Windscribe Review

You may have heard Windscribe claims to be different from other VPNs, taking pride in its self-funded approach and avoiding paid ads and affiliate deals. You might be curious about how it’s premium subscription compares to the top VPNs, so let’s look closer.

To find out, you can try out every feature Windscribe offers. This includes performing leak checks, checking the speed, and exploring its streaming capabilities with free and paid plans. You can also thoroughly investigate its no-logging claims.

After trying it out, you might highly recommend giving the free app a shot. It’s viewed as one of the quickest and most secure free VPNs accessible. In any case, remember that the paid adaptation may be better. This is because help can be a piece intense to reach, and the server network is somewhat restricted.

Short on Time? Here Are The Key Findings


  • Great for streaming: You’ll find that Windscribe can unblock all the major platforms to enjoy your favorite content without restrictions.
  • Fast speeds: You can expect fast and reliable speeds on nearly every server, ensuring smooth browsing and streaming experiences.
  • Strong security: When you try Windscribe, you’ll see that it passes all leak tests, providing robust protection for your online activities.
  • Privacy-friendly: Windscribe’s logging policy promises not to store your vital information, giving you peace of mind about your data.
  • Solid torrenting support: You can access P2P networks with most servers, making it a good choice for torrenting enthusiasts.
  • Compatibility with most devices: You can set up Windscribe on almost anything you use to connect to the internet, making it a versatile option.


  • Small network: Windscribe offers fewer services than the top VPNs, which could affect your connection options.
  • Weak support: No 24/7 live chat is available, so getting assistance may only sometimes be as convenient as you’d like.

2024 Update Features of Windscribe VPN

💸 Price0 USD/month
📆 Money Back Guarantee3 Days
📝 Does VPN keep logs?No
🖥 Number of servers177+
🛡 Kill switchYes
🗺 Based in countryCanada
🛠 SupportEmail support
📥 Supports torrentingYes

Streaming — Its Paid Version is One of the Best

Windscribe can unblock each streaming stage you need to get to, and the playback experience will reliably be superb. What’s significantly more noteworthy is that this also turns out as expected for the free variant. Windscribe accomplishes this by utilizing its exclusive satirizing innovation, Area Twist, which masks your IP address, permitting you to sidestep geo-limitations on streaming stages.

Nonetheless, it’s essential to remember as far as possible if you’re utilizing a free record. You can have up to 10GB of information each month by affirming your email address (and an additional 5 Mbps by tweeting about the VPN). In any case, this sum will give you something like 7 hours of HD streaming. Thus, if you’re searching for a VPN to enjoy broadened marathon-watching meetings of your #1 shows, Windscribe’s paid record is a convincing choice to consider.

Unblocked: Netflix, Disney+, Max, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and BBC iPlayer

You can access several entire Netflix libraries with Windscribe. You’ll find that only one server (Tokyo Kaiju) could unblock more than just Netflix Originals, which has limited content. Remember that there are many region-blocked movies and shows you won’t be able to watch on Netflix Originals.

I could also access entire libraries in Australia, Brazil, Japan, the UK, France, and Canada

Most videos load almost instantly with no buffering or quality issues. Even with servers far from your location, like São Paulo, you may only have to wait for about 8 seconds for a video to start, which isn’t a significant delay.

You’ll find that Windscribe easily unblocks Max, and you can watch it without any troubleshooting. You may not even need to switch from the default protocol (WireGuard) in your attempts.

It loaded in a few seconds and playback was perfect, even when I skipped around

Accessing Disney+ and Hulu is also possible, and it’s impressive that you will only sometimes need to search for a working server. Occasionally, like with Hulu’s Dallas BBQ server, you might encounter a blocked server, but this is rare.

I didn’t experience buffering, long load times, or any dips in quality

While Amazon Prime Video does work, it might take a bit longer to load your movie, with wait times of around 20 seconds. BBC iPlayer might block you initially with the Edinburgh server, but switching to a London location should unblock it in your next attempt.

You can also unblock platforms like All 4, ITV, DAZN, and even Windscribe with Kodi. Overall, Windscribe is a great choice for streaming, and you’ll be impressed that you can access all these platforms briefly with a free account.

Speed — Very Fast on Free and Premium Servers

You’ll find that Windscribe offers the fastest free servers you can try, and the paid servers are equally impressive. You can enjoy great speeds on most of Windscribe’s servers, even when they are far away from your current location.

A dedicated speed tester is used to conduct all the speed tests from the same location with the same connection to provide consistent results. The chart below displays results from the free servers, but you can expect comparable speeds with the paid servers.

I lost 4% of my speed on nearby servers and 29% on distant ones

Although Windscribe offers a “Best Location” option, the speed is so good that it hardly makes a noticeable difference. In tests, nearly every server within 4,000 km only reduced our speeds by less than 5%. This is an excellent outcome since most VPNs tend to decrease speeds by at least 15% in that range.

Speeds were just a little slower with IKEv2 and OpenVPN UDP

However, it’s worth noting that some protocols can be quite slow. OpenVPN TCP, Wstunnel, and Stealth protocols led to significant speed reductions in our tests. While your experience may vary, losing a considerable portion of your speed with these protocols is possible.

Windscribe also provides a few select 10GBPS servers. Still, in our trials, there wasn’t a significant difference in speed compared to regular servers. In some cases, regular servers even outperformed them.

Even when connecting to distant servers, like Auckland, New Zealand (almost 12,000 km away), you’ll notice that Windscribe impressively only drops your speeds by around 24%. Most other VPNs tend to reduce your speed by 70% or more when connecting to servers that far away.

Overall, you won’t easily find a faster free VPN than Windscribe. It could be one of the fastest premium VPNs in the future. Still, it’s essential to be aware of some slower protocols in its offering.

Gaming — Too Much Lag for Online Play

Even though your ping is low, you might experience glitchy gameplay while connected to Windscribe. Remember, ping is crucial when gaming, indicating how quickly the network responds to your commands. High ping can lead to frustrating lag between your button presses and your character’s actions, making games unplayable.

I’ve never tested a VPN that lets you game on long-distance servers

You have a ping rate of 27 ms, which is great because you can usually play with minimal lag if it’s 85 ms or under. However, despite this low ping, you may still encounter game freezing and stuttering issues. There might be a noticeable delay between clicking your mouse and seeing your character fire, resulting in continuous losses.

It’s vital to take note that there are a few VPNs accessible that can assist with keeping you secure while you appreciate gaming. You should try different VPN choices to find the one that best suits your gaming needs.

Server Network — Good Coverage for a Small Network

You can find that Windscribe doesn’t have the largest network, but it offers you access to locations in 69 countries, spanning 112 cities. Interestingly, all of Windscribe’s servers are at the city level, and it boasts 45 different locations in the US, surpassing what many of the most popular VPNs provide.

One notable advantage is that Windscribe’s servers are all physically located. This means they are in the city you connect to, unlike some VPNs that use virtual servers elsewhere.

While Windscribe uses a combination of rented and owned servers, the company doesn’t disclose detailed information about its network, including the exact number of servers it owns. However, it claimed to have 177 in the past.

The list also displays which servers are 10GBPS and which are recommended for P2P

You’ll appreciate that Windscribe allows you to access several countries that many VPNs tend to overlook, such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Turkey. Additionally, you can purchase static IP addresses, which can be helpful if you need a consistent, encrypted IP for operating a website.

With the free service, you can try out the Hong Kong location, access 10 US servers, and connect to 8 European countries. Western Europe and North America offer the most coverage for free and premium apps. On distant servers, the connection may take a little longer to establish. Overall, Windscribe’s network is slightly above average due to its comprehensive features.

Security — Plenty of Solid Features That Keep You Safe

You’ll find that Windscribe prioritizes your online safety, providing military-grade AES 256-bit encryption that renders your data virtually unreadable to prying eyes.

It also lets you turn on IPv6 and WebRTC leak protection

One standout feature you can try is the allowlisting option, which automatically activates the VPN. This is particularly useful for those moments when you need to remember to turn on a VPN when connecting to public networks. Additionally, Windscribe lets you access your home network remotely through port forwarding. However, this feature requires an extra payment for a static IP ($2/month for Data Centre and $8/month for Residential).

In addition to the features mentioned below, Windscribe offers several additional obfuscation options like Time Warp and Location Warp. You’ll also find features like double hop, a secure hotspot, support for all the protocols mentioned in the speeds section, and many highly technical options. While these technical options, such as packet size and API resolution, may not be essential for most users, they are appreciated by tech enthusiasts who enjoy diving into intricate settings.

Split Tunneling

With split tunneling, you have the flexibility to select which apps or websites are routed through the VPN tunnel. This feature can come in handy when you want to stream content from other countries while simultaneously maintaining access to local services, such as your banking app.

R.O.B.E.R.T. (Ad Blocker)

Windscribe offers a highly customizable tool within its ad and malware blocker functionality. The premium app goes beyond the basics and allows you to block ads, malware and additional content categories like social networks, explicit content, gambling sites, clickbait, and more. While it’s a valuable addition, it’s worth noting that certain elements, like native banner ads, may occasionally appear even when this feature is activated.

Firewall (Kill Switch)

Windscribe refers to its dedicated kill switch as a “Firewall,” which functions precisely as described. When your VPN connection drops, this feature will automatically turn off the network to prevent any data leakage. Suppose you open a tab while the VPN is connecting. In that case, you’ll notice that it consistently blocks the page until the connection is fully established. This is a crucial and necessary feature that every VPN should have to ensure your online security.

Privacy — A Great Policy With a Few Minor Issues

You can confidently consider Windscribe a private VPN because it adheres to a strict no-logs policy. When signing up, you aren’t even required to enter your email address, a rarity in the VPN world. This feature makes Windscribe’s free option one of the safest choices available.

Additionally, Windscribe provides transparency reports that validate its policy. These reports allow you to check if there have been any DMCA requests for its data, and they consistently demonstrate that Windscribe has never shared any user information.

Does Windscribe Keep Logs? No

YWindscribe does not collect your IP address, the websites you visit, and session timestamps. Instead, the service retains only anonymous data essential for maintaining its functionality. While you’re actively using a session, the server’s memory temporarily holds information such as your OpenVPN/IKEv2 username, connection time, and data usage. However, all of this data is promptly deleted as soon as you disconnect.

This commitment to data privacy was demonstrated in 2021 when Windscribe’s servers were seized in Ukraine. Fortunately, the servers were found to contain no user data, providing strong evidence that Windscribe upholds its privacy assurances.

Was Windscribe Audited? Yes

According to Windscribe’s website, the VPN’s desktop app has undergone audits and is open-sourced, as are the mobile apps. However, Windscribe has not disclosed the identities of the auditors. In the future, the company will become more transparent about this, aligning with the transparency standards set by the top premium providers.

Based in Canada

Canada isn’t the best area for a VPN’s central command because of its support in the 5 Eyes Union, an understanding among a few nations to share information on their residents. Luckily, Windscribe VPN holds no information that could imperil its clients’ protection. Notwithstanding, if security is of fundamental significance to you, you should seriously mull over other VPNs settled in nations known for their more grounded protection assurances.

Does Windscribe Work in China? Yes

You can take a stab at involving Windscribe in China. Windscribe’s help group has expressed that it should work in almost any country.

The Hong Kong server is slow, so you may need to try another one

The critical thought here is that using the Covertness convention is prudent, even though it might diminish your association speeds.

The Chinese government must prohibit numerous VPNs, even though it seldom makes a lawful move against people for utilizing them. In any case, it’s vital to know that participating in any criminal operations isn’t approved. Before choosing to involve a VPN in China, you should peruse and figure out the pertinent regulations and guidelines.

Torrenting — Fast Downloads on Most Servers

You can torrent on almost every Windscribe server, which won’t significantly slow you down. The only servers where torrenting is prohibited are India, Lithuania, Russia, and South Africa.

Try it with a torrent client like uTorrent (it works with all major ones) for downloading a 1.62 GB file. Without a VPN, you might finish this in about 5 minutes. When connected to Windscribe’s Bend Oregon Trail server, you can complete the file in only 7 and a half minutes. This is impressive, considering that some VPNs can increase your download time for such a file by up to an hour.

While Windscribe offers support for port forwarding, it’s not mandatory. Although this feature can potentially lead to slightly faster downloads, it doesn’t make a significant difference, given Windscribe’s inherent speed. Furthermore, it would help if you realized that Windscribe is viable with Pinnacle even though it’s not expressly referenced on the authority site.

While torrenting is lawful in many nations, it isn’t to get to protected records. To remain on the right half of the law, try to download downpours in the public space and encroach on no copyrights.

Installation & Apps

You’ll observe that Windscribe is relatively easy to utilize, even though its connection point may not be the most outwardly engaging. You should be fine while interfacing with servers or getting to settings. However, like intuitive guides, it must improve its rivals’ visual style.

There are 4 settings tabs along with tabs for your account and tips

Nonetheless, Windscribe makes up for this by giving many customization choices. You’ll have an extraordinary chance to test and change different parts of your application, making it a critical benefit if you’re an educated client who appreciates customization.

Setup & Installation

You can introduce Windscribe in only a few moments, no matter what gadget you use. For work, you can download it straightforwardly from Windscribe’s site, and on cell phones, you’ll track it down in the fitting application store.

This can also be done on a phone by visiting your device’s app store

The Linux application rushes to download and offers a full graphical UI (GUI). This implies you won’t have to oversee it through the order line, which can be bulky. Significantly, the free adaptation is accessible for Linux, which separates it as numerous VPNs don’t offer this choice.

Device Compatibility

Windscribe offers you a means to connect to its servers on almost any device you can think of. You’ll find native apps available for every popular operating system. Furthermore, its proxy gateway feature provides a simple way to connect game consoles and smart TVs. With various setup options for routers, you can ensure that it covers anything connected to your network. In this regard, Windscribe competes effectively with the top VPN providers in the industry.

Desktop — Apps for Windows, Mac, and Linux

Every desktop app shares a similar core experience with a few notable distinctions. The Windows app includes all of Windscribe’s features except for the Network Allowlisting functionality. On the other hand, the Mac app lacks the “always-on” feature and split tunneling.

Android and iPhone (iOS)

The mobile apps closely mirror their desktop counterparts, but each one sacrifices a few features. In the Android app, the critical kill switch feature is absent. On iOS, you’ll have the kill switch. Still, you won’t find network allowlisting, split tunneling, the Stealth protocol, or the “always-on” option. Additionally, neither of the mobile versions allows you to access proxy settings.

Browser Extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge

Windscribe’s browser extensions are quite impressive. They come with numerous features that many other VPNs only sometimes offer. You can access all the same servers you use on the other apps, including the double-hop feature. These extensions can also automatically select the best server for you, block ads, and prevent WebRTC leaks.

One standout feature you’ll appreciate is the Cookie Monster feature, which automatically deletes all the cookies you’ve accepted as soon as you close the tab. Another unique feature is Split Personality, which randomly rotates your user agent to conceal your OS and browser version.

These extensions are highly popular, especially since they can be easily used for free. However, it’s essential to remember that they function as proxies and don’t fully encrypt your connection. You’ll find it safer to use the full app for maximum security.

Apps for Amazon Fire TV & Nvidia Shield

You can easily download native apps for Fire TV and Nvidia Shield. However, they may have a slightly different look compared to other apps. However, they are fully functional and even include the split tunneling feature. This allows you to select which apps on your televisions use the VPN tunnel, giving you greater control over your privacy.

While there are no dedicated apps for game consoles, connecting them is straightforward. You can achieve this using the proxy gateway feature, which lets you connect any device with proxy settings through your computer. The setup process is simple, but it’s worth noting that it may be slightly slower compared to using smart DNS due to the rerouting.

Windscribe offers a smart DNS service but comes at an additional cost. Since many VPNs include smart DNS as part of their subscription package, paying less for this feature with Windscribe.

Router Compatibility

You can install Windscribe on DD-WRT, Asus, and Tomato routers. Additionally, Windscribe offers pre-configured routers under the name “Invizbox.” Setting up Windscribe on your router enables you to connect any WiFi-enabled device within your household to the VPN. This provides comprehensive protection for all devices on your network.

Simultaneous Device Connections

You can connect as many devices as you want with both a free or paid account. This feature is excellent; only some free VPNs provide unlimited simultaneous connections. You can try it out by connecting your devices, such as your Fire TV Stick, two laptops, and your Android phone. You’ll find that Windscribe maintains fast speeds even when streaming on all four devices simultaneously.

2024 Updated Prices of Windscribe VPN

With Windscribe, you have three choices: a free rendition, a month-to-month paid plan, and a yearly paid plan. Suppose you’re considering moving up to an exceptional variant. In that case, the drawn-out plan is the most practical decision, setting aside more cash. Be that as it may, even with the free arrangement, you can try most of Windscribe’s highlights without making a record.

It’s essential to note that Windscribe has a more limited and prohibitive unconditional promise contrasted with other VPNs. You have a window of just 3 days to demand a discount, and your information use should be at most 10GB. This constraint is set up because of the hearty highlights presented in the free adaptation. Numerous other VPNs commonly give a gamble-free time for testing of no less than 30 days with limitless use.

You just log in, find the “Claim Voucher” menu, and click “Cancel Subscription”

Windscribe likewise offers a “form-a-plan” choice, permitting you to buy individual servers for $1 each. This methodology isn’t suggested as it can immediately become as costly as a full membership.

Regarding installment strategies, you have different choices, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Paymentwall, Bitcoin, and PayPal, making it helpful for you to pick the one that suits you best.

Reliability & Support

While Windscribe doesn’t offer 24/7 live chat support, you can depend on their email support team, known for their knowledge and readiness to assist you. Windscribe also provides a chatbot to handle basic inquiries, such as confirming whether the VPN works in China. However, for more intricate questions, the chatbot may not be equipped to provide the answers you seek.

When I got answers to my questions, it was always within 24 hours

In view of the accessible data, you might get superb reactions to a portion of your email questions. In any case, there might be occasions where your messages go unanswered. For instance, if you ask about qualification for a discount, you won’t get a reaction. Luckily, Windscribe keeps a broad information base with more than 100 FAQs, which is a significant asset for tracking down replies to most of your inquiries.

As you compare Windscribe VPN with other prominent alternatives, it’s crucial to consider the available support options and response times to ensure they align with your specific needs. Additionally, exploring these alternative VPN options can help you assess whether they offer more comprehensive support services.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, Windscribe offers a solid VPN service, particularly with its exceptional free app. This free option provides you with fast speeds, a wide selection of servers, strong security features, and a strong commitment to privacy. The only limitation is the monthly data cap of 10 GB.

The premium VPN version is also quite good but has some drawbacks. It has a smaller server network than top competitors, lacks 24/7 live chat support, and may not be the best choice for gaming. Additionally, some users might find it slightly expensive, given its features.

Frequently Asked Questions(Windscribe VPN)-

Is Windscribe VPN Free?

Yes, Windscribe offers a free version of its VPN service. This free version is accessible through its app, which is one of the fastest I’ve tested. You don’t have to register to use servers located in ten different nations. Please be aware that the free plan has a monthly data cap that can be increased to 10 GB if you validate your email.

Is Windscribe VPN Safe?

Yes, Windscribe prioritizes your safety and privacy. It employs AES 256-bit encryption, known for its robust security. Additionally, Windscribe passed all of my leak tests on over 10 servers, including both free and paid ones. Most app versions also come equipped with a kill switch, which blocks your internet connection if the VPN ever disconnects, ensuring your data remains secure.

Is Windscribe's Chrome Extension Effective?

Yes, Windscribe offers a Chrome extension that provides certain features. While the Chrome extension is free and includes unique features like double hop and an ad blocker, it’s important to note that it functions as a proxy and does not fully encrypt your internet connection. For comprehensive protection, it suggests using the full Windscribe VPN app.

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