforward and user-friendly, with all the essential information easily accessible on the main page.

Whoer has a straightforward interface

Moreover, you can navigate to the Settings panel to access additional security features. Here, you can enable features like the kill switch, which you may find disappointing as it is not automatically turned on by default. The website must explicitly mention that manual activation is required, potentially leaving users unaware of this crucial security measure. This could leave them vulnerable to potential threats if they don’t explore the settings menu.

It has basic settings you can easily personalize

Once you initiate the connection, Whoer VPN provides a connection health monitor. This monitor displays your connection speed and showcases your new, temporary IP address, giving you insight into the status of your VPN connection.

You can always check your connection status within the app

Browser Extensions

Whoer VPN offers extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera browsers, providing a streamlined experience for users. Connecting to a server with the extensions is as easy as clicking on your preferred choice. While you can configure your connection, the extensions have fewer customization features compared to the desktop app. The extensions include WebRTC leak protection, but disappointingly, no kill switch feature is available in these browser extensions.

The browser extensions are secure, but don't have a built-in kill switch

Router App

Unfortunately, Whoer VPN does not support router compatibility. However, if you seek automatic, network-level protection, consider CyberGhost as an alternative. CyberGhost is not only more affordable but also easy to install on your router, providing comprehensive protection at the network level.

How Many Devices Can We Connect With Whoer VPN?

With Whoer VPN, you have the freedom to install the VPN on multiple devices without any restrictions. However, you can only use it simultaneously on up to 5 devices. On the other hand, IPVanish, available at a comparable monthly price, offers the advantage of unlimited simultaneous connections. If you have numerous devices or a large household requiring VPN access, IPVanish presents better value for your money.


Whoer VPN provides customer support through an online ticketing system. Upon signing up, you may experience a delay in receiving an activation code via email, prompting you to test the support team’s responsiveness. However, it might be slightly misled by the form, as it resembled a live chat interface. But in reality, it was a ticket submission system.

The live chat feature redirects your queries to email support

Two days later, you may receive a response, which was relatively quick, considering it was the weekend. However, the reply needed a proper greeting or introduction. It provided an activation key that arrived ten minutes after the query was submitted.

The support agent answered my query, but wasn't very friendly

This experience might leave you concerned about the support team’s effectiveness in promptly resolving any potential issues. In critical situations where your VPN stops functioning, waiting for a response from Whoer VPN’s support could leave you without protection for several days.

It is personally suggested to pick VPN services with 24/7 live chat support. And in comparison, ExpressVPN’s customer service, which we reviewed, has proven to be faster and more helpful than Whoer VPN’s support team. When it comes to security and online anonymity, having reliable and timely customer support is essential.

Whoer Features — 2024 Update

💸 Price3.90 USD/month
📆 Money Back Guarantee30 Days
📝 Does VPN keep logs?No
🖥 Number of servers50+
💻 Number of devices per license5
🛡 Kill switchYes
🗺 Based in countryCyprus
📥 Supports torrentingYes

The Bottom Line

Whoer VPN is a decent and mid-range service, offering several features like an automatic kill switch, strong encryption, and user-friendly apps. However, it falls short when compared to similarly-priced alternatives such as CyberGhost.

One notable drawback of Whoer VPN is the absence of an ad blocker, and its server network is limited to only 21 countries. In contrast, CyberGhost provides a built-in ad and malware blocker and a broader server coverage across 60 countries. Moreover, with a special coupon, you can even get CyberGhost at a lower price than Whoer VPN.

While Whoer VPN can unblock Netflix, its restricted server network limits access to other popular streaming services like Hotstar India. ExpressVPN is a more reliable choice for comprehensive streaming capabilities as it can bypass any geo-blocks you encounter.

Regarding simultaneous connections, Whoer VPN allows up to three devices to connect simultaneously, which suits users with basic protection needs for their phone, laptop, and desktop. However, IPVanish provides better value for your money if you require unlimited simultaneous connections.

In a nutshell, apart from the Whoer VPN strengths, people can switch to other superior options available in the market. Hence, a few of them are CyberGhost, ExpressVPN, and IPVanish. You must ensure your specific requirements and preferences while choosing one.


  • In order to let you enjoy a hassle-free VPN experience. The Whoer VPN offers its users user-friendly and easy-to-use apps.

  • Another benefit of using the Whoer VPN service is that it lets you access Netflix US. So all the users can get the ability to enjoy their favorite content.

  • Additionally, Whoer VPN includes a built-in kill switch feature, enhancing user privacy and security by automatically disconnecting the internet connection if the VPN connection drops.



  • Whoer VPN has received criticism for its poor customer support, which may result in slower response times and less helpful assistance.

  • The VPN service operates a small server network, potentially leading to restricted access to certain regions and slower connection speeds.

  • Another drawback is that the Whoer VPN has limited simultaneous device connections. That means users can enjoy only a few simultaneous connections of devices. Consequently, it can create problematic situations for users to protect multiple devices.

Frequently Asked Questions(Whoer VPN)-

Is Whoer VPN compatible with multiple devices?

Yes, Whoer VPN is compatible with multiple devices & platforms. Hence, a few of them are Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

Does Whoer VPN keep any user logs?

No, Whoer VPN adheres to a strict no-logs policy. It does not keep records of users’ online activities or any personally identifiable information.

How many devices can I connect to Whoer VPN simultaneously?

You can connect up to five devices simultaneously with a single Whoer VPN subscription.

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